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Oh Michael, how are you today how’s throat great right, my dad dad you had the opportunity today we smoked well yesterday was a little bit stressful for you, and so was for me.

So Michael house, I mean boy.
You went to state of Florida how’s it going over there.
It’s going pretty good in our neighborhood in general, people are practicing the social distancing and all that, but you know we.

We did have one of our snowbirds that passed away up in New Jersey for a month from the virus and of course you saw on Facebook.
I lost an uncle yesterday, but he was in his high 80s and a lot of health issues.
So but it was the virus that with it, because we do have a lot of people out here I mean the state of New York is really working on this hard, so we have a lot of people Michael.

I wanted to first of all thank you right for a quarantine me and Michael long hide together.
We were at my home and we were working on the mask you know and because of your help with all these, you know people from family office that you have and all this we were able to come on with this, and we have right now.
A million masks available right and we want to help people.

Our minimum order is 5000 of them right.
That’s our minimum or of 5000 mess and though the landing page – and you can get this mask – and it’s right on the on the content of this live.

So Michael C Lewis was a big part of it.

You know and that’s what we did so we brought the family office industry in this and other investors, so that being instead, Michael tell us a little bit about the process.
How you helped us engage with this at all? Well, I think the most important thing when you’re dealing with high net worth individuals is relationships.
Richmond and you know they get hit with so many deals constantly.

The deal flow too, they are wealthy, is just unbelievable.
Literally hundreds of them some days so the way that they start to sort out is by relationships they like to do business with people.
They know like and trust.

Just like the rest of us, I mean that’s what we all want and obviously smart money knew.
There was money to be made in these vast because you know you’re fulfilling such a necessary service without price gouging, which is the other thing that I’ve seen a lot of.

You know you’re you’re, keeping the inventory, as you promised, at a fair price in the marketplace and instead of trying to hold people up, but it’s the relationship that brings the money in because, with these masks there were so much fraud and people that didn’t you know, Said they had mass but didn’t have have lower grade ones than they said so good quality mass in the volume that you’ve got him in it was really hard to find anybody to invest in and, of course, the fact that they knew you because of everything you’ve Been doing in the auto industry made it a lot easier for me to tell them about Cuba than your usual.

You know looks more, I mean like Michael Lohan, like looks what was a big part of it, and then we brought that whole thing in.
We brought him because he doesn’t know we am out in China, so it seemed to him to be.
He said he said.

Let last 25 years he’s been importing to the US.
You know all kinds of equipment that he has so I mean it made it so easy and Michael such a great human being that’s why Michael has – and we have to nonprofits because we’re out to help as many people as we possibly can yeah.
I met michael through year veterans, nonprofit in arizona, great guy and like that i was real comfortable with the fact that he had real experience and real contacts in China.

I believe he might have said he even owns a couple.

Yes, you doubt she owns a couple of them: one’s a steel factory wanted to care, okay, in fact those for the minivans, those kids that we do so.
Okay, well – and I don’t know how many of listeners know it or not, but in in China, you’ve really got to be on the inside everywhere.

Oh yes in China mm and you were happily went over there and tried to do it do right now we would get abused yeah, you would get a music somebody in that place.

Like Michael has.
You know Michael actually lives more out there than anywhere in the world.

You know he’s always out there and then, whenever he’s here he’s at this home, you know so he lives out there a lot Michael own home.

That’s what was named.
The name of his game was, and you know I want to talk to you, because your help came with a lot of different ones.

Your help came with this network of these or what you got, because you got how many books do you have out that you’ve done well, I personally have done 24 books of my own.
All right, that’s not including the one that you and I are working on right now, that’ll be coming out in just the next couple of weeks, but I’ve helped over 800 authors to become bestsellers so right and that’s the other thing that all the office oil is Our opportunity to help people the whole idea why our pricing is not high or anything well, basically right around 250 for 5000 mass each one, which it’s tremendous, a tremendous price, grew that out there at 265 at 275.
We really want to help the community, and the other thing that I definitely want to say about this.

Is dealers this? This is a perfect chance, New York, feelers you’re in a great situation with this solution.

Why is that? Because you, you could get a 5,000 mass and make a campaign.

custome, you are safe.
Here we have the mass New York dealers it’s time for you to step up and push to get open.

No, you listen to the stage to Greater New York.

Be proactive.
You know I mean if the state of Georgia they wanted to shut everything down, to be proactive, see what you’re doing based on the guidelines.
You know, if you have the mask you’re done you’re.

Okay, this whole thing can make you aware.
Awareness is key if you’re aware of, what’s going on, it’s gon na stop the spread.
You know.

Have your people wear masks mr.
dealer have all your employees with masks infest, tweeter customers, I mean we.
We in the community now help out, you know and stop.

