That’s what’s up all right, give it a minute.

Just uh get a couple other couple people pop on in here.
We here we here, give it a minute.
Let a couple people pop on in you know: we kick it for a minute.

That’s all i want to do no preaching just speaking.

That’s all that is seeing how last month went.
You know if you jump on and you chime in, i want to see what’s happening, huh how’s everybody with what’s going on as far as uh last month, how your sales went and whatnot and really the biggest thing that i want to come on for a.

I want to see how last month went and if you want here, do me a favor.
If you can, let me know if you can hear me: okay, you know what i’m saying hit the little chat hit the little chat, and just let me know if you can hear me: okay, all right um because about to get into it and do it and Uh the biggest thing just making sure that everybody is confident ready to roll um good to go.
You got your skills on point and, at the end of the day, we’re moving into the fourth quarter, the last quarter of the year, so the last quarter all right times.

I appreciate that remember.
The fourth quarter is very important because, as we get close to the end of the year, a lot of business owners are looking to buy vehicles, whether it be cars, trucks, suvs and their tax, write-offs and guess what for any customer that comes in and maybe an Independent contractor um self-employed in some kind of way guess what it is for them.
It’s a tax write-off and i want you to make sure that you verify what i’m saying, because you can actually use that as a tool while you’re talking to people if they’re on the fence.

It’s like hey, listen, the good thing about it.
Is you being an independent contractor? You can actually write this off on your taxes, okay, a percentage of the vehicle on the taxes so but other than that i see my man hamza, just uh i’ll.
Let me know that he hear me all clear.

We got in here, i know a lot of times when i go live at these times.
People are at work they’re at home, and i really don’t put out much notification get a chance to see it and the biggest thing is this: my dog gone.
I don’t know why this connection is acting crazy, but the biggest thing is this: making sure that you put whatever happened last month.

Out of your mind, moving forward.
Okay, that’s extremely important moving forward.

I know it can be challenging towards the end of the year and listen if your goal is to hit 15 this month.

Let’s say your goal is 15 or 20.
Then that means that – and i know you’ve heard this before so it’s not going to be anything new, but do your best to treat every day, especially early on, like it’s the last day of the month.

Even if you have to write yourself, take a big piece of paper and write last day of the month and stick it up in your workstation or your cubicle.

That’s the only thing i asked for really is hitting the like button and if you’re in here hit the chat and tell me where you what state you’re checking in from or what city, what did what dealership bring with? If you went here, i go live to social network and that’s what it’s about you know i don’t like just getting on just talking about what i want to talk about all the time.
Sometimes i do want to get the opportunity to hear from you, but i know um it’s challenging um, sometimes people driving or working and they just want to listen.

So, let’s talk about it, you know, while you’re interacting with fleet, if you’ve been watching a lot of the videos, you’re making sure that you’re slowing down when you’re greeting people, knowing that the handshake has been eliminated, the fifth pound has been eliminated and some people don’t Care, but always let them know that you give a mean elbow, you know what i mean um when you’re bringing them in to sit them down.

Please take your time, i’m still seeing at different places.
Sales people are rushing through the qualifying process or they’re greeting customers and immediately taking them and showing them vehicles without any information, without knowing anything about.
If there’s another person or they’re asking these questions on the lot – and let me let you know man, we pulled it out to over 3 500 people.

They hate being asked personal questions on the lot okay or that, if you are going to be asking questions, you’re doing it in a safe zone in a comfortable spot, okay um other than that, oh just to let you know um, then the next 48 hours the Program that dominated the dealership program.

It is going up, okay, so uh next 48 hours, it’s on 67 and guess what the length of it is right there in the in the chat.
So all you got ta do where you see live chat, hit that go all the way up to the top.

You will see right there, the link for you to go going back up to 127.
, so click that link go over there’s a video that i have with it.
That explains everything.

That’s in the program so make sure that live chat that you see right there on your phone hit chat and when you hit the chat, go all the way up to the top, because i have it pinned and you’ll see the link to go over to sport.
us And check it out 48 hours, if you really have been looking to take your skills to the next level, and i know i get it, people are saying: damn man do i really uh? Do i want to invest that right now? Do i have money for that? Right now you don’t have the money not to okay, because i haven’t been here this long doing what i do: training as many people, as i have literally thousands with over 700 people that are in the 70, 000 or better club, so um make sure you do Yourself a solid hit that link, but i just jumped on here to kick it for a minute, so um more than anything else make sure you stand positive, make sure you stay focused and even if it’s not any training material.
For me, please make sure, because i see people are popping in and popping out popping in and popping out at the end.

