Automotive Training News LIVE 12-11-19 with Brian Maxwill

What’s going on everybody welcome back to another episode of automotive training, news of your Coast coach, mr.
Richie, hello.
I’m your co-host Eric today, we have mr.

Brian axe well nationally Salix training for sales professionals of America recruiting back on for round number two.

You know we also have David Costello is always with us.
The director of veteran affairs for the Ritchie Bell Institute of leadership and management back with us by Skype.

What’s going on Brian did you guys have come back on and uh looking forward to the end of the year and getting 2020 rock’n’roller all right.
So for those he was just tuning in Brian was on the show with us about a month ago.

You know we invited him back because, as we said, the last show Brian is so full of knowledge and sales skills over his twenty thirty year, career of training that we could have sat there for hours and had a discussion.

So guess what we’re doing round? Two! The Brian since last we spoke I’ve seen you you’ve gone to a lot of dealerships and you’ve done quite some, a lot of stuff you’ve done.
I’ve seen we talked every now and then back and forth as you’re on the road as I’m on the road.
As I’m always with something and you’re always doing something, so tell me what what has changed since last, we spoke to respond.

So, on the training side, we implemented some up some new techniques to help the employees or the team members be able to absorb information and actually, we’ve implemented some some closing techniques that are really growing dealerships away, that are helping sales professionals double up on their sales And increase their closing percentage by as much as 20 and 30 percent.
So a lot of awesome things going on as far as on the training side, constantly, you know always be closing, is one of the the key phrases would always be.
Learning is one of the things that I like to go by for go by so ABL has been the biggest the biggest thing as far as the implementation, and just the results have been just astounding.

Awesome, horsemen, listen Brian! Last month we spoke about prospecting, you know taking me up doing follow up with the customer today we want to discuss what we believe is probably the most appropriate topic for this time for this time of year and that’s the year and sales event, and why now Is the best time to buy? So what do you thoughts on that? My friend public opinion is that the end of the year is the best time to buy being involved in industry.
Like we are know, people get the best you know, stores are trying to move a lot too wait for the new stuff.
One of the misconceptions that a lot of salespeople have in their mind is that for some reason they think people don’t buy in December because of Christmas, and that couldn’t be anything further from the truth.

There’s a reason why corporate America implemented Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving, because something about our about our human psyche once we get through Thanksgiving we mentally go inside by mode, and so in all that the dealerships I’ve been in over the last few weeks.
You see those beautiful cars and trucks and SUVs with the Bulls on top.
So right now is an awesome time: customers to go in there and possibly be able to walk out with even better options financially than what they you know may have gotten earlier in the year.

So the biggest thing, the biggest push for why consumers want to go in there? Hey it’s the Christmas season.
Everybody is in much better spirits right, be you get an opportunity to so take advantage of an option, a vehicle option.
I may work best for you at a very, very fair, fair price option and number three.

What better way to end up here than to treat yourself always tell people? Don’t cheat yourself treat yourself if you have the opportunity and the resources to go out there and enjoy some of these awesome new of technical advances on these vehicles and the features and the things that have just been mind-blowing.
Now it’s the time to rush into those stores and take advantage of these into here, closeout opportunities.
That’s available.

I just said that you know I’m in a lot of stores, mailing lists, because that’s what I do I go in at this time of year and see how proactive they are.
Let me tell you something: I’m about to share something with you.
None of the stores that I’ve seen the ones that are not doing a lot of business and always like complaining and there’s no traffic or promoting cyber monday.

I got bombarded with all donation, Penske and Lithia.
Okay, all three of them hammered me on Cyber Monday.
It started at right with a coupon.

Don’t forget cyber monday there’s nobody doing that guys, listen, there’s two sales days, there’s the Black Friday and then the Cyber Monday from body they bought a URL so that they got this technology cuz.
When I clicked – and I do it purposely – I click in their image for cyber monday.
For that coupon – and you know when I went into Facebook – I knew it was a remarketing because it said that ad choice that Facebook has – I mean, let me tell you something they have some technology or a company do it.

I don’t know who it is, but I was getting retarget all day long.
You know, because that’s part of Lee you say always be learning.
Well, that’s what I do.

I do the learning part and I see which doors are on their game.
You know what is a good consultant.
A good consultant is nothing more to taste, this guy’s success and bring it to this other guy.

That’s all it is.
You know if you can observe you move stuff around, so you can make a mark and move around, and I couldn’t believe that none of the stores out here or none of the stores in Ohio and different areas I mean to where I’ve been looking for a Car I got no email from on Cyber Monday, you probably didn’t get.
Is it? You know what I’m going better in these stores and I’m doing observations prior to going in and you all notice do you know how many times button leads and nobody ever gets.

The contact number to be able to text any information or to email information or is asked too soon in the process, and we know what happens when it’s asked too soon.
A wrong number is given out or a wrong email.
Why? Because they’re afraid of being bombarded – and so I recently just got through talking with the general manager of the store, who will remain unnamed – spend $ 80,000 in October to bring in one of those traveling sales teams that was supposed to you know generate all of these Deals, do you know how many sales they got eight and so as opposed to spending the money on getting with a guy like you, because the program that you are offered for dealerships for in the marketing by far is one of the most reasonable, most effective and Best options that a dealership could have, but they don’t want to spend that money because they feel it’s unknown, but they went drop.

Eighty thousand dollars on this outside organization that came in with all kind of riffraff sales people and only sold eight.
You talk about a bad way to end I’ll, be here.
I mean that that general manager sweating bullets right now and hoping that he doesn’t see that pink slip before the first of the year.

