Brian Maxwell Live – How To Handle Objections

And it’s my first time I ever went live on this thing.

I’m gon na give it a minute see if anybody gon na jump on here, I’m sitting in a room tonight, and I said man, let me see what this YouTube live is about.
I know a lot of people jump on in and they do different stuff, and I said why not, why not me instead of just uploading videos, people send me a lot of emails asking a lot of different questions, so I just decided to jump on here and See what see what’s happening? I see we got some people, some people getting on shit.
What’s up what’s going on, we see what we what we got.

Let me see your arm.
Let me see your sim where you from there you go what’s up Kendra, how you doing brother you’re good, what’s going on with you what’s up Jonathan out in LA that’s, what’s up Jackson, Mississippi, I see what’s happening what’s happening, we got ta, have a few people Getting on so listen man, I decided to check this.
This YouTube like Brandon.

What’s up on the Florida what’s going on man, that’s where I’m from Brandon Florida, that’s where you’re from okay? What’s good Jacksonville announced I’m out in Fort Walton Beach right now, Louisiana was going on man we represented from all over the place.
What’s up, you know, I saw everybody else be getting on with all the just drama and beef stuff all the time.
So I said why don’t we get on it and talk business for for Texas? What’s going on Kevin, when we get on talk business dang, I let me get my charger real quick.

I want my battery to go out on y’all.

Oh here we go.
You grabbed my charger, I’m not hitting in the room and decided I said man, I never go live and go live and I would decide to do what my battery is dying out Alabama in the house.

What’s up? Excuse me y’all apologize hey, so why were you on a second day at the dealership today ID I go Kevin how’d it go.
I mean: let’s talk about it when I tell me what’s going on, what’s what’s happening at your stores, if you’re in sales, if you think about getting any what’s going on this, what this is about because I’ve been there, I know what it feels like to be Brand new – and let me tell you, I know what goes on – they hire people at these stores.
You hear all these stories about all the money that’s made and then you brought in you interviewed and you’re hired.

You sold all of these dreams and then you start off and it seems like a nightmare.
You walk in there on the first day you kind of get ignored for the first three or four hours.
Next thing you know they put a pile of paperwork in front of you, then the next thing you know they either sit you in front of a computer or they slap you next to some veteran McDavid hunter being.

What’s going on David McDavid on the urban? Ok, all right, but yeah they bring you in there.
They stop you in front of a computer, to tell you to do some modules already sick, you next to some veteran, to tell you to shadow them, better interaction with car salesmen.
I appreciate that man, that’s what this is about.

So when most people are brought in the storage, you know what they felt.
They left all alone, they feel buddies.
So they hear about all the money, but when they get there, there’s only one person, that’s really putting up any deals, no managers ever trained, but yet they always talk about training right and we get sick of hearing that crap.

So what it is that that I want to do with you all is that, as opposed to feeling like you left out by your managers or whatnot any questions, you have bring them to me message them to me.
I answer all messages better too diligent for a week and just been alone doing all that training.

That’s how a lot of people get down, but you know what the fact that you’ve been taking time out of your day to go online or to read on your own.

That says a lot about you.
So just imagine we just with a little bit of insight.
A little bit inside what you’re, gon na be able to do and start now.

This is scary.
I missed a couple little comments, real quick.
They slapped you with what what a veteran is shadowed.

I’m not learning that much yeah and the venom of his body pissed that you were sitting next to him because they couldn’t do all the slick stuff that they usually do.
So let’s talk about it, one of the one of the biggest issues that most people have right is that they good at greeting people and getting them inside and building rapport with them and everything.
But you ever notice something all of those people that you build.

That rapport with the moment that you come out with the numbers you ever notice how everything changes the moment that you come out with the numbers everything changes between you and that person, you ever noticed that anybody don’t even know what I’m talking about.

Y’all did good on the demo drive when you greeted them.
Y’all were smiling, you were sitting down asking questions and everything was all love and then the numbers come out and they turn into a monster that you never knew.

You like what was going on.
We were cool just a minute ago.
What happened? I thought you liked everything.

I thought you told me that you know that this was cool.
There are two types of veterans, the ones that don’t care and the ones that want you to listen and learn.
True that so what I’m gon na do I’m gon na give you just a couple of things.

I don’t want to keep anybody on your log.
I know it’s Tuesday.
I know I’m tired.

I’ve been training all day in Fort Walton Beach, but here’s the kicker.
What happens is when we sit down with our customers well, first of all, when we bring them back for it from a demo drive, hopefully, if you’re not instead of bringing them back in and sitting them right down and start talking about numbers.
Do this give that individual a tour of your entire dealership, I mean take them through and tell them hey! Listen! Let’s go on inside! Follow me to the service department.

This is where you’ll bring your vehicle.
You know, then, when you need to bring it in for service, you know bring them into the dealers to introduce them to the service manager and introduce them to the parts manager.
Okay, don’t just bring people in and sit them down and talk about the numbers.

