I was so excited that night.

I actually one of the subscribers um recently reached out and asked me.
You know brian, what’s your story, you know how did you get to doing what you’re doing? How did you get started in the business, and so i said why don’t i take some time since you spend time to watch these videos? I owe it to you at least share with you some insight about myself um.
I come from detroit michigan, originally and uh.

When i graduated high school, i graduated in the half of the class that made the top half look real good um.

I was a basketball player and really my whole intention was going to the nba and, like most inner city, kids, i had zero plan b whatsoever, so um went playing college basketball and again i like most inner city, kids.
I was more focused on playing ball than i was the books.

Partying had more of a priority than going to class and studying and um going into my senior year um i stopped playing um.
I had a son coming and you know life was getting started for me.
So, let’s fast forward to something for the next four or five years, i literally bounced around from job to job customer service.

You know that was really my thing back.
Then i would try to find whatever inbound customer service job that i could, and that would really be what my what my focus was and uh.
I did that as as much as i could.

You know it was easy jobs to get.
They just never paid very well, and you know that feeling when you work and you get all of your paychecks for the money.

But you don’t have enough money to be able to take care of making the money to pay those bills.

And that was me, and so i was doing those things and whatnot and uh.

Truthfully was just bouncing around and hit some real bad spots, because at that point in time i was i didn’t like reading matter of fact.
If i even tried to read anything that wasn’t a rap magazine or a basketball magazine, i would fall asleep um as far as going to any type of workshop or conference, or at that time we talked about back in the mid 90s.

All the way up into the early 2000s – you know dvds was around, but it wasn’t all this digital stuff and watching stuff on your phone.

So the likelihood of me taking a vhs test or tape or a dvd to put it in so i could learn about being motivated or learned about sales that was boring.

I was too into watching movies like belly, the mac uh first 48.

All types of stuff like that well anyway, i was bouncing around doing that doing the job, the job thing and i ran into a spot to where i had a really bad habit of quitting jobs.
Back then, we talked about my early 20s for 21, 22, 23 and uh.
You know if a manager tried to tell me about myself.

I wasn’t doing something right.
It’s like f you.
You know i’m out of this joint and i can remember it’s true story.

I can remember back at one point that if i wanted to get back at the management team or whatever company i was working for, i would go call no show and i would sit at home and be smoking weed with my boys drinking and would really feel Like i was hurting that company i’m saying, but i ain’t going to do that today, man, they get kissed by you know what i’m saying they won’t talk to me like that literally did.
I know they didn’t give a damn that i wasn’t there matter of fact.
They were looking for my replacement and you know i got fired.

You know for things like that.

Well, i ran into a point to where guess what back against the wall job jumping quitting and now bills that piled up behind on the rim facing eviction and uh.
That night, that i found that out was probably one of the lowest points in my life, because here i was supposed to be the leader of my family supposed to be somebody that could take care of certain things and uh.

I let it all fall by the wayside and that night i’ll be honest with you.

When i saw a notice of innovation on my door.
I was suicidal that night i actually at about 2 30 in the morning and a drunken state stood with a pistol to my head, ready to blow my brains out.

I was 24 years old.
I really thought that you know things had gotten to a point that i just couldn’t couldn’t repair it.
You know, and i still get emotional when i talk about that period because mentally you know here, i am calling myself a man but wasn’t doing everything i could to provide for those around me.

I wasn’t being a man, i was being a little boy, but i was too filled with pride and ego to realize that at that time, well you know.
Luckily, i didn’t harm myself that night, but over the next two days we had to pack up and move out and uh.
While doing that, you know how you moving things.

You find little business cards and i i found one and it was to a dealership.

Okay, it was actually cog in chevrolet in jacksonville florida, and so i called – and i interviewed – and you know what they hired me now.
You would think, after just coming off what i went through job jumping eviction.

I get this opportunity that i’m just gon na go in there and i’m excited well.
I was excited, but old habits died hard.
I went in there doing the least i could get away with.

As a matter of fact, i thought i knew what sales was.

I thought sales was all about the gift of gab littered.
I realized just how far off i was get the sales isn’t about the gift of gab.

It’s about the gift of listening, so you know i’m in there with my high strung self 24 years old.
I think i know everything man.
None of these oas can tell me nothing, and i did what a lot of people do.

