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Today’s automotive sales slow today was going to be about the positive benefits and contributions dealerships provide for the public.

However, I’m sorry to inform you, I can’t bring this video to you.
Well he’s not today.
I need your help and I’ll tell you at the end what you can do you see what I wanted to do is I want to highlight how dealers help out their communities by creating employment opportunities.

They, of course, create County taxes from their properties, city and state taxes, with sales tax from those vehicle sales and then there’s the donating of their time.
Their vehicles, sometimes their facilities to help out with local, regional and sometimes national causes, and then not to mention.
There’s the capital and the risk that dealers put out and they shoulder when they’re getting vehicles, reconditioned they’re, acquiring vehicles, whether it’s new or used putting them on their lot, advertising them displaying them getting ready for sale and the risk is it’s very similar to two fruit Or produce this stuff only has a certain amount of shelf life and, after a certain amount of time, they go back.

These vehicles need to be taken to an auction or need to be sold and liquidated at a very, very low price, and they actually will take a little bit of a loss some of those.
So they shoulder a lot of risk and there’s a lot of urgency to move in these vehicles quickly.
So upon researching for this video, I did what any 21st century researcher does nowadays and I went to go, go YouTube, bang, the search engines and I typed in positive contributions and benefits.

Auto dealers provide to the public.
So here’s what we get whenever we type in positive contributions and benefits automotive dealers provide for the public.
The first thing that comes up as you can see, ex car salesman leaks.

What dealers really paid for cars he’s got a hundred thousand view, plus in a less than a week.
The next guy there’s got forty thousand views right underneath that how dealerships rip you off of the truth, six point: five million views in eleven months underneath that buying a used car from the dealer.
The right way he’s got what half a million views underneath that nine fees, nine fees to never pay at a car dealership tips on buying and how to negotiate.

He’s got two million views in nine months and again, look at the top heading we plugged in positive contributions and benefits automotive dealerships do for the public crazy.
We need to change this.
We have to be proactive because, since society is drawn to the train wreck, we’ve got to be delivered in highlighting all the worthy deeds and benefits that dealers provide to our public.

So I’ll.
Take the task on, but I’m gon na need your help.
We need to get the word out by liking and sharing this message with every dealer, vendor franking, so at least when somebody types in four positive stories.

Something positive comes up.
If you all will share this like this and comment on this, give me the names of dealerships and people that I can contact that are doing good and we’ll create another video that’ll, be a public relations video that will help the dealers even further.
Thank you.

So much please hit the like hit the share.
Let’s get this going, let’s get this message out there.
Thank you.

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