We start number eight now right now: .

What’s first things are very first everybody.
You know, forgive focus fly.
Yes, that’s right.

We are excited to be ruin solutions with you today.

This is Ramirez the car guy.
This is freslin arts, the subprime hero, and we are excited to be together with you, man, having a cup of coffee in a conversation.

Let’s do get yourself comfortable, because we are talking about new beginnings.
Yes, our fresh ups, that’s right! This is an opportunity for us to talk about some fresh news and new trends going on in the industry.
Today we are also going to be bringing you an additional car guide confession session.

Yes, please.
We also have our jump box and don’t forget when you leave.
Take your to go.

That’s right, car guys in car gals welcome to the car guy coffee podcast, let’s brew! Yes, man! I am so excited about this brew today.
Thank you.
Thank you.

So much for being with us, we’re excited to get today going.
Hopefully, you got yourself focused and you are flying to where it is that you’re supposed to go conquering something new lining up yourself for success.

Absolutely boy are my arms, tired? Okay? Here we go it’s gon na, be there guys we are excited to get things started with you ease.

We are talking about the number eight which signifies new beginnings.
Yes, biblically Spanier, just about any way else that you would look at it number eight would represent new beginning.
So just we can break that down.

You can ask a question.
You can message us you can go to the cafe.
Hit us on the podcast.

Put a comment: ask me what I mean by that.
If you want me to break that down and explain in detail how we can have a good conversation over some coffee with that, but we are talking about fresh ups, the opportunity when new beginnings, treating each day each moment each second like it’s something new, something fresh: That you can do all over again or you can be creative.
You can be whoever you want to be fresh ups, each and every day you are freshly up each and every day you have a fresh opportunity at fresh, unidentified problem of the solve a fresh chance to shake yourself to a new level.

Take it and and freshen up a little bit better.
You know you might have had an incredibly great day woke up saying wow what a magnificent week.
It’s been, what a great day, what a wonderful night Wow amazing great new day, starts today.

Yeah new beginning starts today: can you do it bigger? Can you do it better? Can you help some more? Can you love some more? Can you clap some more yeah encourage some more yes.

Can you reach some more? Yes, you guys see where I’m going.
You guys feel where I’m going with this new beginnings, it’s important that each and every day you do take as an opportunity to start afresh start anew.

If you didn’t quite hit the mark yesterday, okay start again tomorrow, here’s a fresh opportunity for you to start again.
Today, you’re listening to this you’re hearing me speak you’re hearing Fred speak you’re, hearing the the commotion of all the other things that are going on around you.
This is the opportunity you have to make a new beginning in the entire world that you’re around today.

I’m going deep with it, because this is a very deep subject, because new beginnings start from within a child is began in within where nobody can see.
Nobody else sees what’s happening inside of the womb of a mother and that child is beginning.

Their life starts there.

That light begins in a hidden place where nobody sees it.
So we have to go deep with this stuff.
Focus to new beginnings are very much internal before they’re ever expressed outside.

If we put a seed inside of the ground, it goes into a ground and it’s buried and hidden from light.
But what does it do it fights to reach towards light? Eventually, it’s fighting to get itself out from the cover-up and all the dirt.

That’s around it and reach out towards light.

Well, that’s you Fred and that’s me and that’s all the coffee beans that are listening to this car guy coffee, podcast and I’m excited to be growing with each and every one of them speaking of growing or doubt guys, gals.
We have a cafe that you can participate on and we want to make sure that you’re talking about the new things that you’re trying this is.
This is a business where we have to constantly re again, even the same things and the fundamentals that we do.

Each and every day you got to do them again every day you wake up and you handle business the same way fundamentally again every day.
Sorry, to get graphic, don’t want to get nasty, but a process gets put in place for you to do fluid fundamentals that flows into making sure that you are still creating new beginnings inside of live life that does have routine in it.
Routines K for the purpose of consistent growth.

Now, let’s go going for it.
I’m Chuck cups of core guy coffee in we haven’t done a video, yet we’re gon na be doing another little fun maybe hit that what these kids are doing these days, tick-tock yeah that tick-tock do a couple, little dance and schmancy videos just to have some fun Because you know we here, we need to do that and we have a fun time doing it.
It’s hilarious, I get some good laps and you know what it it brings: a smile to people’s faces, which is all that a high-five does so that’s our high-five to the world.

Tick tock out there so anyway, but we’ll get to that in a minute.
I’m jacket again I’m over here yeah and stacking up words hey, you know we got time.

This is our show.
We do what we want, but you know.
I think that it’s important to get the message out there and you know when you talk about something you’re, passionate about it’s okay to let it go a little bit longer, because some to somebody needs to hear that little extra, sometimes maybe they got that little push.

You’re talking and then I don’t need to get over, that edge, keep talking so anyway, um yeah, absolutely fresh ups, fresh beginnings, it’s all about that.
Every single day waking up whether you had a good day or a bad day when you wake up the next day.

You have to do it again, so why not wake up with gratitude? Why not wake up fresh? Why not use that energy to know that? Hey it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday? It just matters what I’m gon na do every moment from the moment I wake up.

You know I give out a lot of tips, make your bed when you first wake up in the morning, so you can start with a little bit of success.
It’s very great to do that.
Use some gratitude to get you having a positive mindset as the day goes.

It’s another way to start fresh, you know, and then you get into your job and you just work hard.
You know if you go in there every single day and you’re consistent and you really get in there and you and you really commit to it and you work every single day, not just for a day and then take a day off, and we all know what I mean, when I say, take a day off.
That’s another fresh start.