Please make sure that you find yourself some resources, some training, something that makes you comfortable from somebody.

That’s been putting out information that you trust.
Putting out information that helps you putting out a vision that helps you increase your sales increase, your productivity and, more than anything, increase the way you think, that’s what it’s all about, find somebody that’s taking a situation and breaks it down to the bare minimum.

Okay, but other than that, i just wanted to jump in make sure everybody was doing all right talk for a minute.
Kick it for a second and uh i’ll jump back on live here in a little while let people kind of settle in and get off work and whatnot, because i like to answer questions you know, while people got me on the line or got me on the On the live, it’s a great opportunity to ask me questions or if you don’t feel like asking me a question hit that link in the chat 7 and if you are sick and tired, sick and tired in sales, especially at your dealership at least check it out.
There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk but stay confident, stay positive, make sure you are following your process and you know what, if you don’t have, if you don’t have a process, find somebody that you trust.

That does and let me explain something to you.
I know times are tight for people.

I i live in the same world as everybody else, but i will tell you now is the best time for you to invest in methods to make sure that your skill set that your process that your game is on point.

This is not the time right now to duck your head and say: oh my god, man uh, i’m nervous on any money.
I don’t have any money to be able to do anything and it don’t have to be mine.

It don’t have to be anything that i put out, but i’ll tell you.

I didn’t go from where you are selling at the dealership, to where i am traveling around the country.
Speaking at some of the biggest conferences being invited to speak at colleges and running a successful sales training business um, you know without making a decision that i was going to do what i needed to do.
When i was selling.

I started at coggins chevrolet in jacksonville florida and i’ll tell you.
I was probably one of the worst sales people in the world that they had.
I was matter of fact i didn’t want to sales was about the gift of gab and i learned quickly.

It’s not if i’m doing most of the talking i’m losing okay quickly, realized that i had to find a way to rapidly increase my skills and that’s what i did except.
I actually went to a seminar.
Guy was having on sales on automotive sales specifically, and it was six hundred dollars and lord knows i didn’t have it and my wife was tripping.

I said, listen the way this guy spoke.

I felt him i believed in him, and i invested in it and it was the best thing i did because my first year i stumbled into 43 577, my very first year back in 2003 is when it you know when it was going in 2003, when it Ended up my second year, i grossed 101 313.
By the time i left selling at the dealership.

I was making 148 and now you know i make that many many times over, but it was all from a decision to invest in myself.
It had nothing to do with getting somebody else rich.

It has something to do with enriching myself in my own life and i remember a phrase: a man says: scared money, don’t make money, and so, when a program that i’m offering with so much information, that’s only that’s less than seventy dollars.

That literally gives you every tool from social media advertising from the scripts to be in the process.

The word track to be able to not just read a customer, but everything you need to say know when you sit them down every step.
You need to take.

That’s in the business, just like you, that’s all it’s about, even if you don’t want to invest in any pro hitting the like button is nothing but a quick thumb.
It’s free and i really appreciate – and i thank you all who are who’ve done – that who are doing that.
But you know everything that you need as far as maintaining your confidence, everything you need when it comes to sending out emails, there’s a skill to sending out an email and having somebody respond, there’s a skill to getting somebody on the phone and, if you haven’t seen It i’ll put a video out on what to say on prospecting and that’s by far one of the most favorite videos by people i didn’t realize.

Well, yes, i did how much people struggle on the phone, they hate the and if you hate the telephone, it’s only because you’re afraid, because you don’t know what to say, but there’s a come, you’ll see where right there you’ll see where i have it.

The link you’ll see where i have the link to the actual dominated dealership program and there’s a video that explains in detail very brief video.
What’s all included? Okay at the end of the day, you know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you want different results, you have to do different things, i’m no better than you i’m no different than you.
The only thing is, i learned certain pieces of information and acquire certain skill sets that allow me to sell my way out of the make men that own these dealerships, my clients.
Now my customers and yes, i get rewarded very handsomely for the training and the resources that i give, which is why i could take programs that were that were sold for 400 and offer them for less than 70 and guess what it’s the same impact.

