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I rather not say it’s been a long time that I’ve been trying to get somebody.

That is a true professional.
Like yourself, you know you have a track record.
You have a performance record, so you have all these good qualities and that’s what’s important.

We’ve not hire anybody.
You know financial statements who you are and all that so that mean said, welcome to the show and tell the audience a little bit about yourself, hey Richie, thanks for inviting me on the show – and you know just let everybody know I am a car guy at Heart because I started in the car business as a teenager put in over 25 years, worked as a general manager, managed seven stores so worked.
Finance work use cars.

You know management, all all aspects of the retail business, so you know I I know the car business.
I know your audience very well and a little bit of my story was, you know, basically, after 25 years in the car business, you know I was burnout.
You know it robbed me opportunity to be my son’s coach, because you know our hours six days a week.

Usually 1012 hours a day having to work all the holidays, and it was a 2004 and I left the car business to a mark on figuring out how to make money off on a laptop on a beach in the Caribbean.
That led to me being hyper active online and keep in mind.
This was 2004.

Social media were wasn’t around, yet we didn’t have Facebook, we didn’t have YouTube, we didn’t have Instagram or any of that stuff.
Basically, what we had back then was MySpace and then, if you wanted to have the social interaction you have now on social media, you went to message boards in chat forums.

I got heavily involved in playing online poker, believe it or not at the beginning as my quest to monetize online activities, so it became hyper active in in poker forums and things like that.

Then in 2006 I came across the first live-streaming where you can live stream.
Like we’re doing right now, social network, which is called Justin dot TV, which eventually morphed into twitch, which is the game of network now and when I came across that site on the on the launch and when they turned it into a network, a social network that Anybody could broadcast from their profile a million light bulbs went up and again this was 2006, so I knew the future was live streaming and the way people thought you monetize live streaming back then was life.
They called it life casting, they basically did Truman Show they set up a webcam in their living room.

They put one on their person to track wherever they went and they had like a chip in or GoFundMe type deal to where people could, you know, donate to their to their show.
Basically, but I knew that wasn’t a way to monetize it and I basically took it was the first person to monetize it for big business being the car business.

I took it to Hollywood and with Hollywood I pitched.

Let’s lie extreme your red carpet, movie premieres.
We can have set up.
You know one of the we did.

We did the world premiere of one of the spider-man sequels and set up.
You know spider-man comback, slash live for the broadcast, had an interactive audience like you do right now and was able to have cue and age with the the stars right there on the red carpet with the fans online then took it to music was Motley Crue.
We did the first virtual meet-and-greet, where all the members of Motley Crue were able to do it sitting at their how they loved it, because they didn’t have to go anywhere.

They could do it.
You know from there wherever they are at their home or if they were on the road.
Whatever I would, as is the producer of it, I would pre-screen them the fans that would come in and ask the questions, and we did all that so I became known as a pioneer in live streaming between 2006 2008 and at that time I started blogging about It I was very active on blogging.

I broke 21 blogs and from oh six, oh eight, I wrote the most read blog about live streaming in the community around it.

Everything from the gossip to the drama to the innovations and any of the news were events as each new celebrity came on board.
We had Joe Rogan when he first came online with live streaming and it was hilarious because he’d be smoking pot on air, and that was news back then and then anytime, a new celebrity, would come on.

For the first time.
We would be able to capture that and have and have the replays.
It seems like that for people through all this, it led to me, as the platforms came out on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook YouTube.

I was what they call the first generation user being, I’m so hyper active online and engaging people online.
Whenever Twitter came out whenever faced, I was one of the first people on the platform and became connected with a lot of higher-level thinking people and grew my social media following so I hadn’t really done anything with social media, then in 2012, I believe or 2011.
Whenever Charlie Sheen got fired from Two and a Half Men, we probably all remember he was in the news every day, with the tiger blood stuff, he was the first person to go on.

