Automotive Training News LIVE 12-4-19 with Michael C. Lewis and Val Mazon

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Today it’s listen.
We got a huge lineup today huge today.
We have Michael Lewis here in the studio with us who is sponsoring this episode and we’ll talk about publishing the books that we actually have a couple of Tremont say that he’s published and we have mr.

Val Mazon today with us who Ritchie calls a BDC genius And, of course, my favorite person, who were all mr.
David Costello on the Ricky, Vedder Ritchie Bello veteran Institute, you know before we start Val, I you know, I think it’s appropriate to bring us up to date.
What you and Mike are doing with your third and fourth book coming out in 2020 – oh great, so we got here these guys right there, Michael Lewis, great author, amazing content.

This book took a very long time to come up with, so we got it this books.
Basically, you know our reputation how to brand yourself and all this it’s great book, it’s gon na, be out what is that gon na be out? We should have it ready for the NAD a event, so it’ll be February, it’ll be out in February I figured February the 15th through the 20th.
So those guys that are close to me.

My circle, I shared with you the book already down doing it out publicly.
So it’s gon na be a great book and thanks a lot.
If anybody wants an advance copy, you might find it on eBay later for a large sum of money and that’s not me selling it so and then talking about really really Val Val.

I mean, I know you for quite some yeah.
I don’t know when this whole PDC started.
A lot of people know.

The Nicholson group was one of the first companies that have a BDC installed and the only store in the country we did.
It was that Apple Honda.
There was no other one.

There was no Penske or nothing like that.
I was thought that implementation process with Reynolds and Reynolds sales vision back then, okay with dr.
John Bernard shit and Dana bloom, oh and bow, was part of all this infrastructure that we did now.

Let me just say this: okay, we got the idea in Houston, Texas.
Okay, I was a Charlie Thomas.
They had phones for salespeople, we called them the tension room because a sales person had to be in this room for three hours of 92 believe the year was 92 93.

So we put that together because we saw other stores doing something it was okay, but it was not really good the sales people used to hate it.
They they were the named detention rooms.
So then I flew out to the Northeast.

I was put there by the Nicholson, group and Garston motors back then and dr.
where we installed this and now I want to talk to you.
You were the process, a lot of process and a lot of thought process behind this right is be back.

Then the idea and what you do today, that you do a tremendous job in bringing this to the next level.
Well, the main thing happens here.
Number-One thing is about appointments.

We have to set the appointments, but, most importantly, the guy that defines the show and your show rate has to be 65 70 % of those set appointments and what what happened in the beginning? There wasn’t a lot of buy-in.
They didn’t really have a process.
You just get on the phone and talk about anything or everything.

They didn’t really know that they had to talk about certain things.
What was the hot buttons, how to build relationships? And in today’s market it’s even even more important, especially with that inbound call.
We’ll talk a little bit about that inbound call for a second, because that inbound call.

We all know that people spend somewhere in the neighborhood about 14 16 hours online before even picking up that phone once they pick that phone up, what they’re doing they’re, calling four or five different dealerships and what they’re really doing is eliminating those dealerships.

Do you want to know who the person they want to work with? What is that main salesperson or be DC rep, that they want to work with who’s, the most professional who built that best rapport with them? And then, of course, then they’re gon na come into the dealership and once they come into the dealership, we know that 85 % of those people have already decided to buy.
The challenge here is that once they come in, what do we do with them? And that’s a whole different training, but the main thing is get that point in the show and I teach what another thing is called a mental drive technique.

Not only the appointment that you do a mental drive to be getting them to that dealership, because we know a lot of times, they’d call four or five different dealership.

What happens there as they get mixed up in the end up as ABC motors instead of you know one two, three motors, so what happens? There is okay, now they’re they’re there once they’re there.

We know the salespeople clips, oh that guy he left for the day.

Good, I’m here to help you or he doesn’t work here anymore, whatever the case may be, so the main thing is, those appointments are very, very important on how you said um how you get them to your dealership and you have to send with specific dates and Times you got to funnel it down, you have to give them choices, you know.
Are you looking a way now that you choose your vehicle? It’s a good time for us get together this afternoon this evening, work better okay, they say the evening.
Are you thinking around four or five o’clock in the evening or later in the evening, seven or eight, and you just funnel it down once you phone them down to a specific date and time, then you have to make sure that they understand that it’s very important That they come to that dealership at that particular time.

So you give them your undivided attention and you know I’m glad you said that, because one of the things with your training is – and I know you inspect your dealership right – trainers out there that don’t really do the mystery shopping or inspect the people you’ve trained and You don’t want to think we’re training it you’re in the store for four or five days.
You leave it’s that enough time to create a happy.
So what happened with the industry? Well, real simple: what happened with the industry? We went from five to online training.

You do your live in the online training.
Is the system? It’s the follow-up, so you got ta create a bit for these counters right now, a family member that I called up a dealership to put them in, and they put him in and he’s really getting.
Throwdown training tremendously and online training.

Now? Why on why? Because there are repetitious, but all such trainers.
If there’s no inspection on how we’re training our people we’re not really being really successful.

