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So, mr mike lewis, it’s always a pleasure to have you here at my life and tom, mr tom beal, all right, groove pages, it’s unbelievable tell us a little bit about what you do all right.

So i’m friends with the uh co-founders of groov pages group funnels and all of the groove products and services.
Actually, i helped introduce the co-founders to create the company uh a little over a year and a half almost two years ago, and what i do is i give weekly trainings.

So they have me on a retainer, and my previous history is working with one of the co-founders might feel same from 2006-2011.

We had an llc together, we spoke on stages around the world and we helped people learn how to grow their business and their revenues and their profits online uh to the tune of tens of millions of dollars that we were able to produce during that time together And so what i do now for the groove pages, family and people who access what? What they’ve done by giving away their software, that used to be ninety nine dollars per month, is now a free gift during these code times that we’re all in.
So it’s their way of paying it forward.
So people don’t just get the 99 a month.

Software free for life with no credit card necessary, but they also tap into trainings, like people from my myself and others that the groove pages co-founders have brought to the table and so they’re, making a large investment by bringing me and many others on to train the Groove pages users to learn how digital marketing works, to learn, how to fit the 99 a month, software free for life with no credit card, necessary, audio yep, so um.
So you get not just the software, but you get training from people that have produced tens of millions of dollars of results and know how to help you, whether you’re, a novice intermediate or an expert.
Take your efforts and improve your results dramatically, using the tools uh that you’ll find within the groove funnels family, groove pages group cell, etc.

So i’m training on a weekly basis, as are many other trainers that they have brought on board.

Well, what amazes me about it? Tom is the fact that it’s a lifetime free thing and it’s the perfect place for someone that wants to learn more about the internet.
You know uh normally, richie’s people are are car guys, but they’ve learned.

You know that social media and online are things that they’ve had to get better at too, that not they can’t depend on the dealer any longer to just drag people in the door they’re having to become somewhat digital marketers, and i thought this was the perfect.

No risk way to get them.
You know indoctrinated into good money and online are things that they yeah little feedback from your speakers, richie yeah a little bit uh, so anyways.

I was sharing it with a group, but anyway uh tom.
What i want to talk to you about is this: there’s a lot of products out there, there’s a lot of softwares and all that and the reason i brought you in was one reason and one reason only because i’m so impressed with the training you just don’t Give something for nothing right: you’re, you’re, also doing training, so the automotive sector, different than other businesses and with clickable and look small.
We have a lot of enterprise businesses that they all use, funnels, they’ll, use, infusionsoft or active campaigns or etc, etc.

What’s good about your product is the training right? That’s the part that i like, because you really in the automotive space, the vendors that have the training separates it from the rest.
So it’s about training, your people on how to use your software because, as we know like rentals and rentals oversells, you technology right, uh, adp, uh, dealer services, they have technology, but they have a training process.

So training is gon na equal results and that’s why i was so impressed by your product because of your training modules that i’ve seen so many times.

You know we have a lot of trainers in the automotive business right now.
It’s changing you, how you hire a trainer, but you also hire a coach and that coach is always there inspecting not expecting and that’s what you bring to the table and that’s what i love about your product, so dealers, general managers and sales managers.

We have the training module to execute this software, so tell us a little bit about.

If i’m a dealer, i go to you and say: okay, i’m signing up it’s for free great.

Now, i’m i want a couple of landing pages.
I want a landing pages for service.

I want a landing page for parts and i want a landing page for used cars, and i want a landing page for new cars.

Tell us how that implementation processes sure let me first take one step back and share.
There’s one problem that i see with this whole model and the problem is it’s a true value in the thousands of dollars per month that is being given to you for free and human psychology.

Detaches from you know, investing a couple thousand dollars a month, you’re going to put time, effort and energy to learn how to use that right.
Just like you talked about adt and other people come in and train, they don’t do it for free.
You have to buy their stuff and pay for all that stuff.

It comes free included in the package with this you’re getting the software free you’re, getting the training for free.
So psychologically, you may think.
Oh this! This is no good.

What you don’t see is the owners of the company is investing thousands of dollars in my trainings.
Thousands in other trainers trainings to provide that value to you.
So in essence, that’s the only problem that i see with this scenario.

Is your people are going to see this? Oh, it’s just another free thing and not treat it with the respect that they should, as if it were an investment of two thousand dollars plus per month, and that would be a steal.
So, yes, the software, is ninety.
Nine dollars per month and they’re going to get that for free for life, with no credit card necessary, but the training the owners of this software are paying me and the other trainers tens of thousands of dollars per month to deliver the trainings to your people.

