let’s do this, so let me present the figures and just tell me: okay, all right, so kyle i’m going to go through the figures here with you.

I’ve got your opportunity here and before i run through it, i just want to double check and make sure that i haven’t missed, probably the most important question, but i don’t want to assume anything and the important question is you do love this card? Don’t you yeah good, because i think you’d agree with me.
There’s no such thing as a really good deal on a card.
You don’t really love.

Am i right? That’s right all right.
So here’s your opportunity, so, let’s run through it so um.
What we’ve got here is there was the original list price of the vehicle you’re.

Looking at now, as i told you, we’ve pre-discounted it prior, like we were talking about five thousand dollars, bringing it down to 49 445.
Now your fair market value for your vehicle.
They want to buy it, they like it for ten thousand dollars, leave them with a difference here of 39 445 and then we’ve got to collect tax license and then just get a clear title now i guess the only other thing is.

I need you to go ahead and okay, this here and the only other question i have is: do you want to pop water or coffee? While we finish up the rest of the paperwork, the name would be i’d like a little bit of a discount on that.

Well, you know what i mean as we’ve discussed, the vehicle has been pre-discounted.
Now all that aside, here’s an idea in our sales meeting.

Last week my manager said on average we spend 212 dollars in advertising just to get a guest in the showroom.
Now here’s my idea, as i said: we’ve pre-discounted these vehicles, so there’s nothing to go there.
However, what if i asked my manager to advance us at the 212 dollars in advertising credit, if i could get him to advance us that 212 in advertising credit off the price or towards your trade? If i get him to do that today, do you see another reason? You wouldn’t take the vehicle home? Ah yeah? I think that worked for me.

Okay! Well, i’m gon na go ahead and write this up and then you just write the vehicle up.
So the point is: is that now i went ahead and did that for the purposes of showing you how i was going to call back to that pre-discount.

However, obviously i wouldn’t fall that quickly.

It wouldn’t fall that quickly and what probably would happen is you would agree if i did it too quickly.
You’d probably go that’s all you’re doing 212 right that’d, be your natural reaction, it’s 200, so i usually save that till the very end.

If you told me that you won the larger discount, i would just actually say well, as i’ve explained, the vehicle has been pre-discounted and you know we both agreed that you wouldn’t even come in here to visit us for the price way higher than everyone else.

So i tell you what i mean unless i’m missing something that is the fair market value for our vehicle yeah.

You know, how did you want to go ahead and title this vehicle, one name or two, and then i just wrap it up.
Then you may come back at me again.

Well, no, but i never and i was trying to whisper to you, but that that clothes that i just gave you works really well, the guys hey.
I bought cars for the last 30 years.
I’ve been buying cars since you’re in diaper son.

Actually, before you were twinkling, your mom’s eye, i’ve been buying cars and i ain’t buying this car today.

Without some discount ain’t never paid sticker price.

Well, this isn’t sticker.

I don’t care what you call, and so you get that cat yeah.
So i’m talking about the guy that will just not buy without a discount.

Well, there you have it, that’s how we start off our sales training day at kaizen, automotive, consulting and because kaizen means continuous improvement.

That’s our company goal and our goal for your sales department and dealership.

Now, if you want to improve your sales skills, learn how to use psychology to close more car deals and receive unbiased dealership vendor product and service reviews, make sure you subscribe and then turn on the bell.
So you never miss out on learning anything new .

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