You can do that every day, it’s a fresh up.
You fresh up you wake up and you take the day off.
You don’t do anything while you’re at work.

That’s not a good fresh up.
That’s a bad fast, that’s the bow! You don’t want to catch that boat, guys what you want to catch.
Those 700 lay downs, so be that 700 lay down get up, be fresh and work hard, be the one who pays their bills.

You know what I mean be that guy, so when you are working your the 700 instead of the 450, that has two bankruptcies in a repo in the last 30 days.
So don’t be that be the fresh up that you’re supposed to be all right.

When you do the right things and you stay consistent and you are committed right, things happen to you more times than not trust me.

A lot of people talk about bad luck.
We talked about in our last episode.
You create your luck.

You make your perfect look.
You setting your sofa for a high success.
Oh it’s so easy to do, but it’s not.

It is work.
So remember that it’s, but you have support the cafe.
Is there for you? We are there, I’m there to support you, man, we have each other.

You guys put a question out there.
Anything you need, I will respond to it, promise you oh, he will, and I wasn’t he’s quick with it and he’s gon na make sure that you know that we know that you’re reaching out for solutions, and we’re excited about that.

I can’t express to you enough how important it is for us to get your input and to know what it is.

That is your best way to brew.
What is it that you’re bringing to the table every day or what is it that you’re stretching yourself in to be able to make this industry in this world a better place with your particular brand of car guy coffee? You know we are.
I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t really don’t want to say it in a negative way, because this is car guy coughing.

You know I don’t like dealing too much with negativity, but the truth is is that things are changing.

There is a new beginning inside of the automotive industry right now those happenings are shifting and it’s, and not so much on the subject of our fresh news, but more on the subject of our actual Brewers, more car, guys in our car gals things are changing the Generations are adjusting times are a-changin people, things are different, things are being sold differently, things are being bought differently.
People are being sold differently, um inside of our industry.

We are being replaced by robots.
Hmm, we can expect a slew of robots to replace a lot of what would be considered.
A mid-level depends on where you live.

Mid-Level earners salespeople, making about six to seven figures.
A year could possibly be completely removed from the industry, no matter where they sit.
Inside of the skills level, because of where the industry is going, there’s so many dealers that are turning so far digitally that there’s a new beginning occurring inside of the industry that it’s key and it’s vital that the people that are listening to this, that are trying To catch that edge that are trying to find a way to take in and ingest something that is going to energize them inside of a market that is going to be constantly serving a buyer, not always going to need a person to sell them.

The same way that they’ve been selling it, so it’s imperative that the car guys and car gals that are going to survive this complete changeover and renovation of the way business operates, learn how to adopt what is changing inside of our industry – and I know that’s very Wordy and hopefully you were being drawn into understanding the depths of what’s happening, but robots are coming to replace us just like what so check out.
I think what loose talking about is not just robots but artificial intelligence.
You know it’s like.

Basically, whatever is everything’s being automated, so what do you mean robots? What I think and I think what is a what’s a huge band-aid, I’m not saying it’s a permanent fix and I’m and I’m seeing this being on social media.
I talked about this earlier with Lou and I probably talked about a few times with Lou, but I see how powerful that social media can be for a person to become almost AI.
If that makes sense, you can use the AI to your advantage.

So exactly what customers are starting to be able to do is not just choose the vehicles, be able to research on vehicles, be able to get a true car this and that they’re able to choose their salesperson they’re able to go online and be like this.
Guy looks like a lot of fun to buy car from successful salespeople.
They they are outside of the box people most of time.

They they think a little bit different they’re, always constantly doing changing they’re, always thinking that all they could do it a better way to.
Oh here, let me this way is good.
This Way’s, whatever they’re, always a mad scientist in a sort of a lab trying to continuously make that wheel better.

I agree, you know, could you imagine how, in how focused a person designing a car is after they designed one piece of perfect awesome machinery that they see built from a piece of metal to this grandiose road machine, and then they were like? I can make it better that I can make it faster.
I can make it quicker.
I can make it sleeker.

I can make it more aerodynamic, go crazy with it see we do that.
We get to make it be know: yeah, it’s a spicy meat-a-ball, but that’s thing you know in every that.
That is what makes this world amazing and what makes human beings amazing and make sells.

People amazing, is that the ever wanting more to make it better right? So you know we all, as salespeople who are, I would quote, unquote call real salespeople.
We have this thing where we want more, it’s like we, we can hit like we can have a goal and we can think it’s unrealistic even and then we can achieve it and we can achieve the fashion we thought, and once we do were like.
I want enough, what’s the next one, to hit, so that’s the lifestyle of one that is flying, but that is called being fresh every day and even after you accomplish a goal being fresh again fresh starting over like what is another thing that can help me get To the next level level up, that’s right, and you know so start fresh man, wake up every day and just know that it is eight.

It doesn’t matter what you do like once again, you could have made three million dollars yesterday.
What are you gon na? Do the if you, if you truly want more you’re gon na wake up the next day and you’re gon na go, get more and you’re gon na, say man.
That was easy.

I can find another way to make six million now right so and you won’t be satisfied until you do.
You know, and that’s at least what a quote-unquote real salesperson would be like a quote-unquote entrepreneur.
You know person who has that whatever it takes attitude, you know I’m gon na I’m gon na wake up and I’m putting in the work or you know people say I don’t have enough time but I’ll say I’ll find the time.

You know what I’m saying or I’ll make the time, but so time bender you got to do that.
You know if there’s plenty of time in the day, you know we all talk about that.
We work.

Let’s say on average, you work .

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