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Boss but acquit I’m good answers, huh! Oh I’m going to answered anyway.

It’s all good, it’s more so to make sure everybody has it and keeps it as a reference point so number one nemesis galvanized matter sup.
So then you should go.
My powers away.

Showreel process has a presentation over no objections.
Customer concerns, our Rose, provides excellent in what three aspects of development doesn’t salesperson share response: good thanks, absolutely Brennan complete the words for the following goals: god, I the smart acronym.
What is temple specific ruler ruler, you doing it together, got ta, go measure.

A pain are relevant and attractively tranquil, good job.
All right y is positive, self-esteem, crucial selfie.
He says we feel Tyler.

What are the six suggested areas of gold about? Word is full of family Gerald intellectual community clinical personal, hastening the ten attitudes of top salespeople, take action, set goals, visualize meeting goals, stretch, copper zones, high self-esteem, positive self-talk, positive force, strong values, honest approach to light and pokes right.

Number 7 cm people buy from people.
They blank and play like and trust all right.

Number 8 is Mercedes.
What are the two categories of my motives? Um, emotion in rational ashlynn.

eight steph kind of sales process, presentation demonstration drive a truck drives through here hit the car thanks Lee.
What are the guidelines but approaching cousin timeliness, big smile, firm handshake? I can take food yesterday, okay, come on what is the reason we give right now, a customer’s name, ah that, but what’s the real reason why we do because we want to show what I said: what does the operative word in power phrase: number one packet: practically: What is the last sentence in the power freight excellent finish, the sentence you can’t close? First, we can control what is the first physical move at your desk name.

The steps in the interview place in your stage, training personal right, and how do you excuse yourself when you go to the matter? So what do you say? I’m going to leave you several times.

I think we have a good.
I want to check with my boss asked questions.
It will things like that, all right so much! You all understand everything that just went over today from this morning when you history got here to this afternoon, when we just tied it all together the biggest thing that everyone needs to realize.

That selling is really a psychological thing.
Ok, remember: we buy ninety percent of what emotion the other ten percent is what aggression, aggression, okay, which meaning that we want to make sure that when a person comes in to do business and look at my help on one reason, which is why they’re coming to See us so we want to make sure that we emotionally stimulate this person when they come on side to business.
Okay and, ultimately, our goal is to be a solution.

What the solution provider to the problem right so making sure you become a student of the site.

How to get selling people hate to be sold, but they love to what bye exactly okay, the tools that you have picked up today.
You already know as much, if not more than ninety, eight percent of the people out here selling in this profession.

Right now, the only thing that you must develop your gains, the confidence which is why, this morning we started off with the mental talking that we did the motivational faith, making sure that everybody was fine to mentally and an alignment like, I said, there’s only 1e.
Okay, as far as you, each and every one of you as a unique individual and there’s nobody that you’re going to interact and deal with regardless of the income level.
That is any superior of yours.

They’re coming to your stamina, to your place of business because they have the heat, so it is your responsibility is our responsibility to identify what that heat is and then to provide a solution that will resolve that neat right and that’s what the goal is and if You do that and you get people saying yes, that is exactly what i was looking for or yes that will help and solve my problem and give ninety percent to the goal line.
The next is just making sure that the terms match up and pitch whatever it is that’s going on within their budget, okay, but understand something that, regardless what anybody tells you whether they feel you can do this.
You should do this.

There are men and women across this country, short tall, right, like being small, that are making tremendous amounts of money.

Doing this and helping a lot of people that had degrees didn’t have degrees for multiple different walks of life and the one thing that separates them from you right now is only confidence.
That’s it nothing else.

So my biggest piece of advice is never allow the good to get in front of degree.
At this point, all you are extremely intelligent people.
Most of you are college-educated, which is an excellent phenomenal, and many of you are still pursuing your education, which is also commendable but make sure that it continues.

And when I’m talking about your education.
More so learning who you really are in your own strength and how to maximize and capitalize on your own strength and your ability to help other people at the end of the day, like we stated earlier, unless you’re helping other people, what value is your really provides? A society doing that’s a big deal.
It is not just selling automobiles, not what it is.

You are helping.
People buy pieces of transportation that they’ll transport people that they love the most on this planet, two men from their destination safely.
That’s a big deal.

Would you go by vehicle for your family or your girlfriends or you’re wise? If you do, is from a shady character, brakes brakes might be busted or to break down that they were on the road? No, you want the best for your children for those that you love right and so do these people coming in remember what I said we are more similar than we are.
What different, okay so take out a piece of paper.
You have a homework assignment yeah couple.

Little homie stop Hales right tonight.
Okay, between tonight or tomorrow morning, we’re all going to go up.
Go a little bit automobile look hard.

Everybody is going to go to an automotive dealership.
Okay, man, you won’t make a buying decision.
You only goodbye to see you with your wife.

Ladies, you only make a buying the city with your husband, okay, when you go to the dealership.
What I want you to do is go out there and walk around a lot.
I want you to pay attention up.

