Can You As A Speaker Talk The Talk or Just Walk The Walk Brandon K Hardison

Good morning, Brandon Hardison glad to be with you today continuing on.

We want to talk about people who are fortunate to be in front of the room and there’s an old adage that says: can you top the top? Are you just walking the law? What a disc over some tips maybe to improve our verbal communication to an audience, client coworkers! I know all of us somewhere in our lives.
If you are in front of the room or in front of the crowd or dogs, when speaking probably heard.
I know you probably had the right intentions, but it just didn’t come across that way.

We’ve probably heard that somewhere in our life or maybe been coached by our bosses with that and things do happen, there’s some things that you want to say when you’re in front of the room, and sometimes it may come out the wrong way.

I remember when I first started as a young trainer thought that I was pretty good, had done some local politics and also was a successful one state and College debate teams, but getting in front of the room.
Sometimes we do and react a little bit too fast and here’s what I mean by that very first time in New York City working for a big major fortune, 500 company as their national sales trainer.

We had some powerful decision makers and general managers in the room, and I was going through what I thought.
The model should look like for a sales process when all of a sudden one of them said we can get our team members to do that.
It just wouldn’t work instead of listening hearing out the whole thing.

Thinking about what I should do to respond with that I just respond.
Well, then, you just need to expect less growth so on on every deal.
Naturally, we got over it for that session, like talking moved on to something else, put him in small groups did some more old play, but I know that that manager in the room and some of the other ones probably caught what I said by me.

Being a little flip it by saying that they’re not gon na make growth, so my boss sat me down, and she was very kind and telling me that we’re not gon na allow you to do that again and how we’re gon na do that.
Is it drop? You a peg so instead of national sales trainer, I come down the regional sales trim.
She said you’ll get it you’ll, understand it, but for right now we just can’t be put in that position again with powerful people in the room, and she was right.

So where am I going? What am I trying to say? Look back when you were in elementary school, I guarantee you had a parent guardian, a teacher that somewhere down the long line, told you that we need to make sure that our brain is engaged.
We don’t want to put our foot in our mouth: don’t want to engage one being your mouth before your brain is fully understood.
What’s in front of it now in some ways, you probably heard that noticed it or maybe you’re still going through it and that’s why we’re doing this quick little reminder so quickly always try to remember to slow down if you’re, giving a speech front of the room.

Talk whatever it may be slow it down.
Have you have you ever noticed some of the greatest comedians versus some of the average ones knows about the punch line, in other words, they know what to say when to stop and wait for that reaction.

If you’ve ever watched on TV or been fortunate to watch a comedian live or a POW for speaker once they say something that they want the audience to remember and understand they slow down and they stop.

And if it’s comedian, you may hear some giggles right in the front because they catch it.
But it takes time for the people in Tahrir to understand what you just said computed in their heads and say: oh, that’s what he means.
That’s what she means.

So if we slow it down from the beginning talking to a large group speaking to your class, whatever it may be, you co-workers, I guarantee you you’ll, go a lot further as far as them receiving whatever you’re trying to tell them, because we talked before about content And we know content is pretty much everything that we want to do, but the delivery and how we do.
It is still most important in my minds.
How about speaking confidently, don’t have to get loud, don’t have to really be arrogant, but the words you use and how your nonverbal comes across, because you’ve been in that place before they haven’t you’re, giving them the bigger picture and how to take not just a buckshot And scatter, but how to zoom right in and hit definitely what you’re.

Looking for in that mark? That’s what your speech should be about confidence.
I’ve been here before and the last thing about practicing.
For some reason, people do not see the power of practicing.

I don’t care if you’re on a team, sport, high school college, professional, individual sport, tennis golf even if it is anything that deals with board games or cards people practice if you want to get better at what you do.
You have to put the time in.

Believe me, especially being in front of the room you’re going to have people in front of you, you’re going to want to tense up and you’re gon na get nervous.

All these things do happen even on a live broadcast like we’re doing here now.

So I strongly would suggest practicing practicing well.
All I have is a mirror I’ll.

Take that for right now, all I have them to my little pet I’ll.
Take that for right now, but if you can get a recorder and on most devices that we have nowadays there’s a app on there for recording.
But if you can just record yourself your tonality, how you’re coming across articulately or not.

If the emphasis that you’re trying to get to the crowd, is there, if you just practice and don’t do that, Allen Iverson is just practice, even though most people still don’t understand the full gist of that one.

That’s another story, but we need to practice when you do practice.
It doesn’t make perfect because nothing in this world is perfect, but it makes improvement and that’s what we’re trying to do when we speak.

We want to improve each time because by having that improvement, that’s where consistency comes from and once you’re consistent.
Now the message from that content or what you’re trying to get to that group is always going to be there, so a good place to start.
Once again, I would say is practice but slower speaking with confidence, we’ll give you as a front of the room or online host, whatever message you’re trying to get out sure I can talk to talk, but I can also walk the walk once again.

This is Brandon Hardison for champion strategies, make it a champion day.

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