Brandon K Hardison How New Learning Trends Will Impact Dealerships

Good morning out there five o’clock in the morning on thursday june, the 18th, and if i don’t remember if you do have a father that is still with you, please spend some time if you’re, like myself and your father’s already passed, spend some time with your thoughts.

In your mind, or if he’s close enough to you and you can maybe go to the gravesite if that’s comfortable for you – please do that.
But i lost my father back in 1966, but i still think of him every now and then great man to me.
So partisan’s tips i’m gon na continue on of where we started talking about the change in training in the industry of automotive.

We thank once again our guest, rebecca chernick from chernik associates and her eth and i wisdom.
But now we want to wind down the week, because if you are a coach, if you’re a trainer in the automotive space, whether you’re, independent or whether you happen to work for a group, there’s new ways that people want to sell and will sell to many individuals Or automotive groups, so we need to be prepared for this shift, so we’re going to continue on with it today and once again, then we will conclude on tomorrow by giving in some ideas of some of the vendors that are out there.

Maybe some of them feel comfortable for you, so you can say you know what let me get prepared for that particular area, because that’s what i specialize in now, we will spend some time, like i said, for major account key account getting around gatekeepers getting around security At a building, if we’re trying to get to a floor, and we need to speak to a decision maker or procurement officer, those are completely different.

Skill sets, but retail is what we’re dealing with automotive is what we’re just concentrating on this week as we get started.
So, let’s just dig right into it: how will some of the new trends impact some of the dealerships well traditional ways of how we do things are going down, classroom situations that its instructor led some fee folks feel that with the new technology that’s coming out and The other ways that they can learn e-learning, video simulations different things like that um that’s becoming a little old.
I personally disagree uh from being a former classroom high school teacher.

We need to have that quick verbal nonverbal see if you’re still on track, especially if it’s a new person, but this is what’s coming down the pike, in other words, the new normal.
If you will is going to be defined in a very very short period of time, some of it is already starting to be rolled out now, so, whether we’re looking at 2021 and we’re back on our feet or maybe 2022, maybe you still have existing contracts with Some other vendors, but it will change so the future of learning, especially when it impacts a dealership, is going to be defined in many areas.
But let’s just look at a couple of them, because these are the touch points.

If you will, with the guests with the customer that comes in, so we want to make it more personalized, it should have been that way, all the time to me, and we want to deal with why we are better than our competition.
I thought we were already doing that, but just telling you what some of the folks are trying to say that’s going on uh on the job.

There should be more hands-on.

That should be the rule anyway, lead by example, coaching getting behind that desk and managing by walking around all these things.
I can say we should be doing, but since we’re not doing it consistently, there’ll be some tools, some technology to help managers to assist them.
With that, in other words, the typical dealership organization structure will consist of various roles – responsibilities that are maybe too not different from what we’re still looking at now, but the way they want to do it is more team solution, so naturally, it’s still going to start with The top there is a board of directors uh and there’s a dealer principal they’re, going to have to be involved more boy.

It seems like we heard that somewhere, if you believe, in best practices now from the general manager, the desk manager, the parts manager, the sales consultants, service advisors.
All of these people need to be involved and will be involved in some way or another.
With this e-learning or a combination of all that, so let’s look at some examples, just for the sales and the service for the time that i have now whether they arrive for the am or pm, or maybe you have your teams going bell to bell on the Way to the dealership on their their drive, however, they come in audio content.

Oh boy seem like we heard some of that there they need to be playing getting their mind prepared so as they get to work and they cross the threshold of the dealership.
They’ll be ready to play, but we were doing that already.
Daily meetings are still going to be in there, but there will be some assistance to help the managers more because you know many times.

Managers are not comfortable speaking to their people or, if there’s a blow up, because something happened with the gm and that manager.
The dealer principal the so-called information meeting turns into a beat-up session.
You know that i know that so there’s gon na be some aids to help them now, throughout the day, there’ll be some workplace training.

That’s going to be involved, whether it’s going on a device, whether it’s in an app, but it will give them some continual training all throughout the day.
Why we’ve been saying this? If you’ve been a trainer coach like myself, training is ongoing.
People should be doing something.

Every part of their shift, you know as well as i do many people are just sitting waiting for something to happen.
We need them to be engaged in doing that.

So with these tools that i’ll talk more about tomorrow, this is gon na help them get involved.

With that, there also will be check-ins that there’s some quick reminders and notes from the morning meeting that’ll be on a dashboard and then ultimately, when they close the day on the way home or a homework assignment, there may be a live webinar.
There may be something that they didn’t do during the day that will be part of what they need to be doing for tomorrow.
So some of these companies are really pushing for this, and it’s going to be some big dollars now.

Service you’re not left out either think about that same time, frame that i use for the sales people coming to work learning once you cross the threshold, some type of meeting some type of certification training throughout the day for the service advisors, when they’re not doing their Business there’ll be some type of virtual courses that will keep them once again going back to this online continuous learning throughout of the day through a combination of touch points, videos, workshops – all of this is going to be there but brandon.
Don’t we do this already? We should, and for my brothers and sisters that are out there who are in the space independently for automotive dealerships.

I know that you’re preaching the same thing, it starts from the top we can manage by walking around.

We should be doing one-on-ones with our people.
I don’t care what part of the house front or back, because we work as a team, but the key thing that they’re going to be selling is call to action.
If you do all of this, mr dealer principal mr general manager, if you do these things, this call to action for you to make sure that they’re doing it, there’s going to be follow-up points that you need to be filling out now, whether it’s bringing somebody on Board, whether it’s at the store orientation, however, you work it.

You know as well as i do.
There’s many people dealer principals, general managers.
They don’t even know some of the employees that were hired.

Maybe they don’t have a functional hr department.
That’s separate! It’s somebody else’s responsibility, but i still believe before we onboard anybody for any position that leader that dealer principal that general manager, that foul should be in front of.
Maybe you only have a few minutes but still spend time with that person.

They’re in your house hold that hiring manager hold that sales manager service manager, whatever it may be accountable for their success.

They just made a career change they’re with you now, because if we do not do this right, we do know that in 30, 60 90 days, we’re gon na have to go through the whole thing again and what most people don’t realize.
It goes right to the bottom line when we have to have this craziness of turnover, but concluding with this new way that they want to do in the short term future for the dealerships and eventually for the long term, they’ll be learning mobile applications.

They’ll, try to make it fun for some of them and some type of gaming situation based on recall from what they had driving in or from the meeting or from the webinar it’s coming.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you have to embrace it? No not immediately, but i will end it.
The way i started it change is normal change will happen if you’re on board, with the process or not so tomorrow, we’ll take a look at some of these organizations and drill down specifically on how it may impact or how you can get prepared.

If you are an independent or maybe you’re training for a group, but all of this will help you so once again, brad and artisan, as always in parting, go out there and make it a champion.

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