One of the things about you Val, because you were a corporate trainer for call source, which is a humongous company, amazing, what you did there really really come on right.
One of the things I want to talk to you about is that inspection that you have that process.
You want shit what you expect and with all these you got, you got call sores you’ve got car wars, you got call bride.

You want to make sure that you listen to some of those.
Some of those calls that are coming in.
You want to see how you could better them.

You want to make sure that their phone in the process – that’s written, not every.
How can I say this? Every dealership has a little bit of a different process.
They have.

You know, BD sees that answering, and you know how the leads are answering.
The internet leads that BDC, that only takes they.
They only take inbound calls or they’re only doing outbound culture they’re only doing the follow-up calls all processes work, long queue, you work the process and you keep them on that process.

Management has a big role in all of this because they got ta, be they got ta, be there with them.
They have to have early management intervention.

That’s what I call it EMI and what I mean by that they got ta, be ready to get on the phone right away.

They’ve got to get ready to confirm that that that customer see when you set an appointment, you know likelihood of them showing up.

So if you’ve done a great job about sixty sixty-five percent, once you get a manager, an actual sales manager, general sales manager, whatever manager, and they confirmed that that appointment, your chance of them coming a go up, another ten percent.
So now you got a chance about 75 percent that they’re gon na make it to that dealership.

But you know I always say you know: players play the game, but it takes a team to win a championship.
So it’s not only the beating, see it’s not only your salesperson, but it’s awful your managers that all have to come together and make this happen.

You know I use Facebook as a learning tool or recruitment tool and also to see the other trainers.

So, there’s a there’s, a couple of trainers out there that put what store they’re in training right.
Ok, so I go and wait for that live and I don’t know if it’s record it to life, but the next couple of days.
I follow up that store.

You know, and this must be really good trainers.
I call it the five bad habits they still have.
I cut up, I say I’m in a rush.

I got ta call them back.
One objection bad, they write over and say: okay call us when you have time.
Okay, now let me tell you this all right.

I pay attention to it very closely and the reason I pay attention to that vowel is because I want, if I’m looking for top-notch trainers with this vet program interested – and I really got my heart in this for the last four and a half years.

But with you I know what you’re about so what advice would you give a trainer as far as inspecting what are the the stuff that you do and what should somebody else do and then on that note, I want to give it right to Eric, because he’s Got a lot of questions as me: I’m a different type of trainer.
I’ve been told, I’m a different type of trainer because I’ll sit there and weather what I’ll get on the phone I’ll teach them here.

This is how you handle this phone call.
This is your mannerism.
This is the way your voice.

Inflection should be.
It all plays a key role.
We’re directors of purse impressions so I’ll get on the phone and show them that how easy it is I’ll make a couple of couple calls I’ll take a couple of objections.

I’ll also set a couple: appointments do the whole process, the mental drive technique and Lord to behold, they’re showing up to the dealership.
I think both trainers need to do that more often than just being fucking head just saying.
Okay, you need to do this.

You need to do this.
This is what you need to do, but then you follow up with your with your client.
You’ve got to go back and follow up and you go wait two or three months and say: okay, I’ll be back in two or three months.

See if the process is working, no, what you need to do is you need to follow up the following week to make sure that they’re doing it, you need to even do a couple of you know blind calls just to see if they’re following the process and The coach you want to be able to call them back and coach them on some of the things.
Listen to a couple of calls, yet the inbound weather to inbound or outbound call and see what are some of the things that they can improve on and I think most trainers aren’t doing that.

Most trainers are coming in they’re, doing the training and then they’re, leaving in the forgetting about their client.

I think that’s the worst thing ever.
I think you need to stay on top of it, and not only that.
You need to train the management team to continue to train, hire, train motivate because motivation is very important.

You got to have the people motivated see before that we’re saying when the bbc’s first came out.
The other word boiler rooms and everybody used to get in there, but they didn’t understand well how important the phone call really was.
They didn’t have a process, they didn’t have any type of training.

If they had training, they were told what to do not how to do it.
There’s a difference.
I’m telling somebody what to do compared to showing them how to do it.

Actually, two topics I was going to discuss with you number one you hit on morale.
Morale is the biggest thing in a dealership, especially in a phone room.
If you morale in the phone rooms down your employment couch, going down, hands down the people who you have talking to customers, your BTC reps, your BTC manager, director.

Whoever has to be in the right state of mind to have to come to work, knowing that they’re going to be talking to customers and they have to have that energy and excitement to get those people in the door.
Would you agree with that? The person on the other side of the phone they’re gon na give them food hey great choice by the way.
Why did you choose the all-new 2019 Sentra? You know by the way, who’s the lucky one who’s the vehicle.

For I like to ask them that question.
Why? Because I want to know who the vehicles for so when I set the appointment, I want the decision-makers to be there.
I want the person who’s gon na, get them who’s.

Gon na get the car to be there as well.
It all begins in the first scene, the first 15 seconds.
That’s what sets the tempo for the whole transaction and I like to always start off with something really simple to say: hey thanks for calling ABC Motors is about.

