You know what time it is: it’s time to brew some carga coffee, , hey car, guys and car gals.

Welcome back to the car guy coffee podcast.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy missus frelling arts of subprime hero, and we are excited to be brewing solutions with some car gals that are definitely solution.
Ares inside of the situation that they’re in I don’t care what situation it is that they’re in they are solution Ares and we are on the fifth volume of this series time and they’re taking it home.

They are definitely taken at home.
I’m excited about that.
You guys and gals have heard us talk a whole lot about car guys and car gals having a cup of coffee.

In a conversation, let me tell you people that brew solutions find a way to rise to the occasion and begin building themselves in a whole new way, and that’s what we’re gon na be talking about today, I’m so excited to drop so much on you all.
I bet you all can imagine I got a lot to say, but we are here with them and I want to hear what it is that they have to say.
Fred is so excited.

Look at him, he’s all dazzled up old dazzle, razzle dazzle people.
Speaking of for the people men, what a plug, we should have the logo right here, someplace.
These are also for the people dealers.

This is how we’ve even met.
Yes, these women, who are incredible solution Ares, but they are also dealers, we’re not talking.
They have a product for a dealer, we’re not we’re not talking anything but the people that are actually making all of that stuff connect together from vendors to suppliers, to inventory specialists to banks.

They are the actual hub of this entire assembly wheel, that is the automotive industry.
They are the dealers, you can make them, but if you don’t know how to sell them, you just got cars.
That’s right! You can clean them, but not have somebody to buy them from you have to have cars.

There has to be somebody that deals the product, and these women are doing that in their different places throughout the country where they from Fred huh.

We got two different beautiful states up north Michigan and then all the way to Matt on the West Coast West Coast, West Coast, California, so two beautiful states if you’ve never visited those states you’re missing out.
They both have water, nice, big oceans.

Another ocean.
Excuse me, lake up north, but it’s huge and they have a lot actually a lot of lakes.
Up that way, I’ve been to Michigan a few times.

I’ve been fortunate enough.
It’s a beautiful country in California.
Northern California come on now.

You know that is you know.
Everybody wants to go there.
Everybody wants to be in that state.

So lucky you.
I know that it’s tough there, especially with the new guidelines in both states.
Michigan got hit hard.

California got hit hard, so we applaud you, ladies for still, standing tall and still being proud of what you’re doing and knowing that you are essential out there.
I think you’ve noticed that bitch and there is.
There is essential things that we are giving people.

It’s not just the moving of the units, it’s what we’re doing for our communities.
So I’m applaud you all very much appreciate y’all being on our show.

I say y’all a lot because we Kentucky I moved here when I was 13 and I never I used to make fun of people who said y’all.

You know it is like in my vocab, so we have a 5 liner segment that we do with everybody and we’re really excited to do it with you.
Ladies um there’s five questions.
I’m gon na ask you the first one is always the same, and it’s the.

Why so be ready for that the? Why is no? What makes you have purpose every day? What makes you say you know what I’m gon na take that extra step.
I’m not gon na just sit here in bed the rest of the day.
You know we all have those days, I’m gon na lay in bed sometimes too, but for the most part we all try to move forward and keep growing.

And that’s my thing.
I love to keep growing every single day, I’m trying to find a way to be 1 % better, at least, and I noticed that you all do the same thing and that’s why we have you on the show.
As you all are solution, Aires York, our gals are amazing and you guys are inspirations to both the Lew and I yeah all the time.

I love your posts.
I love it when we meet you when we leave when we leave Orlando, we always come back in great spirits because it’s just always have a good time, just with good people that you could trust solutions, ruin solutions there, that’s the whole purpose, little strips um.
So, thank you.

So, let’s get right into the questions, all right so well, let’s go ahead and change it up, but we’re gon na go ahead and throw kind of the the same way that you would do anything to who would wear okay, but we’ve already answered the where so.
I guess we’re gon na go ahead and shuffle the the numbers here and see how it is that we fall at the end.
So the we’re already is what it is.

Let me see sisters of savings.
Where is it that you’re from just let our audience know real quick Michigan but tell us the name, the name of your dealership yeah? This is your plug, ready go.
We are rainbow motor sales here in Coldwater, Michigan, the southern part of Michigan, hmm, awesome, awesome, whoo and southern part of Michigan jumping all the way to the northern part of California.

They actually called it NorCal.
It sounds like a like a brand of clothing place.
There, probably is a brand or clothing it might be.