If not more, you can download it to your phone.
You can listen to it on your bluetooth on the way you get them out from a printer.
If you want to everything, is there you need to be in a position to truly earn a hundred thousand dollars? A year or better in this business, the product knowledge product knowledge is important through repetition.

You learn that, but i’ll show you my hands.
I don’t have this.
I don’t work.

I develop the skill set on knowing what to ask when to ask it.
How do certain vocal tones how to establish the level of rapport and trust quickly with my guests and with my customer and how to stop relying on lot traffic learning? How to stop relying on live traffic was one of the best things i ever learned and that’s something that i am giving to you.
I’m giving that to you.

You get to learn how to stop relying on live traffic.

You get to learn how to start driving people into you.

Why do you think mcdonald’s being one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world? Everybody knows they name a two-year-old knows mcdonald’s.

Even if you took the name, mcdonald’s off they’ll know the golden arches, but have you noticed? Mcdonald’s is in front of you on your tv on your radio on your social media every hour on the hour 365.
and they’re a huge conglomerate of a company, but they know you have to do certain things drive people to you and, at the end of the Day, if you’ve been to my channel um for me, it’s not all about getting a hundred thousand views or it’s not all about getting a hundred thousand views and fifty thousand views i’ve close to ten thousand subscribers and guess what every one of my subscribers is from.
The industry and guess what all of my people all of them come here looking for help we work together, which is why i put this content out.

People say i’m crazy, they say brian.
Why do you share so much because man, someone gave to me – and you know, there’s a quote in one of the most popular books ever written and said it’s better to give than to receive, and so once i started giving of my time giving of the information And also by the time, i’m 45 years old.
So to do that, i have to continue to learn how to evolve.

Myself evolve my skill set and put myself in a position where i can achieve that.
That’s what it requires is putting myself in a position where i can achieve that, and the only way i could do that is by learning how to do that from other people who have done it.

So the name of the game is like, even if you invest in whether it be some another training program or and dominate at the dealership, literally for less than seventy dollars.

You have access to a program that is yours for life.

It’s yours for life.

Your investment is only one time the benefits come to you over a lifetime and at the end of the day, if you have children, if you have a significant other, even if they’re in a different industry, they can use the tools from within this and just exchange Automotive and car or auto industry and flip it up with their industry.

Man is my connection down.
Somebody left y’all still seeing and hearing me.

Please chat, you’ll, see me and hear me, please let me know somebody shoot me a a a chat.

Let me know somebody hit the chat.
Let me know if y’all can still see me and hear me please: okay, there we go, but my goal is generate 20 million dollars in calendar year by the time, i’m 45, and in order for me to do that, i had to invest and, like i said, I invest 15 to 20 000 a year on my own development learning how to increase my skill set from men who have generated 100 million dollars and 200 million dollars, and so in order to get to the next level.

You find somebody who has done it and you utilize their experiences their successes.

It saves you a whole lot of time, as opposed to saying i’m just going to figure it out on my own.
Why, when you can take my experience business, you can take what i’ve learned over the nearly 20 years of being in this industry and i’m taking the best work tracks that i found the best methods, the best email templates, the best objections i mean uh rebuttals, to Objection go over to the website, check out the dominated the dealership program and allow it to go to work for you like it does, for so many others allow it to work for you like it has thousands of others, there’s literally thousands of people who have joined This mission we’re talking about within the last year and of course it was at different price points, but i was challenged right and i told him i think he was wrong.
Is that you, but the fact that you’re sitting here listening to this right now it lets me know that? That’s not you, you know it’s not you.

You know i mean you that says i need to get better, which is why you’re listening right now, there’s something in you that says: i need to get better.

There’s some menu, that’s been saying man.
I need to do something and the worst thing we can do.

The very worst thing we can do is quit, because if we quit we’ll never achieve or accomplish anything, okay, the worst thing we can do is quit.

So i mean i tell people the worst thing they can do.
Is quit quit and do what? Where else is somebody gon na go where they’re walking in and being offered seventy eighty thousand dollars a year, nowhere else they’d already been there, and so it’s about.