You know your account and get a million followers in 24 hours and he was tweeting.
You know I don’t know what to do with this, and all this stuff, a site called internships.
com, came to him and said: let’s have a contest to get you a social media person.

Well just on a whim.
I said you know, I know a little bit about social media.
I entered the contest out of 91 thousand people I made to the final 50 and my task for the last.

The fifth round that had whittled us down to his final 50 was produced a video around how if I was the social media director for a major humanitarian relief organization, how would I raise awareness and donations in light of epic now for disaster and a week before The tsunami earthquake could just hit Japan, so my another light bulb went off said: Oh Charlies, just looking to make a comeback with raising money around this natural disaster.

So I took my expertise in live-streaming.
Never done you know.

I’ve done videos like this before, but never actually done, one where I’m on camera and I had a script and had a pitch and had to do all that side.
There’s first time ever that I was put in that position and I had three days to put it together and submit it.
I came with a concept called having yep 10 by 10, which would be a 10-day livestream broadcast on every social platform at the time which had never been done.

None of them had live streaming and we would give 30 minutes 240 hours straight of over 10 days.
30 minutes each celebrity band comedian got like a telethon and then anybody who watched all we would ask is hey donate 10 bucks.
So if we got 10 million people to donate 10 bucks we’d raise 100 million in 10 days.

I did the video around a Wall Street theme scoot it up kind of pitch in, like I was pitching in the stock it up with blue horse.
She loves Michael mast, submitted that video on a Thursday night at the deadline was exhausted, went to bed woke up.
I had over almost 50,000 notifications on my phone 6,000 emails.

I was contacted by everybody from Oprah Winfrey a Good Morning, America overnight.
I went super viral with that video and because everybody thought I would win that contest, which it led to you know just just massive amount of attention.

Following over the next three weeks or three months, we were in limbo and I was able to parlay a lot of this attention and great core tone which many of us know in the car business.

He came to me and he said he knew me from the car business and said you know how’d you get all this attention.
You need to show me how to do that.
You know because I want to transition.

My brand from just Ottoman sells training to where 18t will hire me.
What I am will hire me I want.
I want everybody in the world to know me, and I know social medias way to do it at that rant be what in client and meeting I was.

The expert live-streaming grant had never done a live broadcasts in his life, and I told him one of the keys to doing what he wanted to do was to do a live broadcast, and it was funny because at first he didn’t see the point he was against.
It he didn’t have time had to me too many other things on its plate, but after about a month, I finally talked him into doing it.
And again this was, you know: 2012 2011.

The platforms didn’t have live streaming yet so we had we used Ustream.

I knew the the CEO and it was very well connected livestream the industry.
We got them front-page billing on on the website.

His first live broadcast.
We did actually broke Ustream because of the traffic in the middle of the broadcast.

It the whole website crashed, and we you know, do, I believe, a three hour broadcast and as we know that changed the game for him – and you know Matt does five shows a week which it’s it’s hilarious after we did the first broadcast, I said, hey grant.

We need to do another.
One need to know the one and his message back to me was man that was exhausting.

I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m ready to do another one yet, but as we see it’s all come full circle.

You know just give me an idea of grants following when we start working at that time.
He had 8,000 people on Facebook and like 12,000 on Twitter and no Instagram or anything, and you know he’s in the tens of millions now and you know, social media has completely changed the game for him from everything from his personal brand to car loan capital, so That and I’ve gone on and and basically helped watch everybody from Bradley to over a hundred and fifty celebrities on television in the movie industry bands authors: my client is almost over 650 people.
Now that they’ve done the personal, I call it a personal mentoring course.

I offered to 90-day crash course in social media that basically, after this 90 days, I mean you’re you’re good to go.
You don’t really need any more help.
I don’t believe in a long-term contract or anything like that.

I can give you all the tools you’ll need and I’m gon na give you guys some free some free things, some pre nuggets.
I give them giving my training and that just gives you a little background on me and I don’t know if you have any questions before kind of doing some some tips and ideas and then everybody the audience has any questions.

