hello, everyone noel walsh, here with conquer? U! And we are on the course f, i selling and product presentation and in this training module.

I wanted to talk about believe in the products believe in what you’re selling, because when you believe in the product, you’ll be able to convey that belief to your customers and give them the confidence to believe in that product.
When you’re unsure about the product, your customers will sense that and they’ll be unsure about the product.

If you’re anxious about presenting a product, your customer is going to be anxious when you present that product so more than anything in the fni department.

We need to believe in our product, we need to believe in our place of business.
We need to believe in our manufacturer.

We need to believe in our sales team.

We need to believe in our staff, our service department, our parts department, our body shop, but, most importantly, we need to believe in the products that we sell and we need to convey this belief so that the customer is confident in listening to us that they see Us as a professional who’s, not there to just sell a product but offer a solution for that want, need or problem that they have.
So if you want to sell more products, make sure you believe in what you sell, noah walsh with conquer you, .

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