They have a sort of swag.
That way definitely have that, but tell us where you’re from I think so yeah.
No, I kow, if you think, Northern California, we know you’re, probably not actually from here and Orleans, the time that I’m in is about a hundred miles north of Sacramento and still about three hours south of Gorgons.

So I got ta figure out of you, so that would be you’re about an hour from reading there right and how far from Weaver bill about an hour and a half.
Well, the reason why I ask is we are talking about going to the land of the solution, Ares we’re going to the land of solutions with the rise of the solution.
Ares right, that’s the whole theme that we’re on that’s the whole temple that we’re talking about through and again the there’s different seeds that get planted all throughout everywhere and they grow into what it is that they’re growing to the actual word solution.

Arey was heard on a podcast.
I was listening to Chris valeton who’s from over there in Redding Weaverville area, and he was talking about how the rise of the solution Aires or not, that he didn’t call it it that.
But he said the word solution Aires and I was like man what a great word – and I was inside of that – that message and man I just it just stuck with me.

Well, it’s not really a word yet so, just like you know, a couple rappers can go with uh getting bling-bling into the dictionary like hey.

This is a word that we can use, but seriously it’s it’s a mindset and a mentality.
It is, and that is a seed that made its way all the way over to here inside of my heart, inside of our our brew inside of our flow, and now we are connecting with you all that definitely understand what it means to be.

This thing that nobody had a word for and we are going forward, creating things that have never been created before taking mountains that haven’t even been discovered.
Yet nobody seen the mountains that were in front of right now and we’re gon na write the manual on how to conquer those and know that every other one that gets in front of you is conquerable.
If that makes sense, so just know, I’m already jumping in I’m already hitting deep car guys in car gals hit your chest with me.

One time, that’s something that we do inside of our meetings to make sure that our guys understand that we’re trying to penetrate the heart, whether we’re talking to a customer or we’re talking to our family or we’re.
Talking to our friends.
Our message has to penetrate the heart, so we’re just making sure that there’s a heartbeat out there, if you guys, are driving and that’s the hand you were driving with you – can hit your heart later, go ahead and get ready for this five liner.

The very first five liner is still gon na, be the same question every time and it’s gon na be.
You are why it’s the why I’m gon na I’m gon na randomly pick I’m gon na go with Michelle Michelle.
Everybody has a while.

I know when you wake up and you’re trying to get out of bed and around those days and it’s cold and you’re, not that motivated.
What motivates you? What makes you say you know what I have to do it because of this.
What is it? I believe that so much I think, we’ve seen it y’all have you know yeah.

I don’t know I’ve been a lot of wise.
You know, and I I can’t say that there’s you know.
I’ve listened to your podcast and I’ve heard people say their families, which is so true.

You know and our God, which is so true, but then there’s a deeper and I think as women, it’s a little different and being dealers.
It’s a little different because we’ve got we’ve built momentum together and we are changing perspective on used cars and it gets fun and it gets energizing and it becomes your personality and it becomes your core of who you are.
I mean even if we’re at the grocery store or the gym, we are rainbow motor sales.

So we’ve come up.
I think we’ve become closer in the last six seven years, eight years because of the business, and so when I say my sister, it’s just because of our drive and what we’ve built together and how much fun we have together and it’s not about money.
It’s it’s! Not it’s about bringing joy to our team and laughing together.

You know the quarantine we were separated, I mean we haven’t hugged and six weeks.
This is the closest we’ve been in six weeks, and I it it’s just a partnership.
I guess and a lifeline – and you guys are all young when you get older the perspective changes and fan is always the core of it.

Family is always the core and we love our kids tremendously and it doesn’t they don’t take.
Second, maybe they do.
I don’t know, but we love what we do.

We love what we provide here at the dealership, the family that we’ve cultivated and the trust and the people that walk through the door and our I don’t know, yeah it’s just honestly.
It’s crazy! Maybe it’s all life like it’s our lifeline.
It’s what yeah our customers and ourselves are our lifeline.

We love, we love hoping pushin Ares.
That’s a great you’re hit answer.
You are solution.

I love the answer like listen to just how was yeah.
It was great great answer.
Yes hit me hit me hard near ins right.

I think that’s what you’re talking about being in the business being an owner all that type of stuff having a partner of battle, buddy root, n battle, buddy, and it’s what it is.
You know, you know we that’s a term that comes from the military and we both the prior.
You know military ourselves and we learned that battle buddy mentality back then, but we apply it now and it works really well for us, you know, and it’s you have somebody to hold.

You accountable somebody to laugh with somebody to when you’re down it lifts you up.
You know I mean I feel fortunate, no doubt, and I love the answer, so Brittany.
What is your? Why it’s very similar – and I think that’s one of the reasons why all of our friends is we do have similar passions and similar life.