I’d be happy to answer.

So here’s what the little bit that I know about solos for me.
I try to do my live and I try to boost it because bottom line is, if I’m out there and time is money right and if I’m out there, I’m educating people.

At the same time, I wan na do a boost there to see if I can get a lead right now.
I do know that organically you’re really good at it right, and I know that getting ads and all that you’re also good at right and I’ve been checking out grants out stuff for quite some time.
You know, and I think it’s pretty good.

I think it’s really really good.
I mean I respect weighing a lot.
You know I mean – and I think he’s really really good at what he does right and with watching you turn things around.

You know and really grow a social media platform.
The automotive industry means that, more than ever now, all right trainers are going online they’re getting their views.

The only reason I get those kind of views is basically on YouTube.
I do marketing on Facebook, I do marketing, and you know my marketing would YouTube it.
You know I manage from them to ice cream in ads.

Also right, so it offsets.
I don’t do it to make money, I do it to the cost.
You know anything I lose money, but the cost of it.

At least it’s something that comes in right.
So it’s just about the the revenue okay, but you could really help this industry and who’s ever out there listening to me pay attention like the subprime hero, Rebecca all these guys that are really really good.
Maybe you could really help them and put a deal together.

Very feasible because you’re gon na have the volume – and I shared this with the 30 car group – all those guys out.
There really want to get to the lead.
Gen part on social media – and you know I don’t blame him, because if I’m a Salesman today, I’m gon na go on social media, because now that’s gon na make me different.

So the dealership is not gon na have control over me.
I’m gon na have control over the news.
If I leave, I have the audience and following me right, so you can start your own business.

You know years ago.
What turned me on about the car business at a very young age is real simple.

They give me 25 for side right, so I look at it.

I’m making I’m an owner at 25 percent clean money.
I have a phone, I don’t pay for rent and at the time I didn’t pay for a car because you get a demo right.
So, hey, listen, they’re, putting me in business right so today, they’re really putting you in business because you’re the brand and you’re out there on social media.

So if I’m in the business today selling cause, I hire a company like yourself, because it’s really not that bad.
In sales people today and managers today do not have a problem themselves: hiring people because you’re making ten fifteen grand a month.
You can make twenty five thousand a month and it’s open other opportunities.

A lot of guys there’s a lot of thought between HootSuite sandable.
All these different platforms – I don’t know I don’t use any of them.
So I had.

I have a company that that brands me and all that I mean.
Is it good yeah? It’s all right.
Is it as successful as you absolutely not, because some people say organic is the way to go right and other people say wait a minute.

If I do ads, I start really seeing a difference.
So why not do both your the way? The way PPC works in the way ads work is your organic has to be high, and then your ad, and now it’s gon na convert.
If you don’t have organic and you just do it, there’s no good either, so you need both, because what organic does it? Just adds to your conversion, because when they see that ad, then they search when you’re all over the place boom.

Now it’s with just conversion.
So that being said, that’s what you know how to do well and what up give us a couple of tips for guys that start their their business and want to get out on social media.
What are the things they should look for? Well, just to give you some ideas of what my specialty gar is because, once again I was 42 years old.

You know out of the car, you know an ex car guy getting on social media, so I’m testament as how you can build a personal brand and the thing is with social media and basically it allows you to network with people.
And basically, you know, as we always say, your your network is your net worth.
It allows you to connect with people.

You could never connect with in real life.
I mean I’ve held court with Michael Dell sergej Bryn.
You know some of the top media people in the world just like.

We are right now, either being on their podcast or back.
When Google+ first came out with the hangouts that were public and broadcasts back, then you know we did a.
We did a video hangout for 72 days straight and you know that’s how I met most of these people because I called it basically a LinkedIn networking, a live event on steroids, but some of the practical tips I’m an expert at organic as to ads.

I know you know I can turn you on to the help like with Grant Bradley.

