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I’m going to show you some ways to reduce your dealership’s new vehicle locates and some ways to close more car deals by learning how to overcome the automotive buying objection.

Can i get one in pearl white or do you have one in the tan exterior in this video? I’m going to give you award tracks word tracks.
That’ll expand your new vehicle inventory, so you can keep your seal moving forward by selling new vehicles and new cars trucks and vans out of your dealerships inventory.

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Okay, then, let’s get to work who out there has ever had this happen to you.

It’s a busy saturday afternoon at your dealership, the showroom’s just buzzing with excitement your receptionist they’re paging like crazy for an available sales person, because there’s customers everywhere now.
Meanwhile, you’ve just spent the last two and a half hours with jack and esther a nice older couple who you know can buy, but you also know the type they’re, the ones that show up early on a saturday morning.
Armed with tape, measure, pen and notebook in hand ready to do all their research and take measurements on three different suvs.

However, you take your time, you’re, very patient with them, and you do a tremendous presentation and walk around and after three different test drives.

They tell you that they’ll go ahead and take the new traverse 2lt if they can get one in silver ice metallic.

And that’s right, you guessed it.

You don’t have one of those colors in stock.

So you end up going to this long monologue about trying to locate one from your sister store and on and on and the next thing you know, jack and esther.
They say something about maybe checking at the other dealership.

Real, quick and they’ll come right back.
So you give them one of your business cards and guess what they never come back.
You try following up that following monday, but you can’t connect with them and a week later, when you finally do get a hold of them, and only because you use someone else in the dealership cell phone you find out that they ended up buying a summit white Traverse last saturday, from that very chevrolet dealership that they said they were going to go visit real quick.

So why did this happen? Well, after your initial meeting with jack and esther during your needs assessment phase, this particular salesperson should have been a little more proactive in addressing the color preferences.
Your goal in doing this early on is to expand your guest color choices, instead of being pinned down by one absolute must-have, favorite color.
Why? Well? Because you might not have that color in that model or that particular trim package variation that they’re inquiring about.

Speaking of expanding color choices, how does one do this? Well, it’s by asking investigative questions now, as a sidebar, i’ve got a whole series of questions that the top performing car sales people ask and i’ll leave you a link to that above.
However, some good investigative questions that help expand your guests.

Color choices, would be the following bill and betty do you prefer lighter or darker colors, hey joe? What are your top three color choices? Hey, mr jones, is the exact exterior color.
All that important are you like? Most of my guests and you’re just open to several colors and several options bill.
If we didn’t have aqua blue, what would be your next choice now, some of you out there might be asking: what do you do if your guest brings up color before you’ve had a chance to proactively address it? Well, in the case of jack and esther, when she brought up the silver ice metallic right then and there that should have been the time to recognize.

This is a great opportunity to check for more color options.
So when your guest does bring up a color option on a vehicle that you know, you don’t have in your inventory, for example, let’s say they say: do you have one in pearl white? You say gosh if we’re lucky of silver, steel and titanium gray? What’s your next favorite color after all, i mean nada, says that 86 percent of customers buy a different make model option, combo or color can compared to what they originally came in and intended to buy.

So i don’t claim to have all the answers, but one thing i do know i’ve learned in my 30 years of the car business by observing sales, people and customers in this color issue is that about half the time it’s the sales person that gets stuck on The color, i don’t know what it is.

Maybe we just as trying to sales peop.
I hope that’s what it is and we want to try to help them find their favorite color and we just kind of get caught up in that and fail to realize.
They’ve got a second, a third and even a fourth color choice.

All we have to do is just simply ask heck today, there’s so many great color choices out there, that the manufacturers will put forth that these days, we probably shouldn’t even be trying to figure out what the one absolute color they have to have probably ought to Just find out what one or two colors they absolutely positively wouldn’t take.
No, probably wouldn’t be a good idea to come right out and ask the guests what colors that they don’t like, since our goal in sales is really to focus on what people actually want and need right.

However, the point i’m trying to make is this that most of us we’re just a lot more flexible on color and equipment than we’d like to believe i mean i love the color black and i love the way it looks on a vehicle.

But you know what i’ve only owned: one black vehicle in my entire life – i guess it’s just once i see how silver surfer metallic looks in the sun or looks underneath the lights at night.

I just decide.
You know what silver surfer metallic’s my favorite color too.

Now that i’ve, given you some questions, you can use to expand your guest color choices.

Let’s go ahead and plug those back into our jack and ester example.

So, let’s say during the investigation step esther asks us if we can get to diverse and silverize metallic, and you know it’s a hard color tough one to find so you could just probe for more color choices by just simply saying this, you know what estro we Can check and see if we’ve got any silver eyes coming in on transit? Let me ask you, though, of somewhat white and satin still metallic, which would be your next choice.

