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Now now Brendon, how are you today pretty good Richie Hubbard, so great how’s it going over there? Could you still see me Brandon yeah? I still can see.

Okay, there’s a how to make how to go somewhere every minute I just pumped out so Brendon.
I wanted to ask you because I’ve been following you for quite some time now: okay, and what I wanted to know is you’ve been doing this content with what I love about it.
It’s the history because, as you know, you remember, I killed my younger daughter right.

Yes right, so she is a history teacher.
You know, and one of the things Brandon that I love about your stuff is that it’s really history and it happened and that’s why I share it.
You know, and I get a lot of interaction with a share in it, so I mean I want you to tell me how you started this whole process.

Okay, well, pretty much rich! What happens is that when it comes to history, and especially when it comes to our public education system, whether elementary or moving into what they call now middle schools, what used to be junior high schools or secondary high schools, the same regurgitation of information goes on whether It’s eighth grade.
Ninth grade my 10th grade.
There are other people that have done some tremendous things in our history that need to be talked about.

I believe that youngsters would become more involved, get more out of it if they learned about some of the other people.

So I’m not here to knock any of the founding fathers, I’m not here to knock any of the people that helped out with the civil rights movement.
There are other stories that need to be told, so that’s what I started doing by posting them up and eventually people like yourself started watching inquiring and we started to do that everyday and eventually it got from one year to two years, and I said you know What let me put everything in a book – and I call it American champion 365, because actually 365 days in a year, you’ll get a different unsung hero to learn about.

So that’s how we started Wow and Brendan.
How long did this take you to do well we’re on our third year now of doing it.
We started with just righty.

Last year, I added some audio clips short little two-minute bytes of it this year, we’re adding video clips to it, but we’re building each year and currently right now.
We were very fortunate that we have a the first series that we started with back two years ago.
It’s okay, publishing up and ready to go, and it’s in four volume set Wow so in bread that you have the book right now available.

It’s gon na be out at Amazon.
Is that correct? That is correct, wow, that’s amazing, Brandon and uh.
I know that we talked about marketing strategies and all that I really think this book’s gon na be a best-seller in Amazon, because I have a few partners and you know them that do all this marketing they do marketing on steroids.

So it’s really really interested and it’s gon na be a very lucrative thing.
I you know, but what happens, which is that I get not only teachers but college professors right following me, and it gives them a new way of looking and presenting some things to their students.
Correct Wow and I got ta – tell you something I get these notifications Brendan.

I got ta tell you something this book, you look like.
You really spent a lot of time doing this and your background is a professor you’re, an educator and did you have a history? Major or something, oh, my undergraduate was in secondary education, with the emphasis on history but Richie.
It seemed like at the time the business world called me, so I went to business, but I never forgot about the school.

So, no matter what community I was in, I would always stop by the local, elementary or middle or high school and ask them if I could speak to the class or if I could help out one of the teachers.
It proves anything that they needed and I’ve done, that all of my professional life since I’ve been in automobiles and even still today, I still go, and I speak to students at high schools.
The thing that I want to show administrators parents and guardians.

If you bring up something that they don’t know about, you’d be amazed that they will listen and they will ask questions because they’ve never heard of it.
Now how I do it is that I take something: that’s current, that they know about in history and let’s go back fifty sixty a hundred years and if I told you the same thing happened: what would you think about it and that’s where the hook is that Or, as you know, as well as I do, can history? Does history repeat itself? Yes, only when people forget to tell their babies to make sure parents and guardians to make sure that religious leaders are not forgetting about what came before them, Wow Anna Brandon, every time you post this on your social media, is that the content of the book? Yes, pretty much the content of the book, we sanitize it a little bit take some of the personalization because it was created originally for Facebook.
So we take some of that out, but the general theme of everything is still the same.

You know Brandon one of the reasons that I shared, because I’m I’m latina right.
So when we first came to this country, we also had history to a lot of history and I’m a Cuban American and we have a lot of history.
You know so when we we came here, I actually went to an Italian neighborhood because it was all black men.