Are you that person? That knows you need to do something.
That knows the opportunity.
You see people making evidence slam dunk it, especially within the next 48 hours.

You can click that button in the chat and you’ll see that there’s a link there, where i discuss 48 hours until it expires, there’s a link that takes you over to the website and allows you to be able to check out the program, click it and download It immediately and start using it okay, 48 hours and there’s a video describing everything in it.

Okay, it’s like uh watching those debates, this uh this uh this past week, the other day it was a trip watching those two guys go at and you telling me anybody.
That’s foolish enough to wait and rely on somebody else to somehow pass a law or do something that’s gon na make your personal life is gon na change.

Yeah the economy may go up, but what is that going to do for you personally? What does that do? For you personally, that’s the way we have to look at what are you doing for your family and for yourself personally, i see folks with uh that have you know they got the netflix and when you take what netflix cost a month, when you look at what Netflix cost a month for people to watch movies.
They spending over a hundred dollars a year and it gives them nothing but entertainment.
But if you ask that same individual to invest in something one-time investment for a lifetime game, they’ll tell you they can’t afford it, but they got the netflix they waiting on the new uh galaxy 20.

They got the iphone 12.
You know they got the cable with every single channel you could think of, and it baffles my mind because that was once me too, which is why i take so much time out of my life to share information and to give, because i know, there’s that person Out there just been looking for the help in the guides, and they just need a little back rub and a nudge off the fence to say: listen, i guarantee you would be the best 67 you’ve ever spent in your life, and there is nothing that you will Ever find that’s less than 70, that will give you the value of what it is that i’m sharing with you and that’s not a sales pitch.
That’s just real! That’s just real, and can you imagine letting your kids learn how they can sell their skills, how they can sell their ideas to people instead of teaching our kids? How to go get jobs, we teach them how to build careers and how to earn money, and i am a brother from detroit who sold his way to where i am now and i’m giving it to you on a platter.

So i just wanted to jump in and talk with you for a minute and just say it’s 48 hours left what you gon na do.
If you complain about this, when it’s not helping you, when you need them, you’re sick of not knowing what to do and handle certain situations, because nobody showed you or you feel sleazy doing it, some of the ways that some of the quote-unquote veterans taught you handing You opportunity to transform your results, increase your sales and earn more money and the kicker of all of it once you do it, you get access with me personally for the next 90 days, two coaching sessions a month and even if you aren’t able to make them, You get the recording of them, so you get a chance to listen to it and i have to follow it even when it comes to setting up the social media.

It literally takes you, step by step every page, there’s a five minute guide to show you how you can be up on running and literally generate people coming to a specific post coming to a specific.

If you want to start building value, start sharing tips on how to have better maintenance on their vehicles when the best time is to get oil changes um.
What are some of the features where you may be exploring a little bit better? You want to become a resource of information.
Look at my youtube channel.

It’s information, there’s no commercials! I don’t have any commercials on any of my stuff.
You never hear me ask for cash app donations and what’s crazy people will watch all of these hip-hop rap podcasts, where people saying send me a cash out, um go to my patreon and it’s a million commercials in there helping them get paid.
I don’t do any of that, don’t ever monetize my channel, because i believe that lessens the quality of what i bring i’m not on here to get paid from youtube.

I’m sorry, i’m literally on here to help other people and they say well you’re selling a product.
You damn straight, i am because anybody i work with.
I want them to have skin in the game.

You get what you pay for anything, that’s free.
How much does a person respect it, but for a small one-time investment you get access to a lifetime of benefit and this guy raul.
That told me that, no matter what i do, there’s a certain group of people and i’m not going to say which kind, because it breaks my heart to even feel that this group of people is like that.

But when i look at a lot of the sales and the people that are involved in the coaching programs, they literally fit a certain demographic.

They come from a certain culture and then there’s another culture who sends me emails and asks me for free this and free that will i give them coaching but yeah when it comes time for them to invest in themselves, they’re unwilling when in reality they need it.
The most and there’s another demographic like i said that benefits and wins.

