Hello, it’s christian younger, and i want to welcome you to another automotive best practice of the week.

Has this ever happened to you, you meet a guest on the lot and everything’s going so well.
It’s almost like the stars are aligned properly.
I mean your meet and greet went super well because it was comfortable and natural and it didn’t feel forced the investigation for needs and wants went excellent because the guest already had a pretty good idea what they wanted.

But they were open to your suggestions and had a few questions on towing capacity and then, lastly, you were able to do a great presentation walk around because the guests didn’t have any time constraints.

And then you went on a nice long demonstration, driving you’re able to do some highway, driving, which the guests told you that’s what they normally do most is highway driving and then you go ahead and do a trial close and the guest says they would go ahead And buy today you go and sit down, you start negotiating or you just show a proposal and the guest hits you with.
You know what i think, i’m just going to get your very best price and if it’s the best price, then i’ll come back and buy from you, but i’m going to continue to shop to see if i can get a better deal well, this might not sound Too difficult i mean, after all, you and this guest have got along great.

You know that your store competitively prices all their vehicles.
I mean you value, base price and pre-discount them already, so you know you’re competitive and then lastly, you feel pretty confident that you’ll follow up relentlessly and you’ll go ahead and have this be a be back and you’ll end up eventually delivering the truck.

And you know what that’s an excellent mindset to have and you should have that with every guest.

However, statistically nada says that this probably won’t happen.
Nada says 33 of guests return and become b-backs and that’s with a good follow-up system.
So once we’ve given them figures and they go out to shop, there’s a lot that can happen.

I mean think about it.
If you’re, for instance, a ford or a chevrolet dealer, you’ve probably got four five six, maybe even more dealers that sell your make right in a 30 mile radius.

So a lot can happen between leaving your store and shopping even two or three other stores.

Now the good news is: if your guest wants to shop this many stores they’re going to have to give up something – that’s universally one of everyone in the whole world’s most precious commodity and that’s time so in this video you’re going to learn how to use the Value of time to go ahead and handle this objection close this deal and deliver this card today right here and have the customer save some of their precious time, and so they don’t have to go shop all over now.
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Okay, let’s go to work now.
What you’re about to see is myself doing a role play on how to handle this objection of hey? You know what we think we’re going to shop around for a little better deal or a lot better deal, and what i typically will do with our students during the one-on-one coaching session is i’ll.

First explain the close or the theory behind the word track or the close, and then what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and show them how to do it i’ll go ahead and just i’ll be the salesperson, and one of them will be the customer and we’ll Go ahead and we’ll power through the clothes and show them the proper tone of voice and fluctuation and some of the skills that i’ve picked up over the years and can help them with and then finally, what we’ll do is have them take a turn.
Now, today, we’re not going to show you their turn because the first couple times they do it, it’s just really a baseline video, it’s pretty bad they’re, reading off of a sheet they’re trying to do their best to mimic kind of what they had just seen, and We know it’s not going to be super great.

However, we’ve got to get started someplace, so that’s how we do it for today’s purposes.

I’m just going to go ahead and show you my version of the clothes and hopefully it’ll help you out and you’ll be able to deliver more cars.

Okay without further ado, let’s go ahead and do it.
I think i’m gon na go ahead and shop around and look for a better price.

Well, you know what steve um i get it, and i can appreciate that.
It’s okay, if you want to shop around, but let me ask before you take off.

Is it that you don’t like the truck? No, i like the drug, okay.
Well, since we all own them for the same thing, how much do you think you’re going to save 50 75 100, i’m looking to get probably at least 1500.
okay? Well, i kind of doubt it with the way margin our margins are nowadays, but let me tell you what i’ve seen some of my guests do and help you from doing the same, see most of my guests.

Their time is worth money just like i’m sure yours is.

Am i wrong? No you’re right yeah, i mean no one’s got a lot of extra time and it’s one of the most precious commodities and did you know it sometimes can take hours days even weeks of shopping around trying to find a truck.
You like, when you like the one right here and then it can take even more time shopping around trying to save a few bucks heck with what your time’s worth you’re, probably going the hole shopping around looking around trying to save a few bucks.

I’ve shown you this, i think together, we’ve learned this truck’s got everything you guys want.
Doesn’t it yeah pretty much something? You know what it sounds like you’re, just wanting to make sure you’re getting a good deal and, after all, isn’t a good deal getting a car.
You like at a price you can afford from people place they’ll take care after they sell as well.

Definitely you know they’re shopping behind you.
You just want to pop order coffee.

While you go ahead and finish up the paperwork.

Yeah i’ll, take a pencil.
Okay, just okay: well there you have it how to use the timeless money clothes to help your guest and yourself save that precious commodity of time.

Now remember this close and all the closes that we learn and the word tracks.
We learn they’re tools to go in our tool chest and with the automotive industry at a be back rate of only 33 percent.

We need to have ways to hang in there.

I mean these guests don’t want to leave and we actually owe it to our guests and ourselves to learn these objection, handling and word track techniques.
So we can go ahead and help guests work through their anxieties work through some of their objections.

So we can go ahead and deliver the car to them today, again, saving them their time and saving us a lot of time.

Now, speaking of handling objections, if you’ve ever heard hey, i need more for my trade or i sell it on kelly blue book or edmonds for more money, or you know what, if that’s all you’re giving me i’ll just go ahead and sell it on my own.
If you ever hear anything like that, go ahead and click on the video that’s going to be coming up right about [, Music ]! Now, .

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