Let me explain something at the end of the day: the key to being successful in this business.
I hear a lot of people talk a lot of shit about the videos that come out and everybody wants to be some type of specialist.
But I post my videos with me: training and live people not behind some avatar, not in some room by myself, with a whiteboard, I’m in front of major dealer groups every week throughout the entire year, because this stuff works and they see increases because it’s not about Being Scelzi those days of trying to use them slick, closing lines and all of this crazy stuff that’s gone.

It’s played out now is the era of actually giving a damn about helping your people make a smart, save money, saving not even necessary money saving, just a smart, save buying decision to do business with you at your store face it.
If you sell Chevy’s Chrysler’s it.
No matter what yourself, if you go to any different state throughout the US, and you stop at that particular brand, you will realize that yours is not the only one made of that kind, which means that it’s not all about.

You have a unique vehicle and many times not all about price.
I work with a dealer group right now that has one of the lowest prices of their particular brand in their city, but yet they don’t close all the deals for that area.
Okay, so what that means? It’s not all about price, but people will make you think it’s about price, but here’s what it’s really about.

There is a difference between price and costs and remember this price is what your customers will pay.
One-Time price is what they will be: cost is what they pay throughout the life of the ownership or throughout the terms of their deal.

Most customers come in, want you to drop price, but as opposed to focusing on always drop in price.

Think about how you can reduce real cost think about if a customer wants you to drop your price $ 500 or $ 1,000.
Think about this with me, cars.
com says that for a full detail, the average person pays $ 50.

So imagine this with management approval.
Of course, if you could offer your customers one free detail at your dealership for two years, 24 months – that right there at $ 20 value, that’s in savings of $ 480 of real money that they would spend getting their car cleaned once a month and guess what That means that they wanted you to drop $ 500.
You just saved them $ 500 in real cost, think they may be ok with a with saving ending costs, as opposed to price.

Absolutely ok, but it’s all about how we look at things while we’re interacting with customers when you bring them in give them a tour of your dealership, take them around when you sit them down when you start presenting the numbers.
Of course, you know they’re gon na object, you know they’re gon na say they want a better price.

Show that right now the number one objection is that the price is too high.
The number two objection price two hours at 23 %.
The number two objection which is I want to think about is at 17 %, okay, and that means that if you know that these people are gon na object, if you know they’re gon na have an issue be prepared.

So after you present the numbers think about always be ready, because you know after you present them the person you thought was nice.
They’re gon na have a problem.
They don’t have an issue, so you got to learn how to be prepared to handle that as early as possible throughout your process.

So what do I mean by there think about this? Knowing that, when you present the numbers, everybody’s gon na say I want to get it a little bit cheaper, I want a little bit more for my tray and what-have-you.
You know the common things that they’re gon na say knowing that things are gon na, come up.
How about have you handed them earlier? Can you imagine, when you’re getting ready to ask your customer what type of monthly pay me they’re looking for, if you could tell them something like hey, listen most of our customers that come in here they tell me that would that drove on their vehicles? They tell me that they had a monthly payment in mind, but when they drove out they ended up spending a little bit extra because the vehicle that they left there and brought them far more value.

Okay, think about that! Let setting it up! You know they’re gon na come up with the payment objection.
So imagine if, when I’m getting ready to ask them what you want to pay muggier say: hey, listen most of our customers when they’re getting ready to take their vehicle home.
They tell me that when they initially came in they Adam a month of specific monthly payment in mind, but when they left, they ended up spending a little bit more than they expected, because the vehicle brought them far more value than they expect.

Think about that by you setting that up rather serene says so what type of monthly budget would you like to stay with that? Well, I want to stay within 450, okay up to what okay, to give you that okay, well most of our lenders like to see at least a 20 % initial investment – and I know that could be a little bit tough in today’s market.
But what type of initial investments would you are you looking to put down $ 1,000 excellent up to what you know what I mean by setting these things up early? So now, when you get down, you present numbers and they say well, listen that price to our list and I totally get it.
If I was in your shoes, I feel the same way you, but you remember earlier when we spoke when I talked to you about how most of our customers, when they drove out, they told me that when they came in, they had a specific monthly payment in Mind, but when they left, they spent a little bit more because the vehicle bought them far more in value.

If I could show you that same value, would you be at least feet willing to listen being able to talk also doing fleet sales not as well? Pattering interrupts setting expectations.
I get it alright, let’s go with some questions.
I don’t want to just sit down here.

Talk what type of questions we got give me some questions, man, what type of issues you have an interest or I’m the online manager for you tonight, talk to me what’s going on.
I know your customers got to be giving you some objections, or did you run into anything at your store? What’s going on, let’s talk a little bit cuz.
I am so tired right now I feel like passing out, but I really wanted to get on here and kick it with my kick it with my people, because I see you guys, you guys go on there and let me just say thank you so much because My videos, they get a lot of likes, you guys, are helping the channel grow and it’s because of people like you did I’ll keep doing these so give me something to talk about come on.

Give me something give me some hard give me a challenge tonight.
What you got for me, how do I get more customers in the dealership? It’s hard even market, it myself good question.

