Building A Personal Brand

where would you start or what would you want to do if you want to pan for a career inaudible, so you left here – and you had your degree here at at Beaumont and you’re – ready to go.

What’s one of the first things that you would show yourself: okay, one person on that team.
Okay, all right, so you’ll have to smash the plan.
You’re ready, you graduated you’re, ready to go okay, so you’re from Brazil.

Okay, so let’s say you went online right and in the community that you are you look at all the Brazilian associations, I’m sure there’s more than two people Raziel right, it’s wrong or, okay, all right! So that’s kind of a good start.
Don’t you think? Okay right people like to deal with people who can speak their languages.
That’s why all the big cities – it’s not a racial about it’s just so again, it’s not difficult.

This business retail is simple people helping people.

So if you speak in Spanish, Portuguese makes the process much easier for your potential buyer.
They should deal with you so go after those people and network find out where the groups are and get your name start and build.

Your own brand build your own professional brand right off the bat again you’re, getting into a career right now and who here has a LinkedIn profile? Okay, so really less than ten.
You all need one! Okay, that’s where your professional resume is outline.
Okay, look online and we’ll show you everything that I’ve talked to here already my entire career path, but when I went to school in the 1980s so today failure it’s easy to your resume online.

It’s about your professional sight! All did you have the social side, which is great your fun side and the Instagram and the Facebook, and whatever, whatever makes you happy great, keep it do it.
But you need to have a professional side, because when you show up for that job, they are gon na, be looking at your social media and he’s gon na tell a lot about who you are.
Okay and a lot of people.

Don’t get hired or get fired because of what people see on social media so take this more seriously, then just clean it around and socialize.
It’s a way to make lots of money if you socialize the right way right put the things up.
Good content up represent yourself, because if your customers go online and see somebody that is this really how my sales rep act outside of work? Why would you want to associate with that person? But this isn’t giving your life, so that’s something you have to clean them.

Okay and get on the right track, so look at LinkedIn, look at any other professional sites with professional organizations and start building your professional profile, okay and everything every time something that happens, you can you graduate you make a you know, and you will complement you post.
It because that’s building your profile, okay, check, mine out and eat any of you wan na you know, connect, feel free, decided because I have many students from here as well already and Humber College, where I speak as well.
Okay, so here are the keys to success.

I’m going to ask a few of you: everyone who’s seen in a career.
Let’s say you know, you know, you’re ready, you’ve done your profile, you start looking for a job.
What do you think are the keys to success in sales business? What you want to be an accountant? What do you want to be on the 4-sided? What do you want to be servicing cars? Okay, what do you think are the keys to success we’ll start over here, anyone, okay people and talk to them? Yes, so it’s a you know, personality and attitude.

That’s great! Absolutely! So very good start! Yes, team player! Bingo! You got to be a team player in here in the company that you’re working in okay, yes, great one, absolutely and I’ll talk that off by saying be accountable.
So in business when you’re an employee – and hopefully you want to be an employer one there.
You want to have your business or be your boss.

Accountability is important.
If you make a mistake, you got ta, be able to say yes, I’m sorry.
I made a mistake: okay and learn from your mistakes.

Okay, a lot of people that I become encountered in my career.
They run the other way, so accountability is important.
Yes, patient reputation very solid, so here are some.

This is a blog.
I wrote and you can all check this out on our website.
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