Brandon K Hardison Using Social Media To Drive More Sales

Good morning to you, five o clock in the a.

on the East Coast, Brandon Hardison president of champion strategy, is glad to be with you on this Friday June.
The 19th gym team day.
Some people say it should be a holiday, but that’s politics for another time, but weird here with another tip, I was going to schedule and talk about some of these upcoming training technologies that will be coming down the pike.

But someone sent me something and said social selling having these platforms that are out there.
Whether I am a one point: one dealership store or belong to a large group where there should be specialist social media experts for each campus or, if you’re, a large group.
Each platform or City, if you will that they operate, they should have ways for you to tell your story to help you, the sales consultant or you des manager, or you use car managers, service manager, general manager, of getting your stories out into your community by using Social media so just wanted to spend some times and just some more minders on that now I applaud those folks on their own that have stepped up.

Maybe they have a few of these sources.
Maybe a Facebook, maybe an instant gram, maybe a Twitter, maybe a LinkedIn.
A combination of that or their naturally or some of the other ones for the younger groups and you do place pictures of you too, a delivery next to your guest.

So that’s a start.
That’s your comfort zone and you can consistently do that because you’re getting your name and out and I on Saturdays and joy, seeing people all across the country from the Great North East we’re big group d, CH, ER, washington, DC Mehran area.
We do have the two cars and down in Florida.

You have courtesy coggan, there’s a lot of groups in West Fletcher Jones out only west northwest, there’s lithium motors there’s a lot of companies that are doing things.
But when I see something from a small community in Louisiana called Alexandria, which most people never heard of and they’re doing, the best they can to tell their story, that’s where we need to start thinking.

So since some of you are doing that, here’s just a tip whether you’re a large group, small group, if you’re, not afraid of putting yourself out there, that’s a beautiful thing.

Why not try this? You have a guest that saw in a new vehicle or a certified pre-owned vehicle, and your manufacturer in their own way, has already contacted the CSI and the SSI that it’s it’s already done.
There’s no problem there matter of fact, you’ve gotten your credit.
You may have gotten, however, they deliver monies to you it’s already in there, but since you stay in touch with this person, not communicate with them and say hey, we would love for you to do a live testimonial from your home from your workplace, from your social Order, maybe they’re relaxing and I just have a few questions to ask.

They agree.
You set up a date, and here you are in your space here they and their space you’ve set them the length.
You remind everybody, the date, the time the beautiful experience they had.

They were with you and asked him just a couple.
Questions don’t have to be wrong.
Hey mister, miss customer.

When you came into the dealership, what part of the experience really put a smile on your face, and why would that be? I did the demonstration how you taught me all the different technologies.

Well, whatever it may be, doesn’t have to be long just about three minutes or so thank them.
But since you’ve already worked something out with another Department, remember I believe in teen solution selling.

Let’s say it’s: the service advisor or the service manager, your customer is finished, but here comes the service manager announcing reminding the people to your community that they have this upcoming special for this time period and that’s driven out not only on you, but also your dealerships.
Social sites, now, if you still don’t know what my mean and it’s over your head I’ll, just think about it, a second from a marketing standpoint.
We spend a lot of money.

There’s a lot of challenges out there, and this box is the only thing that we’re spending money to so never hate the player hate the game, but we’re spending a lot of money through this.
Why not you help yourself help your dealership or maybe your dealer group doing something where people can see that you had a satisfied customer and they told you why and they told you they’ll be glad to shop there again, and you say thank you, but before you Go to black and fade out, hey gang just wanted to let you know here’s what’s going on for this weekend, here’s what’s happening this upcoming holiday season, or maybe you’re partnering with another organization in the community and a quick little 30.

Bite comes up about that.
In your community, imagine what that will do with so many different platforms that you’re using going out just an idea.

All I do know is that a whole lot of us are not using social media.

The way it should be so, if you’re afraid to get in front there’s got to be somebody in your dealership.
There’s got to be somebody team that would be willing to give you some ideas and some help.
Now I just thought of that.

That’s for free! I could charge people for doing a quick little thing on that, but that’s why we call it Hardison’s tips so Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday.
So if your father is still with you, whether you have a good relationship or not hey it’s Father’s Day, that is the man that brought you there.
If you’re, like myself and many others and your father’s already past, just spend some time and think of that man.

Just like, I think of my father, who had way back in 1966, but I still remember many of the things he tried to share with me at my and if you do have kids, please take the time to educate on anything about yourself personally, so they can Remember as they get older or about something, that’s happened in your clan once again, Brad an artisan president of champion strategies with a little Hardison’s tip about social selling, like always in party gone out there and make it a champion.

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