It seems like all the time and they’re the main ones that invest and continue to kick ass, be smart, which group of people are you in the ones that are trying to free your way to success and when i say free looking for everything you can freebie Man, free is exactly you get cool information, but great information is hardly ever free.

Two dollar.
Imagine if i told you hey, give me two dollars every day for 30 days, i’m gon na help you make a hundred thousand dollars this year.

Would you do it? Would you give two dollars every day for one month to learn how to make a hundred grand? Well guess what i am literally offering you that right now at only 67 67 one time you think my youtube videos are some wait till you dig into this program.

If you think the [ __ ], that you’ve heard me say, is fire wait till you go into that? Remember, i’m sharing free videos on youtube.

My products and my programs are on a whole nother level.

So if you think this is something where i just pop in and share something or i put a podcast out, imagine when you dig in what it is that i actually presented and present and use at automotive conferences at all.
Do you know that there are automotive training schools for people that literally are coming out wanting to sell at dealerships they were buying it up at 500, then i did drop it to 400, but when i decided that i wasn’t doing that anymore – and i just wanted To straight help, people and i get sick of these folks that tell me that it’s a waste of my time, giving information because again there’s a certain class of people, a certain group of people who will do it.
And i don’t believe that.

I believe that you want to get better.
I believe that you want to help.
I believe that you are capable of doing it.

The only thing you got to tell everybody: listen, you invested in it and it’s not what i told you it is you get your money back, it’s as simple as that.
This isn’t some get it and no matter what no, when you go to the site, you’ll see, there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee.
That’s how confident i am at you might have a hundred dollars in your account, but guess what? If you ever want to change that, you may have to invest some of that in something to make sure that next month and you’ve been rocking out watching.

I appreciate it.
Hopefully everybody hit the like button.
More than anything else, man hit that icon click that link go over.

Look at the look at the video that describes come to my own people.

We have got to get out of this whole um, downing, [, __, ] and always doubting [ __ ].
We have got to get out of that because do you know my own people and i’m gon na speak directly to them.

My own people can get so negative on things that they won’t even check something out: they’ll discredit it without checking it out at all and then there’s another class of people.
I don’t even have to say who who, whenever i do an event whenever i offer culture and whenever i throw out products and programs, do you know what they do, gobble the [ __ ] up and then my own people at times at times every day, send Me messages and get pissed if i won’t send them a piece of the program for free.
This helps anybody of any color, but you have to go to the chat, icon, click that check icon and make sure click that channel discounted, because in 48 hours it got to go up.

It’s got to i’ve done it as long as i possibly could, and people always message.
Can you extend it? I get paid on my direct deposit hits on saturday or whatever it is, i’m extend, i’ve extended it and i’ve extended it and, like i say i had this gentleman that literally told me he literally told me and was laughing that he said that he said that You know you can give [ __ ] away to a certain group of people and no matter what they’ll never take advantage of it, and i don’t believe that, because i come from my mind, like yo brian, if you already had it figured out, you would be Where you want to be – and i found the individual who was doing automotive sales – i attended this program and i dropped 600 that i didn’t have i dropped 600.
I did not have an event and my wife was pissed.

My wife time was pissed because we didn’t have 600 to give, but the way this man was talking – and i said if he did it – he had 30 years of experience.
All i got to do is take what he did and go win with it and damn it that’s what i did my second year grossed over a hundred and since that time has never looked back and, like i say now, make that many many many times over And you can too, you can sell your way in the finance.
You can sell your way to being a gm.

You can sell your way to owning a store.

You can sell your way to having your own training company.

You can do these things and, as a matter of fact, i’m going to be opening the program, i’m actually looking for trainers that i’ll bring on and i’m going to be training trainers, but i’m only selecting people that are within my network that have downloaded the program.

Yes, i am going to be training people to become trainers with me and for me i am looking for trainers but, like i say again, if the individuals that i’m working with have not taken the time to invest in themselves and where i know they’ve done it, The right way utilizing my program not saying anybody else is bad.

They probably really good, but i know what works i’m really out here in the trenches.
Y’all see me all over the country all the time, but always take my time to come back and share with you.

So you are, you are somebody that’s looking to travel and train and whatnot.

I really encourage you to download the program, because, even if it’s not with me, do you know how many people are out there that are looking for articulate motivated, confident people to show them the way.
I can show you how to get out here and make yourself a quarter mill.

