Brandon Hardison 5 Ways to Avoid Panic When Asked to Speak at a Moment’s Notice

Good morning, Brandon Hardison glad to be with you helping out those speakers and those especially new speakers that are trying to navigate their way front of the room and also using this digital space that we have to use now.

So just want you to think about something.
That’s going to happen to you if you stay in the speaking business and that’s some ways to avoid panicking when asked to speak at a moment’s notice, it freaks out a lot of people in a room, not just you, but some point or another you’re gon na Be called on to give what we call an impromptu speech, just just right off the cuff, you may be in a meeting with your boss and your boss may just tap you on the shoulder and say what do you think about that? How about getting up and telling us what you think or maybe you’re, adding speaking event and the keynote person could not make it and you’re the speaker, and I will ask moment’s notice, so things will happen if you stay inside the speaking circle, we’ve all gone through.
It, but we must be composed.

We got to make sure that we don’t appear in this panic situation.
If you will so a couple of tips just to think about first one, we have to remain calm, don’t panic.
We know it’s last moment, take a deep breath and think in your brain right, quick, something that you can touch on quickly get in get out now, it’s gon na be based, naturally on the audience.

So if it’s something to do with sales, find something that sure close to whether it be the greeting, whether it be the product presentation, maybe it’s negotiation or follow-up, think about something that the audience can gain out of it.
If it’s something educational, all right, what did you like about education when you were in secondary or in college just quickly relate to something that you can deal with without being a panic situation? Next thing, I would say is many times we forget to use the audience, in other words, if I’m finding something and it’s a sales situation and we’re talking about asking high-gain questions from that guest.
So we know if our product or our services can fit into their world.

Why not use somebody in the audience to agree to give part of what they can relate to in real-world situation? It does two things, one, the time that it takes now.
Someone else in the group is giving their input and that’s less time that you have to worry about and what you’ve done is just pass the ball to them and we can relay on their story.

Another thing focus once again on what you already know about it and just drive that home now you have to make sure it stays in a conversational tone once again, we’re not ready, didn’t have chance to really hit some highlights and practice, and that’s the key thing We need to do but keep it in a conversation, because that’s what you’re there to do and the biggest thing out of all finish early yeah.

Let that’s that’s when I told you finish early, it’s okay! If you look at some of the best speeches that are there, they were very short speeches, one of the best ones that I can think about right now is President Abraham Lincoln, with the Gettysburg Address the speaker before him, who was world renowned, took a long time Over an hour to get this speech and here’s the President of the United States, who had to follow this great orator – and he did his very short – but we all remember or have heard about this getting’s burg address.
So if you are called on, don’t panic find something that you can relate to that the audience will relate it to not that hard use someone in the audience.
It saves time, keep it conversational and finish early.

If you do some things.
Basically, with this any type of impromptu situation, you can deal with that.
You don’t have to worry about packing if it makes sense to you we’ll be back with more than another chat once again, Brad at Hardison champion strategies go out, make it a champion.

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