How long it takes for somebody to come and greet you, I want you to pay attention if they come and greet you at all when they come and greet you want your veterans from how they approach what they say and what they do now.
Nobody, please sign.
Any contracts to buy cars, but I’m not buying any deal.

I’m telling you that now no come here and say: hey I’m winter and he sold me.
You go hadas for me know all right.
So don’t sign anything.

But I want you to go on here because today everything we went over, it may make a little bit of sense to you, but it won’t fully come together until now, as opposed to coin in as a customer you’re going in as a spectator of the craft.
Your morning there to actually look at the process and see it from a scientific perspective as a student.
Okay, I want you to bring in the business card of the person you deal with if they give you one, even if you have to ask for it, ask for to get it okay, now, if you’re there for ten minutes, and they do not come and greet You or do anything all right: you should only be there 10 or 15 minute stuff you’ll have going any demo drives or anything like that unless you just go to a lot where they really help you or you’re considering purchasing – and you want to do that – that’s Fine, but as far as for this, you should only be there may be 10-15 minutes, which is why i said you can do it this evening and get out the way because remember what time he starts them up.

That’s why we start late tomorrow.
I know some people have families and think they have to get to or have work at school, and you have to go do that tonight.
So I wanted to make sure I leave time in the morning or, if you’re unable to get to it tonight, you can will certainly do it tomorrow before you come in, all right doesn’t take very long.

It’s extremely important if you get this done.
Okay, because once you do, it will really tie everything else.
Work and it’ll take that confidence to a new level because you’ll see you’ll say.

Oh, my goodness, I can’t believe I never paid attention that this is always good all right now, what we’re going to do? We can ready to go, I’m only meeting with you and parent in the two pairs and the parents that you had this morning when we did the up.
When you did your new best friend group, I’m gon na go downstairs.
We’re gon na be meeting in my office once I go downstairs with the initial group.

I want the next set of people to wait at least 10 minutes from when I lead with the initial room and then, after that, everyone else can come down in pairs and every five minutes.
Ok, because it’s exit and all I’m going to do, is I’m going to go over how I felt you did today what I would like to see more of tomorrow and write frankly, if I feel like this was a good fit.
Okay, that’s that’s! What’s going on right now, like I said we went through without a good day, I do have some some things that I have to make sure I take care of with certain folks and from there we go for all right, so other than that.

I believe everybody did a excellent job.
Guys are phenomenal.
Imagine it’s been a little bit.

A lot of our inflation already know you’re gon na like that, but I gave everybody pure wine that it was going to be extremely intense.
Gon na be a lot of information tomorrow, it’ll be a lot more fun.
We actually are gon na be out on the lot dinner with vehicles doing a lot more role-playing tomorrow, but at the same time the premise is still the same, and that is for you all just believe in yourself.

If anyone, including somebody like myself, like I said, college flunk out made so many mistakes early on in his life is to maybe even sit here and talk about, we just are bud stumbled all over himself, can take this profession and handle it himself to these type Of heights each and every one of you people will feel like this far more intelligent.
I am, can elevate yourself or even greater heights, but you just have to believe that you can.
You have to trust me.

Your own instincts, as opposed to those of other people, ignore the naysayers believe that it’s possible.
You ain’t the first.
You won’t be the last to ever go through this process, but i look forward to those emails to those text.

Messages got my first sale.
You mean just so on 5th guards, know things like that.
That’s what i drive for you all on my report card.

That’s what’s important, all right, so other than that.
What i want to do, um i’m going to test, are taking the group’s down who’s.
Gon na be the first group was no okay.

How did I know if I asked this morning would cover everybody SAT back, but now it’s time to give it a shot.
Here we go.
Ok, here’s what I’m gon na do.

I’m gon na buy the number now use your pen, I’m writing number down on this piece of paper and it’s between money.
One person from every group can write out a number and we’ll go on a sequence of who’s.
The closest and over battles now just to be diplomatic and politically correct, 64 comes over right now, but my god way to remember everybody, so I should have five helpers so there’s the 60s were right.

Your group name Brandon got y’all’s Tyrone, remember everything.
Steamworks makes you collaborate with your party.

Remember Lord hello.

I feel sick.
Okay, who is with you new job last 1i.
1234 miss the job to bring it over.

We need it.
Oh yeah, we’ll say how it’s gon na be pretty booked.
Oh yeah, all right.

I got him on in my number was 37, so our first group is gon na be kya CM.
The second group is going to be actually 20 30 to 47 uh, Nick and Charles then it’ll be mercedes at Tyler, then Brandon and Tyrone, and then kindle the head.
So you all remember the sequence that you’re going in right now: kya Siana uh.

Let’s go all right, you give us 10 minutes because it’s the first groups we got ta walk down.
I guess it up, then, after after after every 10 minutes and a screw come after that next boot comes everybody.
Coming pull in five minutes increments.

We will take a break.
Yes, .

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