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Have you ever been working with your guests and moving through the automotive sales process and you’re at the write-up step now, you’re reviewing the figures together and the guest looks at you and says you know what i can buy the same card, another dealership for less money Or they may say you know what i’ve got you beat on the price.

Do you guys price match at all? Well, in this four part, video series, i’m going to give you six different word tracks on how to overcome this common carbine objection.

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All right, then, let’s get to work, i can buy the same car at another dealership for less money is a very tricky automotive buying objection.
I mean, on the one hand, you could try to challenge your guests on this.
You could challenge them on the same car concept at another store.

However, there’s a good chance, you could damage the rapport that you’ve built or you could go the other way and you could get into a price matching or even trying to beat the other dealer’s price either way.
It’s not really a good option, so i think you’ll want something a little bit better.
So here’s an answer to i can buy the same card, another dealership for less now for this next one.

We simply rephrase price and a good deal if you’ve ever watched any joe verde training.
This one might sound a little familiar to you.

I like to call it the good deal close and it goes like this joe might say: hey we can buy the same car down at younger and honda for less money, so we’re just going to go ahead and get theirs and you’d say hey.

I totally understand.
Let me ask you, though, other than younger and honda having a little bit better price on theirs.

Is there anything else stay in the way of you taking our car home today and joe would say you know what no i mean i just i’m gon na get it to where i can get it to lowest price.

I mean that’s what i’m gon na do, and you say you know what joe it sounds like you’re just wanting to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
Am i wrong and he says well yeah and you say well, isn’t it a good deal getting a car? You like at a price you can afford from people in a place, they’ll take care after the sale as well and bob says.
Well, i suppose so and you’re going to close.

You know what sounds like.
We’ve got the perfect one.
Congratulations! I want to go ahead and title this thing, one name or two.

Well there you have it more ways to overcome the common automotive buying objection.
I can buy the same card another dealership for less this way, you can close more car deals and have a better year now, please, let me know if you think these word tracks will work.
Let me know what you think give me some feedback in the comment section below i’d really like to know now, if you want to learn more ways to overcome objections, like i want more for my trade, the payments too high or we’re just looking, please check out The videos that are going to be coming up next .

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