Bring Out A+ Customer Service In Sales

Oh, what no Lawal share with conquer you and we’re on the course starting your sales career and what to do and in this module.

I want to talk about the module that I’ve shot in other courses, a very similar module, but this one’s unique for you, this one’s unique for you beginners, and this is bring out a plus customer service for your customers.
I know if I go to a restaurant and I take my wife out and we have an excellent dinner and let’s say it’s a hundred dollars, I will tip and we get excellent service.
I will tip 3035 percent for that excellent service and I will enjoy myself now.

Let’s say I go up to the same hundred dollar dinner with my wife and I have horrible service or less than average service, and I tip fifteen percent.
Seventeen percent I’ll be much more happier spending the extra twenty dollars on the tip because of the experience that I had be more apt to go back to that restaurant.
To ask for that server and to refer my family and friends.

Because of that, a + service that I received think about this in your life and think about this in your sales that when you give a + service to your customers, now remember in sales, things aren’t always going to work out exactly how we want customers are Going to end up getting buyers from worse because they spent too much or they feel they got the wrong vehicle or they wish they looked around a little bit more or they just have tough times making a decision.

But if you give you eight plus service and everything that you do and I always try and overcome the the negative with the top outcome, your customers are going to.
Remember you for this they’re gon na respect you for this and ultimately they’re gon na honor.

You for this by sending you repeat and referral business, so whenever you have a customer, whether it’s in a sale, whether it’s in a heat case, whether it’s bad serve, a bad review good serve a good review.
Referral always bring out the a-plus service, always let them know you appreciate them and always let them know the you’re here to help them with their automotive needs to the best of your ability.
Once again, no Walsh, conquer you , you .

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