Is i gravitated to the most negative lazy people in the dealership, not on purpose? Maybe it was just a subconscious thing.
You know they’re standing around, we go talk about the game from the night before you know, cracking up tripping out matter of fact, a customer showing up could mess up our good conversation.
We gon na pass that to somebody else, but still be complaining at the end of the month about us, not you know, being out of the draw or about us not making any money for all the hours.

I was there but yeah when opportunities came.
I was too into the conversation or i got drunk on a friday.
We had to be on a saturday, i’m hungover in the meeting, and i’m going to find a truck to sleep in for an hour or two after the meeting.

Instead of being prepared to go work, that was me that was me um.
Luckily, for me, though, you know just like you know, i’m explaining i share things with everybody.
On this platform, i’m met an older gentleman named leon and uh, those that are in jacksonville.

That know who leon fraser is know, he’s led and uh.
He pulled my coattail.
He actually put the first book in my hand that i had ever read and even when he gave it to me, i took it home and i threw it down and the book was how to win friends and influence.

People was written a long time ago, but i started reading this book just to get him off my you know what every day asking me did i read it.
Did i read it and i started picking up certain things then i started reading think and grow rich and that book really just shocked me awake because it pointed out what failures are and i realized like i was on my road to being a nothing, a failure Unknown, not not making a staple or putting a slam down anywhere.
Another thing i picked up – and i learned is that people go to college.

For a reason, they go to college, to learn a skill or trade to be able to apply it and provide a service to the public that generates money for them.

Well, guess what there are no universities and things like that for how to be a successful sales person, but there are people out there who have experienced tremendous success and that share those successes with people, sometimes in the free forum.
Sometimes they would charge for it if it was really good, and i can remember there was a seminar in my city.

It was five hundred dollars to go and it was my gentleman named bud laborz and it was for automotive sales training, but the boys suppose been like the best trainer.
This was back in 2003 right, so i didn’t necessarily have it.
But you know at this point: i’ve been reading them books and i knew those books alone were going to teach me how to have the right mental capacity and how to stay positive.

But they did not give me the skill to be successful at what i was doing man i took that money i borrowed.
Some from a couple of people took some out of a check that was fulfilled that i knew had to come up, but i invested in it and it was the best thing i ever did, because the two three things that i picked up in there actually helped Me make an additional 30 000 in my second year and from that point i started realizing that you know.

Free information is good, but great information is never free and i just started consuming every as much information as i could.

It was almost like.
I was paying for my education now, let’s fast forward it from that first year.
You know i’m averaging six seven units a month to my next year.

You know i’m on track to make my first hundred thousand about my sixth year at about 140 000 and at this point in the game over these years.
You know i’ve made that money.
Many many many times over.

I do travel around the u.
I do get a chance to speak um to crowds, sometimes uh, 5 000 people, depending on the university or some type of major event, or if it’s just at a dealership and i’m with 20 30 40 salespeople.

You know i get a chance to do something that i never ever envisioned for myself, which is hey.

I never would have thought when i got an automotive business that i’d be in it this long, two, i never dreamed when i got into it.
I would be as successful as i was and make as much money as i did at number three man, the greatest gift of it all is getting the opportunity to help people like yourself, you know, and so now, at this point life is much better.
I do enjoy things a lot more and there’s really more so about giving back and feed um, but i just wanted to come in and really share a little bit about myself with you and i’m always getting on talk about sales stuff.

But very rarely do i get on just talking about me, okay and speaking of sales stuff.
If i told you that i would give you a hundred thousand dollars, if you gave me forty dollars, would you do it and if you’re an intelligent person, you would say yeah? Not yet you say hell yeah, but guess what i have a hundred thousand dollars worth of game that i’m sharing with you for literally pennies on the dollar.
Only thing i ask you to do is to treat yourself.

Don’t cheat yourself.
Click that link in the description go check out.
Some of these year-end awesome specials on the training materials.

Don’t keep bumping your head up against the wall.
You don’t have to.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and i’m sure you’re not an insane person, so click that link in the description.

Oh and do me a favor every week, i’m gon na be taking suggestions from for myself.
So, post in the comment, what topic you would like to see me speak on next other than that, i’m brian maxwell, thanks for watching .

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