seeing red with david munford.

I was like the one thing about the car business that everybody has tried to and is consistently trying to uh chop away at it’s the time that a customer has to spend at the actual dealership getting their problems solved.

That’s your branding, that’s what that’s what people know! You ask congratulations on that! That’s the five line of my friend.
You can either like it or lump it.

So he is somebody that is finding solutions because he’s looking for them.

He is gainfully seeking a way to help people and he’s reaching outside of the box, and it’s helping him disguise it and see solutions.
It’s not it’s not that common.

His his owner literally said what .
When i told him what was going on, he was like [, Music ].
He even even said.

I’ve never had anybody do that.
You .

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