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Good morning branded Hardison president champion strategies for another edition of public speaking some ideas and tips.

Once again, I congratulate all of you that are going to be going into the classroom that it’s going to be a tough job.
I hear that some schools are going to be letting you getting back in front of the class, while others will still be doing the virtual, but by the way, if this is your first year doing it remember your job is to present the content.
Keep classroom management make sure they understand, based on the curriculum, what is needed to move forward when it comes to any type of testing with that, but we’ll talk about that later, if your new manager, congratulations, keep in mind that leading people, it’s all about getting the Best out of them, not you, so if you’re, a person that wanted to do public speak the virus head now, you’re confined to the Buffs or if you feel that I don’t want to pay for anything, that’s okay! More! If you want to pay for it, there’s some great organizations.

I always say this same thing at the beginning, because the choice is yours, but just to get something started for today’s discussion, especially for those new teachers, especially for those new managers or for people a bit more seasoned.
We went into it, but still we need to remember, and that is how do you give a speech about yourself? How do you build a story where the audience will get the best of your content the most? So if you are successful in any way or starting out new, you still had to get there saying some type of way.
Remember your goal.

Your aim is to be like yourself now.
If you do not want to be bogged down, ice breakers are always a good way of getting started.
People do icebreakers in many different ways.

Maybe you’re not a comedian.
Maybe you don’t like to tell jokes: well, maybe there’s something that you can link from your past to your present, whether it’s you or someone that you’ve respected something to get the audience to see that okay, that was then this is now.
How is this going to help me move forward? Every season speaker can be shaken by the idea of talking about themselves cuz.

How can I keep it from not being a run on I’m gon na tell you everything how I grew up in the log cabin.
What happened when I was five? What we have to find a way of giving a speech, how successful we were and where we’re going without being boastful and always trying to be humble.
But how do can we keep it done in a timely fashion? Were not gon na be boring anymore? As a professional speaker coach, I advise clients who come to me for help all the time that there’s just a couple of rules that you need to be following lets.

Tell your story and three define acts.

Remember that no one is successful alone.
Somebody has helped and guide you there, whether it’s someone in your family in your circle of influence, whether it’s be social religion, but always do that then remember this.

Your story is a journey, so there was probably something that impetu.
You had a challenge that you had to overcome: share that with them, because they’re going to be running into some challenges and I would say the most important thing: act, 3 or the third part of it, your personal story.
As far as your future goals.

What’s going to be your journey to get to your future goal, and I don’t care what age you are you’re always striving for something better, even if someone’s near the end of their career.
Well, that’s just a graduation to hopefully something else that you’re going to be doing once you retire.
We never stop learning.

We never stop growing.
So, if you’re privileged to be in front of anyone, always remember I’m trying to give content, I’m trying to give a message to you for success, based on how I achieve my success.
So if some of this make some sense remember, there are organizations where you can pay, but there are also some organizations and tips that are out there that you can say I can do it to myself, but the only thing I will share with everyone practice practice Practice when you do practice, you become consistent.

Why you’re putting in the discipline so your mind, your body, your verbal, your nonverbal, will understand and respond once you’re consistent, that’s where the confidence comes in and that’s what the audience.
That’s what your students? That’s! What yours sales team members will see that consistency.

If some of this makes sense come back tomorrow, we got more for you and, as always in parting, granted Hardison sang going out and making a champion .

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