Okay, the first thing Kendrick is that you know everybody thinks that they are going to be a facebook, mastermind, okay, a Facebook wizard, and let’s face it, trade objection I get to that and they don’t give you at least okay.
Let’s talk about how to get more people in the dealership, everybody believes that says Facebook has.
You know I guess 3 billion people on it, that oh listen.

If I just take some vehicles slap it up, there I’ll be good to go, but that’s not the way it works.
Yeah there are people that spend thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn how to advertise using these social media platforms.
So I’m gon na give you some insight on some things that you can do right now that don’t cost you very much money but can really generate you.

Some targeted leads.
First of all, you need to understand.
This did y’all know that Google and Facebook they’re intertwined.

Have you ever noticed that if you search some on your phone or on your tablet on your laptop right and then, if you go into your Facebook, account right after you do that? What you’ll notice you’ll have different ads that are relevant to the searches that you did? Okay, that is because Facebook and Google share information they data mined with each other, all right.
So what that means is that through Facebook, first of all, what you should do is create a page not using your personal page.
Go to your home screen of your profile, click create a page, and it will give you the options created for community for business.

For a product or we’re, not our company select the one that you feel appropriate for you once you’ve created.
It should be your dealership name, your name.
The reason being is that the more times you have your dealership name mentioned throughout your Facebook page.

You pick up.
What’s called organic search rankings, what that means is that when people go to Google – and they type in on, you know specific things about your dealership, asking questions about it or if your dealership is, let’s just say, a Tia Fort Walton Beach, okay, so the name of Your page is kill for one Beach, your name where to buy your Kia in Fort Walton Beach.
You know, reviews on Kia dealerships and Fort Walton Beach by Kia and Fort Walton, Beach being and most people search terms relevant to that area and that being on your Facebook page, that can give you what’s called organics paid rank.

No organic rank is where you get that absolutely for free by Google, because your page is relevant to what the people are searching for now that can take a while that can be kind of long okay.
Now, if you want to go a little bit faster, you want to create the page.
Now, once you create your page, you have got to be consistent.

Think about this y’all McDonald’s is one of the most popular companies in the world.
Kids, two years old know who McDonald’s is okay.
If we took away the name McDonald’s, they just had the golden arches.

Everybody would know who they are, but think about.
Like think about, this, McDonald’s is on your TV and your radio 365 days a year every hour on the hour 365 and everybody in the world knows them now.
Why do they do this? Because they know that the general public has a Dede and that’s not in a disrespectful manner, there’s a lot going on was everyday lives and they know this okay, so they make sure that they stay fresh in your mind.

So when a person has a Facebook page and they believe they can make one post a week and all of a sudden, that’s gon na generate them so much traffic, it’s not gon na happen.
Okay, it’s just not gon na happen.
You have to be consistent with it.

You should be doing three to five posts every single day that you’re at your dealership you have to.
Is it enjoyable? Absolutely not, but guess what? If you don’t feel like, you want to guess what the salespeople in your dealership and definitely the ones at the other stores, they don’t want to do it either and the way that you get money and you generate business, that’s by you being willing to do what Everybody else is unwilling to do.
Okay, that’s what it’s about! That’s it, just the fact that you are watching this video you sitting in your home.

Are you in your place of business? Are you in your car but you’re deciding to be here with me? You could be doing anything else in the world, but you’re deciding to learn and prove yourself.
You are an uncommon breed, which means that you do uncommon things.
So that means that take making these posts three to five days, I mean three to five times a day.

Shooting three to five-minute: walk around videos of every make and model within your dealership: okay, every single one! Is it time-consuming? Yes, but guess what? If you don’t want to do it? Imagine what the other people in your store and the ones at other stores, how they feel, and if you don’t want to do it, you got to know that they really don’t think about you right now on your spare time, you’re learning how to be better.
I guarantee you that over 90 % of the sales people in our business are not doing that right now, either unless they’ve been trained by me or they’re.

Good people like you to come and check out the videos all the time, but most people are home.

Watching Love & hip-hop smoking drinking doing whatever it is that they do while we are working to get better.
That’s what champions do that’s, what winners do and that’s how we win? Okay, so you got to be willing to put in that extra time and that’s innocent.
I don’t even call it extra time it’s necessary time, because calling an extra makes it seem like it’s a task or a chore.

Our responsibility is to do everything we can to fill our mental rolodex up with the tools to make us as productive and as profitable as we possibly can in our place of business period.
The only reason we are at a dealership is to generate business.

It’s not to generate France, even though we do meet good people along the way, but that’s not that shouldn’t be your intention.

It can happen and that’s just icing on the cake.
It shouldn’t be to be a kiss up.
You should earn your stripes through your effort.

Trust me, you are more respected through the actions you take them in the words that you make the things that you speak me nothing if they not backed up by actions.
Ok, so again, the fact that girion says a lot, so it’s all about really embracing.
Where did you do so once you create that Facebook page being willing to make those posts shoot those videos, Facebook is free, go live in your dealership, put it live from FIB field from a kill for one beach, that’ll not put your name in the description.

Good credit, bad credit, no problem.
We help everybody Drive.
Why not go live walking through your dealership.

Why not go live while you’re walking to your luck doesn’t cost you any money.
It doesn’t cost you any additional time you gon na, be there anyway, but guess what you just might pique the interest of somebody.
That’s that’s that’s looking for something now.

