Good afternoon it must be 12 o’clock on the east coast because it’s time for another edition of partisans tips, i’m your host brandon hardison glad to be with you.

What i do is give a break to my sales team.
They go to lunch and i spend the time giving you some fresh information.

Hopefully it’s going to help you out as a sales consultant.

I hope there’s some managers listening, because in order for those people to be successful, you need to know how to coach them.
Not only small group, but also one-on-one, we need to inspect what we expect them to do with the guest, and i am honored today to have one of the best digital people in the whole world he’s got data coming out of his ears.
He deals with so many different organizations and companies, but we’re fortunate that some of his expertise comes from the automotive industry.

So i’d like to welcome mr richie bellow to the show how you doing today, rich thank you brandon and tumble.
I’m humble enough to say thank you and i’m glad to be part of your show and uh.
You know and it’s great what you’ve developed here.

I’m really really happy about it and thank you so much brandon, okay! Well, let’s get right to it because you’re busy and i got to get back to class in a little bit uh.
That is your thing.
So, when we speak of automotive lead generation lead generation that is starting to come up and articles people are doing youtube’s.

There’s some organizations that say that they have the answer for all the internet, bdc departments.
What’s your take on lead generations, what’s missing what makes what you have different? Okay, what we have different is the data points that we have, and you know brandon, i’m just gon na point something out.

I was a sales person, then a manager in the 90s.

All right, i bought every trigger lead in one marketplace: okay, and i always blamed experian for that trigger lead, no good until i moved on to another dealership that had a training, a whole training program, and you know what i didn’t really make a home run.
But it’s i sold more cars than ever with the legion.
We all blame the lead generators, i’m going to mention.

Uh lead locators.
Okay, i had i had an opportunity to have a call with them a call with uh cars.
Direct here’s what’s happening, the dealerships always blame the legion with us.

We give you the most data, it’s all about the training, it’s all about what you do with that lead opportunity, how your people are.
Yes, some lead to no good, but some leads are.
But if you don’t train your staff, you really don’t know, buying a lead and not knowing what to do or not.

Knowing how your store is handling.

You know what mr dealer don’t buy it.
I tell people, don’t buy it.

Our leads get dumped 50 of them.
We don’t just give your name phone number and email and car make and model.
Don’t do that.

I give you all the data.

If i give you 21 points of data right 21 points of data yeah, a qualified customer.
With all that information, you got to ask yourself as a dealership: why are you selling it not just giving you the name phone number, an email yeah needs 50 of the leads we get with name phone number and email go to the garbage wow.

Only it’s only the qualified lead, so if a dealership can’t put that together when he goes on facebook and that he’ll spend five grand on an ad, because i have all that data five ran on an ad and he doesn’t do that kind of lead all right.
So you know what it’s about really really: the virtual relationship with the customer right now and everything now is virtual right.
So hey, you know what and if i’m a trainer – and i have an opportunity like that, i’m going to sell that lead gen and i’m also going to do training.

Is it going to be better than what you had absolutely you want to go on google and spend 20 grand and have one percent of conversion versus go on google and, have you know a 10 conversion? It’s whatever you want to do.
You know 19 800 dealerships in the country.
A lot of them.

Try legion, don’t work, but they always come back to the legion.

Now you you mentioned, and thank you for that richard you mentioned that usually legions.
If you’re lucky, you may get four or five touch points to follow back up with that guess, but you mentioned 21 points.

Now i’m not going to ask about your that’s your business, no over the process.
It’s uh! It’s what it is! It’s a funnel welcome to shopsmart right and we start asking them one email their address.
Is it a lease or a buy? Do they have a trade household income? How long at the residency and what is their credit score all right? We asked that question and that’s where the leaders the credit score and which was your when you bought a car where’d.

You buy all these questions that we asked okay and then, when they reply back who’s ever buying that lead and that marketplace goes right to their crm.

We also have the ability, with with the dealer, track to put that same lead right in dealer track.
How? Because we reply to the customer, buy the car now go on here and now they could go right on the other track wow.

So if um we build a virtual relationship using the technology of infusionsoft automation, marketing with an automated email that goes out to every customer.

Huh, so if i’m hearing you rich and so sorry to interrupt with with that, that sounds more almost like uh, an appointment, it’s it’s there waiting correct.
So when we provide you a lead, it has all this information.

It’s just not named phone number and email right and car make and model.
What’s that, i’m not! You know, that’s not a lead to me.
That is an inquiry.

Now you got to convert that into a lead and that’s what we do gotcha now a few times.

I heard you say training and, through my experience most outside vendors uh, they may give you a pamphlet.
They may send you somewhere on a website to try to have your people read something.

But when you say training, how do you support it when the bdc is still struggling? They can’t get to that point.

Your training consists of the same thing, sending them a website or how does that work? What that works is we have light speed, shot.
Smart has light speed what we really did was convert.