You know the 60s sort of was right, so you know we have a lot of history and history seems to always intrigued me, because history is history.
It’s the truth.
It’s a true statement right, my family.

I share because I have a lot of family members.
I mean my teachers are my sister’s, a teacher, my other sisters, another teacher they’re, all teachers by my family’s, either in the teaching business or in the medical industry right.
So you know it’s very good content right and it’s a very lucrative thing.

I think giving this out to the community.
You know in its awareness, okay, the beautiful thing about awareness is be aware, and now you know what decisions you could make right and that’s what we promote in our business in your business in my business, always try to be as aware as possible, because when you’re Aware you’re able to either find a solution or get better at what you’re currently doing right, and it’s one of the things that I like about that kind of book that you did now.
You could have decided to make a teaching book right, cuz you’re in that industry you could have decided to be another type of book.

So when I look at what you brought is about the community you’re all about the community and Community Development and community, and that’s one of the things that intrigued me about what I got when that you were working on doing books.
Oh thank you for that.
I’m glad that you brought up community because many times there certain things that happened and I can go through a numerous examples, but one that I’m thinking of right now that happened in a community where a person was born and did so many great things away from That community, that that local community and its forefathers, but especially its babies that are going through school, now never knew that that person was from that community and Ricci.

They don’t have once back.
Do I don’t have one building? They don’t have one street named after that person, but since I think them that awareness now, the local principal and a group of students are naturally trying to work towards of getting that done, but you’re right, it’s right and you don’t Brandon.
The other thing that I wanted to tell you that’s more important than anything is these stories, and this history is actually key, because you know I I don’t even know history that well, but with seeing all the stuff that you have.

What I did was I shared it, and then I researched and wow that’s so much stuff that I wasn’t a winner because that’s the thing you never aware of everything and I didn’t ever followed it and Wow.
Like the other day, you had in there a rapper that you know that in my era, that’s what he was big right, the guy that was really really big right, bi G, the notorious BA – and you know what and so much anger how the whole thing happens.
I don’t follow that you know Mo’s aren’t in computer, I’m always doing my thing.

You know, and I pay attention to that because I’m God, I’m not gon na, get my productivity where I wanted to be, but what I was really interesting, how you how you did that you know and all that everything you put the image up.
You put the content of you, put certain words that actually really really.
Let me paint this out and you’re saying basically on your content.

Yes, we, if we’re talking about somebody that people think they know a little bit about, let’s take it a different direction.

Did you know X, Y & Z, and that’s that’s the hook? If you will, let’s try to find something a little bit different, that you’re not going to find in your history books or, if you’re, watching some type of entertainment show that goes on it, they’re not going to touch on it either.

At least now you are a little bit more rounded about that individual that you were following right or you do respect.

So that’s what we try to do and that’s really really amazing what you’ve come up with this book.
It’s been a great book and it’s gon na do a great great piece to marketing and make you best seller.
I’m I’m worn to this book and the next book.

That’s coming out my brand and you know the next history book the next the next time.
You know because you’re such a great content guy i mean i call you professor and so does john fair shot, because you call you the professor, because you’re, like amazing you’re up at 3:30 4 o’clock in the morning doing doing the right thing by your community and That’s something that’s called dedication right, so you care about them and in my well you’ve done in my life was I started with nonprofit.
You came out here we’re pretty much on a slow times standstill because my locations that I have a shut down by the government right, so we’ve been working on a few things with you, but you you took it out and you took it to the next level And you worked on it and once that that’s open we’re ready, but this is a great book for the veterans, so for my perfect community, you know I want to share them with this great book.

You know because you know the veterans are always out there.
I mean all that’s like cars all making models.
You know everybody’s a veteran, you know and they’re so loyal these vets, you understand what they do for this country is amazing and really of the government gives it.

But I always say this: oh just think: that’s government funding, there’s tax payers funding and they control that okay and these vets yeah they help them out, but they don’t help about enough not based on what these guys did for us.
It’s really really a shame.
It is, and just something that you just touched on, rich if somebody just wanted to quickly google and research from the very first time, but we as Americans wanted to separate from the English rule up until now.