You know, and some of the others I’ve worked with.
What I do is I help them set up the processes.

You know in the instance of Brad and in grant of you know how to have everything in house from your video production to your studio, how to how to set your studio up, so you can broadcast on all the platforms.

You know the correct and top people to use if you want to use targeted Facebook ads.
If you want to use buta cuz, I’m not an expert in paid advertising, I’m an expert in organic growth of your brand, because, to be honest, I did it by accident.

It was just me being Who I am and loving to connect with people.
So what I tell people – and this is great – because this is the free way to do it – is it’s when you’re getting started on social media and growing your brand.
The most effective way is not through a Facebook page, but through your personal profile.

The reason being is pages cannot do outbound engagement, meaning they can’t comment on personal posts.
They can’t send friend requests.
They can’t send personal messages like yet plus when you have a page people, don’t know who they’re really talking to.

Are you a you know? Are you an intern or your marketing firm, that’s working for this person at that type deal to where, if it’s your actual personal profile, commenting reaching out on someone you’re trying to want to do business with connect or how follow you, you know it makes a big Difference, but I always tell people is what happens when, let’s say on your Instagram or your Facebook, all of a sudden somebody you’re, not friends with, has like 5, you get 5 notifications to your your phone that Michaelmas just liked your post.
My going to ask who’s commented on your post, Michael Knight’s, just sent you a friend request.
What’s your first natural reaction to do, what would you? What are you doing that circumstance when all sudden already right away, accept somebody, and if I really like the person – and I I never post that I got 5,000 friends – I don’t believe in that.

But what I do is I search it through and I get rid of somebody.
That’s not really not only a Richie fan that really does, and I really don’t earn from it right right, because I look at it as the earn perspective right.
Why I clean my stuff, you know I don’t wan na hit 5,000.

So then Adam get more people reaching out to me.

I don’t publish that because I won’t, but he followed me or hitting me as a front request.
You know so that being said, you know very important.

Well, you just said that’s a very good point yeah, but what I’m saying is: what is that first thing you do? Is you go check out their profile before you accept their friend request or you? You know you go see what they’re about you see what they do.
Yeah you see their post, you might even go to their web yes and website now.
Well, just is the most effective form of text.

Sms social media, markt marketing.
You can possibly do you you’re in their phone, because they’re getting these notifications so you’re doing exactly what you want to do, but now it’s not like typical, SMS marketing or email marketing, because the whole purpose of while most people are on social media is because we Want that affirmation we want the likes of our post.
We want people to send us from request, because you know what it releases endorphins in our head.

We don’t get endorphins released when we get a.

You know, business text message.
You know hey 50 % off today, at whatever calm, I’m gon na text, that half time we ignore that.

But when we get Richie billow, you know liked our posts.
Well, now you just released an endorphin.
I call I’ve been kind of a pioneer in what I call endorphin marketing, so you know Richie released in orbits because he just liked my post.

You know and again it’s a repeat process.
So if I set targeted person you’re trying to establish relationship, you know – and you want to be the first thing they think of when you buy they, they need a car or they’re.
In a conversation with somebody says: hey, I need to buy a used car.

Well, Ritchie’s mother, first thing cuz in my mind, because Ritchie’s on the phone every day like in my post so and Ritchie’s cool, so I’m gon na tell my friend about Ritchie or if I ever need a car Ritchie’s.
The first thing that comes to my mind and that’s what I like said just my normal activities of what I did on social media – became the marketing strategies I use, because I did that people I liked I engaged everyday and then all of a sudden, I’m getting Direct messages – hey Michael, I got somebody that needs social media help you know, and it’s only because that’s the first thing they thought of because I engaged you know we had that engagement going on social media and then the other part of it is being able to Identify you know your targeted people, you want to connect to it so as a car salesman, what you can do believe it or not on Twitter.
If you go into advanced search on Twitter, you can type in looking for a car looking for a good car salesman, and it will give you that every tweet, with those words in it in the history of Twitter, so you can check that every day and see Who’s looking for a car and any kind of catch phrases so there and then there’s, there’s hashtag searches and then, with your community that you have already of your friends and family you’re connected with on social media.