If you really want to accelerate the process, you can do what’s called Facebook Ads Facebook Ads.
You can run them for as cheap as 10 dollars now.

The thing about that is that you can really narrow down your searches, go in there where it says create, add, ok and it really lets you, and I have a video on my on my uh in my history.

Go through it look for it on Facebook average.
I mean are advertised on on our Facebook, creating your Facebook ad, but when you go on there and you create that Facebook ad, it allows you to choose around what you could say.
You want people in a specific, zip code that are looking for, let’s say: Chrysler.

300, that makes sixty thousand dollars a year.
You can really get spots so specific with it, and so guess what, when that person is typing on their cell phone typing on their tablet laptop RVC, where to buy a Chrysler in Fort Walton Beach? Guess what shows up your ad? Why? Because it’s keyword specific, so you don’t want to put things like you know: a Chrysler.
300, nothing general! It’s got to be specific.

Your specific dealership name, different terms like where to buy you brand in your city.
These are ways that people search on Google and that’s how you have to set it up for as little as ten dollars and you can put as much as you want on it.
But if you just started out, if you put up ten bucks 20 bucks, what you want to do is you want to be able to bid your own amount? Do not allow Facebook to bid what you’re willing to pay per click, because what happens is it shows your ad in front of everybody that’s relevant to what it is? You want it.

So, if you’re, looking for people that are looking for Chevy’s that make 60 grand in your zip code, it’s gon na show you an ad in front of those people.

Okay, and you only pay if they click.
Now, when you create your own bid, you can set your bid price as low as 20 cent, and I don’t care what Facebook tells you if it says, you’ll only get 10 clicks at 20 cent.

Damn it leave it there, because at least you can gauge if your ad is working, if you spent pay 20 cents, a click and you only get 10 and what you find out is out of those 10.
Nobody, nobody contacted you, nobody reached out when you might want to tweak something okay, but if you bid $ 1 and you spend 200 and you find out the same thing – guess what you don’t need to spend a lot of money when you’re gauging, because it takes A little fine-tuning to create your ad, where it’s getting right in front of the people that you want and guess what, when they click your ad, you want it.
You want to take them, someplace specific, where they can either message.

You text you or call you so redirect them to a social media, page or um.
If you have a on your dealership website – or they have a speech specific for you direct them to that, but whatever you do make sure you give them an opportunity to be able to get in contact with you somehow or to leave some information.
So you to reach out to them all right.

Let me check out some of these questions.
So that’s Facebook go back.
No liens trade objections.

Alright trade objections.
Now you know how it is most people come in.
You know where most sales people make a mistake.

Is that they ask the customer hey? How much do you want for your trade and when you ask that question you are setting yourself up for failure? Okay, what you should do and to say the word trade, the phrase trade think about it.
If I told you, I’m a trade mine, my note for your phone, whatever kind it is what say, Alma trade you my note for your phone.
It would come across that I’m expecting somewhat of a fair exchange.

So when we say the automotive business is one of the slowest changing industries that I’ve ever seen.
So when we say to a customer hey, what do you want for your trade or you’re? Looking to you know, bring in a trade think about what we’re implicating in their mind that somehow they may be able to get something of equal or a fair value, so they come in and their trade always remember y’all that people’s trade, it doesn’t matter if it’s A piece of crap looking bucket to you, people’s trades have sentimental value.
It could be the last vehicle their parents gave them before they passed away the vehicle they had before.

They got a divorce the vehicle to have before they got married when they got out the military when they went on their road trip when they went to Woodstock whatever it is, but they’re sentimental value in it.
Okay and okay.
There we go there, we go.

I don’t know what happened man, I don’t know what happened, but I guess we get going.
We get to kicking it and I get a little bit hyped up.
I got ta wait for everybody to jump back on now.

If you want see me a mess, let me know you back on hey: what’s going okay, who’s back in there see somebody just came back in show me something uh.
Let me know who you are when you come back in give me a shout out when you get back in all right, what’s up Fabio back in alright, who else is back in give us a shout I’ll, let you know you back in alright Kendrick.
What’s up? What’s up Jonathan, alright, you back in who else we got in give us a shot.

Let us know you back in so before I kick back off.
Let me know you back in.
Let me know you back in join in on the chat.

Let me know you back in alright, so I’m gon na pick up.
You know where I left off, so it has sentimental value to him.
Okay, so knowing that people’s trade may have sinned about minute value, when I was out and um Abilene Texas, I was doing a group and a lady told me that her husband had passed away four years earlier.

Okay and they had just bought a truck, and she held on to that truck for three or four for those four years and then all of a sudden.
She wanted to move on with her life and kind of get past and whatnot.

And so she went in to buy a new vehicle.

She took the vehicle in for trade.
Everything was good, the paperwork was done and then the sales rep said.
Alright, we got everything done.

All we got ta do is get somebody to go out there and pick that thing up.
She jumped up ripped up the papers and left because that vehicle that truck out there, it wasn’t a thing to her.
That was her husband.