I can help you Oh gray, hair and seen online.
I have a you: have a 2019, it’s blue in color, it’s so on and so far that’s a great choice.
By the way, my speaking with and then you just go on and just go through the whole script, I’m not a script type of guy.

Yes, I write the script, but it’s just a guideline.
You have to put your own personality.
We all know that product knowledge and personality or key in this industry, but what’s number one, is the personality personality is number one because they the product they already know about the product they buy the number one reason they buy for my from a dealership as well.

The salesperson, the number two reason is the dealership and, of course, the number one number three reason is the product.
They know they can pry it by the product anywhere they’re, calling and they’re eliminating these other dealerships.
They want to know who they want to work for who they know who they gon na buy for buy from, and with that said, then they build that relationship with that salesperson or that BBC person.

It’s very important to have a great morale.
It’s very important to be enthusiastic, never beat up your salespeople because in reality there’s a lot of managers out there.
That just say you know just get them and get them in get a man.

You know these guys.
They’re do you know? Even the veterans sometimes haven’t been trained properly.
I’ve trained a lot of veterans in this in this industry and they’ve learned a lot for my training.

Well, I never thought of that approach would work.
You know what it’s giving me a second wind.
I want to go out there and try them boom and behold.

They do a great job and next thing they know they’re selling, more cars and, of course, making more money.
The point that he said you know it’s the first 15 seconds when you talk to someone on the phone.
It’s you know it’s funny.

Yesterday we had a snowstorm going on, it was sweet snow outside you know everything else.
I’m not accustomed was calling up and I always started it’s a great day at Apple Honda.
People like it’s a great day.

What are you talking about? It snowing? I know it’s always a great day here.

It always you ITINs up the mood, but the big thing that you touched base on is is, when I hear this all the time is, you have trainers come in, they train people, you know, okay, great, they trained a manager.
The manager goes through it.

If you, if your manager is not willing to get on the phone with customers and show his apartment or her Department, how it’s done, you know, you have to really re-evaluate that.
I know a bunch of big dealer groups that have been teaching managers, not even directives.
Managers that are non-working managers, and I don’t believe in that at all – I believe you know, for example, it ever thought I’m a working manager in my department.

I said majority in point mates because that’s this is how I get paid.
I get paid the same way.
My guys do saeng’s we’ve just done a little bit different sale, but ultimately you know every phone call.

I take it doesn’t matter what it is.
I leave it on speaker.
I do that because I want my team to hear how a phone call should go and all day what my guys would be on the phone or they’ll or the or they’ll listen to me.

I’ve had guys, stop and come in and just sit down and listen to me on the phone and that’s how it should be done.
Lead by example, don’t lead by what should they do? They should manage.
They should manage their days.

They should manage their daily work.
That they do work plan they should help their salespeople because without their salespeople, what’s gon na happen, what’s gon na happen, you need to have a good good leadership, and most managers are almost like most sales people.
These days, they’re almost like order-taker sure they’re just waiting for the next deal to hit their guests.

There’s more to management.
You’re, just desking a deal, that’s gon na deal is you know you need to know, okay, what type of credit they are? Ok, what bank? I’m going to send them to, but it’s more than just that early management intervention.
Once again, I train managers on going out there in the early stages and meeting their customers up front.

Saying I’ll give you an example, for instance you’re at a dealership, and you see one of your salespeople with a customer I like to go out there and introduce my I hate.
My name is Bell.
I’m just one of the managers want to excuse myself, make sure that Joe taking really good care of you hey by the way.

Don’t worry about numbers anything! That’s my department, I’ll, take care of everything.
You know.
You’re gon na go with Joe he’s my product specialist he’s gon na take care of all your needs.

That’s find you the right car that best fits your needs.
When y’all come on inside and we’ll go over some options with you fair enough, they don’t only have no problem.
Now you’ve got now.

You got early management intervention number one.
Now these customers, who do they always want to talk to when they’re ready to do a car, get the manager right.
They always want to talk to the manager because they know they’re the final decision-maker, so just even on the phone if they could even get on the phone had overheard your guys’s conversation and start talking to hey.

This is this is about.
I just want to introduce myself real, quick understand, you’re working with Joe hey, we’ve got some great deals going on by the way I just wanted to understand.
One thing: how did you hear about the big sale going on this week? You know, and then you you just get them excited you it’s a now by now program once the customers in your in your viewership.

We know through na da that 1.
2 they visits 1.
2 dealerships before buying.

So we know that once you’re at your dealership, they’re gon na buy from you doesn’t matter how you treat them.

You know with dignity and respect, we’re keeping in mind their time is valuable because in today’s world everybody’s about time, everybody’s working as is untying, you know what, with school, with kids, with basketball, with baseball, with all the things that are going on now.
You know you know, you’ve touched on so many big points out there, especially for BDCs and people are something you know guys.

I said this time and time again, your BDC.
The only reason for BDC is to set appointments.
The whole purpose of a football is to set appointments.

That’s why they have is xrb DC’s were created.

You know not to go too far off topic but being in the holiday spirit as well as Ricky, and I being strong advocate advocates for camaraderie and the you know the dealership and automotive city in general.
You know give us you, what do you think morale? How do you think morale plays into business? What do you think Michael you’re, a business for a long time? How do you think morale plays into the demographics of a business? I would say that it’s critical, you know if you’ve got one person, that’s really down it’s.