A year easy.

You know my goals and what i do is much more than that, but you can do it, but i’m only doing it with people who are within my network.

I’m sorry got ta got ta got ta, set some standards somewhere, but uh i got ta, say man.
I ain’t long been on 30 minutes already, but i just want to chime in be confident stay strong, every customer you get in front of is new begins to make a positive impression for these people greet them with a smile.

You know such a sincere one, not some fake, [, __ ] get them to sit down with you, don’t bounce them around car, the car, that’s a waste of time, get them in sit them down, and yes, you’ll get that vehicle information but find out who they Are find out what their goals are? Show them that you’re different from every other salesperson, because you truly give a [ __ ] about helping them.

It’s not about an interrogation.
It’s about getting to know somebody! You and them are on the same team because they can take their business and go anywhere you’re there.

What’s up in the ghost one, how you doing man appreciate you for jumping on the chat.

They can go anywhere.

So it’s it’s not them against you and when sales people act like that, you lose it’s a partnership.

It’s not a one night stand.
This is a slow dance, a romantic courtship and yes, they can go to any other brand same brand as yours and buy that vehicle, but they’ll never run into another.
You be your best money.

They have to realize.
You have to increase your value to earn more money.
The way you earn more is you learn more? That’s the key think about how you were in high school and what you know now how much better of a person involved you are than you were, then? Why? Because you learned so imagine if you’re somebody in sales you’ve been in six months a year, you’re brand new or 20 years, whatever level you’re at just realize, you can go even higher by learning from somebody who’s gone higher.

That is the true key.
Sir isaac newton said it best.
He said if i see further than others is because i stand on the shoulders of giants.

There’s another proverb and i believe confucius said it: only a fool will learn from their own experience.
A wise person learns from the experience of others, and i don’t believe i know none of you are fools, or else you wouldn’t even be here right now so take my experience.
Take my trials and errors.

Take the wins that i’ve built out of all.
That is all of these years, and let me share with you and let it work for you.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

It can actually become enjoyable where you’re just doing your 40 45 hours at your store and going home.
Why? Because you’re always ahead of the game on your numbers, you’re, never afraid of what’s gon na happen at the end of the month, it doesn’t matter what’s happening with the other sales people and that’s what it’s about, knowing how to create a sales funnel and you can Create one within automotive sales, i’ve done it, i’ve trained thousands of other people to do it and i’m giving you access to the same thing.

So what you’re gon na do you’re gon na go back, walk back in the dealership or going there tomorrow doing the same.

[ __ ] you’ve been doing.

Are you going to give yourself a true shot because you really deserve it to take the opportunity and invest in yourself download the dominated the dealership program? It’s a money-back guarantee it doesn’t it’s it’s just an action.
It’s a simple click.

You enter a little information, you click and you download and you enjoy, and you benefit for life from a one-time one-time investment in yourself.
So treat yourself never cheat yourself, because if you don’t do it, who else will, if you don’t make the decision to invest in you who the hell do you think is going to be worried or concerned about you doing better more than you? Maybe your moms, because our significant others expect us to have our [ __ ] together, especially if we men there’s no excuse for matey’s.

It’s the same thing.

A real woman does what she has to do to increase her value and her work to benefit her cubs.
Her tribe, her children and they watch us.
So how can we tell our children to be better than us to go to school to learn when we quit learning? Let them see you listening and reading this stuff.

Let them hear you listening to your training and guess what they say: man, my mother, my father is still learning that’s.
Why so many young people struggling because mom and dad only could teach them how to go, get a job and job or broke.
Nobody taught them.

How to go make money, nobody taught them how to build a career.

I can catch a fish for you, you eat for a day or i’ll teach you how to fish you eat for a lifetime and guess what folks i’m teaching you how to fish, except for i’m going to teach you how to fish.

With a pole, i’m teaching you how to fish with a [ __ ] net excuse my french so again in the chat.

You’ll see 48 hours until the special offer ends so make the decision.
When you were created, the mold was broken.
Trust me on that.