So when you’re talking to somebody about – and you ask them hey, what do you want for your trade? You know we’re thinking about from the logical standpoint of wear-and-tear mileage, they’re thinking about it from man.
I met my wife and we went on our first date in it.

My kids were conceived in it.

You know it’s where I drove across the country in it.
That’s how they’re viewing it? Okay, you have to think about that so, as opposed to asking them hey.
How much do you want for your trade and remember what trade implies is a fair exchange.

So one thing you say is hey: listen that vehicle you drove in what type of vehicle is that and they’ll tell you say.

Let me ask you a question: are you looking to sell that because we may be interested in buying it? We get requests on vehicles like that.
All the time are you interested in selling it there most people say well yeah I may be instead of selling excellent.

Why don’t I do this? You and I will go out and we’ll take a look at it.
Maybe take a little spin in it and it will come back in I’ll.
Let my manager look at it that way we can get some numbers for.

You saw you at least know what we may be willing to buy it, for is that cool thing about that? Not throughout that whole talk out.
I never asked them.
How much do you want? I actually set the stage up for them and I to go out for us to do the tray walk.

So when we look at, we see a scratch and Nick you don’t have to say anything, just rub it touch it.

Maybe squat down.
Look at it rub your face.

A little bit maybe make a little note on some paper and move on every little scratching did.
Don’t say a word just stop look at it.
Maybe you know, do a little theatrics because you don’t want to insult this person because they see they know what they know.

It’s there, but remember, there’s sentimental value attached.
So when you ask them, what do you want? They’re not thinking logically they’re thinking emotionally and people buy ninety percent based off emotion and back it up with ten percent logic.
Okay and that’s how most of us live our lives.

If you really think about it, human beings don’t think.
Logically, if we did, we wouldn’t eat meat.
We wouldn’t drink pop.

We wouldn’t smoke, we wouldn’t drink.
We wouldn’t do a lot of things, but damn boy having a little bit of that crown showing up give me a buzz and you know, can have you feeling good for tonight and goddaughter.
That’s taking some potatoes sure enough tastes! Great! You know it’s about the emotional gratification and we back it up with logic.

Like hey, listen, steak has protein in it.
You got to have protein in your diet, so think about when you’re talking to somebody about how much do you want for your tree? It’s all emotion and you’re trying to educate.
Logically, so don’t ask hey, listen that cook that vehicle you drove in on.

Are you looking to sell that because we may be interested in buying that we could request some stuff like that, all the time? Well yeah? Maybe I said excellent, so why don’t we do this you’re? Not after we get done talking we’ll go out, take a look at it, maybe take a little spin in it, and then I will come back in give it a man give the manager the keys.
Let them take a look at it that way.
We can at least get you some numbers and let you know what we may be willing to buy it for now.

That’s what you call a pattern interrupt, because we’re asking hey are you looking to sell it? We may be interested in buying it.
That’s different than trade, okay, that’s totally different in trade and it sets a different stake and I never asked him what they wanted for it.
We’re gon na come back and present them with numbers.

Now, let’s just say, we present them with an option and they say no.
I want more for my trade.
I went to Kelly Blue Book and Kelly Blue Book told me that I should get 27,000 for my, and you all are trying to give me 25,000 and most salespeople are stuck right there.

The person says Kelly Blue Book and then we get confrontation and we say well, you know what makes you believe that we got the na da and we get to this, and we do to that and it makes the customer now, which is an adult who may Have kids or may not but consider themselves to be intelligent so when they tell us that they found this information on Kelly Blue Book and they feel like it’s valid and they come in and they look at what we’re offering 25 Kelly Blue Book says 27, and We look at them like they’re stupid.

Now we forced them to go on the defensive and once the customer goes on the defensive, we’re done.
They’re gon na shut down any logic, they’re gon na shut down any reason now they’re, just gon na defend their position right or wrong and they’ll walk out.

Knowing you got what they needed, knowing that is that the price that they wanted, but to save, face they’ll leave.
We all do it.
You know we may vary externally, but on the inside we’re all the same and the quicker.

We realize that the more effective we’ll be right, so knowing that fact, when you’re interacting with them and you’re talking about their vehicle, their trade, never ask how much do you want? For always, let them know hey that vehicle.
What that vehicle you drove in what type of vehicle is that it looks familiar.
What kind of that set? Is that? Let me ask you a question: are you look? Are you interested in selling it because we may be interested in buying it? We would get requests on vehicles like that, all the time, well yeah being to say excellent after you and I get done talking, we can go out, take a look at it, maybe even take a quick spin and then I’ll give the manager the keys, and that Way they can at least give some numbers together and let you know what we may buy it for.

Okay, now guess what, when we come out with our number, even if they come back in the hitters with the KBB, here’s the reality you may notice already or you may not.
If you don’t just to blow your mind, Kelly Blue Book is owned by Auto Trader.

Auto Trader buys and sells vehicles.

The only thing KBB is good for is it gives that information it generates traffic.
They sell advertising space.
Okay, now the thing about it is they do tell our customers what we should buy their vehicle for, but guess what else they do.