So easy for them to pull everybody else down and just the opposite is true: it’s in neurolinguistics.
They call it pacing and you can go in there and you can literally match someone’s pace and then start to get more energetically and pretty soon you’re real excited and they’re gon na come right along.
So you build up.

So it’s critical to keep the morale.
You know it’s funny, there’s a face that there’s a post on Facebook.

That goes exactly like that.

It says something like if you have a bowl of fruit and you have one bad piece of fruit and you put it in there, it will turn everything else, bad.
So you have to be careful of that, no matter what it is, and you know usually when it’s something with morale its if you catch it right away, it’s usually something small excuse.
You little thing that you can easily change.

I mean Richie you’ve been in dealerships for your whole life.
Almost you know that better than anyone you are a general manager, you were trainer, you worked for all you’ve done at all you’ve.
Seen at all.

What are your feelings on the Homer Alan? The morale is very important and you know one of the things I got ta say: there’s a big difference in BDC.
There’s a difference between a BDC taking an incoming call and a BDC actually prospect.
They don’t know how to prospect, because when people call a customer they’re trying to sell them something Brett real truth of the matter is he is the process guys when you calling a customer, you call your service customer mr.

Jones, this is Richie for me.
See motors a reason I’m calling you is, we work on a wish list here, they’re gon na say what is that hey the vehicle you have that you owned three years ago.
It’s still coming to our service apartment.

First, let me thank you for you.
I’m second pricing on our used cars has gone extremely high.
We’re interested in purchasing your Viva.

We’ve got about four to five customers that are looking for that type of model.
You see.
That’s prospecting, it’s about that.

What’s in it for the customer pulling the custom on telling them your leases up, all this data they’re gon na go somewhere else, yeah, because that one’s gon na happen.
Oh now, you plan to see you got ta know how to prospect that okay and the productivity of a BBC Department – 90 % of a customer – that’s in the market for a car, third and percent or 20 percent, when they got a prospect.
As a matter of fact, they don’t like prospecting.

Why? Because this? No I’m not interested rejection.
Btc people don’t know how rejection is our problem.

There is no trainer that trains them now.

You have a problem because these are hard Petula T’s and, like I always said, theaters are spending 60 to 70 grand a month smack down the middle between Google Ads Facebook or a trailer, and all these other people guess what they got deals in their data in Their DMS day that deals there’s probability, there’s 1.
2 million consumers in the market every 30 days.
Those are not my numbers guy Sosa IHS numbers based on registrations, people that the lease is around and their finances up number.

One now add another percentage of that which I have that data to customers that have their kids in college enough graduating right that are in the market of the car.

Now you add, first-time buyers.
Okay, now you add people that head into an accident and they total their car.

Oh, my god, when I start talking to you about numbers, were up to one point: nine two million and I have all those analytics through our strategic partners up city twist and IHS hello.

Those are people in the market.
Okay, now just look at all those donors.

Okay, guys, let me tell you something prospect your dealership, you’re spending.
70 grand.
I know dealerships, that’s a big call for forty grand okay, try to maximize everything.

They can’t disband stupid money, and you know what I look at their DMS Gila management system.

You know all the deals there if it’s worked right, I got ta say this.
I know one company that works his stuff, perfect right and that’s in Seoul junior.

All Samsung junior manages his data and you know why he’s one of the top guys and his marketplace because of that he spends very little on marketing and spends enough to be out there, but maximizes ROI and you know Val what I want to touch bases imaginary Program imagine they went to increase the productivity of your BBC on prospecting.

They don’t know how to do it meet Manuel that have to do the service dry.
Now I’ve worked with a really good friend of mine.

That’s doing it right now.
That’s it kind of put some stuff together: he’s got a big Honda store and in Orange County and he’s pulling out just out of a service drive 40 to 50 new deals a month.
Just out of service drive it’s a whole different department.

He has a BDC making the phone calls.
He has somebody working the service drive on these appointments and the beauty about this is you’re.

Absolutely right is here here.

Your advertising dollars is minimal.
Number one number: two, your chances of making more gross profit per deal is very, very good, because these people aren’t really shopping.
They’re not really out there online, looking at all the advertisements and and number three you’re getting a really good trade in vehicle certifiable trade and vehicle, which is very, very, very good for the dealership.

And now not only are you making maybe a three thousand on the on the sold unit, but now you’re making another three thousand on the trade and that you’re bringing in so in reality that car do that little fifty is built that he’s doing he’s averaging somewhere In the neighborhood of close to about 220 to 250 grand per month, just out of the service drive, but you need some skilled people to go in it’s a different type of approach and I just finished writing a training manual for a Nissan store that I’m we Rolling out here and in the new year as the new year comes, it’s a different department.
You’ve set them up differently out of the service department.
You get into.

Of course, your CRM Reynolds, Reynolds and Reynolds contact management dealer suck.
They all have equity mining tools, but you’re, absolutely right, Richie, that’s the way of the world right now.
That’s for a lot of dealers need to start going towards its setting it up to setting it up right, a lot of go in there or have you know loaded and they try.