You know we added light speed to our solution right because we feel, as a team, that without the training we’re not going to get into the lead, gen we’re not really interested.
So we have these seven.

I think right now it’s five or seven trainers that are into training six hours, complementary right and then from there.

If the results not there for the customer, then they got a book training with that trainer.
Whoever that trainer is now providing a lead is either.
You got a bdc problem or you got a sales problem.

That’s what bottom line is gotcha.
It’s not it’s not about the leaders.
What’s your process, the lead based on all the data that we have and how it worked in some places and in others it doesn’t.

We see that it’s because of the process, it’s because of your dealership process.

Why is lithia right now has sold more cars kovac 19 than anybody else right, just in long island, a store when and mina had a business right now they did a press release and everything.

Why is that? Because of the process? It all has to do with the process yeah.

Why is jim alice like what you’ve done there? It’s an amazing job, what you’ve done! Why are they like that? Uh take my good friend doug from cadillac man.
Why is his store number one in cadillac sales and cpo okay? Why, and does it’s all about training it’s all about when you look at the financial statements, it’s the company is spending money in training versus spending more money in digital and hope and pray that they sell cars versus a company.
That’s effective, like your company.

They spend money in digital ah, but they also spend money in training.

Okay, could you do this for some of the people? I know they’re, probably looking at their devices uh.
I know i’ve heard of them.

I know they’ve been around but uh.
Could you explain light speed because i believe it’s officially called what light speed, dt yeah light, speed, vt, so light speed, vt a lot of trainers have them and a lot of trainers.
Don’t the reason we we said that we’re going.

Lightspeed is because of the quizzes and the interactive video right.
So as far as learning at tybee, it’s the best learning platform there is, i mean it really is: there’s nothing out there, we’ve shopped it around at the institute.
We have lightspeed, we shopped it around and found out.

Okay, let’s find out.
If this will it really does because quizzes right number one and you got the interactive, it’s the only platform out there that has this interactive technology.

Okay, that’s the beautiful and support they have.

What i call the rolls-royce support, really they do.
Their support team is aces uh.
So that’s the thing and private label it.

You can private label.
So when that customer goes in, there sees your brand.
You put a video about your brand.

It’s great, you know i don’t have to be white label like a lot of these, i’m not interested in the white label, just under my brand, i’m interested in just a platform.
Okay, all right people can give you white label, but what does that really mean? I mean i’m, i’m not a developer of lms’s, i don’t care.
People know that i’m a developer, i care that it works, and i know that lightspeed does work well.

I do know a few and if i say the names the people listening probably do know, but i remember for a time what from grant cardone to jim zigler to a whole lot of people spent time on there, and you did say the word it gives you As i call it all the elements of neuro-linguistic programming, in other words you do have the video like you did say you have the content, but you have a way to assess them right right there and, if you’re, a good manager, if they didn’t get it, go Back and watch the video or read the content until you can get the quiz passed and if i remember right, isn’t there a um, a chapter test or i’ll call it that or something at the end of it right there’s a test at the end, what happened Is one course usually has 10 50 20 chapters, whatever chapters you want and then you start testing them.
What happens? Is you go to the dealership and you train live right and now you you’re inspecting your training.

Actually, when you give that content to the dealership, he puts his guys on there and his ladies on there and finds out the the retention what they grasp joe louie and larry and gail right are doing very big, sabrina, richie, brandon and louis are not doing well.

The same training, everything the same, the these four have tremendous productivity, and these don’t well lightspeed will identify that right because of your analytics.
Now, that’s analytics, that’s proven provided to the trainer, but it’s also given to the dealer.
So now, mr dealer, my training here that i did then we followed it up with lightspeed and now it’s not working.

Why gotcha same it was a group of four team, a and team b and team b.
Was that good? Well, why so, let’s revisit again and make it instead of for eight people, let’s make it for four more one on one, it doesn’t mean that the team b is not going to grasp, but it just means that they take a little longer outstanding.
But no, that’s that’s a great one, but before time runs out – and you tell me if i’m off base or not, but i believe i saw a press release uh.

Is there something about you and uh? Yes, yes, you mentioned what that is.
Okay, so cox has a lot of different partners.
You know and it’s partners on their technology, okay, okay, so we have we’ll partner up with them on their technology, which is kelly blue book.

Why do you want kelly blue book? Because that really brings credibility dealer track? Why do we want dealer track? For this reason, customer dealer tells us oh, these leads are no good.

We have the ability to pop it and deal a track.

Would you like it in a dealer track gotcha, a customer? That’s why we did this partnership and it’s not cheap.
You try to call dealer tracking being a partner with them and you find out what you need a lot of money.

That’s the partnership.

Let me address this.
It’s popping that lead that shopsmart has go into your dealer track now.
The leads still no good, mr dealer, wow.