They tell them what they’ll buy theirs for and so the way you handle that you should love it.
When somebody tells you to take out a quote off KBB, so you might come up with the numbers and you go through everything and they say well, look that trait no y’all are giving me 25 Kelly Blue Book says I should get 27.

You know what, if I was you and I went on Kelly Blue Book, and I saw that I was supposed to get 27,000 for my vehicle.

I would want 27,000 for my vehicle too.

So I get okay and you may already know this, but I’ll be doing you a disservice.
If I didn’t share it with you, Kelly Blue Book is a website.

That’s owned by auto trader and auto trader buys and sells vehicles.
Now I know what Kelly Blue Book tells you that we should be willing to give you for your vehicle, but let’s see what they would be willing to buy it for – and all I ask is that we agree on one of three things, and that is this: If we look at Kelly Blue Book and we see that what they’re offering is higher than what I’m offering you know, what I’ll take you down there to sell that vehicle and pick up that check myself, because the quicker you go ahead and sell that the quicker You can ride out in this one, okay, but the second one is that if we look – and you know we’re off, give or take a couple hundred dollars I’ll get with the manager and I’ll make it right.
But, lastly, is that if we look at it and we see that what I’m offering is higher than what they’re offering let’s just agree that this is a good deal, is that cool you got to set the stage like that.

You got to set the stage like that.
Okay – and you know most people say okay and you turn your vehicle around and if you have not done this, I encourage you to do it tomorrow.
Take a vehicle of a deal that you had a trade included in.

Go to Kelly Blue Book choose that the condition is fair and get a trade-in value.
That’s it write it down.
The next thing you do is go in and do a trade-in and cash offer value.

Now, when you go in when you turn that computer around with that customer who went in at Jones trade value said their vehicle was in good condition and they got that number.
It didn’t ask any of the specifics when you go in to see what they would buy their vehicle for.

Do you know what happens? They ask questions that people never think about.
Do you smoke in the vehicle you have all the service records.
Do all the tires match ordinary, scratches and dents? Are there in front of the rear? How many are there there are so many things have there been any insurance reports? Have there been any Carfax reports, there’s so many things that your average customer when they’re going on they’re looking they’re, not even going in that part they’re answering the one question, which is: what is your perceived value of your vehicle? Is it poor? Good is a good? Is a poor, fair, good, perfect, excellent or whatever and most people do the sentimental value will say good and get an inflated number of what their dealership should offer and as a sales professional you should write, never fight.

You don’t make any money by trying to prove that they’re wrong or tell them they’re wrong.
You don’t need to tell them, and if you pull out some pre-printed in a DA stuff, that shit is worthless.
Why? Because man, you can get on Photoshop or Adobe or Microsoft, OpenOffice or whatever you want and create any document.

You have to show people turn their computer around and you let them know hey, listen.
I totally get it.
If I was you, I would want $ 27,000 for my vehicle too, so Kelly Blue Book.

You may already know this, but they’re owned by auto trader and auto trader buys and sells vehicles.
So I know what Kelly Blue Book says: that we should pay you for your vehicle, but let’s see what they’d be willing about it for and the only thing I ask that we agree on one of three things and that’s this.
The first one is that if we see that what Kelly Blue Book is willing to offer you for your vehicle, it’s higher than what I’m offering, I will take you to sell your vehicle myself to pick that check up myself, because the quicker you get rid of That vehicle, the quicker you can start enjoying this one.

The second is this: if we look and we’re only off by a couple hundred bucks, I will go and I will fight for you with my manager, and I will make that work I’ll make that happen.
But, lastly, is if we look and what I’m offering is actually better than what they’re offering let’s just agree that this is a good.
This is a good option.

Is that cool and you ask them – you know your name when they say yes, when you go through it, you will be amazed how many times you will find that what they said we should buy it for and what they’re willing to buy for are off by Thousands of dollars and guess what I didn’t tell that person that we looked at it together and who answered two questions that their site was asking.
They were not me, they’re, gon na believe their answer is far better than they would mind and as sales professionals remember, this y’all good salespeople practice.
What to say great ones, practice what to ask okay, the one thing you want to learn is what questions to ask, because the one who’s asking questions is in control.

The reason.
Why is because we dictate the direction of the conversation and when your customer starts asking you, questions, you’ve lost control and the way you regain control is by answering their question either with an answer followed up with a question or with the question, let me give you An example of that, let’s say, hey, listen, how much of my payment is gon na be on this Toyota Corolla.
You know that’s a great question.

What type of payments are you looking for guess what it’s a great question? It really is what type of payments are you looking for? Well, I’m looking for 450 good up to what you have to learn, how to ask the right questions.
Okay, these are the things that are don’t know what that was.
These are the things that are important, but most of all product knowledge is important, but it is over emphasize their dealerships.

I’ve seen men and women, and I know all y’all got people at your store that know everything about all the cars but sell six or seven.
A month six or seven a month, they can’t it can’t help anybody buy to save a life, because what they’re talking about the torque and the turn ratio? The customers over there saying I don’t even know what the hell torque is.
I just want to know: is the gas mileage better? That’s what they’re saying, and so it’s not about talking about what we want to talk about.

