so lindsay, while we’re waiting on my manager to go ahead and get the vehicle appraised.

You know you were talking when you first got here.
We were talking about masks and all these mandates that are happening with uh the covid and how it’s really changed the way we do business – and i got to thinking when i was walking around that there’s actually been a lot of changes in the car business.
The last five to ten years – and i asked when was the last time you bought a vehicle three years ago – okay, and did you have to do a lot of negotiating to get a discount so well? The good news is, you won’t, have to do any negotiation here, real quick, why we’re waiting on my manager to finish up with the appraisal? Are you familiar with uh market-based pricing? No, no! Okay! Market-Based pricing is just simply a third-party software that goes ahead and searches.

The marketplace for all the different vehicles and compares the prices um, it’s the same third-party software that you’re used to, because it’s pretty much now everywhere.
Can i ask: when was the last time that you bought milk at the grocery store um like two days ago? Okay, so that milk you bought, they priced it based on that particular store’s supply and demand their weekly goals, and then they also compared it against the rest of the competition.
So they were competitive, amazon airlines hotels.

com they all use.

In fact, i bet you a little shopping for cars before you came in here today.
Am i wrong? No, i did and would you even stopped in if we were priced way higher than everyone else and that’s just it lindsey i mean if we don’t price those vehicles right, you or anyone else for that matter, won’t even come in and take a look at it.

Let alone take one home, so that’s why we pre-discount all the vehicles that we’ve got out there um.
Now i see that he’s back from the appraisal.
So let me go ahead and get the figures and i’ll be right back and we’ll go through it and deliver your car.

Okay, all right! So i come back in okay, so lindsay great news.
Here’s what we’ve got so! We’ve got a pre-discounted price here of 49 445.
We already discussed that that we pre-discount all those vehicles now the vehicle they want to buy at your vehicle for 13 000.

That’s the fair market value for it, leaving us a difference here of 36 445.
Now we’ve got to collect the tax license or we need to get a clear title.

Um excuse me and get a clear title, so the only other thing i need you to do is just go ahead and okay, this for me here and then get your car.

All cleaned up – and i guess the last question is – is do we uh? Do you want to title it in your name or we’re going to title it in more than one night um, i’m not ready to sign that.
I think the price is too high.

Okay, so when you say the price is too high, do you mean like we’re too high here or there’s something going on here or is what we’re really talking about is to try to lower the whole balance, so in turn, it’ll be a more affordable type of Payment um, i was looking more towards the price of the actual car.

I saw it at another dealership for less okay, um.
Well, that’s kind of surprising because, typically with our market-based pricing, we’re either priced lower, or at least, if nothing else very competitive against the competition.
So i’m sure i’d like to know why this one’s priced a little differently and i’m sure you probably would too right.

So can i have some questions, so we can figure this out yeah all right good.

So let’s go ahead and compare here so when you’re looking at the other dealership, what year was that um? It was a 2020.
okay, so it was a 2020 and then what was the make? It was a ford explorer as well.

Okay, so it was the ford of course it was an explorer and what trim package did it have um? It was a platinum okay, so it was a platinum as well and what um type of miles didn’t have on it and that one, i don’t remember okay, so miles we’re not sure of what type of equipment did it have.
I mean you know.
Obviously it had the platinum package on it, but it had the running boards like we’ve got on ours that have the pen stripes and the um sunroof.

It did have the sunroof.
I remember, and what color was it.

It was silver okay, and when was that, when did you go look at it? This was last week, okay, so last week, and just that curiosity, why did you get it? I wasn’t ready to buy that.

Okay, and let me ask you, was the price given to you verbally or was it all in writing? It was in writing, okay, good and then finally, was it.
The sales manager sales excuse me, sales person, sales manager, uh general manager, had given you the pricing.
He was just a sales person – okay.

Well, not just, but again i just was curious if it was, i just wanted to make sure that was the case okay.
Well, i see why there’s a little bit of a discrepancy here, so it looks like we’ve got a question here with possibly miles i mean.
Who knows, i’m not sure if you got a chance to drive it or sit in it, but sometimes people will drive those vehicles and they’ll put some miles on it could be a demonstrator.

There is a little bit of difference here in the equipment.
Ours has got the running boards on it and then the pen stripes on it um.
It was last week so we’re hoping they still got the vehicle.