They put a regular salesperson.
They go get a customer go do this, but unless you have a set process with with the right right personnel in there, you actually need a manager, whether it’s just an internet manager, so type of manager.
That knows a car deal and knows how to put it together and you get a couple of greeters out there.

You’re gon na not get out of the car now you know I agree, and you know we touch base on a lot of big topics today and exactly it’s something we definitely want to go back to later on.
You know I do want to thank you for being on today.

We want to do.

We do want to get some time with Mike and go to his video and see exactly we could do Val.
It was pleasure having you on today and we hope to have you back soon.
Thank you see you later today.

So mr.
Lewis, we’re gon na take a look at a video from you in a second about publishing, books and and also helping write them yeah.
We go through the whole process and I think the video will explain it quickly to people who I am and where I come from.

So I don’t have to have their time like take a look guys.

Real estate investor developer and startup expert turned book publisher and best-selling author Mike is personally mentored and worked with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in the world.
Like Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber, Tom Hopkins, Lou Brown, Tim Johnson, Tom Beal, Jason Meyers, Mike Phyllis, aim Bill Walsh and countless others.

He has taken his own companies from zero to over 100 million in sales made as much as 1 million dollars in one day as the publisher at the world’s top coast.
Publishing firm branded expert publishing mike has created and published over 370 bestselling authors and published over a dozen of his own best-selling books, Mike’s passion for turning the real world experiences of successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and seasoned business experts like you and two best-selling books that will positively Impact your lives, please welcome Mike Lewis, the book guy [, Music ].
So no you out there.

No, I call Rick Ricky uncle Richie and there’s a reason that he’s like well cool, but Ricky always taught me that you have to have that guy.

So I love the fact that now I have the book guy with that being said, everything tell us a little bit about the books.
You helped and Richie right and really I mean how do you? Where do you even start to write a book? How do you start to write it? How do the ideas we, I am dumbfounded, I I’ll go through the process or heal quickly, but before I do that, I want to comment on something that Val said and that’s that most of the people are doing a tremendous amount of front-end research on the internet.

Before the salespeople or the appointment, centers get a chance at all and that’s where having a book having a good website creating content for people it raises the trust factor and trust is the biggest issue.
Salesmen have always dealt with yeah.
I’ve been a Salesman since I was well.

I had to wait till I turned 18 to get my real estate license, but I was selling way before that, and I’ve sold all my life these guys.
I work with her some of the best salesmen in sales trainers in the world, but the first thing people do now is Google.
You know yeah and anybody that thinks they’re, not googling the salesman arts.

Just it sorry about that statistics show that you’re gon na lose in between 50 and 60 percent of the actual referrals that people give you, because people found something online.

They didn’t like it’s not always a bad thing.
It might be that they saw shiny.

Your dealership was and how pretty your cars were and didn’t think they could oh yeah, but typically they find something on social media or something in the Google search that they decide.
I’m just not going to do business with this guy, even though I was referred to him just by cleaning up your Google search and your social media.
You can double or triple the number of referrals you’re exclusive of what the dealership is bringing in.

So it’s really important, and the other thing I got a stress is that image that you create for yourself follows you throughout your whole career.

So oh yeah, you know if you’ve got a reputation as being very honest, very hardworking.
They can compare your customers, it doesn’t matter what dealership, because we all have the same pond of cars to pleasure.

Out of the difference is that trust build up from salesmen and if you do it right, they’re gon na trust, you and respect you before they even amongst the Sun, and that’s that’s part of what the book does.
The reason that Richie – and I are writing this first book that we are as co-authors is – we want to show the automobile industry how to brand themselves.
Sales trainers are pretty good at brandy jobs, although in the auto industry, they’re, not quite as good as they are another industry, and I’m talking about people like Brian Tracy, Michael Gerber, yup and Tom Hopkinson and other people that I’ve worked with.

It’s critical that people in the car industry start to understand that there’s way way more to bring in a customer in the door than just the ads that the dealers paint.

If the salesman can do a tremendous amount of good with you know, I mean you want people to come in and say I want to buy my car from Joe.
I saw Joe on Facebook, or I saw Joe on LinkedIn or wherever it is that I saw him, and I like Joe and Mike is their way of saying they trust you and if they already trust Joe, it’s it’s a lay down, and you know that’s just That easy, so so that’s what Richie and I are writing the new book about is all the different ways and I’m talking about.

If you media exposure, you know one 30-second shot and the nightly news is going to do way better for you than 30 or 40 car commercials, so yeah, and you want all of the producers that book people on these shows know if they’ve got a car question.
You’re, their car guy and you want them picking up the phone and saying hey, you know I need two minutes three minutes on tonight’s show.

Can you come in to the studio you want to be the guy that gets.

That call because I guarantee that is way more IR Authority than anything you can do but pay them.
Oh yeah, I’m glad you touched base on that about the media.
I mean the one is see all the time whose are started out as a car guy.