It’s about asking the right questions so think about this.
You bring some money aside, you sit him down, you say: listen! Do you mind if I take some notes cuz, I want to make sure that everything you and I talk about that.
I have it accurate, then I’m as detailed as possible.

Is that cool, they’re gon na say? Yes, the reason why you ask because if you sit down and just start writing, guess what they’re doing they’re looking over that table, what you’re right is he filling out her credit out? Is she doing the credit upon me? Was she writing over there? What are you writing? And you never want them to worry or wonder what you’re doing? Because if you leave it up their mind to wonder what you’re doing they’re, never gon na believe you’re doing something for their behalf.

They’re gon na always believe you’re doing it against them.
So complete transparency, hey! Listen! Do you mind if I take some notes, because I want to make sure that everything you and I talked about that – I have it as accurate and as detailed as possible.

Hey thanks.
Weird god bless you two minutes yeah.
I have them as detailed as possible.

Okay, you know what they’re gon na say: yeah, that’s cool, excellent, hey! So let me ask you: man: are you looking for some business or personal use now by asking your questions? This is how you can begin your direction.
You look at me something business person.

Here’s one! Look! It’s for personal use! Okay, good deal now, so this is gon na, be your daily driver yeah.

So this would be used to and from work yeah.
But what type of work do you do? Oh, how long you been doing that? What made you get into that was that something that you were you know kind of dreamed about as a kid or that your dad did or a friend did how’d you get into introduced to that really excellent man, okay, and how long you been there cool now How big is your family? Are they gon na be riding with you in the vehicle? Okay? Oh, oh kids, wife! Okay, how do you kids, ba ba ba and start asking these questions but learn how to ask a question that allows you to build off a question? So if you start off with now, are you looking for something for business or personal use? Okay, no matter which way they go where’s for business.


What type of work do you do how long you been doing, that did you go to school, for that is? That’s something that you know you’ve always wanted to do.

How’d you fall into it.
Excellent um.

Is your family gon na be riding with you in this vehicle? How big is your family? Oh, are you kidding? You have a spouse.
How long you been married ba ba ba you know these are things that are very relevant questions and they really help you and think about this y’all.
Here’s the psychology behind if a person is willing to talk to you about the people that they love the most on this planet, like their wife and their kids.

Imagine when you get to that piece of plastic, aluminum and metal, how easy that is see people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care and many times we bring folks in and we want to ask them about credit and money, and We haven’t earned the right.
Can you imagine if you was ringing up some groceries in Walmart and you pull out your debit card or credit card? And the lady behind the register say: hey how much money that on your debit card, you don’t look at them like they crazy or if they say, hey, uh.
What type of credit score you got and you’re ringing up something on groceries and the cashier asked you are you getting some gas and the register? Lady say hey what type of credit score you got, how much money on your car you gon na, think they’re insane.

Why? Because this is a stranger asking you personal information, there is no different than when we greet some money on the lot and in the first five ten fifteen twenty minutes, we’re asking them about credit of money.
Why? Because we don’t want to waste our time and we believed in when they tell us, we don’t have they don’t have any money and they have no credit that they really don’t.
We walk back over to the circle and we say you see that I didn’t waste.

My time haha, they said they didn’t have money or credit.
Then three hours later they ride back and was something they bought from the vehicle up.
The road happens all the time.

Eighty percent of the people that buy from your store and stores all around the country, all when polled said and when they came into the dealership, they told a salesperson, they weren’t buying anything eight out of ten people and we pulled over twelve hundred people.
That means that eight out of ten people that buy from your store would have told you or one of your co-workers that they weren’t buying anything when they came in there.
If asked so, don’t ask what difference does it make if you’re buying today or right now? All that that does is increases pressure now? Do we want them to do business today? Of course, by by saying hey, are you looking to buy something today? That’s not gon na motivate them in actuality.

It’s gon na freak him out.
Oh my god! No, I just wanted to look.
I got ta get hell out of here.

No hey, listen, which one of our vehicles.
Would you like information on? That’s what you commands you should be wakame welcome to ABC dealership.
My name is Brian and you are excellent.

Hey, listen! I appreciate you coming here.
Do you mind if I jot your name down I’m terrible with names, and I want to make sure I give you the utmost respect.
Is that cool all right now? Listen.

Are you here to see anybody in particular? Is it your first time to ABC dealership your first time list? I greatly appreciate you stopping in which one of our vehicles would you like some information on okay, the Kia Sorento.
Well, as you can see, we got several options available in that, so why don’t? We do this.
Follow me inside.

I’m just going to ask you a couple of questions and I’ll get you all the information we have on the Sorento.
Follow me: okay.
Is it simple? It’s not asking too many questions, ignorant salespeople and evening mean only meaning lacking knowledge that they go out and greet the customer and bounce them around car to car around a lot.

Then, after 30 minutes 45 minutes of showing them the limited editions, they find out the person wanted to spend $ 300 a month and only got 500 down and a 500 score after all that right, you know what I’m saying was that new siano yeah.
After all that, you know, that’s the real, very true a lot of people.
Take it personal.