You know you put in their minds, you know with referrals, / dogs, that anytime they’re involved in a conversation with somebody looking for a car that automatically they’re gon na say: hey, you need to see Ritchie, you need to contact Michael Mann and, as we all know, Referral business is the best, because that’s usually that the I’m so glad you brought that up, because the industry really needs you right now.

Why does it need you that salespeople do not know how to nurture it right? Car sales people don’t know how to nurture b2b guys know how to nurture, because we have a selling cycle that can take 60 and 90 days.
So you take a car salesman and you put him and b2b and he starves to death right.

But Blum simple reason is known: Percheron right, oh this is, I did i buying blah blah blah daughter, finished.
Facebook has a product and automotive people don’t know how to use that product.

It’s called the marketplace.
Okay, they don’t add a nurture that message.
They don’t know how to nurture that messenger.

Okay, there’s more and more companies doing it right now, but sales people don’t know how to do it.

They run live and all this and all that they don’t know how to nurture that lead.

The first reaction that a customer tells you when they buy a high ticket item, either a car or a wedding or a time sharing the first thing they tell you is now I got ta think about it.

That’s a normal reaction.
That’s that they’re not really telling you about the information is coming to the head price, this budgets and it’s confusing them.

When you get confused as humans, your defense mechanisms always gon na say no.

Now you got an urge for that and funnel that into a yes right and that’s what you know how to do so.
That’s a very lucrative product that you can take on in this automotive space.
There is a very big opportunity with the marketplace.

They don’t know.
Customer applause somebody reaches out to them.
They don’t even know how to send back the message, because car guys are not really into that we’re more face-to-face.

I see you you’re getting done.
I’d forgot, you’re, getting God that tax that all this Maggie and all this stuff not happened me myself, I don’t even I don’t even send taxes or anything, go try to close deals on our text.

Well, I’m Dyslexic and I get on the phone right away.

I get on the phone immediately boom and I tried closing them so we’re talking to a company about mobile marketing, because since I can’t really text back – and sometimes I can’t get ahold of them because it’s coming to that world, we want to put that on my Phone because I get a lot of leads coming in where I can’t tax back and it’s really a pain in the neck.
I got ta be always with somebody around me to do that for me.
So it’s really hard for me to do so.

We decided to hire a mobile marketing company on a tax where they just send out messages and they know how to engage.
It uses your official intelligence platform right.
So now it’s much easier for me, so, but that’s a very big opportunity that there isn’t.

The other thing I want to mention yesterday there was alive somebody said increase your social media share right.

Well, guess what everybody knows that my wall is full of everybody else’s content.

I know you’ve noticed yeah, I’m sharing I’ve been sharing on social media.

Since, oh nine, that’s obvious that when you share somebody’s information, that’s good content! First, I do it for one reason to help my audience right and learn, but then, when I share, even if they’re, not my friends – and I see it in a group that I look at their page and then I share it from their page – you know what Happens they right away one a friend me they run away, want to engage with me.
That’s obvious! That’s since old I’ve been doing that and I get I get upset when I don’t see people sharing and I’m gon na say this.
I see Grant Cardone.

He never says you know, I always share his stuff.
You know I share everybody’s and you know what, when you share, it’s only fair, but not only when you share is fair.
You get more people that follow you and you’re building more the audience right and nobody.

40 is because, unless you have a hundred billion dollars that you’re like Amazon, then you have enough, for nobody has enough audience.
You know because the more money you have, the more money you spend and the more things you want to do and the more investment you want to do so it’s never enough.
I don’t care if you have a trillion dollars, you’re living in a different.

