Ben Gay Interviewed by Noel Walsh Part II

What is up Facebook live, knulla walsh, coming to you live tonight with our very special guest Ben Gay, the third on this April 11th 2018.

This is our second interview.
We had so many people that were so engaged and really driven and inspired by our last interview that they they made us bring them back.
We had to bring Ben out of his busy schedule, and so we have been gave the third, who is a sales master? The sales closer the offer, the author of the sales closer series and bands share a little bit more about yourself.

I don’t know much to sheriff because we’ve been soaked.
You’ve been so kind me with time with your folks before.
But what I do is I’m a sales trainer.

I became in a salesman and what I do is early in my career, because I learned scripting and so on.

I started succeeding and so at the Saturday morning, sales meeting they began saying to me then get up and tell me what you’re doing and gradually I slipped into sales training, not only for that organization and then presidency of that organization, but just telling people what I Did which is very simple? I know I many of us in sales training, I’m one of them have overcomplicated it.
I think, maybe to make our to justify our fees, but the truth is selling is so easy.

I almost don’t know why it’s complicated at all.
So I’ve spent my life last 50 some-odd years telling people if I can do it, anyone can do it and here’s how I did it bill, Patrick William, Penn, Patrick the owner of the company.
I got my start in holiday.

Magic cosmetics used to threaten to put me in a glass around the countryside to shopping centers and around the top of the cage would be a sign that said, if he can do it, anyone can do it, and it’s literally true, I get so many comments about.
Well, you know, Zig was this and you were that and Eggman Dino was that and so on.
I knew them all they work for me.

They work with me.
I knew him behind the scenes.
I knew the good, the bad and the ugly we’re all just regular people, except for a few secrets and those secrets are so simple and so doable by anybody unless they just resist doing them out of laziness or, frankly, ignorance.

That’s very true and that’s a great share, because you and I have probably spent what we just spent two hours preparing for this call last Friday and we probably spent 12 hours on the phone and you’ve shared so much information with me.
And I always tell people that that it’s not like rocket science, that you’re sharing that I’ve got a gold, it 12-year education to figure out what you were sharing with me.

You were sharing things that maybe my mother, my grandmother, my father, my grandfather taught me, but you put them in a in a way that I understood, and I saw the value in and I saw how that created, the relationships that build ongoing sales, and so thank You for sharing that and yes, you know, I think everybody is – is always hooked when they find out that you were Zig Ziglar sauce and when you go into that just a moment just because we all love Zig Ziglar right.

We see his videos on YouTube and this and that and in his quotes and we’re like man that guy’s inspiring he’s motivating and will you go in.
You went into this a little bit under our last interview.
But will you go into that a little bit further, because I think that is just such a nugget that will stick with people to really let them know your background and where you come from and how you rose up the rings September 15, 1965 Zig and I By coincidence, I didn’t know him both answer and add the Atlanta journal-constitution, the ad said, pardon my voice.

By the way I’ve got a little allergy thing going on with pollen.
The ad said, if know anything, about marketing plans want to make more money dial.
This number all I dialed the number I’ll cut through the rest of the story, but the gist of it was the person who answered the ad after I began questioning him from a phone booth where I was answering the ad bill.

Dempsey said I’m mr.
gay, I’m not the man answering of a one ad from a phone booth.
So if you want to talk to me, be standing front of my office, we’ve worked out where he was where I was and was only a couple of blocks.

Apart be standing in front of my desk next 12 minutes and never called her again and he hung up so my running buddy and later business partner, James, a trucker jr.
Jimmy Jimmy Rucker, the greatest salesman I personally ever knew or worked with raced down to his Office ran in up to the third floor, suite 300 and there was a young man sitting.
There wasn’t all that young looking back, but he was because it was 18 years older than I was, but he was still a young man with curly hair sitting there and I shook hands with the receptionist checked in and I turned around there.

He was, and I said, hi my name’s Ben Gay.
Well, he started laughing, I’m sort of used to that and I, when he finished his little silly giggling.
I said, what’s your name and he said Zig Ziglar and I said you’re laughing at my name bengay and your name is Zig Ziglar.

Well, it turned out.
We had both answered and what we thought was a employment had a one ad.
It turned out.

It was an ad for an opportunity, median MLM opportunity meeting, so we went into the office and a gentleman named Bill, Dempsey held a little meeting, put up his little charts and graphs and so on, and there were three of us.
They are Zig Jimmy Rucker and me, and we listened to it and then we in the business 91 dollars and 42 cents each to get in a little box of cosmetics and start selling and which turned out it.
It enabled us to figure out that wasn’t where the money was so then we had to put up more money and more money and so on, but that’s where we started 91 dollars and 42 cents.

Two years later, although Zig was 18 years older and was a wonderful speaker and sales person and far more advanced – and I was I’d dug in learn the scripts learned, how to you know, work hard, come early, stay late, go to all the meetings and so on And little over two years later, I was president of the company.
I won a national sales contest where the first prize was a mystery contest.
Second, one was a rolls-royce.