You know, as if you turn them down personally, exactly they want to drive home.
They tell you upfront if it’s a particular car that they need when you greet the right way exactly you’re right come see me.
Is there anything wrong with that? No come on on your videos.

Some people show up and really seem as if they’re wasting their time and it can’t get approved yeah exactly but see you that’s because you allowed them to play that mind game on you think about it.
Those of y’all on the street, let me tell y’all, I know he thinks I’m distant, but back in 2002, 2001.
My credit was jacked up and guess what I knew my credit was bad and still we’re going to try to flush doors, everybody with bad credit knows they got bad credit and that’s why, when you get that person to walk in and say, hey, listen, I’m looking To buy something today I need a salesperson.

You know I want to buy something you better run because they are about to waste your time, because anybody that can buy don’t want you to know that they can buy and see.
If just about that, you know anchor2 the order, that’s what’s up Xavier, it was good man good to see you too brother yeah.
You know, but you know when they come in saying they won’t salesperson, because they’re gon na buy the day they read about right now.

They need somebody get your ass on you better run away because you are about to get railroaded it’s the person that doesn’t want to talk.
That’s kind of tight lip.
You have to realize this and here’s the numbers behind it and if you got a pen by you write this down 20 % of the people that you interact with they’re gon na be by regardless.

Is it because you’re we’re great salespeople? No, it’s because our story got the dealer got the vehicle they want at the price they want and they’re tired of shopping, so they’re gon na buy regardless out of ten another out of ten, won’t buy.
No matter.
What do you know? Those customers that told you they need this and they need to pay me to be here.

They want that they get that and everything you like a comfo ninja, you just won’t boom boom, knocking them down, knock them down and they just keep bullshitting you.
Twenty percent of those people will never buy no matter what no, but you could try to give it away free an angle.
Take its the 60 percent in the middle is where our money has made its.

That 60 percent then know that they need to do something.
No, they want to do something, but they get that buyer’s remorse.
Think about this.

Have you ever gone out to eat with somebody or seeing other people going out to lunch? He’s like man, I’m really hungry man, let’s go out to eat what you want to get.
They, like you know, I don’t really care we can eat whatever I’m down for whatever what you want to get.
Well, listen, I’m cool! Whatever what you want.

I don’t care.
You know I eat everything, but we got McDonald’s five, guys burger king subway and nut it up what you want man, I’m down with whatever I eat it all.

Now these two people go back and forth because over a seven dollar lunch because nobody wants to be responsible for making the decision.

As somebody saying I didn’t like my food, we are not good at making decisions.
So when you leave it up to your customer, or even you know, to make a decision even ourselves, we got to discipline ourselves to be better, but if you think your customer is skilled in making decisions they’re, not that none of us are, we have to improve Ourselves, that’s why we have to minimize options.
We have to take our time and we have to slow down and we have to realize that if a person is going back and forth over $ 7 lunch, imagine what they’ll do over 20.

40 thousand dollar buying decision.
Imagine the apprehension, and so our objective isn’t necessarily to if a person wants their payments to be 350.

What the management gave us on our on our worksheet was 550.
We don’t need to be trying to sell them on a fifth on a 550 $ 50.
00 pinion.

What you need to be talking to them about is the 200 hour difference and then divided by 30 is whatever the daily amount is.
It’s called the reduction to ridiculous when you try to educate people on why they can pay a large amount, it’s challenging, but the more you can reduce it into real figures, the easier it is for them to digest.

You have to realize, we don’t know what type of comprehension level the people that come into our stores have.

Some people learn visually.
Some people are auditory, others are kinesthetic and seeing as we don’t know what they are, we have to incorporate everything we have to write things down.
We have to speak with our hands.

We have to use our tonality because 55 percent of our communication is our body.
Language, another 35, really 40 %, is our tonality.
We take less than 10 %.

Is our actual words that we speak think about.
If I said it is about, like man shut up.
If I was, I man shut up, if I was like man shut up now, I said man shut up they’re, just the same words but adjusted my tonality and they’ll have three different meanings.

Remember when your mom used to say it’s not what you say, but how you say it and that’s why, when you’re talking to certain customers – and you know you’re saying the right things, but it’s not what you’re saying, how are you saying is it monotone? Are you hitting peaks at points when they should be excited and getting lows at points that they should be listening in, because it’s important when you’re talking about certain features and benefits, so you have to learn.
Selling is a real artist of science and the fact again that y’all are all here tonight says a lot about where you want to go, and I enjoyed this.
You know we got a lot of interaction.

Let me see what other type of questions I got Fargo when talk about numbers with the customer owned vehicle.
They don’t like absolutely not drinking the knots.
While I see my career rise up, thank you, Brian, hey man.

It’s all about you, William, all about you.
This is a great way to put it, you know what I’m saying is real right.
Jay venom is real and that’s what most managers you got to realize this too, and you know you can tell your managers.

I said it’s ending to my channel.
Whatever most people that are in management at dealerships are not there because they’re great salespeople, they’re gear because they kissed the right person’s ass, they threw the right person under the bus or they just been there longer than everybody else, and they love telling salespeople these stories.

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