Hello there it’s christian young, with kaizen automotive consulting, and i want to welcome you to another automotive best practice of the week.

In this week’s edition.
We’re going to tackle head on one of the more frustrating trade objections in the automotive game, and that is, i want payoff for my trade now.
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Okay, let’s go to work.
I need to at least get payoff for.

My trading is a common objection that you’re going to hear throughout the course of your automotive sales career, and i think what makes it so frustrating for car sales people is that they know that the trade and the payoff they’re actually independent of one another.

However, when it comes to your guests, it’s either one of two things: either.
They truly do believe the opposite of that to be true, or they do understand that the trade and the payoff don’t affect each other.

However, their sincere objections, a payment or a budget issue, and they know that the lower amount financed the lower the payment, but either way you’re going to need to be able to address this issue.
So you can keep the seal moving forward.

So today we’re going to give you a killer word track, so you can overcome.

I want to pay off for my trade-in, let’s go ahead and do a one-sided role play and that way you’ve got an example of how the payoff trade objection can successfully be handled.
Now it’s going to come up after you’ve shown your guests what their trades were.
So it’s going to come up during the course of the negotiation, and your guests may say something to you like this ten thousand dollars.

Really that’s all you’re giving me for my trade.
Hey you know what i at least need to get paid out for the trade and let your boss know i’m gon na keep shopping or i’ll just end up keeping it myself.
Well, you just look at them and you smile and say you know what i can appreciate that bill and of course you want to get as much as you possibly can for your trade.

You know what, over the years, i’ve worked with a lot of guests guests.
Just like you, and they were thinking the same way until they learned that the payoff and the fair market value for their trade they’re not really connected, like you might think now.
Let me show you a couple examples that we can explain a little further now bill.

Let’s say that you had a vehicle that had a payoff of five thousand dollars and that vehicle was professionally appraised for ten thousand dollars.

We still want the ten thousand dollars is actually worth right.
I mean that’s five thousand in equity, so going the other way.

If you would say, thirteen thousand dollars, it’d still be worth the ten thousand dollars.

Am i wrong? So, while the payoff and the trade they’re connected, one doesn’t really affect the other, build based on my management, team’s research, your vehicle, it’s worth ten thousand dollars.

You know what i know that you love the truck and what let me just go ahead and put this shop behind you and get you out here, so you can start enjoying it.

Did you wan na pop water and coffee and we’ll go ahead and finish up the paperwork, and then you just continue on.
If it’s a payment issue, then you’ll have to address the payment issue, but you’ve got to overcome this payoff.
So you can keep the sale moving forward.

Well, there you have it how to overcome.
I want payoff for my trade-in in a respectful, honest and sincere manner, that’ll help you keep your sale moving forward now.
Last week i mentioned a book called, never split the difference by chris voss.

Now, as a compliment to that book, i want to go ahead and tell you about another one that i think is dynamite, you’re really going to find helpful in your sales career, and that’s this book back here start with the no by jim camp check it out.
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
Well, thanks for staying till the end and go ahead and check out one of the trade and objection videos, that’s going to be coming up right about.

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