People who gave service so others could be free.
We always fall a little short.
Would we get caught up in nothing, be the initial high puppet, but eventually over the months and years? Would we forget about so so you’re exactly right with that? Yet they don’t.

You know what they don’t pay attention to it, and I mean week the vets leave come back when they come back being the same people, whether it’s male or female, they’re, not the same people they’ve gone through the mills.
You know, and it’s really really an important, an important issue, what they go through, and it’s really not right.
You know how this government I mean, I know a vet, that it took a five months to get into school.

You know I mean that’s crazy, you know, and this bull talks you know about all that.
You know a lot of people that go to the VA, feel that, because of their race or their color, whatever they don’t get it treated, but it’s just a program and what you do is you make it a point about our history and I want to tell You keep doing that, keep writing it.
I know you have the book already but keep writing that, because that inspires a lot of people and it motivates and it makes people’s that is.

You know Brandon.
I got ta tell you, you know this.
I don’t read write.

I have a hard time reading.
I can do other things, but I can’t read so I wait for the beginning of the dicking somebody to read it to me right and I sit down with my coffee and they read it to me.
You know and that’s when I say wow you know great and then that’s when I shared it, you notice once it’s first out.

I don’t share it right away because I have a hard time reading.
You know so to me it’s difficult or somebody else.
It’s easy! You know I mean it’s difficult to drive a car, I just never drove a car, you know that’s hard and and but somebody reads it for me so with that process that somebody reads it for me: there’s two things that happen: the person that’s reading.

It is also learning about it right and I’m learning about an IO share.

I shared in my story.
I share it everywhere.

I can you know and now that you’re starting not too long ago, you started doing the LinkedIn thing now, I’m sharing what I’m on LinkedIn.
Thank you.
I think it’s a very strong message that should be out in the community.

You know very, very strong, and I feel I’m thanking you because you’re getting us, my team involved, not just me my team involved, which is Mike to promote your book to do marketing for your book.
We feel were very grateful to you for that, because it’s a project that we like, no I’m glad you’re on board.
I do thank you for everything that you do promote with that, but hey many books that you feel that is worthy of you and your team.

I’ll be glad to to have everything go through you, you know what bracket I will like to for you to start working on a CPA book, because the certified preowned the dealer knows about it.
Everybody knows about it, but the consumer doesn’t consumer doesn’t really know how good certified preowned is versus non certified preowned and the best one to come up with.
That would be you I like that.

Okay, that’s consumers, knowledge.
You know – and you know now, that I have shop smart, you know it’s all about the consumer.
I want to make sure what of consumers fully educated just like dealers are educated.

I really believe that the consumer should be fully educated and that’s gon na be great.
You know in 99 of 2000, when people said about the internet I was at.
I was at Apple right.

I sold the most cars online on the Internet right, everybody was against it.
This is gon na kill our grosses.
This is gon na put every dealership out of business.

World truth of the matter is that in all the way and oh nine, when things were better, actually helped a little stay in business right, correct, so understand that a lot of people don’t grasp that you know they don’t really get it.
Yes – and it’s really really a shame, how people don’t understand and educating a consumer on CP, o consumers, don’t really know they go to a dealership and half the time.
The salesperson doesn’t tell them all the information they don’t know enough about.

Cp, oh and there’s really not a lot of content about CP o the content.
That’s out there about CP o! Yes, just has an extended warranty and they stole is a whole thing with certified pre-owned.
You know, first of all, mr.

consumer, when you trade in your car, because you took care of it and it was a CP.
Oh you’re, gon na get more for your trade.
That’s really really cheap, yeah! No! Well, Brandon! Good luck! I really look forward to being part of this book and I thank you, I’m very grateful to you and I thank you because this book’s gon na be unbelievable.

I think this is gon na be great to smoke.
I appreciate everything that I can do for you and what your team has done for me.

Thank You.

Brandon have a blessed day and by the way, stay healthy and stay good and just be careful out there right, because I know it’s rough same you, yours, David, correct, .

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