Third was a Lincoln Continental and so on.
So anyway, I won.
I didn’t know what I had won, but I’d won.

It turned out.
It was the presidency of the company and I said to William Penn, Patrick feeling with the business.
Why didn’t you say what it was? He said because if someone I didn’t like won the contest, I would have changed it, but I’d like you and we’d already done some work together.

He said I like you, so that’s the the prize presidency of the company.

Second was roles so and so, and so that’s how I met Zig and then in those early days back in Atlanta and throughout the southeast, but in Atlanta they used to do a series of talks called biscuits, fleas and pom panels.
Biscuits was a border with the story, but biscuits were a made when some biscuits got cooked, really flat, didn’t rise.

This maid said to Zig well mr.
Zig, they got cooked in the squat, but they never rose or something like that.
Well, anyways that was became one of these catch stories that most people get cooked in the squat of pump, handles and then fleas.

That’s where you put fleas in the jar.
You can train them to be in a flea circus because you don’t let them jump out of the jar, because there’s a lid it will rather quickly you can take the lid off.
They still won’t jump out of it because they’ve been conditioned to believe.

That’s all.
They can do, and that was another great story told the middle one pump handles was something to do with pouring water and a pump and pumping it, but most people quit before the water comes up from the well and and so on.
I tell that part of the story, because in my early days, although Zig was working for me rather quickly in those early days, I carried that stupid forty pound pump handle in a half pump and pump paddle in and out of so many meetings.

Just because I wanted to be near Zig and watch him, he was so good at what he did.
So one of my little secrets of success was, since I got dropped into this pond of very professional people, was to watch him and take notes, and I tried hard not copy him, not yeah.
I never told biscuits, fleas and and or pom panels to anybody anywhere, but I watched how he told the stories and I watched the detail with which he told it so I began to learn.

Zig told I don’t think I’ve ever told anybody this other than GG zigboo one time, and I knew all of his stories and this old boy from down home said this, and this old boy told this and this you know what bah bah bah and it was A great story, I forget the point of it, but it was a great story and when he finished and came off, I said Zig.
I’ve never heard that story before.
What’s the name of the this old boy, this guy and he said Ben – I haven’t gotten that far yet the point was he would make up stories or embellish stories and so on and then make him real by the detail.

If I tell you a story today that I want you to believe, it’ll have names, dates addresses all sorts of things in it, based on that little conversation with Zig, where he said.
I’ve gotten that far yet because when he got that far and added the name and and so on, the point was still made but was even more believable.
So that’s how they can.

I got started and became friends and remained friends for years until he died.

We weren’t a lot of contact the last few years, but we were in general contact and Zig said so many things.
I remember people asked me: how do you get started speaking? I said well speak a lot go here.

Go there.
I’ve given 5,000 plus paid speaking engagements or presentations, but what I don’t talk about much is the two or three hundred I gave for free before that and Zig used to say: bengay would work a traffic accident and – and I said yeah, but only if there were Four people or more there I had.
I had my my regulation spy.

So so you get out and you do it and you do it and you do it by the time I met.
Sig was 18 years old.
When I was born, he was already in the Navy the day I was born, but what he had done was he spoke in churches and to groups and so on.

So he spoke and spoke and spoke and spoke, and then, if we have time asked me about how I got to be a paid speaker watching Zig collect on his very first speaking checks, and so I learned a whole lot from him.
But I’d beat him in the sales contests like to like to leave that on the table.
Absolutely and that’s how you became president.

I were you when you became president again.
Let’s see I joined that business and when I was 23 I was president accompanied by time.
I was 25, that’s wrong, yeah, that’s impressive, because they was 43.

I just turned 39 a couple weeks ago that sig was 43, so he had that much more experience sure open his life, but and that’s something we need to talk about on a further interview or maybe even later, if we have time.
But we had a lot of people reach out on social media a lot of interest.
I put some polls out there.

I ask some questions all over all the different social media platforms, and so the first question be everybody loves the content.
The first question I want to ask you tonight: the highest-rated question: 27 percent of the votes was what aren’t salespeople doing right in your eyes today.
Just do it or even in the past cuz, it’s very.

It hasn’t changed right.
Yes, it’s still the same thing one.
They don’t sell products, they believe in many of the questions I get or how do I sell this? How do I sell that and what they’re trying to say is, since I’m selling a piece of crap? How do I sell it more effectively and I don’t know the end, I do know the answer to it, but I wouldn’t share it with them, because that’s not what I do.

What I do is sell quality products that competitively priced to qualified people.

So the answer the original question is, they are undisciplined.
They are ignorant about what makes selling really work and they’re lazy.

They don’t want to hear people say all the time.
I don’t want to learn scrip because they’re, scripted and they’re this, and that no, I have built two huge companies based a hundred percent on scripting holiday, magic cosmetics.
When I joined it was not quite a year old and hadn’t really gone anywhere yet, but the way we made it go somewhere was we taught normal human beings who are not salespeople there weren’t that many hardcore sales people around we took norm.

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