Esther says: well, i do like to sum it white.
Well then, you’d follow right back up with and your third choice she says.
Well, you know what i didn’t think i would, but i really do kind of like the red metallic once i saw it in the light bam.

You’ve just opened up your inventory choices.
You’ve expanded it now you can keep the sale moving forward because you can do a presentation and demonstration on an actual vehicle.

You can do it on the summit white traverse.

Will this always work? Of course not esther might say, you know what i guess i like to summon white, but i really want the silver ice and some sales people might stop right then, and there when esther says that i really like the silver ice and they go to the new Vehicle locator and they attempt to hunt down that particular color, and then you end up working figures with no value built on the traverse at all.

So, by expanding your guest, color choices, you’re still moving the sale forward and instead of chasing a color you’re, actually building value and in an in-stock summit white traverse that possibly she’ll take.

Now because you went the extra mile and asked some good questions to expand your guests, color choices, you were able to do a presentation and demonstration on the summit white vehicle and that gets you to the most emotional part of the sales process, the presentation and demonstration Where nada says 80 percent of the values built now, as all three of you come back from the demonstration driving the summit white traverse, you notice the body language on jack and esther.
It’s pure excitement, they’ve got traverse fever and you want to be the person to help them solve it.

However, when you return from the demonstration drive and you get into the dealership – you get outside, nestor says you know what we love it and we want it.

But yes, you guessed it, they want it in silver ice metallic and of course you don’t have one in stock.
Now before i give you a way to overcome this color issue, and so hopefully we can go ahead and work.
A deal on the summit white you’ve got to know their second favorite color, but once you know it, here’s what you’d say next hey jack and esther.

I understand that you guys prefer silver ice metallic.

Let me ask you, though, other than color.
Would there be any other reason why you wouldn’t pull the trigger on this new traverse here today esther says yeah, you know what if it was silver ice, i think we’d take it right now and you’d say you know what esther silverized one of our most popular Colors and because it’s one of the most popular colors, it’s the hardest to get, and that makes it in higher demand now due to the higher demand.

It costs both of us more money since we have to locate it, and then we have to have some transportation costs to get it here now i can help you either way.
If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money, i can have the silver ice.
One here, probably in a couple days or if you want to go with your second favorite color choice, sell it white.

I bet you, we can save you some time and some money and you know what it’s your choice either way.
But didn’t you tell me earlier that budget was going to be one of the biggest factors in deciding which next vehicle you were going to purchase the guest says you know what okay, let’s see what you guys can do in the summit? Why bam now you’re moving the sale forward? Again now, hey, i get it some of you out.
There are probably skeptical and when it comes to locate, there’s a lot going on here and some of you are probably thinking you know what my guests won’t pay for.

A dealer locate and maybe you’re right, but before you decide this word track, isn’t for you consider this.
I’ve worked with a lot of large dealer groups here recently that they’re trying to recoup these costs of the the transportation cost and then the time that it takes to locate a vehicle.

So they’ve gotten organized with this and they’ve come up with this 48-hour, locate, transportation, kind of service for the guests, and they actually ask the guest.

If they want to to go ahead and get it quicker, they would charge them anywhere from two to four hundred dollars and then they’ve got a no charge service if you’re, if you’re willing to wait.

So for those of you out there.
That think that this word track wouldn’t work, or that this idea of asking the customer to possibly pay a little bit more for the vehicle they want to locate.

You really can’t hurt yourself by using that word track.
You could use the word track and then, if you employed something similar to having two different types of locate services, one that you charge for and one that was free, then there’s really no harm in asking.
If they’d be willing to pay a little bit more – and your hope is really that not so much they’re going to pay more for a locate, your hope is really just to work on one in stock because after all, it does cost us new car dealers money.

When we do these locates in the end, isn’t it all about just testing the waters to see how important color really is to your guests in making the decision to purchase their next vehicle? I mean remember this: people who go out to a dealership to look for an exact car, typically come home with something different and that’s after 18 hours of internet research.
Why? Because we’re humans and humans are emotional creatures that make their buying decision based on emotions, not logic.
We use logic, but only after the fact after we buy and we use it to justify our decisions and that way we can explain our purchase decisions to others.

But more importantly, it’s a way for us to explain our purchase decisions to ourselves.
Well, there you have it how to expand your guest, color choices and sell more new vehicles from your dealerships inventory.
Now, if you’d like to learn how to overcome more car buying objections, like i want more for my trade or the payments too high or you want some sales psychology, persuasion tips go ahead and click on the playlist coming up above and as always, i want to Tell you until next time keep fighting the good fight.

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