The biggest one I could think of is Grant Cardone I mean you see him on MSNBC.
You saw him on Fox News serving all other places, but I mean you’re right that 30 seconds or a minute that they go to him for something you’re now known as that voice in the industry and it’s the same thing in the dealership.
But you know I agree the branding and getting your name out there, the biggest thing that you can do now.

If you can’t get yourself on on the local media, that’s understandable, but there’s social media.
You can go on and start posting your stuff.
I have someone in my dealership a kid Tim who you know great guy great salesman he’s doing an additional six to ten deals a month from just posting little content here and there.

Those things are critical because the TV stations going to do the same thing.
Your buyers do they’re gon na Google, yes yep, you know so the more good content you’ve got out there, the more that they think you’re an educator and an advocate the more likely it is that that these people are going to want to do business with you And it’s just it’s not that difficult, but you need to be consistent and you also need to be congruent.
You know you can’t be talking on LinkedIn about what a level and it hard-working businessman you are and on Facebook have a the liquor in your hand and a lampshade on your head.

Oh yeah, it’s just not going to work.
You’ve got to stay congruent and that’s that’s.
What we’re hoping to do with this book is teach them how to do that.

We want them speaking in front of large group.
You know we want.

We want to show them how to use reasons, to get in front of the local charity groups to get in front of the optimist.
Juana’s the Moose’s and any other animal matters its.

We see it is so important that the salesman looks at his career as a long-term investment.

Some of these things aren’t gon na I mean the media is not gon na start.
Calling you up two weeks after your book comes out.
There’s a lot of steps.

You have you, but the thing is: it starts to it’s like a flywheel once it starts turning it up, builds momentum and it gets easier and easier.

It’s that momentum builds and that’s why you know: we’ve we’ve got to stop just hoping that somebody’s gon na walk in the door and we’re gon na have sales the solemn and then I used to sell 100-plus houses a year.
Guys, like I understand what it’s like to sell, but you’ve got to make the sale long before you talk to the people.

If that’s just the way it is now then Richie’s gon na have some awesome tools to train people on how to do that.
Right now we’re working quite a bit with the car trainers and that because they’re, the ones that influence the dealership now hornsby sila, so we’re working real hard to publish several of the more well-known our dealers are car trainers.
I don’t want to say who, because you know they have to know really good guy who writes books is enough space me.

I don’t really use a ghostwriter well, here’s.
Why is this book here might have spent hours and hours and hours on getting in my head right? Taking what I have here and putting it on paper? Now guys, listen, everybody knows under selected, so I can’t write a book and say it’s been only because really really, I wouldn’t know how to do it right.

You instill your content.

Okay, it is still your content.
I example myself.
Everybody knows that years ago I was.

I fixed myself with no company, no, nothing.
Now, that’s part of branding yourself reinventing yourself, that’s what it’s about and I’m not gon na write something unless I don’t know how to do it.

That’s the school item.
Well, so it’s a proven about branding and reinventing yourself, because we all have failures, and let me tell you something: I love failure.
As a matter of fact, I’ve said in this life show I get involved with something when I got 75 % risks to fail.

Do you know why? Because I’m gon na learn and learn and learn, there’s gon na be a day that I would have become real real rich, not because of anything because of my films.
The other thing I want to say, the automotive people that know me know I’ve been working for years plus my bike has been my partner a long time within those four years bike.
That’s helped at Institut great deal, so these trainers out there that are backing me up and wan na me.

I just noticed something I turned you over to mine.
One of the things he’s my partner he’s helped me with this institute a lot of guys.
Don’t know that, but let me tell you what I’ve done.

Probably in the last 7 a is surround myself.
What CFO’s have taken businesses to the next level? Let me make that a house, my Cologne, hi, hey Michael Lewis, Dominic the Leo.
I I wanted to say his story because no mic over seven years, what he’s done? What businesses around eat, the newest amount of money and those are the people all around I’m not around any gameplay is like thing like that.

I’m not interested, I’m not really a CFO or I don’t know how to be an operator CEO, but I have very creative side and I’m a Salesman, so I’ve surrounded myself around these talented individual might takes every book to number one.
I’m gon na.
Let Mike speak about his stories, mindfully, sherry sure when I got let me start here.

I was running a hundred million dollar land development company building, mid rise, condos marinas throughout the southeast, and I had a little struggle in 2008 and several Wall Street firms suggested.
I find a different way to make a living.

Well, actually they insisted I find a different way to make a living.

It’s it’s amazing.
What a quarter billion dollar bankruptcy do for you, but I wanted to break into a brand new industry.
I wanted to be in the internet marketing industry because I didn’t want to have all those employees again at my height they had 104 employees in office and I had 4,000 subcontractors and at 55.

I just didn’t want to have that recipe.
So I decided the internet marketing was easy, but you know what people wouldn’t return.
My phone calls or my emails like they did when I ran a hundred million dollar company.

I was used to calling the mayor and having an, of course I’ll take your call.
No now I couldn’t get people I wanted to buy stuff from to return.
My oh and that’s the reason I published my first book and I got to tell you.

It took my wife and I almost two years to publish our first books and that’s pretty much.
The average is a minimal of 100 50 to 200 hours to do a book.
Wow and no top-end income earner can take that amount of time they just can’t, but I want to stress that the guys that saw how well I started doing with my book immediately asked me if I could do it for them.

