Brandon k Hardison Timing is Everything, Even When You’re Giving a Speech

Warning Brad, an artisan president of champion strategies continuing on with our series of public speaking everyday we’re trying to give you little tips for those folks that are considering to be in this speaking industry.

Some of you may already be in the industry, but we all know we’ve lost that front of the room that large audience those conferences but they’re coming back airplane flights are up major cities as far as their conventions.
The traditional ones are starting to see.
So we will be back in that space or, like I did, say, congratulations at your job.

You’ve just been awarded position manager, you’re, director, you’re meeting other people, meaning you’ll, be having speeches with your team members.
So I just want to give you a daily tips and reminders on things that need to be done with your teams and if that can be done successfully free of charge without you going to spend your money.
But if you still feel that you need to do that, there’s some great organizations community colleges, colleges that won’t be glad to take you through the rigors of doing it, but no matter what you have to be comfortable.

You have to be confident you have to know basic things when you’re in front of the room or using this box when you’re dealing with people, so we just want to continue on with today’s series, and today I wanted to talk about timing.

That’s right! Not when you’re rushed for time, they told you that your 15 minutes speech is now 5 minutes or your our speech is only 30 minutes, because the keynote speaker took up some of your time or something was running late.
No we’re not talking about that.

We’re talking about timing is everything giving your speech so, while you’re creating an undo live ringing going through your introduction and conclusion, all that is in your head.
Just keep in mind the timeframe.
We don’t want to deviate because many times when you’re getting in front of the room, you may go off on a story and attention – that’s not included in your speech, but we have to make sure that we’re ready for it.

So the best way I cannotice give you a little an example, for instance them where it dinner or going to the movies or there’s another speaker coming on after you.
This is what many of your audiences are thinking about before you come up.

They’ve never heard of you before they know you’re gon na give a speech, but their mind is already on the next step.

So it comes down really T to you and that’s where timing comes in.
So just like many things in life.
Success with the speech often comes down to timing.

So if you’re, a competent speaker, I’ve lured should pay attention to what your audience wants, needs you’re, watching them you’re checking out the non verbal 90 % of the way you’re going to walk on to the stage with your confidence, because I know my content is setting You up already for people saying hey, you know what this might be interesting, but if you overstay your welcome, you got your you’re gon na, lose them so very important early in the game.
The first five minutes is you you blow through that.
First, five minutes of the presentation at a mock four pace: you’re gon na lose them it’s not just a matter of giving them what they want.

It’s also a matter of serving up an appealing and appropriate way based on some of the other basics.
We’ve been talking about is eye contact looking at the rome projection all this comes into play, but you can get people to get away from that next event that they want to do and focus more on you if you come on stage with a little bit of Swagger and you have something catchy to catch him within the first few minutes now they’re going to give you some time picture yourself, eating dinner at a fancy.
Four five-star restaurants, 60 dollars a plate minimum, no matter how fantastic the food is.

Would you enjoy it as much if the water is never brought to you once? In other words, I got this shrimp cocktail.
I got the soup, I got the salad, I got the steak, I got the cheese steak.
I got all this at the same time.

Nothing to wash it down with well that four-star experience goes down.

It’s not fun to sit through a five hour dinner because they’re giving you an hour between courses either.

If you are shelling out that kind of money for a dinner you’re automatically expecting an experience to be timed out perfectly between you, your waiter, your waitress, the people in the kitchen, your speech is no different.

Everyone in the audience is spending their most valuable thing.
Their time not to mention their money then walk down to here you and some of the other speakers there.
So what do they want in exchange they’re automatically expecting content, but excellent timing as well? So don’t disappoint them.

So how do we do these things? Timing is a touchy thing because it’s fluid anybody, remember Bruce Lee and maybe I’m giving up my age by going back, you say become water right.
Everything is fluid.
A lot of factors can go into making sure that your speech hits the right time span.

Only you control that so the very first and foremost thing that I can tell you is to take care of both things that are in your control.
Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control.
So what can we control right? A good content right, a good speech, make sure everything makes consistent sense to the audience that you’re going to present for remember someone contacted you and say we wanted you to speak on this.

If it takes supplementals like slides, like videos, make sure everything they’re content, wise is done well, if you’ve ever listened to any one of my videos, practice practice practice, practice, practice, practice and I’ll say it once again.
Practice we’ve already talked about in front of a mirror.
Using a stopwatch using audio using your dog using your significant other using anybody, but we need to practice if you do not practice.

You’re not gon na have any improvement, not at all.
We’ve already talked about the mastery of being relaxed, the more relaxed you are and not nervous, the more comfortable and confident the tonality.

The projection will come from you and it puts the audience at ease now the things once again that are not in your control.

As things breaking as people, shifting moving dropping things all of those things, you don’t worry about focus on what you can worry about now, the only thing that can really happen if the lights go out in the whole auditorium.

Okay, now there’s an issue no need to continue speaking, but if there’s things happening in certain part of the room that you feel that’s going to take away attention from the people from you just keep speaking or make a side joke and continue on with your speech.
But there’s nothing you can do about that.

Here’s the bottom line to achieve maximum effort in a speech when it comes to timing, it needs to be timed out right long enough to satisfy the audience but short enough to satisfy your audience, intent on knowing that you fill that gap and now they’re more excited About that next thing that they’ve got to do whether it is the movie whether it is dinner, whether it is the next speaker how many times have you gone to a concert and there’s the headliner, but here’s a group that comes in before them and boy they Upstage them a little bit better and you enjoyed them more than the headliner.
You can do those things it’s all up to you, but timing is everything that we’re looking at today.

So if some of this makes sense research, it more find some other people who can say it in a way that maybe you understand it better, but it takes practice so, just like you’re always imparting Brandon Hardison president of champion strategies saying get on out there and Make it a champion .

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