For me, it’s definitely starts with my family and wanting to you know, provide or not good for my staff um at the moment, a lot of mom that I’m just fighting for their jobs and fighting like to work and that’s a huge lie.
And then you know we talk about being for the people and to me that means my own people, my staff first, but it also means our community.
You know every customer that we’ve come across whether they purchase those are people and – and I love whatever she’ll flip – to there’s also on top of buildings, external factors, there’s definitely just an internal check.

You know we love yeah, just the thrill of the hunt yeah to attack and to tackle new things and to improve ourselves every day, and you know it’s try to make our these nice a little bit today.
So 100 percent.
You know it’s it’s that growth.

It’s it’s.
You know we love tackling challenges, there’s nothing better than that.

You know when it’s always easy.

It gets very boring.
You know it’s just like an old relationship.
You’ve had in the past.

That was like.
Okay get off your boring right.
So it’s the same thing: it’s like everything in life.

When you have something that’s a mundane: it becomes very yeah, but a business like this, the car business, especially especially being an owner in today’s world.
What’s going on wow, you were tackling challenges every single day.
You wake up, and I love that you have that purpose, that it’s for the people, your community, your your clients, your your your employees, trying to get them back in trying to figure out a way to get them back in the door.

So they can start making income again and in keeping up with what they were doing.
You know, and I totally understand that and those are great wise and it would motivate the crap out of me listen listening to that.

I mean just understanding what it is that you all assemble when you walk into a room, just as the person that you are you you all before your car dealers, your wives, your mothers and your sisters.

Yes, you, your your people, inside of the community, your people that know how to follow, but you’re, also whoo man, I’m getting excited.
My hands – are already getting loose, your people that know how to leave.
You know how to how to push an envelope inside of a success, and that is something that you guys are bridging a gap for between people that don’t understand that and that’s something that’s key inside of any assembly.

You know we talked about foundations and laying the cement laying the foundation for anything that gets built upon.
Then you get a whole bunch of hammers going together and you build the entire, the trestle everything to everything that it takes to make the frame of the home and the home come together.
Then the pain is applied and there’s something that’s there.

Inside of the whole assembly from electric to everything, all the moving parts that come together that it’s still not a home until the strong, solid woman walks in there and makes it look and feel and flow like a home and that’s something that is across the board.
Whether you’re a dealer or you’re, the title clerk, no car dealership for any of you, car guys and car gals are out there.
You understand that that’s more of a home with that presence of that woman inside of that place, and I am completely cool with whatever anybody thinks to think of as far as genders and not back forth.

Now, however, you like to have those conversations you have those talks on this show on car guy coffee, I’m talking about car, yeah, Gordon’s of car gals, and what a woman does inside of a home inside of a building and a way that you respect and honor A place that you’re at and the commanding hand of a woman inside of a home is no joke.
I was taking care of my wife for the past couple weeks.
Oh my gosh, I am so not wanting to trade places on the things that she handles and gets taken care of, and it’s it’s incredible and and that’s something that at the same time, at the dealership, I know what ladies I am not messing with.

I am NOT going to go ask her for this right now we’re 15 minutes before it’s time to leave.
I’m out we’ll talk about that tomorrow.
Keep the sales people away from her! Don’t mess with that! Put that plant back.

You know what I mean all the things that make you have to honor and respect other people’s opinions and thoughts is what what what has to happen, and you all encompass all that it’s sometimes it’s very easy for guys to walk around talking and being macho about Man I got this and we’re gon na go through and uh-huh, let’s go for it.
You also find a way to no matter what pretty it up still get excited cry.
Your tears jump back inside of the grain inside of the game, put your helmet back on and go attack the hill again and that’s something that we respect again.

I was raised primarily by my mother and she inspires me so much.
Obviously, you can probably tell that, but she’s she’s always found a way to be creative and be beautiful and also still rise up when the whole place is falling apart.

She’s still finding wet we’re getting up and we’re getting at this and we’re gon na go, and I honor that – and I see that inside of you all – which I respect and appreciate you all, but this market needs you all know.

You know.
Speaking of what he’s talking about not to get too much lumps with some question, but you know to speak what he was just the very beginning talked about a foundation that you all built the foundation of your home.
You know your your business, your life right, you all three of you all have done a great job with that.

That’s the most important part of anything whether it’s business life, a great foundation, your basics.
Everything is done right because the house can get built up.
You can have you sticks, you can have whatever you can make it look as beautiful as you want, but every once a while tornado will come through takes it away, but if that foundation is still there, you can build that house right back the way it was Right, but if that foundation was crap, it’s going to be now, you got to redo the whole thing from beginning to end.