The reason you didn’t is because you weren’t ready.
Let me ask you: what do you think would help move you forward and help you be ready, um, ultimately, the price, okay gotcha? So it’s not so much a matter of if you’re going to buy it’s really more of when you’re going to buy them when you’re going to buy is when you’re going to get a good price on it.

Okay, good um so again going through the rest of the discrepancies.

Here, we’ve got those here and then, as we go through here, um again, you’re just wanting to make sure you’re getting obviously a good deal.
So i can see why it’s priced a little differently than their particular vehicle.

I know again, you just want to make sure you’re getting as much off as you possibly can um you do like the vehicle.

Don’t you yep.
Let me just put all this shopping behind.
You and get you out here, so you can start enjoying it did you want to go ahead and title again in your name or somebody else’s name or two names um i mean i’d still like to knock a little bit off, whether it’s off the price or More for my trade, okay, well on the trade-in, let me go ahead and show you how we arrived at the price for your trade-in.

So are you familiar with the mannheim auto auction? No okay, so actually mannheim, auto auction and maybe you’ve heard of odessa auto auction, no okay, those are the two main auctions that are used throughout the whole united states.
They’ve got outlets all throughout the united states.

So what our management team does? Is they go ahead and look and see what they can purchase a vehicle like yours from the auction? You’d, probably do the same thing if you had access to that information right, so the first thing they look at is this: they look at the input into the auction website, the 17-digit vin number, or also it’s called vehicle identification.

I’m really familiar with that.
It’s in the door jam on the side, so they put that on there or they go ahead and put that in to make sure they’ve got the exact year make model and then the trim package, then the next thing they do is they put in the exact Miles and obviously, fluctuations of a thousand miles can make a difference one way or the other if it’s over or under what the average miles are and then finally condition now speaking of condition a scale one to ten ten being the highest.

What would you rank your vehicle? Eight, eight? Okay, that’s what we rented at two um now after we’ve entered all this information or they’ve, entered all this information.

What it does is it produces some different vehicles.
They could purchase the auction when they put this one.

In about 15 to 20, different vehicles came out that they could purchase and they could purchase those vehicles like yours, with an eight rating for actually twelve five on average.
So that’s five hundred dollars actually less than we were often for years.
So again i get it that you want to make sure that you’re getting as much as you possibly can, however, we’re putting our best foot forward as we discussed, we pre-discount all these vehicles.

We do want your car.
That’s the reason: we’re willing to pay a little bit more than maybe what we can purchase one from the auction.
So again, i know you guys, like the vehicle or you like the vehicle.

Do you want another pop water coffee and we can get this thing finished up and get you out of here um, i don’t know.
I still think i want to think about it, a little more okay, so you probably want to think about it to make a good decision correct.

So do you think a day or two would be long enough for three or four days would be better um a day or two okay? Well, the truth is whether you take a day or two.

You take three or four days you take three or four months.

You’re still gon na face be faced with the same three questions, and the first question you’re gon na have to ask yourself is: do you like the it’s actually an suv, we’ll call it suv or truck you like the suv correct you do like it.

The second thing you’re going to have to ask yourself is: am i getting a fair deal and then the last thing you’re going to ask yourself? Am i in this dealership a place you’d want to do business with so we can check this one off? Are we able to check this one off? Maybe okay still like to get something off extra though, and then over here the dealership – and i are we good there – okay, so here when you say a little bit extra um here, you know here’s an idea, so i know you’d like to get an additional discount.

However, we’ve pre-discounted these vehicles already, so it’s difficult for us to give you something that we don’t already have so here’s an idea.
In our sales meeting last week, my manager said, on average that we spent 212 dollars in advertising just to get a guest in the showroom now, rather than us have to spend that money to put another guest in your seat to go ahead and look at the Car that you’ve picked out what, if i was able somehow to get my manager to go ahead and advance this that 212 in advertising.
If i could get him to advance us that 212 in advertising, do you see any of the reason why you wouldn’t take the car home now um? If you could do that? No okay! Let me go ahead and see.

I don’t have that approved again we’re trying to get something out of nothing.
However, i’ll do my best.
Okay, i’m gon na head and write this up, so i lindsey will take delivery today if we can get an additional 212 off the price or trade or the credit, basically for the advertising right.

Okay, so let me go ahead and have you okay, this right here and then i’ll do my best to go ahead and see if i can get that approved.

Okay, good all right now, if you want to improve your sales skills, learn how to use psychology to close more car deals and receive unbiased dealership vendor product and service reviews, make sure you subscribe and then turn on the bell.
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