Being An Immigrant And Making It In Canada

well I’m emerald Reid, jamaican-born and mist here a couple times.

First, when I was 10 years old in 1982, 81 and then second time in 86, after completing high school of actions in high school and in Jamaica, and then we immigrated back here in 1986.
Okay and that’s pretty much when a lot of you know what I’m about to share with you today started so came back when I was around 16 years older.
So by 17 I went to Centennial College School of transportation in Scarborough.

I wanted to study aircraft maintenance, so I got into that program.
Ultimately, I wanted to become a pilot which is you know, I love airplanes.
A very passionate is one of those things that I study a lot.

I know exactly what’s happening on the I’m on it and I actually proceeded to obtain my private spot of ice and so, after kind of being, you know off the rails to my career path, which is which wants to be a pilot.
I still learn to fly after I got involved in the automotive business.
So I’ll tell you a little bit about how that all happened.

So I’m with you and I understand, where you’re coming from the international students, okay, news of the country – I was on my own at around about 17 years old and after my first year at Sentinel College was up looking for a part-time job and walked into Dixit.
Aol anybody familiar with Dixie Toyota.
It was part of the Ottoman and thinks the m41 right by the airport.

They just it last year, openness to the brand new facilities after 21 years right onto the runway landing at the airport, so there’s ideal Honda and Dixit Toyota and out side by side.
You can see them right off the highway at the airport brand new ultra modern facilities.
So that’s where I started my career and one of the great things I have the advantage off was actually walking into a Toyota store, which is like I’m sure all of you belong the world that we’ve just met are familiar with Toyota, the manufacturer, because they have To be the biggest one at work, so walking in mind to a Toyota store not having a clue about anything long as Excel farms, and I always say that steak of hired me because 18 years old and you know jamaican-born whole sales experience pretty much rookie fresh.

Just like 34 days, walking into you, know here or wanting to get a job and not having a clue, but they gave me a chance.
I was hired and my career basically started from there.
So I’ll share a little bit with you, my career path, but first I’ll just touch on what we do today.

So we’ll talk a little bit about my journey, which is we ever started.
We’re going to talk about what it takes to be successful, and I’m not here to talk to you.
What what it takes to sell cars, or just to be a manager or to to have a job? I’m talking I’m here to talk to you about being the best to talk to you about very successful and a leader.

Okay, I don’t do me the office stuff at work, which is one that need to be an author and to write books and to have a blog to have a podcast all that stuff.
You want to check out my website.
Does this will help you, okay, very method, calm.

There are tips of the week all sales and automotive related.
There are blogs that I post at least one or two a month.
I don’t write them every day like zombie to be enough to mean something than I have.

I do have a day job, so there’s a lot of stuff going on, but the blogs when I write them there, they are about a lot of good things like one.
I wrote in November was how I was able to sell and deliver 27 vehicles in October, which was an absolute record and to sell 27 Alexis evils in one month.
It’s as much as that’s put it in perspective.

I did as many Lexus car sales as Barry Lexus did okay or the Alexis unit in Kingston Ontario, okay.
So it’s a big deal.
It’s a lot of money, millions of dollars in inventory in one month, so talk to you about that.

Explain to you a little bit about marketplace: okay, what to expect when you start you know, picking, very or depict ronzo or wherever you want to accept them into walk it and get a job.

What market will you choose and why will you choose those markets and talk about how a network in today or so that any other time is, is crucial to your role as an individual and your growth in business because get this right from the start, if you’re Going into the automotive sales or retail world they’re technically going into business for yourself, okay, so you gon na have to have your personal brand persona.
What makes people want to buy you versus buying the guy? That’s dumb that it’s down the street at the other music and those are huge, huge factors, and these are things that I learned and it came to me more that people by you or by me more than they thought the product or service went actually after I Got out of automotive, okay and I’ll talk to you a little bit about my eight years in real estate, marketing and traveling.

The continents and learning more from people and at the end of the day, wondered why they bought all this advertising from me and it clicked one day that it was me they were buying me.
So you are entering especially here in North America, especially here in Canada.
Okay, whether you are into the country or whether you’ve been we were one here or not.

You need to understand the fundamental reason why people make the buying decisions they do or what they’re shopping for is.
Actually, you they’re shopping for a sales first and they’re shopping for a service advisor to take care of them the products they can get anywhere their research they can do on their own.
They are certain to someone to represent an adjectival to reaffirm that they’re, making the right decisions, okay, so think about sales and thinking about automotive or think about business from the perspective of health and dining, rather than shoving the product dollar trying to make the most money Or seven to the highest bidder, etc.

It’s not that that was the weight was 25 20 years ago.
You know when I started it was, you know whatever was who come, ask you in the negotiation process to save 100 bucks on a car deal or whoever would you know, beat you down to death to save five dollars a month of their car payment.

Today, it’s the opposite.
I get more money from clients, because I do better job.
Okay, I’m like no, I’m not selling for the other leg, but the other dealer was selling it for because I’m better you’re getting more value.

For me and from my organization I command.

Okay, so think about that, even they selling yourself.
So we will talk about the keys to success and online.

I can tell you right now, unlike any other speaker or any other sales professional you will need.
There are things that are unique to from my perspective because number one I still do it.
I still give it to a high level to the point that I consult with Lexus and Toyota.

Can they come to me for advice? They come to me for now from software from sales process to all sorts of advice, because they see that I do things differently and I’m more about a little bit of a trend setter, because I tried a new thing tonight.
One of the things that you’ll learn for me today is sales.
Today is more about providing solutions.

Okay and we’ll stay without so we’ll talk a little bit about the journey.

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