You know nickel and diming your your dollars and cents deal it’s time for you to give back now for the last state agent who you’re gon na make crazy money.
So it’s time for you to step up now mr.
dealer and get the best and give it to your community.

Why would you do that? I have no idea.
You have an option now.
Call me there’s the information.

There’s a there’s two phone numbers there reach out the live operator standing by waiting for your phone call, five thousand bass.
This is real.
Let’s go get the mask at a really good price, share it with your community and help you out your community.

Also, the catering industry, your step up, why the mask and give it out to your community community.

You know so many people look at 5,000 math and think that’s a lot, but you know you’re you’re people, especially the mechanics and that sort of thing and in customer service people they’re going to go through a lot of master day, but more than that Ridge.
I think the big opportunity is giving in to the general public, not just the customers right, go by the local nursing home and give them a hundred mass.

You know let the TV and radio stations know that anybody’s stopping by can pick up.
You know five mass or whatever the number is, but I think they could get.
You know 10, there 20 times the value and media of what the mass will cost cost of well they’re doing good for the community.

I mean.
How often do you get to do good for the community and have it really help your business and I’ll tell you if people are gon na remember the businesses that stepped up and helped the community for a long time after we’re all back to work right and You know what to those businesses out there.
I mean remember something it’s time to support the people that do the fundraising for you there’s.

This is me, you have a situation, people who come for you right! Well, guess what, when you reach out now, it’s time for you to do something to your community, because they I mean, there’s nothing out there.
You know, I mean the local store here 7-eleven for me.
Only oh, the masks are common, the master everyday.

It’s coming! There’s no Santa Claus he’s coming who, by the way, know what I mean when we have them.
You know Thor your shipment came in.
I went to probably a dozen places on him as I’m trying to buy him.

All of them have great prices, but they were all out.
You know nobody had in the inventory.
A couple of them didn’t want to deliver until mid-june.

You know who needs mass and mid you we need.
If now that’s the big thing is you guys have the mass? Have them in the country and can deliver immediately got to me is way more important than the price.

Although your price, you kept real competitive, you know so that’s great too, and I understand you’ve already furnished some to several hospitals.

Yes, that sort of things yeah and – and I want people to know – there’s a huge difference between just the paper mask and the mask that you have that are n95 standard.
I think it’s called yeah, you know, that’s that’s what hospitals need and that, if you’re going to put a mask on, you ought to put a mask on that works.
You know, and I can just see a dealer.

You know showing up at a nursing home or showing up at a food bank and giving away a few hundred mass here and there you know right now.
Local news is just begging for some good positive news that they can put out.
You know they’ve got all the doom and gloom they need, but to see somebody going around helping people.

I think that they’ll get great coverage out of this, and we all know that you know three minutes on a news report is worth probably thirty minutes of commercials.
I look at it that way.
The cost is pretty darn cheap to be out there doing something, good yeah, absolutely you know the other thing too uh Mike.

I want to talk to you about your.
They don’t want to talk to you about.
Is this whole thing with masks, and let me tell you this whole thing with coronavirus: okay, so anyway, this whole thing with corollaries and there’s a lot of businesses out there, especially the real estate business.

I mean and there’s a lot of people that are in real estate business.
They have phones that they’re all going out they’re all like done.
Okay, let me tell you something: there’s no more investment.

As far as that, the hedge fund of blockchain, which you know about right – we put that hedge fund together Michael Ojai and his team and ourselves right.
So listen guys.
It’s growing a tremendous rapid speed, email me right, everybody does my email, let me put it so I can send you the analytics of what’s going on with this hedge fund.

Okay, this hedge fund is blowing up.
It’s actually bigger any riddles that you can imagine, stop investing in stop listening to passive income, guys, okay, because the only passive income you’re healthy is then that’s who you’re good with it and then when the market goes down, you know what they tell you right up, But market conditions are bad, listen they’re, using it as a hedge fund time to wake up with all these guys out there with real estate, I’m very tired of of listening to it.
Okay, it’s it’s not working guys! Not working watching is gon na get bigger than the internet, because it’s data on crypto coin.

We have the h1 with real people all right, guys that are a Nasdaq guys that are stock on huge names.
Go look at that site after this life is over.
I’m going to post it stop the nonsense, not listening to these guys that that promise, you were, you know, buying real estate, 30 million dollars and all this stuff date that can’t do anything to give you a check that makes you no money.

No money give you a check, no money that I’m tied in with family office.
They’re, not tied in with anything, is just a great idea, but there’s no money coming in with this idea.
Stop the nonsense.

Okay, look at your investor and look at your guide, so you find out.
It was true, get involved with blockchain.
Okay, forget about this nonsense with this passive income and it’s all bullshit they’re, all dreamers! That’s what it is: they’re old dreamers! Anybody can run up a big debt and then hope to get out of it.