My wife and I actually loved the process once we learned how to do it, and you know that’s been history, we’ve done eight hundred plus best-selling authors, oh my god, Wow and, and we love doing it, it’s I’m doing one.
This Sunday that’ll hit number one and again I I can’t say who that’s for, and the reason that I can’t give specifics on that is, with the exception of people like Richie, that allow me to co-author most of my people.
They have no idea that we help the person write the book.

What we do is take them through a whole series of interviews.
I could even make you an offer.
I promise thank you through a series of interviews.

We get all of your information, your knowledge of your experience, and then I have a staff of writers that subcontract with me that are specialists in the automotive industry.
They understand the jargon that you use that sort of thing this you’re the author.
It’s your ideas, your thoughts, but we put it into book prose.

You know we we make the English look good and believe it or not the sometimes.
The problem we have is, if you’re over educated, you talk way above your buyers, so we have to dumb it down sometimes, but Richie – and I didn’t have that problem – it’s we try to keep the books at between an eighth and a tenth grade level.
Reading, okay, because that is the average in America, but we also try to make keep the author’s voice so that if his own mother reads it, she thinks he wrote when we get to that point.

That’s where it’s successful.
So this is not ghost writing both straight and simple.
For us you know, if you want a book on cryptocurrency, I can have one for you in two three weeks, but if you want a book that bias all the knowledge and experience that you’ve gathered over the years, that takes us some time, but your time it Only takes ten or twelve hours.

Our time is still well north about so, while you’re saying that, maybe think of something I want to give a special thank you to Jean Fontana out there, because Jean does that for me every week with the show I send her, who the guest is gon na.
Be ain’t, some basic questions and topics.
I think we should discuss and see sangs it right back to me and Ricky always on time.

Always right.
Sometimes I get a little yelled at because it’s not there do when it’s supposed to be, but but she does a great job first, in the show and the same thing you do it.
I mean it’s your right going through some of the books that you have and the big names that you have done it for it’s guys.

It’s well worth going out there you, you have Ricky’s voice going through the book here.
You have Ricky’s ideas that are now going to sometimes be simplified, like you were saying to make it easier for everyone.
I understand you want to know something really really those traders out there right.

I want to write their own or get somebody to help them.
That’s good, but he is what the product really does.

We guarantee you’re number one.

We do all your marketing and we have a track record of you succeeding.
The other thing is we got a bunch of SEO tools and a bunch of different things right.
So we know with your brand what you could hit real numbers.

Okay, really, I mean you really know, what’s going on with real numbers and just pay attention to something like that, because when you have professionals handling your stuff, you’re gon na be number one now you’re gon na be consistent.
Do three books, you’re free number, one! You got a good shot of being New York Times anymore or something guys.
Oh today, its credibility, you don’t have that.

You have no credibility based on what you did and when you have a track record, and you know how to take something from ABCDE.

Why not put it out in the book? They say something right learn every day.
They also say.

If you don’t share what you already know, you’re gon na forget it yep.
That’s a true statement.
Do you know why? Because when you have it fresh in your mind and you’re, always gon na you’re, always gon na keep learning you’re gon na be open, and when you share your information and your knowledge, that’s what podcast is about right.

That, when you share really sharing, makes you much longer and you help people out and you wan na know something at the end of the day will came to earth one way at the end of the day.
We’re all exiting the same way.
It’s all about what you’ve done, while you’ve been here on earth.

That’s bottom line: what you’ve done, how people remember you about? That’s what it’s about! You know if you’re negative guy or whatever you’re are always hammering everybody and that’s gon na happen.
If you always try to do the best to do the right thing by people and reach out your hand and all that that’s what’s gon na happen to you, you know it really doesn’t matter.
You can be.

You can have promise morning.
Cardones know it doesn’t matter whose money you can have at the end of the day when you leave the planet.

Believe me all the same way.

Maybe I’m gon na be dressing and my coffin and Ralph Lauren, the other guy’s gon na be in the soup.
I, like Ralph Lauren, I believe in something I was used to call them empty suits when I was in the car business and so on.
So I used to laugh but me and we’re not interested okay, but that’s the truth.

So why not put it on paper? Share it blame yourself, what happens you get a better opportunity can become a high-paid speaker.
You can become a speaker if you have anyone where you can really add credit, piddly credibility to what you’re about and I’m not shy to say, hey, you know what guys I don’t know what I’m doing.
I just have it up here.

Let me share and have somebody like Mike: that’s a professional.
Do it because the top guys don’t say it.
Oh, we think books, they don’t say, but you want something.

That’s what they have.
There’s a testimony on the video we’re getting ready for a new testimonial to the PISA practices are check because you want to know something too busy to write a book.
Imagine too busy! I got too much stuff going on.

I got ta say something: a lot of people told me, you know you’re involving this in value too much involved.
It’s all about the team around the sides, hire people and get involved and, like you know, card all the other.
They said on a video.

Don’t have one source of income, because if you do and that fails, you’re done have as much stuff you can and I get involved in a lot of things they might work.
They might now will take my felt doesn’t matter because you know why I’ve been involved because it creates enthusiasm.

