Hey brian maxwell checking in and in this video, i’m going to give you uh some simple ways for you to handle it when next time your customer tells you that they want to shop around after they come into your dealership and real quick as we get into It make sure if you haven’t already that as you go through the video, if you like it, make sure you hit that like button and if you aren’t already subscribed to the channel, make sure that you hit that subscribe channel and hit the notification bell and turn On all because, by turning on all every time, i put a video out, you’re notified and just real quick, don’t miss out on the 50 off discount special that i have going on on all of the products all of the sales training products, the downloads.

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So, let’s get into it.
So now customer comes into your dealership.

You’ve been helping them out.
You you take you sat down with them.
You qualified them.

You’ve asked them.
The right questions y’all have smile, you’ve taken them out, you put them on the right vehicle.

They’ve done a demonstration drive.

Maybe you went with them.
Maybe you didn’t honor the social distancing.

They come back to the dealership service tour everything you set them down going through the numbers, and they tell you after all that i want to shop around.

This is one of the objections that you should be prepared for, as a matter of fact, there’s only five and any other objection falls upon the one of these five and the five are these.

The price is too high.
I want more for my trade.

I want to shop around i like to think about it and i like to speak to my spouse or significant other okay and there’s some other other ones that may come up, but if you really think about it, they’ll all fall under one of these five, which Means that you should always be prepared to handle at least these five, do you know that over 90 of salespeople only have one object, one rebuttal ready for an objection and the average sales manager only has two, which means that if the customer says um, let me Think only thing about it: um the price is too high.
Even the management is done, not you anymore.
So when a customer comes or if you’ve done all that – and they tell you that they want to shop around, don’t get offended as a matter of fact expect it, because guess what they’re doing exactly what they should be doing, they’re looking out for their best interest And what is their real objective when they tell you that they want to shop around? Do they really want to go through sitting in the dealership for another two or three hours, with somebody going through the same exact process? No, but guess what many times they never thought about that, and actually they may be just throwing it out there to see just how quickly a salesperson will jump and discount that vehicle.

So, first of all, you want to identify if there’s truly something that they want to do and if it is helping them understand exactly what’s involved in that and then after explaining it to them, making sure that they really understand how simple it is to save themselves.
Some time gas driving around, especially if they’re going to be trading in a vehicle that they’re actually driving think about it every time they go to another dealership, that’s additional miles on the vehicle and guess what that does that depreciates, the vehicle? Okay, so the next time a customer tells you they want to shop around.

I want you to do this first thing you want to do.

Is you want to acknowledge that you hear them too often, when customers give us an objection, we never acknowledge acknowledgement.

Is so huge, do you know the number? One reason why people leave jobs and relationships is not the lack of money a lot of times.
It’s not the lack of sex and things like that.

It’s the lack of appreciation and the lack of acknowledgement.

Okay, so when they tell you something, let them know hey, i hear what you’re saying you have no idea just how comfortable or how more credible that’ll make them feel about you, hey john.
I hear what you’re saying so, listen brian.

I want to shop around john.
I hear what you’re saying, if i understand you correctly, really you just want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal right right.

So next thing you want to do is confirm with them really what they’re after come on.

They want to get the best deal too many sales people think it’s about the best price.
It’s really about the best deal.
Think about yourself is it you want a good, you want a good price, or do you want the best deal? Most people want the best best deal and guess what yeah you may have that one out of 100 that just wants to the the least expensive best option, so be it.

But the vast majority of people and studies have shown this.

They really just want the best deal.
So if i understand you correctly, you want to be shopping right.

You want to make sure you’re getting the best deal right, the best bang for your book.
Aren’t you right, yeah! Well, here’s! What i’m gon na do john i’ll make it easy for you.
If that’s what you would like to do to go around to other dealerships and shop now, when you’re doing your shopping, i’m going to just share a few things with you that help you out to make sure you’re really comparing apples with apples, okay and you let Them know that john, when you leave out of our store, you’d have to drive 5 or 10 or 15 miles over to the other, abc dealership or toyota, ford or whatever.

It is, and then you’re gon na go sit with another sales associate and they’re gon na.
Take you through a whole process.
You know sitting you down asking you questions um, take you on a demonstration, drive running your information and then after you go through that they’re going to present you with their best option and then after you do that you have to go to the next dealership in The city, which is another 20 minutes away and you go through the same exact process, and then you go here and you go there and guess what, after all, that gas spent all of that time burn you find out that really there’s very little difference.

If a difference at all, i could save you a whole lot of time.

Save you a whole lot of energy and save you a whole lot of unnecessary days that you’d have to take off in order for you to get the best the best, the best price.
Okay, i want to make sure you get the best deal so help me help.

You tell me what will help you feel more comfortable about this particular option to move forward.
Okay, so you want to make sure you understand think about it.
Think about this yourself.

Somebody to really shop you, they can’t just call the dealership and get the best price they’re not going to be able to just uh walk in there and say: hey give me your best numbers, guess what they can’t.
Even do it at your store and i’m all around the country working with sales, people there’s no store in the country that does that.
Okay, everybody has a process, but many customers don’t think about that.

So make sure you explain it to them and the fact that every time their information is ran, their information, their credit score, potentially is going down.
Most people aren’t thinking about this, just to find out that there’s very little difference if there’s a difference at all so help me help.
You explain to me what you feel it’ll take to help.

You feel more comfortable to start enjoying this vehicle right now and help me.
Let me go to work for you, it’s not about having a a slick.
Word track, it’s not about having some type of uh magic wand.

Whoopty, do sales tactic it’s about being real, because in order to shop me, you literally have to go to every other dealership in the city that sells the brand that i sell and go through their process and go through their back and forth with their sales associate And their management to find out what the best price is and if you’re not willing to take it right, then guess what coming in the next day trying to do it? It may not be the same, then again it may be.
You know there may be a gap of a thousand dollar difference in between one dealership and the next.

Then again, there may be none, but the last thing you want to do is give them the opportunity to leave your store and have you done all that work and and help them out and not retire and go someplace else, and they just lay down.

No, no.
No, no, no do you know that the average customer goes to 1.
5 dealership and that 80 percent of the people want to do business at the very first one they stop at.

Do you know what caused them not to do that poor service? It’s not that the vehicle isn’t there think about it.
The vehicle’s there it’s for service, especially when i see a customer as a driver that drives out of state to buy a vehicle when they got the same exact dealership in their backyard, if you’re a sales rep – and that happens all that should be a dagger okay.

But the next time a customer tells they want to shop around.

Don’t panic just help them really understand, or should i say, overstaying what it really takes and what shopping around is really about and how you can help them save a lot of time.
A lot of energy, a lot of unnecessary effort, wear and tear on the trade credit score, potentially going down just to find out that there’s very little.

If any difference at all help me help.

You help me understand what you feel, not what you think what you feel it’ll take to help you feel more comfortable, drawing your vehicle home right away.

Ask close mouths! Don’t get fed! Remember that all right brian maxwell, just coming at you again with another sales tip for you at your dealership, hope these tips have been helping.
You out, we’ve been going real strong this year.

Hope you’re at your dealership rocking out this month of december.
Finish: 20 20 hours strong, keep your mast on, make sure you stay uh hand, sanitized up, take advantage and don’t miss out on the 50 blowout offers that are going on on the sales training products, the videos, the audios, the pdfs, all of the downloads, so click The link in the description or in the comment section other than that i’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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