Now, yes, it’s in a group scenario, so it’s not the one-on-one scenario, but when you, when you gain access to the free software you’re able to build the landing pages as many as you want, you don’t even need to have any technical skills at all and not Only do you get the weekly live trainings from myself and several other trainers, but you also gain all of the previous trainings and you also gain walk through videos that show you how step by step, to come in as a novice, not knowing how to do anything And utilize this software, which normally is 99 per month, you get for free and you get to tap into the weekly trainings as well as the social media, facebook group and other areas where you can get your questions asked.
So there’s really nothing holding you back.
It’s real simple: as with any software i will say this: there is going to be a learning curve, just like you mentioned richie, with uh adt or any type of training, service or provider or software.

We don’t just jump in and automatically get it.
You know it takes a little bit of time, effort and energy, but once you get it you get it it’s like tying your shoes or riding a bike or or swimming in a pool.
You know yet much easier than all those scenarios once you figure it out.

You’ll be able to crank these things out real simply, but we take it a step further.
When you get into the trainings that i do and other trainers, we actually share marketing lessons and strategies that help you take it from the novice to intermediate to expert to maximize your efforts so that you’re getting the maximum results.
From the pages that you put out there and you’re knowing how to craft your headlines, your sales copy, your videos, all the things, the assets that you need to get that message out to your people, to get the maximum conversion grow your list and get people to Take action with the products and services that you and your people provide so you’re tapping into the minds like me and others who have been there and done that, which literally would cost like the clients that hire me.

One on one is three to five thousand dollars per month to get one hour per week, and i’m glad you know what tom and i’m glad you brought that up, because the the founder, the owner of this company, that’s a driving force.
Let me tell you something: he was in the car business.
He was a tremendous marketer, not he wasn’t just a marketer.

He was a huge marketer, okay back in the day, so it’s the credibility of who’s behind it right.
I have a lot of different products that i’m behind, and i got people like yourself right, but listen to this all right.
The automotive sector, there’s automotive sales there’s also trainers right, so those trainers that are listening to me.

This is on automotive training, news right.
There’s a few guys on there that i know already through the eight views trainers.
This is unbelievable for your training modules, okay and let me mention brian maxwell.

Brian maxwell actually uses a product similar to yours, okay, and he has talked to me, maybe about it, doesn’t work.
He puts videos up to convert it into their e-learning platform.
This is great technology for that.

Okay, because it can go on linkedin, it can be unshared.
It can be everywhere right, so i have a really good friend of mine that his name’s arthur he does home businesses, okay and he’s another one – that this product would be great for so they’re in the automotive sector, but they do other things right, because the automotive Sector has different different fields of what people do right: very profitable, okay, so those guys i’m reaching out to you, but dealers, oh, my god, dealers i mean you hire tom as a trainer.
You call him you email, this link there on the bottom mike at brandexperts.


One of my partners on the publishing side: let me tell you something: this will convert the traffic because it’s simple, it’s a clean page.
We know right.

We know the data, big data and ppc converts.
If you’re l, if you have a landing page, they got no other place to go but to convert.
We know that right.

The data is out there that we know this.

So listen.
You put your feet on there.

Uh 20 cars on used cars that you’re selling that you that you got ta turn anyway.
Okay, you put stuff on there that you need to sell and watch the conversion happen.
And then you call me and i put in the clickable platform or look smart and i’m going to drive the traffic, and now you have the landing page.

That’s going to convert.

Oh wait, a minute, we’re not done yet.
Now you have the training module in marketing from from a company that is unbelievable in what they do.

Oh wait a minute what where’s the number? What do i call now? I got a call right now and get you because i’m sitting at a dealership not selling any cars, give me the number give me the phone number email, michael c lewis, right now, because wait a minute hello, you know it’s like you.
We used to do 10 feature cards and service and make a flyer right because there’s enough traffic there.
Today we have the audience, and now we have big data.

That’s you can reach out this custom audience because there’s two things with google real simple: when those guys do: google, adwords and you’re not hitting the right audience, you’re still going like in the newspaper when you hit the big data, audience you’re, going to convert you’re going To reach out and convert and tom what he does is train.
You walk you through the whole process.
Tom tell me a little bit, i’m so impressed with.

You tell me a little bit about that.

Let me jump in there richie and because i’ll say some things that tom probably wouldn’t say about himself in the internet.
Digital retail market tom is referred to as the guru behind the gurus.

