hello, everyone, noel walsh, here with conquer? U, and we are on the course, the art of effin i selling, and what we’re on right now is the relationship building, and i was successful in my career by the relationships that i built with my clients and i always call them clients and not customers, because Customers, sound cheap clients, sound professional, but what we want to do is we want to build that relationship and we do that by finding common ground and building rapport, and then we build off of that relationship.

We get the customer comfortable before we start selling right away.
We want them comfortable in our office.

We want them comfortable with who we are.

I talked about this in the approach going to the sales person’s desk, introducing yourself early doing these things that other finance managers, other business managers, aren’t doing in other stores, because what customers want the most is they want a different experience.
They want something more than the average they want to feel like they’re, getting their money’s worth and when we build these relationships, we’re able to convey that and we’re able to build that trust.
So, therefore, when we present our products, they’re more likely to listen to us to have faith in us, have confidence in us and at least hear us out, so we can present the benefits and the value that product is going to bring to them.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is finding similarities, building the relationship proving you are the professional and building that relationship and moving the deal forward.

So, therefore, you can present the products and ask for the sale, noah walsh with conquer you, you .

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