Vehicle we’ll say, has a hundred and fifty thousand miles.

It’s just this vehicle right here, it’s a 2011 across with 158 000 miles on it all right.
So then i would just say: hey i get that you’d like to get a little more for your trade.
I understand that, in fact, if i was in your spot, i’d probably do the same thing.

Let me show you: the value of any used vehicle really comes down to three things, so the first thing is the condition, and i got to tell you your vehicle with 150 000 miles on it being almost 10 years old.
It’s in very good condition for a vehicle like that now.
The second thing that they’re going to look at are the miles now it does have 150 000 58 000 miles on it and then the last thing they’re going to look at is the market demand on that vehicle.

So this is again, like i said it’s in great condition and because of that there’s going to be some people that would be interested in that vehicle.
However, because the miles is so high on that vehicle, it’s going to actually lower the market demand.
I mean when we were looking at vehicles out there earlier, and i showed you a couple that you said gosh, that one’s got two high miles and you didn’t want to take a look at and that’s unfortunately, kind of what i’m going to run into.

I’m going to have a lot of customers that i won’t even be able to show them how good of condition this vehicle is in for a 10 year old vehicle with 158 000 miles, because it got the 50 158 000 miles.
So i get maybe you’re wanting to get a little bit more for the trade and – and i see that, however, the fair market value is eight thousand dollars for the vehicle.
So you know what i know.

This is a little higher price, maybe lindsay than you’re wanting to pay.

That’s why you ought to get it the fact that it’s a higher priced, the reason why it’s higher prices got all the equipment that you guys want now, because it’s got all the equipment that you guys need you’re going to keep it longer, and you know what It means if you keep something longer now that you’re going to enjoy it a lot more over the whole life of the ownership of that vehicle.

You’re actually going to spread the costs out over a longer period of time, making it actually less expensive in the long run, plus plus, because it’s got all the good equipment on it.

You guys are going to get more for the vehicle when you go trade it in at resale time it’s going to be more in resale value when you go to trade it in so again, i know that you guys were wanting to make sure you’re getting a Good deal but after all, isn’t a good deal getting a car.
You like got a price you can afford from people in a place.

They’ll take care of after the sale as well.

Let’s just go ahead and wrap this up.
Do you want to get a water or coffee while we go ahead and finish up the paper yeah? Let me finish up: .

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