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Good morning, 5 a.

Eastern Standard Time July, the 1st of 2020.
So that means that were halfway through this year kind of challenging, but I’m glad that you’re hanging in there, because that’s what salespeople do when things get tough, we still find a way to make it happen.
So today we’re just going to get to it and unpack it for some of you out there, especially the ones that are working from home, mostly you’re, probably thinking how can I still do this thing called prospecting? So, let’s just touch on that with this pandemic going on, it has interrupted a whole out of our lives.

Now one aspect when it comes to the sales process, most directly, that’s being affected is prospecting.
Now that you’re stuck inside, you may feel you can no longer execute your job as effectively as you need to doing the traditional methods as far as conventions and conferences and Expos, but one great way of networking eating people, things that you haven’t done or put off Before we just need to rethink at the courage of our conviction and just start using it again, anybody remember that thing that was introduced to you in sales.
No matter what vertical you were in remember that thing called the C R M yeah now’s the time to really revisit it and let’s leverage, why not, that CRM is doing some true, this thing for the players that are out there, if you’re, not a CRM person And you’re more creative, fine leverage, the social media, incorporate your products, your add-ons to identify who you are the shift, that’s going on in this new selling market, as some people are saying so just a couple of tips that we can think about with so many salespeople Working from home due to this virus, the time the day may get away from you.

So the very first thing that we need to talk about is that, let’s stay focused, you may find that the change from working at home can decrease your effectiveness or, if you’re organized stay.
On course, your attention span will be there, but your CRM can be an outstanding resource for prospecting and reaching out to potential new customers and order accounts that you really had forgotten all about.
These people are still there they’re going through the same thing that you are, but they just haven’t heard from you.

So let me find a way to organize analyze myself and make sure that I just touch on these people now with changing.
There’s old leads, there’s hot prospect, there’s people that you haven’t.
Let’s just go back to our basic elevator speech.

If you remember how you did when you first contacted with the name making sure that our message is short crisp clear, hopefully as you’re going through they’re purged phone numbers emails, anything that you knew about that organization, let’s just update, because maybe the decision-maker were dealing with.
If it is, b2b is no longer there, maybe they’ve, transitioned up or maybe they’ve retired.
If you’re doing or have done some social media really look at it again.

Let me see how I can dress it up and read pitch it.
If you can now, when we’re talking about using the social media, how are you going to make it pop a little bit more there’s all types of new ways of doing things if you find a way to spend some time doing now, if you’re one of those People that are good on the phone, then you’re still at home outstanding, but remember on the phone, especially being home, not in that office.
Make sure that you still have the focus on listening skills because you can be diverted.

You may have a pet.
You may have some little ones there.
You may need to make sure your tonality the words that you use nothing wrong with practicing again and remember: pitch tonality excitement all they’re looking at.

If we talk about neuro linguistic programming, all that they can gather is the voice.
So, let’s make sure that we do it right always keep it short.
Keep it friendly, keep it positive.

As far as the value of statement get to the end, try to set the appointment, how about social media we touched on it with that by there’s been some great things that have come out since maybe you tried it a long time ago.
Do you know that many organizations are bringing on experts, social media experts just to help you whether it is Facebook, whether it is Instagram whether it is Twitter LinkedIn or some of the other? You can learn personal details and grab some of that new information.
If you’re good, personally doing it, if you have some little ones at home, that know it more than you and they can help you with it.

One thing that I was reading that maybe you need to think about something called the tick tock tick.
Tock has done a tremendous job on the business space.
I don’t care what vertical it is, but then Gleave that last thing that I looked at from earlier this week said that in business there was an uptick of about 8 to 10 percent of people actually selling.

Through this new platform called tick tock.
You may have seen it if you have little ones if not go to it.
You’ll see all kinds of short little things on there, but people are starting to sell product starting to get their services getting their message out to a younger clientele because they do spend money too.

So don’t forget about any of those that are out there.
If you’re a traditionalist and doing well on one of the platforms, whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn – and you feel good with that, just look at your site see what you can do and if you haven’t and I’ll just say this to everybody, if you haven’t added more, If you just have the stagnant pictures on it, let’s start doing some videos.
If you cannot do it just use your voice.

Have somebody else: do the creative part of it partner up with someone that can help you? Why are we saying these things because things have changed when it comes to prospecting? So if you are not in your normal office, if you’re not in a position to go face-to-face interaction – and you still want to stay in touch with your clients through this thing called traditional prospecting – we have to be prepared now.
Everyone knows this or you’ve heard it before.
The only constant thing in life is change, so, whether we like it or not, time is always gon na move on change is always gon na be part of it.

So, if you’re staying in sales, no matter what the vertical b2b up and down the street and home retail luxury, automobiles just be prepared for it, and speaking of automobiles, don’t forget to miss me live today at twelve o’clock Eastern Standard Time.
We have a special guest.
All the way from Alexandria Louisiana – and you don’t want to miss that on that that’s 12 new artisans tips in the meantime has always in party going out and make it a champion.

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