Brandon K Hardison People buy based on trust in the salesperson

Good morning to you, five o’clock Eastern Standard Time on the East Coast, Brad and Hardison president champion strategies worth today’s artisans tip.

I hope you had a great weekend and now we’re coming to the end of the month, a few more days to get your sails up.
So you can reach your goals and dreams.
Then we got the fourth of July holiday, so let’s get to today’s tip people in their own way, buy based on trust of that sales professional.

Now, if you do not believe that here’s the thing I want you to think about you’re working hard, you aren’t really consistent you’re generating enough sales.
Getting some referrals chances are I’m doing everything that I can, but here’s the thing when the guest shows up are we spending enough quality time building some rapport? That is the key thing.
People still buy from people, but they told me on the phone everything that they wanted to.

Let’s just go to the demo right.
Well, is this still the right car that we need find out a little bit more about their needs, wants and desires? Because if we just go on a dumb all right – and we don’t do it beats your advantage – benefit walk around we’re still losing everything that we can.
I guess what I’m saying is get an edge.

That’s that’s worth value, that’s where report at so.
If we’re on time and we’re well prepared of that guest, that’s coming in whether they went to your internet put in some information, whether your BDC gave you the information you talk to, the people make sure you’re basically prepared maintain a well-groomed Aaron’s, dressed appropriately for your Market area in America is a very diverse country, be upbeat, be personable without becoming over the top, but you should be excited that they showed up.
You should be excited that they’ve, given you some time to do this one-on-one over the Internet adjust your style to every customer.

Now, for example, I don’t have enough time, but if you’ve heard of neuro linguistic programming, NLP just put that in your favorite search engine and you’ll get a plethora of information, but it’s an exact science.
We need to find out how they take in information auditory visual kinesthetic a little bit of all of it.

That’s what most sales people miss we have to find out.

Should we be expressive more passive, more animal, little cool, that’s your job, they’re gon na buy, didn’t they buy from you, each of the behavioral styles that customers come in.
You have a tough job in a short window of time to find out all of these things.
So you know how to move forward with each guess body.

Language was very important many times our body language is not conducive to the guest who’s on the other end or vice versa.
So we need to find a way where we both can be.
On the same page, ladies and gentlemen, that’s where bond and rapport takes in most people forget that most people don’t listen.

Most sales people don’t take notes if you’re not listening, and you think you can retain everything and I’m not taking any physical notes or I’m not keystroking everything into the CRM.
If I’m the guest on the other side, I don’t know what you’re doing it sounds like an interrogation, not a conversation and keep in mind they’re going to buy from someone shouldn’t it.
Be you if you ever played sports before, if you’ve ever done anything in performing arts individual team, you probably heard your coach, you probably heard someone say slow it down.

Slow it down, see the whole field.
Your heart is pumping racing.
You want to get this deal done, but you’re moving too fast slow it down.

The customer will enjoy it.
You will enjoy it.
Your managers can assist you better.

If we do certain things well, I still don’t know without no bond and rapport without listening to their needs once and desires, without confirming to the guests what you just heard from them needs wants and desires.

How can you go to your management to seek some help to make sure we can get it right, the first time? How can we make sure we have the right vehicle for them, so we can do a product presentation walk around before the demo? Oh, you don’t do product presentation walk around.
Well then, why did you ask them questions you should have just went on the demo selling, automobiles or ttle selling anything we have to sell our self first, when customers see value in you, because you found a way to bond rapport found some common ground still got All the needs out customers very comfortable because you always need to remember they’ve been somewhere else.

They’ve talked to someone else.
The reason why they’re in front of you is because they didn’t like that other situation give them a different experience salespeople, who fail to put the emphasis on developing the trust, the rapport, getting everything from the guests that they need you’re, the ones that are usually gon Na have the short deals.
The many deals you’re not going to reach all of the goals and dreams that you’re looking for and then eventually you’re gon na say no good.

Dealership people don’t want our products, we don’t advertise in certain areas.
If I had more purple cars with green guts, I could have sold them you’re wearing and talking about things that you have no control over that you’re, not in those meetings.
So if you want to reach your goals and dreams, why don’t you can control the only thing that you have and that’s your ability to tell your people what you do, how you do it where you do it at that’s what you can control so the more You come to work with a plan.

You’re gon na be successful.
If you just come to work with no plan and you’re hoping that something will happen at the dealership.
Yes, it’s gon na be a rocky road, but when that guest gives you an opportunity you’re at the plate, you’re the quarterback.

Now, let’s do the right processes that you already know you’ve been trained on if you’re new and, I would say, seek out some training, but the people that I’m trying to talk to are the ones that know what they need to be doing.

They just shortchange themselves and they wonder why successful once again, Brad and harness m4 champion strategies, don’t want to keep you long, but it’s Monday go out there and make it a chance.

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