So remember that your foundation is wonderful, so no matter what you’re going through today, no matter what you’re going through tomorrow, eventually one day, because your foundation is so great and you have those wise.
You have that purpose.
You’re gon na be able to just rebuild and it’s gon na be okay.

I know that about you, ladies and it’s gon na definitely happen, so I’m excited to see y’all a year from now, two years from now five years from now, when we’re done Orlando, you know I’m saying but not, and even if we never go there again, it Doesn’t matter whatever happens, I’m gon na definitely be following you and honoring y’all, and hopefully you know be part of whatever you think about a foundation.
In any case, in their view, is that just like a woman, that’s decorating the inside of the home, it goes right.
There put that pillow there put that plant there, the foundation she’s gon na go right there and that’s not movies, and that’s the thing.

That’s that’s huge about you all you’re, not moving.
A lot of people are running all the place and going crazy you’re not moving.

We talked to a lot of so you gon na have to rebuild right here.

That’s right! You know question two we’ll go to questions here.
Okay, so we did that now we all we all got into this business for a certain reason.
Before we’ve gotten this business, we did other things.

What got you into the business Melissa, so I’ve always dealt with like sub comment was mortgages.
The bank that I you know was assistant manager and they moved a manager.
We did small ones and just mortgages at that place, and I worked there for like four years and terrible.

I had a lot of male bosses right, so can we get back? Then the industry was predominantly male and the one that had been business for many years and he’s not my reason, because I think everything happens for a reason, maybe remodel I mean bad things happen, but it’s for a reason.
It’s gon na make us better.
So I ended up down, as had the business for 36 years and this year I’ll be back 22 years, so I had talked my dad and it was you know running obviously, without I think the show was there at the time I was here at the time.

I was a title clerk, then I’ve learned the ropes that way you understand, I just you know I.
I really think because I’m ready, we went ahead a lot environment and I have just a lot going on yeah.
I came back to work and it was completely different, like Michelle said, or last seven.

Eight years together I mean we have just built this to something wrong there only I mean we are and we love it.
That is the reason that you come to work and to see what you built and – and it makes you proud, you know to do what you do and help the people that you helped, but so yeah I mean I, I came from helping people in a different Way I mean, I think that we’ve always had those positions.
So it’s you help people that if your job doesn’t have personal to do with that, then you need to figure it out because that’s what the end result needs to be absolutely community.

That’s that’s expensive! Beautiful purpose – and you know Brittany – I touched on it before, there’s a reason why we all have friends.
We all have more a lot of similar frequencies out there, we’re touching on a lot of the same things and what you’re talking about you love to help people right.

That’s the whole reason.

We started our podcast because we wanted to help because we felt like we’re helping what we have in our small community we’re doing great, but I have so much more to give just like y’all.
Do you know, just like you got from doing your mortgages and doing things than you went into this business? You like to came back now.
You love it because they’re starting to touch I mean, even in that business, you can’t touch as many people as you could touch in the car business.

I talked about this the other day with one of my colleagues.
I was like listen mortgages.
You know getting into real estate, it’s great, you know you but B.

You have to sell a whole lot and it’s not near the volume.
So you have to practice to get the practice in it takes a few years to get really that good wall in the car business you’re talking you shake hands with so many people, bunk fist elbow or six feet away now, but you know you you, you wave At people so many times that you kind of you get better faster, you get more opportunities to learn and grow and mess up, because you know we’re all gon na mess up we’re all gon na make mistakes, but the key is is when you make those mistakes.
Learn something from it and never do it again or try not to do it again right, but I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to go off there, but no absolutely no great answer.

I loved it wow you guys are doing so much right now.
I love this there’s.
So many people that are gon na be able to benefit from from understanding one at this.

Just people like you that a genuine and real enough to communicate.
You know where you come from what you’re doing now and that you’re excited to at least find solutions and go looking for it again.
So many so many metaphors and philosophies that we can spit out, but man we and keep it rocking all right.

So Brittany same question: what brought you into this car business crazy world yeah my 1947, then I took it over in the eighties and then my dad purchased the Chevy store from awesome.
That story book Wow for some reason after watching that is that is like Romeo Juliet’s down, but a good ending.
But you know like two different, so that’s that’s a great story.

