Bash the Competition

What is up facebook, knoll, walsh, here, gunslinger conquer what you chase? I wanted to talk today about bash.

Your competition seriously go out there and bash your competition when a customer comes in and they say well, we like the Ford Fusion, but we’re also looking at the chevy malibu just bash on, tell me what a world product it is tell them what a horrible dealership That is to deal with across the street.
Everything I just said is completely untrue.

If you bash people and you hammer people, I see it happen all the time.
I see it happen at dealerships.
I see it happen with sales trainers.

I see it happen on facebook if you bash the competition.
You just took yourself down the step.
You just lost all rapport and the relationship that you had.

You just took it all down a notch, because you’re showing fear when people need to bash people.
That’s a sign of fear, that’s a sign of inequity of in competence of lack of confidence.
So what you need to do is you need to say when you get a customer who comes in classic example: hey knoll, we love the fusion.

We’ve read great reviews.
We’ve done a research, it’s a great card, has a great safety rating IHS, all those things it’s a great car, but we’re going to go.
Look at the at the Malibu, because it’s thirty dollars less a month so rather than bashing the competition say, hey folks, i know exactly where you’re coming from like when I go shopping.

I want to shop the competition too, but when I feel like I’m comfortable with somebody and I’m comfortable with the product a dollar a day, thirty dollars a month doesn’t mean a lot to me.

And are you really going to get to that figure like they’re, going to advertise a car with less options with less features than what i’m showing you, because i did a proper needs analysis? I interviewed you because remember folks, I don’t want to sell you one car.
I want to show you ten cars, so I get a proper needs analysis.

So you said you on the leather.
The heated seats a moonroof, so I put you in the 202 a package fusion, because it has those things now.
The one they’re probably putting you in there, probably putting you in a value package down the street and those guys do a good job over there.

I’ve had customers that have left me and gone there, and I’ve had customers that have left there and come to me, but I can tell you that with Noah Walsh, you’re going to get a great product, the 2016 ford fusion you’re going to get the options you Want and you’re going to get a fair price.
Now, how can you argue that don’t feel like you need to bash the competition built value in the competition, but build more value in yourself, Noll Walsh, the gunslinger conquer? What you chase, I’m out! .

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