You know, lifestyle that we are the more you have the more you want and the more you want, the more you want to invest and the more you want to set people around you, your team, and have them, have a good.
That’s what it’s about? It’s not about for you to take them on it’s about investing in people’s future right.
So that’s why the more is better right! Oh yeah! It’s not work! You know because you help people out, you know.

So when you leave this planet, you know yeah at least is a good memory about you right.
So, oh we share.
I share costly LinkedIn, I’m always sharing everywhere.

I share every time.
I see content.
I share it because I’m helping my audience get educated right.

Those guys that don’t share – and all I mean I understand – maybe they don’t want to do because of their brand myself.
I don’t care what my brands, like I’m always gon na share, because I’m educating people and people start following me and that’s what social media is about.
If you want to really earn on social media, that’s what you got to do: yeah, because you’re in it yeah! Well, what it does is because we see so many people on social media that are trying to sell and it’s, as I say, it’s a one-way street where they’re just pitching you know it’s all them it’s.

They have a perfect life yeah.
They know everything but yeah.
They don’t they don’t engage you, you know, you comment on their stuff all the time and you know they don’t even like it.

They don’t even like it.
They it’s it’s all one way and that’s that’s what we typically see and that’s why a lot of people that get on social media that don’t know what they’re doing you know they hear hey.
You got ta get on social media text.

You know that’s where you do business now and people get on there and they get on there with the mentality we’re used from the car business, which is what would I call push media? You know email blast billboards, you know it’s push, push push well push on social media, get get you absolutely nothing and it gets you unfriended and and blocked, because when people come on social media, they in their mind are not looking to buy something they are looking To live they’re looking for stories, they’re looking for content that engages them, so the trick is to be able to sell, but not actually push so the way you do that is you show what you do, what your expertise, your job in action, kind of like a! If you got a reality, TV show so like when you’re closed, delivering that car.
When you’re doing something in your business that set you apart, then you need to document it and share it on social media, because, instead of saying hey, I’m the greatest closer in the world, I’ll just show you me closing a deal.
I don’t have to say it.

You can see it in action, then people see that it’s not technically you’re bragging you’re, just showing your life in action and Alex Wow.
That dude is badass at whatever he does with me, like you know, like I said when you get when you Brandon, just your personal self, on social need, your name.
He goes with you wherever you want, but it also opens doors and opportunities that you never could.

Imagine I mean last year I produce I was the executive producer of Drew Pearson live on ABC at 11:30 a.
before NFL kickoffs.
Here in dallas-fort worth I have no background in TV production, no education.

I was a co-host.
I started in Oh 12 as doing the live producing the live broadcast of when they shot this TV part of the show it’s kind of a live.
You know.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes live of the show.
It’s gon na run this weekend that evolved to being a host that evolved to be becoming the executive producer last year, and that just shows you once you brand yourself on social media.
You know the the opportunities that can it can be life changing and getting talking about what you did, what you offer and what you do as a business.

That’s what I love about my business, cuz yeah! You know what yeah we all need the money.
We need.
The freedom and it provides, but we always want to provide a service that we consider life change.

We change somebody’s lives.
I mean that’s well, look at my with Grant Brad and most of every client I’ve had.
You know you mentioned Rebecca turning she.

She tapped me right right right, you know five years ago to help her with with her social media and it’s being able to give the people the tools that change their lives forever.
So when you offer a product, that’s life-changing and you actually, if I had not run into these people, both our lives would be completely different.
You know that is the gratification of you know, especially being an entrepreneur, an online option or or any business you’re in is if what you’re delivering is actually life-changing and, like you said, yeah Linda when it’s time your time to go to the pearly gates, you remember, As somebody that you know change change, people’s lives, help them meet their dream or be whatever took it from yeah going on the wrong road and putting you on the right Road, and you know I’m gon na tell you something on LinkedIn.

I get these people that message me all the time they I don’t even know them and they’re always selling me and it’s not a sponsor ed somebody that writes this content and they all write the same thing.
So they must have a company.
That’s doing this service.