So these guys, like mike phil same and and others who uh well rich shepherd, you know so the very top level guys when they need something they go to town tom’s.
In the back of these deals, i i saw him in the back of a deal on a product launch where he earned a fee from the product people of uh.
Wasn’t it a hundred thousand, i think uh, by putting uh two guys together.

So you know tom is really geared to do direct coaching with general managers and owners.
He that’s the level he coaches at he’s, not a sales trainer, but he’s such a good coach that he’s able to scale down and explain something like group, but you know for for dealerships that are struggling tom can come in and in one or two days can Really size things up and make some drastic changes for them and, like he said his his rate’s very reasonable.
I mean it’s three to five thousand a month which, if you’ve hired trainers at his level and coaches at his level, you realize that’s a pretty good deal and you could even get him up in the long island area because he’s got some kids up there.

You know he’s former long iron native now he lives in boca raton with me, but tom can even come in for a full day at a dealership and really have an impact tom.
You want to talk a little bit about your high-end, coaching, uh and just so people know what you really do for a living sure.
So i actually am coaching a billion dollar company right now and uh.

You know it’s not a three to five thousand level.
It’s much more than that uh.
The three to five thousand level is to speak with me for one hour in a week right so to get get me for a day.

You know we can work out rates uh generally uh for one day, it’s 15 000 for two days: it’s 10 000 a piece but there’s always uh different different uh uh opportunities.
My background is uh in sales.
I sold uh ford and mercury in lincoln back in the day, so i i know what auto sales is about.

I actually embraced this years before a lot of people did was.
I listened to what brian tracy said and said.
You know when i worked for that car company.

I was the president and ceo of my personal services corporation, so i knew that it was about the follow-up.
I knew that it was about me reaching out to people and not relying on the dealership to bring in the cold traffic.
So building those relationships was key.

I then went from auto sales into copier sales and did the similar things back.
In 2000, the year 2000 year 2001.
I had a website that generated me leads for my copier sales and the funny thing that’s similar to car sales is when you’re face to face with people they’re not going to tell you all the details.

They hold them close to their chest, but when you have an online presence that establishes you as an expert, they tell you everything the things that they wouldn’t tell you in person because you’re the expert that’s established with that.

So there’s strategies that you can use as a dealership or as an individual sales person or as a wholesaler whatever your situation is.
The online world has strategies much further beyond than just placing the cars up for sale.

It actually goes into the relationship building and actually can go into.

Look i’m the car person.
You tell me what you’re looking for and i’ll go get it for you, that’s what the details are right.

So there’s nothing more, that people want than customized solution right.
What type of vehicle are you looking for? I’m the person that can get it for you at the right price.

Let’s talk and we’ll make it happen whether they’re looking new or used.

You can make that happen.

So, anyhow, there’s there’s lots of strategies.
As far as the software uh, the company itself, hires me to come in and give a weekly uh training.

I help people share.
You know open their eyes to these uh possibilities of how they can take their business from where it is to where they want it to be using the systems that are available through groove pages and groove cell.
But i do uh.

Yes, mike consults uh with very high level, uh companies and people who already have some great success but know that they’re just barely tapping into what the true potential is and that’s what my specialty is people that have a good trajectory but know they’re, leaving a lot Of money and a lot of business on the table, i’m going to help them maximize that as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So that’s great the the automotive trainers you should really communicate with, and after this thing i’m gon na send you contacts.
Why is that? Because they’re in the stores, as far as training modules, so we can merge this product, which is marketing into a training module.

You know years ago, if you were in the car business, you had to have two things: you had to be a merchandiser and you had to be a marketer today.
It’s not like that today, with the digital thing.
You don’t have to do that as much right, but those fundamentals is one.

What’s going to make you different if you’re a merchandiser and at this at the same time you’re a marketer, that’s when you’re your dealership is going to grow? Okay, because now you tie in digital into that and now you got a three-pronged process right.
You hire a company like yourself or yourself, and you go in there and show them how to do it right, that’s driven by results and that’s what i like about it.

I don’t like somebody telling me: hey, richie, i’m gon na buy this product from you.

I’m not interested, i want them to hire our company as trainers, because then we’ll show them the process and do you want to be a business driven by process or no, not driven by process? I want to be a business driven by process.

You know really yeah predictability because works, you know, so i want to be driven by process and fueled by data.
That’s gon na equal results and the story.

I don’t care what you’re selling, if you’re, driven by process and that has to do with training and fueled by data.
The only the only metrics that you’re gon na have there.
In the last column, it’s gon na equal results.

So that’s what i like about your product and that’s why i brought you here and that’s why we started automotive, digital retail seo and all this kind of stuff.
That’s great.
I look at conversion and when you come into the automotive space with digital retailing, that’s the whole idea.