It creates energy.

So if nothing say why this guy’s, like all over that’s great, I’m all over the place.
But you know what financial statements are there.
They show it whether it works it doesn’t matter.

You know what it creates enthusiasm, it creates revenue and that’s what the bottom line is.
So you want something guys get involved, don’t have one source of revenue because that’s when you got a problem and just keep that in mind – and you know I Richie you have that’s just that they do have so many different things you have going on.
Which brings us to our next guest, my favorite guy in the show? Oh yeah, sorry Ricky.

I love you, but I think I, like David, we’re going to go through our weekly meeting with mr.
David Casteel, director of Veterans Affairs, the Rickey Bell Institute of leadership and management David.
What’s going on buddy, how was your Thanksgiving fantastic? So I? What do you got? Fur going on for us this week, Alexa what uh a new news yeah.

So what we’re doing is we’re working a lot with getting ahold of different veterans organizations in several states.

We got a pretty long list actually in Florida in Georgia, in Arizona in New York and what we’re doing is establishing relationships so that we can put the veterans that are part of their organization through our training program, so that they can take advantage and really make A good career for themselves for their families and, of course, that’ll benefit the dealers as well.
The program is fantastic.

My favorite part about it is that it’s free to the veterans so that they don’t have to put any out-of-pocket cost to get training to be able to work.
And that’s what we’re they’re really looking for is to be able to work and put something towards their life.
So it’s right.

We all know exotics free the veterans.
Dealers pay a very low cost.
What happens if a veteran doesn’t work out with a dealership? We we give them another one within a certain time frame, yes with, for whatever reason the veteran just doesn’t work out, let’s say: maybe it was a culture thing or he has particular personal issues that he can’t make it work.

We will have another trained veteran to be able to take that spot and, of course, we’re gon na match it up as best we can with the culture of that particular dealership, so that their that attrition rate is minimal.
Nice minimalist, we can get it perfect and I know H what mid-december we’re gon na start.
Promoting this heavily out to the dealerships, and I think we have a full long – can work January right, yeah January 6.

Is our lunch date.
We’re promoting this starting here.
In a week or two and of course, we’re reaching out to the veterans themselves that will be signing up through our website go through the questionnaire and then we’ll have a interview and assessment process and we’ll play some where they want to be and where they are Best suited to be you know, some guys are great salesman.

Some guys are better at financial operations.
Some guys are handsome.
They want to be in service, so we got to match up the people exactly where they need to be, and what they’re going to be.

Having awesome so again, as I always say, you’re a veteran thank of your service, I’m a veteran.
This is the message I’m good out, and I think you will agree with this, whether you’re a veteran and not whether you’re in the car industry or not.
Everyone here knows someone who’s a veteran.

I said these statistics a couple weeks back, it’s something like 6 2016, it’s like 22 million veterans, are in the active workforce right now and it’s a ton that aren’t working.
So everyone knows a veteran one way or another.
So here’s what I would say you want to give a gift to someone this season.

If you know someone who might be struggling a vet who needs a job who needs training? Who you know it’s really just a good person that you want to put out there? Where can we send them to to get them? You know, hopefully into a new career.
What’s the website that we can go to a wall watch the phone number, so the website is ready, fellow West comm they can go in.
I click on the link for the sign up to the program or the application they’re going to put in basic information like their name their service, how many years they serve their rank at the time and then we’ll start the process that way either myself or somebody On the team will reach out to them and get their application I’ll put together, get all their data and they’ll be good to go.

I really want to thank you so much after daily you’ve put into it we’re getting ready.
Here’s the product we have the automotive trainers and we have the automotive dealers and the book guy and the book guide the product that we need mike does a lot of different things for the institute he’s a partner but anyway, the products that we need.
He’s a comedian is kid Eric right.

The products that we need is two that’s right, so I got very fortunate to call one of our data partners that telling me that they have a list of every vac, and I ordered already that comes in perfectly legal.

That comes in from the service into the society, but they also told me you can do agents twenty-five to thirty, eight, twenty five to forty one, whatever age group you want, and it also gives me rankings okay, and it also gives me a little bit of a History of what they did, okay and how they lack of them.
Okay, so I’ve been working on that for the last two and a half three weeks, one of our data partner has all that information right.

So now what we need to do is reach out to the vets.
We should be on a phone call this week they this last week I couldn’t move on and I was really sick.
The flu everything you don’t even know I felt like I went to 103 right.

My head was all jammed up, but let me tell you this: we have a tremendous opportunity with this right, because now we really have the vets in a way which is very important because that’s the product and it’s self-funded, we don’t need a dollar from the vets.

That’s the other beautiful thing right.
All the automotive Enders that I have five or six of them have already funded this war opportunity that I can trade up to 50 veterans a month 50 times 12 and put them in the automotive work force, and I got more and more trainers jumping in dedicating Their time data came their effort, dedicating their content right for these vets.

So it’s very, this very point.
You’ve done a tremendous job out on the road you’ve gotten back together with gene and with the team would tremendous amount of information thanks to you.

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