I’m gon na tell you something: I don’t pitch anybody on social media.
When I pitch you there’s an ad, I only use the ad network to pitch and the story.
I want to sell a product right now.

I want to so shop.
Smart there’s ads going out.
Okay, that’s it! I only do ads because you know what I’m out there now right I’ll do a boost and all that and a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

You know what I do it when I want to sell a product.
I do ads because I’m not gon na hit my audience and put put them in a situation.
That’s the wrong way to do it.

I think I get in messages on Facebook all the time.
There’s that I got this company.
That company I mean I mean I’m not interested, that’s not why I’m on social media yeah now change your.

It doesn’t cost that much money you reach out to me.
Wow you’re very good were organic, we’re very good with pay search, the reason because we have clickable, which is an automated with artificial intelligence, and we outbid anybody.
Okay, because it’s tapped into Google and it’s tapped into Facebook and it’s tapped into Instagram, okay, listen! It doesn’t cost that much people think that running hands actually costs a lot of money.

If it’s done right – and you have the artificial intelligence that you got a bid – management automation tapped in you’re gon na get a tremendous ROI, it doesn’t cost that much these LinkedIn people.
Please stop that.
First of all, they write me like a book on this long email, this long message – and I can’t even read it.

You know what I do couldn’t pay for, that my block, oh yeah, because they don’t even under they don’t even get to know me force.
They don’t even know no, you know, but you got ta be careful because not everybody can read good.
You know, and especially when somebody’s got a disability.

Like me, that means like sometimes I feel like doing something really stupid they be in, for I mean I smashed day with my computer.
I smashed it right over cuz.
You know what people don’t understand that so be careful.

What you do, because we all have content learners that set up our facebook pages, and all that I mean I don’t know how to I can’t read or write in my life depended on it: okay, so our new scripts or anything so people stop doing that hire Or an organic company like Michael, don’t worry about it, give him control, let him run with the ball, and if you want really sell do ads, it don’t cost that much listen for $ 20 on Facebook a day which is cheaper than what I spend in Starbucks.
Okay and anybody else, you know you take four shots for some expresso four times a day.
You are 15 to 16 dollars Ian and in New York.

For that you’re spending 20 bucks put an ad out for 20 bucks a day on Facebook hire the right company.
Like clickable, that we use big data, custom audience custom audience only that ball will use and now you’re gon na convert.
So I mean the date should right away hire you you believe in that increases promoting me, like you believe, in that Michael yeah yeah.

Well, what I, what I, what I stress to people is you know lead, is a little different, but with all the other platforms, this is a social network.
So basically, this arena is the same as walking you to a restaurant, a bar, a church.
You know a social gathering of people and you know you might know some people you might not.

But if you walk up to strangers – and the first thing you do is shove a business card in their face, you should have headshots.
You know: here’s here’s, my product, you know you you’re, like dude, we’re in a bar.
What the hell you know.

No, what do you do? What do you do at a bar? You, you hear somebody talking about whatever the football team you like or something you have in common and you’re, like hey man, I overheard your or I love your Jersey or whatever.
That’s how you start that conversation and that’s the same premise you need to use on social media is that that targeted? Let’s here’s, a good tip for car car salespeople.
You have a hot prospect.

You weren’t able to close that they went home we’ll go, find them on whatever social media platform they’re most active on if they’re an instagramer, if they’re Facebooker, if they’re youtuber, go, seek them out, connect with them there, because guess what? If you have your profile set up right, this shows what you’re passionate about you know, your kids, your family, just who you are, as we all know, in any sales people pretty much know what car they want.
They know what product they want.
They want to farm from when they’re come, they want, they want a salesperson that their control with so right, heyƶ is selling yourself and that’s what social media allows, because through your personal profile, if you have who you are what you believe in you know, that’s one Thing I always express to my clients too: is you have to be transparent on social media? You know if you’re having a bad day posts don’t be afraid to post that you’re having a bad day.