That’s not what this team does.
Okay, this is what we do.
We got a tremendous hedge fund out.

There blockade it’s the only one of its kind and it blown up up to 74 percent.
Okay guys get involved with this.
The minimum is a hundred grand to invest but to the automotive space, because we know that all you guys are getting involved with real estate for the last three or four years, great we’ll throw some funds over here.

We’re going to give you such a great deal.
Give us a call right away or email me directly at this email just even though I’ve always had my reuse it.
So I haven’t set up just for this.

I liked, when I looked at it for my portfolio, I liked the fact that the hedge fund doesn’t have any debt, but so all of the machinery they’re investing in the farming – and I guess it’s – they call it mining equipment.

I guess I’m I’m not real familiar with the terms, but everything is all caches.
The fund doesn’t have any depth, whereas man, these real estate funds, have the 8090 percent leverage.

It doesn’t take much of a downturn to heat that equity up as we exceed before.
In 2008, what what I like and where I see your hedge fund going, is you guys are getting in more and more to them.
Blockchain technology, everybody cryptocurrency stuff, is fun to watch because you know it goes up and down.

There’s lots of movement.
Fortunes made fortunes lost, you know, so so that’s what all the news is covering, but the underlying management of big data is really where blockchain excels and that’s what’s gon na blow things up is the fact that you’re gon na be there handling all that big data, Because data is everything you know the most valuable thing that amazon has, and the reason that vaso, who has is the richest man in the world is he’s, got millions of credit card numbers and he knows millions of people’s buying patterns.
That data is where all of Amazon’s value is.

I mean their warehouses, their computers, all that other stuff is insignificant compared to the value of the data.
So I’m excited about what blockchain is going to do.
You know even yeah.

You know even people, my age, people that are, you know, looking at retirement in five or ten years.
You know we made.
I may not understand the technology, but I understand that this is a revolutionary technology and so I’m investing in that fund because I know like and trust the principles of it.

You know, and if you don’t know the people in a VC fund right, you know being the the old adage back when I did invest missed Marcus was.
It was the only industry that the workers drove to work in limousines and the owners drove there on the subway.

You know so so you, the investors, are Saban driving, four-year-old cars or whatever, whereas the the guys that are supposed to be working for them are in trophic limousines yeah and that’s it’s not a good deal for the little guy, whereas with the right management VCS can Just be awesome and the biggest thing you know with this blotchiness you guys can invest you know, and you guys see it just get the information cuz, it’s public, so the information is out there.

You know what a public company you know: you’re, not dealing with one company that is giving you a story all the time.
The storytellers you know does that my writer self write a lot of those.
The story tells us passive income real estate.

I mean I don’t even know what they call them.
What do you call that these real estate, guys that get your money they’re called they’re called syndicators and yeah? It’s limited partnerships.
There are a reg D right, I’m more involved with hedge funds and stuff like that’s what and then they say these syndicated is nobody.

The reason they don’t want you to go to public public company has to disclose everything online.
These guys don’t have to disclose their their private.
They don’t have to share anything.

You know they can do whatever they want.
Listening to these guys already, you know I’m getting tired of all the nonsense.

That’s going on it’s on people, they think they’re worth something.
They’re broke these guys.
They all buy five hundred million dollars, that’s what they all go somewhere when somebody doesn’t all that kind of money, and he can really do something for I’m tired of all this bullshit, that’s going on on social media and every wife.

They did all that taking people’s money and passive income, you know they’re hurting our local economy and our entrepreneurs, because the guys that are investing are the entrepreneurs.
You know we’ll stop, stop doing that.
Today’s think they have these events.

All that’s bullshit! That’s going on! It’s really ridiculous, all right, you know it’s time to just call it a stop already and invest in something.
That’s worth your while.
Okay, something you get to know hedge fund is the way to do it.

You get tremendous residual of that and all that there’s a reason why Warren Buffett is a billionaire okay and that’s why his whole life he’s been investing in the right investment now.
Would somebody that that actually tells you a story: okay, a story more.
It’s not good for just you know, pay attention to that and Michael look.

Let me just tell you this: what are you doing with any new projects and wanting new books? We’ve been doing a lot in the financial space for them doing more and more with coaches and trainers, particularly ones that are very successful.
But they’ve got lag in their business right now because of social distancing, so they’re.
Using that opportunity to really crank out some great information because they want to be positioned when things start to roll back to really take advantage of what they accomplished right now and so we’ve been we’ve been busy anyway yeah.

It’s there’s a lot of very successful people that that have the foresight that know that you know if you’ve been a speaker and a trainer for 30 years, chances are you’re going to be a speaker and trainer for the rest of your life, so we’re holding their Product you’ll start with the book, and then once we make the book the bestseller, we help them with home study courses and some of the great video stuff that you’re doing for us.
You know it’s it’s time to really be sharpening yourself right, which is good.
You know I’m so glad because you know the time has come for this whole process to really work, and you know, Michael I’ve got ta.