You know the being able to start a dealership and be able to do that in in a community and do what you’ve done with it make it.
A 4-2 people deal they’re constantly growing every year.
I’m sure you Europe, year over year, has been great over the last since you started I’m sure since day, one to now it’s like night and day, but just remember, like I said, keep in mind no matter what happens right now, because you built that foundation and You’re doing it right, it’s gon na be okay, and I and I know it and I could tell – and you guys have built some some incredible things to continue fighting for and that’s why.

I believe that that at heart you all are 100 % just gon na totally redecorate and anytime, that you’re redecorating sometimes is a little demolition and right now, the the thing that’s simultaneous with all car guys and car gals in this car business is that the demolition Has taken place, everybody has gotten hit by the same ass, everybody called Corona, and here we are trying to find a way to rebuild in the midst of the ashes and that’s why it takes solution.
Aries I’ve obviously had so much car guy coffee that I need to go ahead, I’m just so pumped up to have all of them out there.
We probably are gon na dance.

Let me see what question are we up to number three, I’m still gon na? I still want ask.
I want to show this question saying: yes, she she came from a completely different attitude.
I mean they’re sisters, but she did have a different.

It’s it’s.
You know we we parallel a little bit, so I was at the family business and when she came back I actually left and went into banking yeah.
Well, actually she taught me everything.

I knew we had started a mortgage business on the side.

We were doing refinances as a refinance boom and had our own mortgage company for a while and then that we just decided, I guess the refi boom was over and we changed and I went to the bank.

She stayed here and I was away a while got some good training and some that’s a good training and decided to come back to the business and work hard for our family instead of for a corporation, and so that’s really, you know, I guess yeah working very, Very hard in the corporate world goes nowhere, it’s thankless and yes, but you know coming to it out there having a family business like all y’all have it that gives you that extra, why it’s there’s more productive! You know when you’re worth more for a corporate company.

You have purpose it’s, but it’s more personal purpose such as like I just wanted, make more money, and I want to be the CEO one day, type things you know, but with what you’re doing you’re doing it for you, your community, your family, your you know everything.
Your children, you want to show them how to do things that you can become something you can make things happen.
You could do things for the people, you know because the more you give the more you get.

You know, no doubt I’ll talk about that.
A lot not – and I believe that so much mmm I mean that’s strong, strong and it’s it’s something that new you definitely correlate throughout your entire organization and and something that we try to make sure to do inside of our organization and with our guys when we’re Training them is understand that they do a job for us.

You know you’re dealers, if I work inside a used or ultimately the things that connected me to you to do a sales manager, job or a sales person, person, job or an office person.

Job is, is that’s the what you have to get done? You’re a dealer.
You have a job you need done.
I need this person to get it done, whether it’s get my dents out of the car or it’s move that metal across the board.

I this is the what I need done.
This person jumps in and and is that they do this job.
I give them money for that, but they’re taking it for their who, who it is that they’re working for and that’s what we try to have them focus on is who who it is that they’re? Actually, here, for, why are you here, because that helps you stay on task when you’re forgetting what it is that you you were even doing when you forget to stop, you know paying attention to things that aren’t productive.

You know what I mean I like to say: percolating problems, you know what I mean: you’re, either brewing solutions or you’re, percolate and and inside of what it is that you guys do you.
You are helping so many who’s out there.
You literally put it inside of your statement, you’re for the people.

You know what I mean, you are for your family and you guys are coming together to put not only a business, that’s functioning and a best place to work wherever you are, but it’s also for the people that work for you they’re, who, what brought them connecting To you for that job they need it done, they’re, not working for you.
They have a job they’re, completing that you need done, but they’re working for their who’s, they’re working for their people at home for those those children and you’re helping provide a way for them.
I’m just yesterday we had a great day and the way that I described it to the to the kids was how much money I helped each salesperson make and you know hey, they got paid this much today.

This is how much they went.
You know my daughter she’s a server, so you know she comes in with good days great days.
You know what I mean and days that she got stiffed in blah, blah blah.

You know and and though you know you take all of those pains but there’s days that are great and you know the successful so saying hey, I hope someone so go home.
This is what they took home to their family today.
You know, oh because of this, you know big percentage that we’re giving them during this time and she’s like whoa.

I need to come so some cars.
Can I send you no now she’s one and so so some rides or a semi, some referrals, you know, and you know Michaela, you know so it’s it’s it’s exciting that you guys plug a who for everybody.
That is so many more than just the reason why you show up to work.

It’s it’s just talk: girls, girls.
Ladies I’m gon na go to question three before Luke keeps going.

Yes, even though it’s great, I love the guy, but if we don’t, but no, he just has a lot of passion.

You all know that you’ve known that, that’s why y’all are just like.
We do.

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