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 hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today.

What I wanted to talk about on today’s episode on today’s message, for you to go to where you want to grow, is it’s something that we talked about and recovered at a training workshop? I was part of last week, so I was at this training workshop last week and we had all talked about.
We had raided ourselves on where we were for our focus for our confidence, for pressure and for motivation, and there was a diverse amount of people there.
There was younger people, older people, men, women from all different backgrounds, from the healthcare industry, from training like myself, from marketing from entrepreneurs and just a variety of different industries.

Were there representing a variety of different ages, a variety of different sexes were there and the number one thing that everybody seemed to struggle with the most was focus, and so, as I think about this, that was where I struggled the most also so, as I think About this I realize it’s not just my problem to focus, and especially nowadays, it’s even harder to focus when we have so many things coming in we’ve got social media dinging, alerting our phones, we’ve got text.
Messages coming in.
We’ve got our desk phone ringing, our cell phone ringing.

If we’re we’ve got a significant other, they are talking to us.
If we’ve got children, they are reaching out to us.
We have bills, we have to pay, we have vacations we’re planning.

We have a variety of different things that are taking our focus, but what we need to remember is we need to focus on what’s important and what’s in front of us, and so when you’re doing a task when you’re at work make sure that you are focusing On that task in front of you – and I think it’s best to start out with the hardest thing of the day, the most complicated thing of the day and the thing that scares you the most, because when you get that out of the way it doesn’t build Up and you don’t come up with excuses to put it off, rather, you get the most scary thing.
The toughest task of the day done first, and it makes all the other tasks seem easier.

So, if you’re having a problem with focus also, I want you to remember that put everything else to the side focus on your toughest tasks, your toughest goals first hand.

Your toughest projects, first hand, make those toughest calls first hand.
Don’t worry about social media.
Don’t worry about text messages, don’t worry about that stuff, it will be fine, it will still be there when you get around to it worry about.

What’s most important in front of you focus on that get your toughest tasks done first, and everything else will slide right through once again, always in forever, no Walsh conquer.
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