So growth pages is gon.
Na convert your digital retail versus just regular seo.
Seo is not working like it was me and mike came up with uh a product called car, guys right, uh marketing for car guys now that’s seo and that’s digital marketing, but that’s a whole different thing.

Nobody knows that seo.
You could use big data for seo.
It just doesn’t have to be powered by ppc all right.

So when you use big data content, marketing image, marketing and video marketing all combined on free, you don’t have to put all these backlinks on your site that you could end up in the sandbox and bottom line is you’re going to end up in the penguin too.
With google and then you got to park your url hey, you know what what worked three years ago is not working today, right and with the product.
You have what worked three years ago.

You’ve developed this product for today, artificial intelligence, automation, that’s what clickable’s about and that’s what looks mark’s about and that’s what i’m about you know.
For the last six and a half years we’ve been doing artificial intelligence, marketing right and that’s working great for us.

So a dealership should email mike right away, trainers that you know him well, email him, because he’ll take with that product and tom he’ll take it to the next level, because now we have trainers.

You know, i believe in trainers and the only reason – because i am on right and my guys are one right.
So that’s why i believe in trainers and you can’t i’ll, never buy a product unless there’s a training module behind it and tom.
I want you to talk a little bit about the implementation process, i’m a dealership, i call mike and all that what is our implementation process super simple and – and i will just re-iterate to what i said earlier – the only thing that’s the chink in this is you Listening or hearing this uh potential impossibility for you and thinking – oh it’s free, it can’t be any good.

This is literally thousands of dollars that is being invested into your business by the founders of this software.
So, yes, the service of the software is normally 99 a month they’re giving it away due to this covet situation that we all found ourselves in at no charge for life, with no credit card required so psychologically, there’s a lot of people they’re like oh it’s just Another free thing: no, it’s a 99 service, but on top of that, they’ve hired me and several other trainers of very strong acumen and result experience to come in and help guide you and not just learn how to use the software but share marketing strategies that have Produced tens of millions of dollars for the projects that i’ve worked on and for the people that i’ve consulted with and shared strategies with that spending, the hundreds of millions of dollars so you’re going to gain access to people.

That, like me, as mike mentioned, to bring me on for one hour a week, is three thousand to five thousand a month.

You get that as part of the free service, because the groove funnels people are paying for my expertise for you, so it’s literally like you’re.
Being scholarshipped into a college uh to learn marketing and to learn how to implement it and learn how to use the tool which normally has a you know a monthly fee associated with it.
You get that for free.

So as soon as you come on board, i mean you reach out to mike mike brandedexperts.
com as simple as this he’s going to get some information from you he’s going to share with you where to go register for it for free when you register for free you’re Going to immediately have access to a uh, a training academy that shows how to begin implementing the software right away and you’ll also be able to tap into weekly trainings that have been happening for months.
That are there waiting for you to watch at your convenience and you’ll also be plugged into the upcoming weekly trainings that’ll be happening.

Uh mine is every tuesday at 6, 00 pm eastern, but there’s more trainers than me, and so, regardless of where you are whether you’re brand new, whether you’re intermediate or whether you’re a highly successful uh person.
Already the insights i’m going to be sharing alone can help expand your mind to the possibilities tapping into the software is going to help you implement these marketing strategies with ease and with no cost to you other than investing your or your team’s time into learning.
How to use it and really it’s it’s a no lose situation, but the only thing that could prevent you from winning is to chalk it up.

Well, it’s it’s free and i’ll, get to it later and later never come.
So you need to do it now like like and you’re in the car business.
You know someone’s going to tell you i’ll come back next week.

You know they’re not coming back next week.

You didn’t need to do it now, so, if you’re sitting here now, you need to do this now.
Get your daggone phone out and email mike mike brandedexperts.

com access to the free software you’re going to gain access to all the free training waiting for you right away and then you’re also going to be plugged into the weekly ongoing trainings.
And you literally have nothing to lose unless you miss this opportunity right here and now, if you’re telling yourself.
Oh, this is great i’ll get to it tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes.
Do it and i’m glad you brought that up uh tom, because this is what’s going on in our space in the automotive industry, we were on track to do 12 billion cars.
I mean 18 million cars, we’re on track to do 11 or 12 million.

With this corona virus he is, he is the real kicker all right, we’re over stocked on new car inventory and over stock unused car inventory.
Okay, here’s the other thing: if you’re, not gon na, be proactive and selling, you got big problems.
The oems are gon na start, giving out all kinds of money co-op and all this so guys, you know what you look like a hero in front of the oems.

