Brandon K Hardison Courage, Fear, and What Makes You Hesitate

Good morning, five o’clock on the East Coast, Brandon Hardison president champion tragedy school until on this Thursday June, the 25th, as this munch man marches by first of all, want to say thank you once again to my guest at our live show.

Yesterday, mr.
no Walsh coach trainer, extraordinaire Issa has his conquer University doing it all on the other side of the Mississippi, so the west coast dealers and the mountain dealers get a chance to get his expertise, but maybe we need to talk about doing.
They walk around competition Elkin his dealers on what they do, so they can see what it you can really do when you elevate it and have some fun put some pressure on some people, plus it’s good for the community, because they know what you’re doing to their People so, but no Walsh, we do thank you for that.

So, let’s unpack this right, quick, we know you got to get ready to get up and go to work, no matter if it’s a major account key account up and down the street in someone’s home retail.
So I would like to talk about courage, fear what makes you hesitate now.
We all know when the moment of truth is naturally when we’re trying to get our services paid for work, because we did a great job listening and taking that what we listened to and showed how our product was going to alleviate or give them that pleasure point.

We did all the finery so now it’s the moment of truth, but for those that are just thinking, maybe you’re new or experienced, maybe you’re in a slump, fear waste time.

I fear waste time because it is causes for you to hesitate.
Think about it.

When you know exactly what to do – and you are confronted with what’s happening in front of you right now – you know that the downsize risks when it comes to this negotiation – part you’re not going to reach your goals in your dreams.
So yes, there is fear, but we need to find a way to move through with our presentation without being fearful.
Now, when we hesitate, what do you think the customer, the decision maker on the other side of the desk, is thinking usually now all that confidence, all that suave all that product knowledge, everything that you were doing they see now that there’s some hesitation.

So are these the right prices? Did I miss something as a decision maker is this the organization that I want to do well with? So let me go back when there’s fear presenting numbers in your tonality of how you present it, whether it’s Oh scream, but now your verbal, your nonverbal, is, I thought, had been for the past two or three settings, if you’re a major account or in this situation.
If we’re retail sales like automobiles, now you’re a little bit different, when you show me the numbers, so the first thing that I would say when you come back, don’t be afraid of whatever numbers you’re going to put together, because if you did the steps right and Anything we asked high-gain questions.

These are the things that they told you that they wanted, that they needed how we recap.

Hopefully you recap before you even pull about anything to present by recapping.
I’m trying to get you to see.
It’s, not yours, it’s theirs! So if they want the wood grain handles, if they want the diamonds in the chandelier, if they want leather with technology package, whatever they want, that is the price.

It’s not your price, it’s their price.
This comes with courage.
Courage of your conviction.

Courage is how you get past fear.
Courage is gained by practicing.
We practice we roleplay, we practice we’re in different situations.

We don’t win all the time.
Nobody wins in sales, a hundred percent of the time, but by practicing we learn we adjust, we incorporate we practice.
We practice for every scenario that may be there any objection during the negotiation.

You should already have a great idea of where that customer is going to object and you’re ready for them, but all of these things go out the window.
If fear has taken over the courage in you the things that you really need to be thinking about in business, do I really want to achieve the best that I can for myself, my family? If you do overcome the fear, we have a reason for what we do.
I’ve always pulled myself out of some unique situations by taking a break, nothing wrong with getting up and saying that I need to use the comfort facilities, the restrooms, getting your head back into the game, if that’s what it takes or lowering that fear, because it’s natural.

What’s with all of us, but put back on your game face, let yourself know if you’re in the mirror I’m going to do this, because I need to pay off some bills.
I want to put some money away from college.
I did everything right.

This is the price, but please don’t let fear control you look for ways that you can get over fear faster, and I know what consistency of practice it will come if you want to accomplish more and more out of life – and this is American, you can do Anything you want, then you must get past fears faster, look to solve any dilemmas that you might have about what you do, then your normal daily routine, and how can I take it to another level? I know by studying, following others, studying follow others listening watching role-playing, you’ll figure it out, because someone else has already figured it out for you.
Cuz they’ve been in that same situation.
So please, as you get ready to get up and go out to work today and your territories trying to get around gatekeepers trying to get to the decision-makers if you do have a key account, pager count up and down the street in somebody’s home, don’t be fearful.

How can I overcome it? Where is the courage of my conviction and for my brothers and sisters that are in the retail world? No matter what product we’re saying, but if you are looking at automobiles and you’re selling automobiles people buy vehicles everyday, it’s who they buy.
It from and it takes confidence confidence in yourself, your abilities, because you practice, you know what the process are.
I am a master of my processes when you can do these things.

You’ll have a tremendous day.
So with that said, let me let you get going.
Brandon Hardison as usual, come back tomorrow and another one, but you go out and make it a champion.

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