You know because we’re so used to perfect.
You know everybody’s perfect.
On social media, the perfect family, perfect life, you know which go through that, but when somebody says hey, you know I I struck out today on on the lot.

You know you know Abe, I guess you know, I need some tips or somebody bring me up.
Everybody engages that and that’s the other thing too is another great tip is ask questions, people you know so many posts that people are bragging about themselves or whatever, but when you and yeah, when you invite that engagement, when you say hey, you know, I always one Of my one of my I close people on this is one tip so many times you say you want to have the most engaged post you probably have had in months.
Is it just just go type in your facebook feed right now, hey how’s your day, how’s everybody doing or what are you up to right now and I guarantee you’re gon na more comments likes and engagement on that post.

Then you probably had on anything else in there and that just shows you the kind of premise you need to have on social media.

Is you know when I feel someone cares about me that I don’t know but on social media you know that they, you know you talk about what you know grant doesn’t share it everything.
Now I can guarantee you in the beginning.

When grant started, I told him.
I said absolutely you can get he he would comment back to most everybody.
He would like their post.

He would send a few people to reg mess and hey thanks for the comment whatever that’s that, because we’re not used to that.
You know we’re not you.
So people you know taking that effort and that’s what really wins.

Grosser falling gets people who become your loyal supporters and then again they’ll pay attention to what you do more.
They know what you do.
They may not need your product, but anytime they’re around somebody.

That is has a problem that they know you can saw.
They’re like you need to get a hold of Michael, because that’s completely how I’ve developed my business is.
I’ve never done a Facebook ad.

I’ve never done any pay every time all my business has come through.

Basically, they’ve seen what I’ve done with Grant right and I have with you because the organic part I haven’t, I I really spend money on ads.
You know that’s what I do.

You know because there’s two things to that.
You know the first thing that there is is more important for me.
Is I’m not hitting people up right that might be uncomfortable for me, selling them right and and I’m losing followers of friends.

So I do ads because it’s very feasible to protect my audience.
It’s very feasible to protect my friends on Facebook me not going and hitting them so I’d run.
An ad doesn’t cost me that much, but I get a good ROI.

You know so because I don’t know what I don’t know Michael.
I try to stay away from alright try to master what I do know and learn everyday more.
I know very few things, okay, but I have a team that knows the rest.

What I do is I try to master whatever.
I know I try to master it right and when I don’t know something, I’m not gon na play around with it, because this is people you’re dealing with people, if you don’t know something in mastery, you’re gon na piss, more people off than what it’s worth.
So I rather not play with that.

You know I had experiences, and failure is a very good thing.
Actually, I get involved with stuff at 75 % failures, though, because I don’t want to keep learning, because I failed plenty of times in my other business.

Okay – and I learned from it right so I like to get involved and stuff – that’s not really working and has a higher failure rate of one, because the higher the failure ratio is the more percentage I’m going to take from that business and the more money I’m Gon na make so I show them your failure ratio.

Seventy five percent.
I want seventy five percent of your business and you keep twenty-five because I’m taking a risk, I’m gon na fail.
That’s yep right! So that’s what I write so and I want to get involved in those businesses, for the simple reason is for the opportunity to learn to become a better entrepreneur, but Michael, I see a chance up here with some kids or something it.

It’s been great talking to you and the other thing we got ta set up that whole thing we were talking before.
We were in live on an automotive, social media, a training session but half hour a little bit of the tips and what you know so our people can see it and also in front Ahlers group.
That’s got about 9,000 car guys there that all need to help and he does all kinds of workshops and everything and we promised the guys.

We would have something for them to learn and get things going.
But Michael, it’s a pleasure and it’s always a pleasure and I’ll see you around Facebook and have a blessed and lovely day, and god bless you and your family.
And again I can’t thank you enough to coming in hey.

Thank You Richie.
I appreciate it and if anybody needs any help, Michaelmas mediacom or or just connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.
Thank you, Mike god, bless take care of .

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