If you don’t have confidence – and you have confidence in fact – that i’m saying that the fact that you’ve been here if you’ve been here listening to this and you’ve, been here more than three four five minutes – guess what you are an uncommon breed and you are the One i want to work with.
You are the individual that i know can sit in that management seat that i know can be out there on the road helping other people no can turn into that entrepreneur that takes what they learn from the training.

They experiment.

The dealership and they start their own business whatever it may be, but you got the opportunity so click that link in the chat go over download, dominate at the dealership and help me help you all right now before i chime out man.
If y’all got any questions.

Anything you share if you put them in the chat, i’m gon na share them out loud because remember some, even though you’re watching this video live, there’s gon na be hundreds of people.

That’s gon na watch it after we get done so.
If there’s anything you want to share, you know, i give you some shout outs.

Talk to me, man talk to me.

I’ve done enough.
Talking right now, talk to me either that or you should be clicking that link going over getting ready to get started either.
One of those hold on.

Let me let me tell this gentleman: um, hey phillip, what’s going on man, i’m um i’m on live right! Now, i’m actually on live talking to you as i’m doing it so um.

No, it’s still on right.
Now i’m still alive as we speak, so um uh i’ll, give you a holla back.

I just wanted to let you know i i remember you brother.
Okay, all right.
That’s my man, phillip and this guy is awesome.

I was doing the training at uh best chevrolet.
In new orleans um two weeks ago and uh yeah, it’s only a one-time investment once you download it, the products are yours, it’s not like you got to have access to go back in or you need a password.
No once you invest the 67 you’ll be redirected to a page and you’ll download.

Everything and you’ll also receive an email and in the email there’s another link for you to save it.
Where you will always have access.
Let’s just say you get a new phone or you lose your phone or your computer shuts down.

You will have lifetime access to be able to go and download that stuff.

As often as you want, there is no time limit once you invest.
The only time limit is on how much it costs to get started.

That’s the only time limit on it going up to 127 in 48 hours, but as far as how often you have access to it, it is literally yours for life.

So if you ever lose your phone – or you know, forgot to download something – remember you’ll be redirected to a page where you can download it and you get an email immediately after your order goes in and paypal sends over a notice, an email shoots right out to You and you have a link that i would tell you to save that link in your that email put it in a file, it might say special files, sales file, folder or automotive sales training.
That way, if you ever need to go back and download anything, you got it so good question.

Yes, it’s only a one-time investment that you have access to 24 hours a day 365.
It’s always yours, you’ll, always be able to download.
You can download everything from it.

Now, there’s a lot of videos and audios, so downloading it to your phone, you can listen to them and download them to your phone, but to download every folks when you go, and you see just how much those videos, the pdfs the word tracks, it will blow Your mind, so it will behoove you to yes, you can go to your phone and let download the legitimacy of bluetooth, but it would behoove you to get your desktop or your laptop and download everything to it.

That will really behoove.
You trust me on that, because the files are so many audios and video easier in the upline on the up bus and you waiting on the customer.

You can download the pdf to your phone.

You can download the pdf to your phone and have it right there on your tablet right there, where, if you’re about to meet with a customer – and you want to know what are some good questions – that i can ask – that will get more personal information out.

It’s right there you have download, you can download the word tracks for you to call somebody to start making.

Your prospecting calls just like i taught on that other video, except for i have it all written out for you, where all you have to do is read it and retain it.
When people say that the trade they want more for the trade, the price is too high, they want to talk to their spouse, they want to shop around.
They want to think about it.

Those are the five common objections think about it.
Shop around one more for trades speak to spouse price is too high.

Those are the five anything else.

They say falls under that and guess what i have over 40 rebuttals for all of them and do you know 90 of sales.
People don’t have one rebuttal to those objections.
So when a customer says it they freak out and they’re terrified.

Imagine if you no longer have to fear that, because when somebody says it it’s all in there, okay, we’re talking about hours and hours of material for you to go to so when you see it and you’ll, ask yourself good god: damn was this a worthwhile investment? I assure you, you’ll be glad you did.
I assure you – and we do you want to know – let’s say in the year and a half two years – that i’ve been doing seminars and workshops with the program and in the last year when i took it to the internet, and i made a lot of tweets And updates zero zero refunds, not one not one, and it has a 90 day money back guarantee.
Also so hey.

