I truly uh believe that the automotive sales business offers a tremendous opportunity for people from many different, diverse walks of life.
There really is no rhyme or reason as to the best so-called fit other than are they willing to do what it takes.

You can have all the credentials in the world, but if you’re not willing to put in the work and do what it takes, it’ll all be for not, i think, that’s extremely important, because we’ve seen uh people have come from a wide range of backgrounds that have Been extremely successful in this business, dealerships all around the country do everything that they can to build winning sales team.

I mean: there’s not a business out there that doesn’t want to have a successful sales team.
But how do you do that? How do you put that together for one finding the right people to have that work ethic? Have that drive had that determination, but then being willing to give them everything they need? In order to succeed, i think that’s extremely critical number two is making sure you provide those people with the right tools and with the right training that they need to be successful.
You can have the most skilled and talented people in the world, but if they like the resources necessary or required in order to be successful, they’re not going to be successful, [, Music ], we make it extremely simple for our dealer clients all around the country um.

They let us know what it is, that they need and they go through a week of sales training on everything from the entire road to itself, from greeting the customer all the way through to delivering the vehicle to follow-up after delivery and even if they uh obnoxious About a vehicle at that time, how do we follow up appropriately and work on uh acquiring that business or gaining their business? So we go through all of those things, and so we don’t uh.
We don’t replace what the dealership does.
We actually work hand in hand with the dealership to make sure that they get the best people possible.

We provide them with the foundation, so they have some familiarity to what’s going on in the business.
What’s expected and you know just a a good launching pad.

Let me get started so it’s a hand-in-hand partnership and we love it, and so do our daily clients too, about sales manager, ralph sellers motor company in gonzales louisiana just want to say thank you and great job from brian maxwell.

We hired sales professional of america recruiting brian maxwell, he did an outstanding job, it was a smooth transition.

Everybody was happy.
The whole dealership feels successful and uh.

You should definitely give an opportunity all right.
This is apollo folks, general sales manager of honda avenues just want to give props know what brian maxwell sales professionals of america.

These guys are legit 100, and this man’s work ethic is second to none, so ryan.

Thank you.
I thank you.
You .

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