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Courting Brad and Hardison with you for a nother series of public speaking little tips from your host Brad and Hardison president champion strategies, and we’ve been doing this for about a month now, giving speaking information once again for those new teachers, I’m so excited for you school Years, starting and you should be excited too, because you chose one of the best professions that we as Americans need out there and that is teaching our babies.

So this is going to be your first time in front of the room.
There’s a lot of things that you need to do as far as classroom management and also processes, but you will be in front of them for the teachers that will still be teaching online.
Once again, I need to make sure we’re getting good a curriculum.

Can I see them? What are they doing? If I ask for a response, are they giving you a true response, or are they just dropping notes from somewhere, but we’ll find our way through all that with the teachers, you may be a new manager.
Congratulations! Now! Your team or your a larger team, if you do have a quarterly regional events, you may be called on to speak, so we’re just trying to give you some tips with that for the people that wanted to be in front of the room and then the virus Head well now we have this box.
Believe me, all the speakers in the world want to be back to where it was.

Maybe it will we’re gon na stay positive, but for now we have this box and there’s some certain things that we still need to do.
Like I always said, you’re gon na always pay for it great organizations that can assist you with public speaking, but there is a cost.
That’s why I did a whole session on what to do.

If you don’t want to pay for it, can you still be successful? That’s on you, I don’t know, what’s in your heart, how disciplined you are to stick to a rhythm to be successful, so with all of that said, let’s just try to unpack what we want to talk about for today, and that is the keys to successful.
Writing or content that has wool, know about it or hear about it.

This word content is very important when it comes to speech writing, because if the content is not clear, if the content cannot get to the audience in a way you wanted them to receive.
The point that’s all worthless, so let’s choose an important topic that we want to talk about.
So the first step is: is it going to be something fresh from my head, something my manager needs me to do.

Maybe I read a blog or something but make one thing clear: the purpose, the purpose will always ensure that your topic is going to be there.
So, let’s look at any situation if I’m your sales manager and our numbers of depth.

What is the purpose? What do I want to leave them with to walk away with so before composing your speech perform whatever research you need to do, and I know you know how to gather all that with all the technology.

That’s out there.
As far as statistics and case studies and sales figures, but just make sure how am I going to take this content or the topic and relate the information to the audience? That’s what you need to be thinking about, and, speaking of audience, the biggest factor biggest factor when in society how to approach a topic is the audience who you’ll be addressing it to.
We need to take time to find out.

Who is the audience? What did they already know? Are these senior staff if we’re talking about business, are these junior staff or are these brand new people coming out of orientation? How is my topic going to help them with what they do? How do they feel about the subject matter? Once again, if we did our research, we can approach it from different angles and how does the subject relate to the lives? How are going to take that information each one of the audience and really engage with it, courage of their conviction, I’m going to take some or, if not more, of what you say and start to implement it with my clients that I have these points.
If you will will determine how to include your speeches, Forrest presenting the information last example on it.
If the audience is largely unaware of what your topic is going to be, your speech should be mostly informational, but if you go too deep in the woods with slides statistics, you’re gon na lose them, so please make sure have a way to break that up.

Let’s prepare and structure putting the time how we want this to be laid out.
Some of you know about the importance of flowing.
If you’re, using technology trying to get the neuro linguistic programming out, are we going to be using auditory? Are we going to be using video? Are you going to be breaking some of this up into smaller groups? By presenting the question, how is the information going to be structured that you’re going to beginning to the audience about your content or your topic? Please think about that and no matter what you’ve always heard it before.

You only have a few minutes to give that great first impression so always begin with a strong client, whether it’s from the mission statement from the organization once again, if it’s a school, here’s, what we’re planning on doing for our you give a strong cont.

One tenth make sure that it’s clear, because once you do that, I guarantee you that’s what they’re going to be listening for as you go through the rest of your presentation.
I use concrete details if you’re going to be doing a third party and that’s what I mean other people coming in other former speeches from other people.

Maybe you had a breakfast a year ago and your CEO said something, and you want to play a clip of that to just drive columns of night just make sure that all of the details are there and it makes sense.
Can you make it personal with some of your personal elements? Maybe you came from a lower level and now you’re in the leadership role.
Sure, but be humble, don’t take up too much of the time about you, it’s not about you, it’s about them the content and how they’re going to achieve their goals, wants and dreams, and also consider the devices that can be used as made cheekily pieces homework that You want them to get back to their managers or you small groups.

I don’t know what your topic is, but small group with information, so they can give it back to you and your team, so you can find out exactly if this was worth the speech and the content that you’re looking for and always always end a speech with Vitality end it with something memorable end your speech with something that they will walk out with and they will say wow.
This was one of the greatest things that ever got involved with I’m glad I came, it is tough, but it is easy and, as always as I say, we need to practice practice practice because practice makes consistency.
Consistency makes confidence.

Now, what that said is always imparting brand and Hardison champion strategies talking about some public speaking tips you going out there and make it a champion.

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