What’s up phil phillip dickerson, that’s on there! That’s the gentleman that just called me and let me tell you about him when i meant to tell you.
I was training out in new orleans at best chevrolet and this brother came and visited me at the training class, and i was so honored because he just wanted to take me out to lunch.

You never know who you’re impacting and who you’re touching out there.

You never know you have no idea, okay, and so it will behoove you to make sure you are always at the top of your game whenever it’s possible so make sure that you hit that chat, icon, you’ll, see where it says, live chat.
If you want access to the link, click that it’ll open up and you will see you’ll see people.
The little chat comments that people are having and at the top you’ll see where it says 48 hours until the special offer expires of 67 and there’s a link within that.

The link is in that in the in the pin in the post that i made boom click.
It true, you’ve helped me too.
I’ve had six years in the business.

I appreciate that that’s somebody with six years experience that it’s still learning it’s still growing, hey philip.
I thank you, brothers, honor also, but still growing and learning y’all and see that’s what this thing is about.

You got to realize that there are people out here, who’ve been in business 20 years.

That was making 60 70 000 that have invested in the training program.
That i put out and took themself over 100 000, even i was in it for 20 years, was able to learn something i learned new stuff every day and the things i learned, i’m sharing it with you, so click that link go over get started.
It’s like i’m gon na find out what state an individual is in, because i work with clients all over the u.

s and i’m looking for good people that can travel.

I’m looking for people that can travel people that are confident and comfortable enough standing in front of a group of 15 or 20 sales associates and that are looking to make between 5 and 10.
I assure you, but i’m only choosing people that are within my mastermind network.

Everyone has downloaded the program that attend the private coaching sessions.

These are the only people that will see the actual job offers that are coming out and we’re in the fourth quarter.

So we’re getting ready to rock and roll, so folks i jumped on here um.

I appreciate that man, you helped me when i needed it.
That’s what’s up.
I appreciate that so i i hope to see you um.

Let’s you know getting started today and rocking and rolling this thing even on another level and after you’ve been in it for six years, you after you download it.
I want you to shoot me a private message after you’ve gone through it, and let me know what you think out of all the trainers you’ve ever seen before.

You tell me what you feel that program is in comparison and if all of the audios, the videos, the pdfs the word tracks the coaching that comes along with it all for less than 70 freaking dollars.

You got people out here: selling [ __ ] that don’t teach you nothing for five and six and folks gobbling it up people asking for cash, apps and uh commercials all over the place.
I don’t do any of that.

My primary focus is helping you and the only thing i’m asking for is a little skin in the game and you watch i will more more than over deliver.

I assure you on that all right, so i’m about to get ready to chime out of here.
Y’all get to it and do it got some other stuff guys some calls to take care of philip.
I definitely will give you a call brother here in a little bit um just to let you know you are my man.

You know i didn’t didn’t forget about you, which is why i took your call even on live, which is something i never do.
But i took yours, my brother, because i respect you all right, so um we’re gon na get, you know, get rocking and rolling click that link remember, hit the live, chat, icon go in there and you’ll, see the link for ht or you can just go to Www dot spore s, p, o a r dot; u s and that is spore s, p, o a r dot.
U s go over check it out, like i say i got a short video up there.

That really goes more in depth of everything.
That’s included in the programs in case you’re, just really wondering it goes in more detail.
You picked up what i was putting down.

I hope you felt what i was sharing man, that you are special, that you are unique, that you can be a beast in this [ __ ], but you just got ta, learn how you got ta, learn how you got ta learn.
How remember even confucius said it only a fool learns from their own experience join in, so i expect to see a couple of you getting started right away so hit the live chat.

Then, at the very top my my uh comment, what i shared, which has the link in it, click that it’ll take you directly over page where you can look and see what everything is you can watch the short video that gives you a description of everything.

That’s to do is click where it says, download or get started.
Click that it’ll take you right over to the paypal page and as soon as you complete that it’ll redirect you to the download page and you are rocking and rolling and cooking with gas all right.
So again, brian maxwell hit the live, chat.

Look at the very top you’ll see what i pinned click the link go over get started.
I look forward to seeing all of you at the top over and out gang unless you got some questions, i’m getting up out of here and let y’all do it any questions.

Anything anybody want to know get something back.
Well, i hope .

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