You increase your allocation with this product.
Here’s the thing with this product, this product is going to increase your roi.
It’s going to increase your allocation all right, and now you got a couple of things that this is going to do for you.

It’s also going to create productivity in your dealership and we’ll know when you hire a salesman in the car business, the first 30 or 60 day.
He beats everybody.
Why? Because of his enthusiasm? How do you get enthusiasm through a learning curve? So i’m a dealer just based on this learning curve that groov pages has i’m immediately calling because i need to create enthusiasm in my dealership, because we all know something when you’re on the spiral up right from your leaders: general manager, sales managers, directors that transfers.

Okay, that really goes in there and transfer on the spiral up when you’re on the spiral down you go down.
But how do you get on the spiral up? Oh you create enthusiasm right away and all these guys are out there.
The 30 car group guys right they’re, always looking for new ways and new opportunities on how to get to that level.

Well, guess what you’re! Just an email away from getting your store to tremendous enthusiasm, increasing your learning curve and going on the spiral up and now you’re focused on the upswing of an opportunity, not the downswing, with what’s going on in the market right so and you’re overstocked on inventory, okay And you have goals from the oems and you got to hit certain goals to pick up more money.
Hey guys, you know what get this done, get it on now, i’m i’m telling you! This is the way to do it.
Turn your inventory and in the car business inventory is collateral.

The problem with the car business is that collateral depreciates, so what your inventory is at 2 million today, if you ain’t turning your inventory, you’re losing money every minute of the day, you’re selling inventory that’s collateral that appreciates so yeah very modern point.
That way, when i found out about this product, i said mike get them off right now.

This show is just starting.

Today i have two shows automotive dealer news and automotive training news.
This show was a new show.
I developed it basically me and my partners, including michael c lewis.

We talked about shop, smart odos, because that’s what’s going to happen with this show it’s going to be more about digital retailing.

I got to tell you this product is great as soon as this live is over.

I’m going to call mike lewis and say i want this for shop smart, because you want to know something we’re going to turn dealer’s inventory and with the clickable dashboard.

I have analytics to show them how to turn the inventory, so you know what tom i’m so glad you came in, and you’re always welcome on any show.
Even automotive training news.
It’s great for you, because that that’s on a group that i have a lot of followers there and thank you so much for being on and giving us an input of this group pages, and we want you more.

We want you to come more with us, i’d like to throw out an invitation to him to come on the auto news in the next few weeks, uh to talk about your veteran training program.

Oh cool because tom is a very proud marine veteran and likes to help veterans, and so i i think we could have a really fun uh 30-minute talk and just for tom’s own information.
So he’ll know the great things that your your uh non-profit is doing.

For veterans all right, i appreciate you coming on and talking about this uh.
I think that uh, you know from i’ve gotten tremendous help with the training, because i’m not a tech guy and and your training on groove has actually got it to where i can make the darn thing work.
It’s awesome.

The user interface is not like anything.
I’ve ever seen before and uh really appreciate you coming out you you want to just give us a a close out here.
Tom sure, so all i would say is if nothing changes, nothing changes as richie said.

Look things are what they are and, and if you want to stay on that path, you know keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you want to make some changes, you got to be willing to step up and make a change.
This is the change that normally would cost thousands of dollars for you to make which is being scholarship to you at no charge and, as i mentioned a couple times before, the only disadvantage is there’s nothing, there’s no skin in the game and so right away psychologically And subconsciously, you know that if nothing changes, nothing changes but you’re like oh well, you know it can’t be that good.

No! This is literally thousands of dollars a month that you would be investing that they’re investing for you.

So take advantage of this.
Don’t let this pass! This can be the change to put you on that upward spiral that upward trajectory so email mike mike begin the conversation.

I look forward to seeing you on the upcoming weekly trainings richie, thanks for having me here mike thanks for having me here, and i look forward to speaking with you watching this video by making the smart choice taking action and not letting this collect digital dust.
As you know, you’re in the industry, people that say, let me think about it.
Oh i’ll get to it tomorrow.

Tomorrow, never comes.
Do it now.
Email mike mike should have an email by buy from you within minutes, get your phone out type it in and send it to him and begin the conversation you’ll be thankful.

You did thanks for having me here guys and i look forward to seeing you on the weekly trainings.
Thank you so much thank you and have everybody have a great weekend and don’t forget saturday’s here.

Saturday’s a sale day for the automotive business should be every day.

Is a sale day but saturday sell, sell, sell.
Thank you guys.

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