That’s why we did this for people that say i can’t this lead.
Nobody else has this on the lead side.
Nobody else has that, because they don’t even give you the lead on their inventory.

It’s a third party lead.
We give you the lead with the most data of your inventory, so we have the ability to pop it in because all we got to do is the same way.
We’re asking the customer for this information.

Mr jones, why don’t you pick up the car today? And here’s where you go and it’s right at our inventory, it’s gon na be right in our inventory.
In the next week, wow every dealership is gon na.
Have the access to the idea truck.

They have to give us that access and that lead pops in there.
So now now, what are you going to tell me about the lead gen as a dealer, as a manager as a vendor that you’re selling rain leads? What could you possibly tell me now now? Oh, you must have had a strong presentation to get into the cox because they just don’t accept anybody to give you access to all of those great powerful labels that beautiful job you know what it has to do.

It’s not me, it’s not my team.

Here’s what it has to do with cox is all about money.
How much money do you have to use our solutions? Okay, that’s it it’s that that, like that’s what it’s all about it’s a great solution, they check everything out.
They’ve done all the stuff.

They need to do and now that’s the solution, so there’s a big, a big difference there when you’re a dealer – and i i’m selling your lease – oh, but by the way, would you like the same leads in your dealer track right now, dealers are dying for that.
Why are they dying because they have it on all their dealerships websites by now right and that’s with the same thing that dealer truck has so we have that ability excellent.
So now the lead becomes more valuable right and shop.

Smart odos becomes more valuable and that’s what we’re about solutions all right.
So with a couple of minutes remaining here um, i know you got this partnership now.
I understand uh the legion with the 21 different points of information.

So can we go behind the curtain? Are you working on anything else or is it too early, and you don’t want to talk about? Well, you know we’re working, we’re always working on stuff.
Anybody that knows me knows that i’m all over the place right.

Well, i appeal like that, but we have a team right.

So when you have a team, it looks like it’s only one.
It’s not me at all.
It’s my team.

I got a very aggressive team uh, but yes, we are working on something where we’re working is bringing shop smart to a mobile, app uh.
We had a call with our team.
Our mobile app should be ready within four or five weeks.

Let me say what happened.
We originally contracted a company to do shop about at the time i was very busy before coving reached out to this company.
They didn’t develop what we wanted.

They developed me a wordpress, so i tried to fit the wordpress where we got all the inventory and everything, but as a company we decided that wordpress is not really our own technology right.

So we decided you know what we need our own technology, because also we’re with the public company.
That looks smart.

So if we want to go public down the road with them or we want to do certain things with a wordpress site, it’s not going to work.
You know so shopsmart right now is not wordpress, it’s our own technology that we built it, uh, javascript, html and all like just like any other one.

So it’s that wordpress! No more so we we got a bad taste in our mouth.

With that company we moved forward uh and just forgot about that, because we have so much more focus to do and to get stuff to the next level.
Okay, so before we go uh, which i give to everybody, how can somebody find out more about what you’re saying? How can they contact you? What’s what’s one of the ways just uh i’ll reach out to info at shopsmart, autos calm and we take it from there.

You know how about repeating it one more time, because some people probably didn’t get it info at shopsmartphotos.

com oto’switness.
com and you know brandon.

I really got ta tell you it’s like it’s really nice to be out here and i’m really i’m having a great time in florida.

I really don’t even want to go back to new york.
I mean it’s the family, but really really that’s about it.
I definitely don’t miss anything else, especially the dealers out there.

I really don’t miss that you know what i mean be happy that you know whatever, but i don’t miss that you know and new york’s having a real difficult time right now i mean there’s more than a few stores that i know of that have done a Press release that they’re shutting the doors to further notice.
It’s a shame.
Well, with with that said, i’m not going to take up too much more because my students are about ready to come back in, but richie bellow, some great information.

He told you how to get in touch with him, but boy i just like, because i wrote it down a few times 21 different points of information on one customer versus the average of four.

I i jump on that in a second that that sounds like an appointment to me everything you said i may be wrong, but to me it sounds like a point: that’s why dealers that use it and don’t succeed, they’re embarrassed, because what i wanted to do was Make something sewing so crazy, embarrassing that they got ta hire you as a trainer, because listen i’ve been trying this training gig.
For you know, for a long time, all these new york deals are not interested.

You have a customer.
It’s like a customer going to your used car lot with money in his hand and with all the information and filled out, and you blow them out.

You should be ashamed of yourself ashamed with all this data and now that’s why we teamed up with also dealer track, like they said, we’ll join their team.
Thank god, because now we have the ability to put that lead in dealer track.
So we got ta.

Do is market it to that customer and drive them to dealer track love it richie.
Well, uh i got ta go once again, everyone, and hopefully you got something out of it and as always imparting this is brandon hardison with artisan’s tips.
Saying you go out and you make it a champion: .

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