Tell you something.
You’ve been a lot of help to me in a lot of years.
You’ve been so helpful to me and will your network and you’re a great partner of mine, you know I’m Rudy, I mean the stuff you do for me is crazy.

You know with these books and this data you’re developing, tell me a little bit about that book.
That’s being published in the next week or two weeks is a really unusual book for the book automotive industry, because it’s written for the career car guy.
The book is about how to build your reputation, because, no matter what the numbers are that all these people are searching for, you know to find the prices and that those are going to be the same, no matter what dealership it is what’s different is who it Is they’re doing business with so anybody that thinks that these leads aren’t googling them before they come in for an appointment to see what kind of guy they are, whether they’re dealing with a newbie or an experienced guy that will take care of them all of this Stuff is stuff that salespeople and GM’s have really coming up.

You know, I don’t know a pleasant way to say that they they’ve just been missing the boat.
You know it’s, you know right now.
I couldn’t tell you who the top two or three sales guys are in my town, the state mental life growing up.

I can tell you in Detroit.
You knew Joe Gerard was some of the crap.
Oh he’s bright, then bright.

That’s all right, but you know so many of those sales became because of his reputation and yeah.
You know you, and I saw that when we really dug into what you know, because you’re such an expert in the industry, it was kind of hard to focus on where the book could do the most good.
And I can tell you the people that follow our advice – yours and mine in this book right going to be the players they’re going to be the rainmakers at the dr quips year in and year out, because every year they’re building a bigger and bigger reputation.

But you want a reputation where, when there’s a change in the automobile industry, the telephone or the television producers are calling you up wanting to know your opinion of what’s going on and that sort of thing that that’s priceless.
They have that type of relationship with media.
You know these, i know a lot of the guys that we’ve done this board get asked to speak regularly at local events.

Like optimist Ilana’s, you know all at the host state, but they you know, and that adds up.
I mean you know because you’re selling to 40 or 50 people at the time, not to mention I mean what better way to ensure that the appointment shows up than to have your appointment setter say.
Well, you be sure, when you come in to see Richie that you get an autographed copy, is what right they’re, not you know, they’re you’re, actually giving them something you’re, showing them the gear and educator rather than just another sales guy.

So you become an advocate like you became for auto dealerships.
Well, you know you and I are going to make the average salesman.
I have that type of imaging reputation for this customers, because it’s you know it’s not price anymore.

It’s who we’re dealing business with and what they’ll do for you correct.
Well, Mike, you know what he’s been great speaking to you and we’ll talk really really soon and everybody that was watching us.
This is about the mask.

This is about a minimum of order of five thousand.
This is a really really feasible thing for and give it out to your community.
Buy them, go whoever you want with the match bottom line.

Is we have a million masks available to us it’s time to people violent the time to get them out there? I would like you to hospital loud and on the west coast that haven’t bought these bands from us already well, and you know Richie, I’m sure you would love to be bringing dealers on remotely as guests covering their giveaways who they’re giving away to you know.
What’s going on at the dealership and dance sort of thing my facebook lives, even though we have to stay separated, I mean you, I’m in Boca Raton Florida and you’re somewhere way north of the Mason Dixon Dixon line, but I don’t like to tell them it’s not A 90 degrees here right now, the beautiful breeze and I had to actually stop fishing, so I could come in for this, and so it’s it’s a great life, but we’d really be excited to see.
A lot of Facebook live a lot of publicity on these giveaways.

I think that, more than anything and really blow people’s investment in these up and anything we do like this – is an investment in the reputation of your business, correct and automotive dealers.
You know start getting these bands to stop giving them out.
I mean to your employees.

I mean every motor motor deals have a minimum 140 Hey, I mean, and you get twelve to fourteen hundred customers a month right that I try to buy a car from you.
What’s your service department, you know him after those customers, some people feel comfortable.
People are scared right now, so what five thousand to one or more reveals that theaters step bar and safety is important.

Every time somebody comes in for a car, you tell yer salespeople to use it.
He work safety for that right.
Well, this is really the truth.

dealer yet saves people.
Okay, safety is key, like you guys been saying, is use that to help your community out and that’s what I got.

The cities feel that you know they save safe.
Okay, great now, safety is really an issue.
So now go do it.

You know it really shows that they care, you know and that’s important.
You can’t quantify people feeling the year you actually care about it, they’re, not just a sale, walking through the dry, all right, they’re going to be a long-term customer like and that’s.
I think that’s extremely important that you’re doing this right correct.

Well again, Michael it’s great talking to you and you know, we talked about five to eight times a day.
Wait I’ll see you later have a good day in uh things.
Oh yeah! Thank you.

Take care bye-bye .

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