Being An Immigrant And Making It In Canada Part 2

I think that’s significant about car remember when Toyota started installing airbags in 1990 or 91 and remember when that car showed up at the exit today with the first gear back in okay, when one airbag was a 2011.

All note is a dozen ear maximals cars.
Okay, sorry remember those days so things are.

Taylor was a great opportunity.

I walked in there for about a year.
I you know it was a struggle and if you’re ill-prepared are not trained – and I can tell you right now – it was no automotive business institute that for me to go to and to learn and to have the opportunities that you have right now.

Okay, so this is all immune.

This is good stuff.
This is opportunities that you know 20 years ago.
I wish I had you know so to be able to have speeds not just to learn from textbooks or learn from professors, but for people like myself or other professionals, to be able to come talk to you and say hey.

This is how it’s done or you’d, be able to ask your questions, so I’m going to interact with you guys and then today, we’re gon na do a little bit of a workshop style after I go through a few slides you’ll give you enough information that when We start interacting together.
You’ll have enough insight, you’ll, be able to ask your own questions and to travel Chuck right so that we can learn together.
I can write about you like.

I’ve already have many many countries and many people, but I want to help you okay and that’s.
The reason I’m here is to give you the real coats and to talk from the highest levels on the higher standards.
Okay, when you’re in automotive there’s one leader is one leader in automotive excellence and Alexis antenna is worldwide study.

It read it don’t take my word for it: okay, so under a learning ground for me, NIC, cetera and selling a few cars.
I remember making $ 25,000 out here, not very much money but 25 years ago I survived as someone who was 18 years old, but when you go through a whole year, it’s funny when the new year starts how you can you know, get a new fresh perspective And try to be better than you were last year.
You know you’re older you’re a little bit more mature.

You know you, don’t enough deals your men enough people you’ve had enough managers.
Tell you you suck, you don’t do a good job.
You know – and you learn from that so second gear in 1990 there was a change in ownership and management, and mine said you know I’m going to this other dealer named Aaron Park, so her Park in Mississauga was like 15 minutes 15 minutes away and I walked Into her car flex to stay on up and walked into an office and came out after talking to this, really nice gentleman left with an invitation to get back.

But little did.
I know I was actually speaking to one of the owners, and that was one of the things that struck me after, because if you look at my Facebook or LinkedIn or wherever you will see a year ago, when I launched my book as magic, you look in The first page of the book you will see how it dedicated my professional career to that one from 26 years ago that I met so one of things you need to learn is there will be people that you will meet throughout your computer, your path that will Be great influences, okay, some will be bad influences and some will be greater than one to make the choices on the type of company you keep, because with success in any job, whether it’s automotive or you’re, an accountant.
It’s also about the people who you choose to hang out with okay, if they’re, if they’re not uplifting you, if they’re not better than you, if they’re not doing better than you need to find new friends, okay and also speaking to you from the perspective of happening Pigs, you know there are 21 and 22 years old in colleges and university as well, and it’s the same thing I’ll tell that okay, my son, my oldest son, Jordan, just started working at the Toyota Alexis Bank of Cambridge, okay and so he’s learning a few things.

There, but I speak from a perspective of reality, so in 1992 I went on the towering park Nexus Toyota.
I got a sales job, there was a bigger dealership, then dixit Toyota was in a more residential neighborhood.

Instead of more commercial area so and the people they were different and there were little bit more opportunities and I started to learn more and meet more interesting clients and have me more interested in staff and try to guide my path.

A little bit decided.
I was going to emulate as an example, and this gentleman who you know, became my friend and was almost like my uncle.
Oh, I mean to this day.

His pigs are personal friends of mine and, like I said, I dedicated the book to him because have been so much to me – impacted my career so about a year after salad there.
So this is now I’m about 21 years old.
They did a management shakeup and he pulls me in the office and he says you want to become a manager, and my first question was: am I going to make less money – and you know just in its a good bit about that question, because I make more Money than I needed, my dealership that I worked at as a salesperson, because, if you’re a good salesperson, you can make different managers.

So at the time you know it was a legitimate question.
I wasn’t there yet making more money than managers, but it was a valid question.

Okay, sales is the best career in the world if you’re good, because you can basically run your own ticket all right.

So I took the position and within months after that, the senior manager – I was the assistant sales manager, the senior manager who they hired from the corporate store to go to Canada to come and manage that place.
They basically thought he was too lazy and I was doing all the work anyways, so they told him to leave, and this I was now about 22.

I had 22 years old.
I was now managing one of the biggest player of the dealerships in the country, because I learned quickly I attached myself to the right people who were able to diving.
I looked up to this owner Paul and his first name.

I never wanted to disappoint him, so I tried to do everything and learn everything it’s pretty as possible and that’s one of the keys you have to you have to make a commit to learn the commitment to personal development and personal improvement in sales.
It’s not just about the tangible goods and services and money.
It’s about you developing you so that your clients can appreciate you.

Your colleagues can appreciate you, your superiors and appreciate you and recognize that you have time to be point.
You don’t think you have the talent and trust a dealership, and I remember the first month sometime after that, whenever our Lexus dealer sold the first 100 cars in one month and I managed that store in 1995 I was the national grand master sales manager.
So in all of Canada we were at a dealer.

I was one of.
I think it was a handful forget him in heels, but there are a couple of hundred Toyota dealers in the country at that time.
But I was awarded the National Grand Master’s standard Vista plaque that you get and you get like a $ 5,000 check, and that was a lot of money back then, okay, so I was very proud of that.

So I have that with me still still today at that time, while we’re at that dealership, does anyone recognize the second car, okay, okay? Who here can tell me anything about the history of our clocks, anything , that’s good! It is definitely a v8 and and at the time it was the most efficient for matches for 42 v8 engine at the time, 250 horsepower multi-valve engine all that stuff.
It was an ultra-low ignition engine at the time for an 8 cylinder, which is the but the point of getting that is that vehicle completely transformed the auto industry in 1989, but was introduced by Lexus in North America.
Ok, you need to know this read it.

This is the vehicle that said: BMW, mercedes-benz, Jaguar and hello.
Everybody else back to the drawing board, because, all of a sudden there was this new car that was luxurious.
It had all the refinements of luxury in my trusted parent company like taking it up, and it started to kick everybody’s butt and the most important thing is they didn’t break down.

They didn’t cost a whole bunch of money to make think there are fuel-efficient.
They were luxurious, they lasted forever and forced all of the other big names to go back to the drawing board to create better products.

This is a fact of the 92.

Ok, he was Canada got it in 1990, but we were built in the store.
So at the time – and this is one of the other milestones in my company in my career while I was there in 91 – I was on the Toyota side.
Alexis was introduced in Canada in 99, 91 in the United States and 89 90 .

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