But these are the type of things that’s going on as opposed to doing the grassroots and turnover um.
You know marketing where they take.
If people have came in submitted information for their story linking up with an organization or with people who know what they’re doing like you, like, the guys that shop smart and allowing you to do, the heavy lifting for that is just a foolproof way to generate business.

They’re kind of taking this throw it against the wall and let’s see what stick approach every time on eighty grand in one month Richie.
Can you imagine what they could’ve deal with that eighty grand if they would have service you know not too long ago, about a week ago I had a goto meeting with this dealership.
They came off from spending 60 grand, so we put them with shop smart.

All that so we’re we’re in the process of doing the implementation with them right.
So we guaranteed that thirty five dollars per lead because he says you know I’m tired of all these other systems.
I got ta pay.

I said: look I have a great solution.
Just pay me per leave, some stores don’t even want to pay.
You per lead amazing you’re, giving them the lead.

Don’t you run owe me nothing until this lead comes in because and here’s the problem stores have people inside their dealership.
That think they know they think they know marketing, they think they know what they’re doing and they want if the money the other day, I saw a dealership that I know very well doing Facebook ads, you know, do you want to know something it hit me that Facebook ad, I don’t buy cars, I’m not anywhere there they’re, taking anything that facebook says I’m in the market for a car daddy.
You know how Facebook knows I’m in the market for a car.

If I go to the marketplace now, does it trigger saying that I’m in the market for a car, that’s it so now they have all this data say Richie bellows in the market for a car, I’m always on marketplace.
That’s why I’m always getting bombarded with ads, and I look at the deals that are using Facebook and the guys that think they know what they’re doing these guys are internal guys that want to create their Google AdWords.
I want to create this and all that and it’s a waste.

Don’t even do it, you know what stop wasting your money hire yourself, a professional you know just daily.
Do that to look good and try to protect their job and try to get a little bit more from the deal, but you know what, when you fail on it and you’re not selling no cars, you just you just shop, cutting you gon na sell cars, but You’re not gon na be as effective.
Okay, you use registration and title data when you’re.

Here this registration and title data, which means Richie Bella, registered a Honda Accord with a title under his name he’s in the market for a car when his registrations up based on his Laurel, owns based on his lease and based on his behavior.
They don’t do that.
So they were gon na.

Do it themselves, you know what it’s like you know.
Ihs has always had a list for doing yourself, people these do-it-yourself people would they buy a car.
They want to fix their own car.

They go to the parts department half the time.
They don’t know what they’re doing right.
So it’s the same way in marketing everybody wants to do with themselves.

Nobody wants to pay marketing.
Well speaking about marketing.
You know, Brian, you hit on a key point before about dealership spending big money during a month of December.

So you’ll probably agree with me with this and I know Rick.

You would definitely agree.
You know most dealerships in the month of December and this isn’t everyone, but majority of them fall within two categories of mindset.

Either a December is garbage and we can’t do anything.
It’s the end of the year, we’re not going to do anything and don’t spend the money or there’s the dealers, like you said that are doing some kind of $ 80,000 $ 100,000 gimmick.
That’s not proven.

You’re right go back, go into your data from unsold customers.
You’ve had in the showroom for the last 60, 90 120 days.
I just did that first sales event.

Last week I put it together in a day we we got.
Another 11 deals that we would normally wouldn’t have gotten just from going for the data.

I know Rick is a big proponent of going through the data that you have guys.

I don’t know how many times we can stress this if someone walks into your dealership – and this isn’t even for you know just a salesperson or managers.
This goes for everyone.
Your dealership, it works they’re, going from the lock kid to the porter to the tech to the advisor to everyone.

If someone walks into your dealership they’re looking to buy a car prime example yesterday, you know I watched a customer come in that most people would have thought.
Oh, you know she’s nasty.
Nobody wants to deal with her.

The sale has been dismissed.
It didn’t really want to deal with her.
It didn’t want to do anything else.

The customer picked up on.
It came back in looked at the manager and says I don’t know what I want to deal with someone else’s.
We just don’t lie together, so we found another sales rep to sit with that woman within 20 minutes.

This woman, who nobody wanted to deal with, came in with the biggest smile on her face, be looking around guys they’re there to buy cars.

It’s on you to find out and make that connection and, more importantly, find the objective of why they don’t want to buy from you.
I always really.

I was always taught, and I always say this: if you don’t sell it, if a customer does not buy a car from you, you argue the reason is it’s something that you did wrong or you didn’t find out what their hot button was.
What do you think? Hardly my thing always say: if you have a person as an intern, a specific vehicle and it fits within the budget and they don’t buy.
I believe it’s just because they really don’t understand.

What’s going on and let me back it up a little bit.
We go back as far as with the data and going through and utilizing the information Ritchie has said something as far as with the internal guys, because these internet there’s some awesome internet managers and Internet directors that are from the business.
They know what they’re doing, but being that big, very rarely have input on the marketing material.

That’s borne out on the strategy.
That’s going out, they get this person that comes this person is on the ball.
When little do they realize writing copy and not just writing copy, but writing effective copy for our industry that stimulates people to take action.

That’s critical number one! So when they’re throwing out stuff saying, hey, come on in and get this $ 500 free gift! Well guess what people have been they’ve been using that for years? So when they come in, they know the game.
That’s all they want, but when you’re you, when you’re working with people who have a real interest in a specific vehicle options from light all the way up to heavy the odds of you being able to get that person to be willing to come in here solely Relies on the quality of the copy that you have either in your video or on your text ads or whatever you want to use now, the kicker is when they get there, how does the ball get dropped? Do you all know that there are two questions? Really one I’ll talk about one that I’ve seen and all of my research and all of my years that really disrupts and destroys most sales before they even get started.

And it’s also the main reason why people believe folks in our industry are pushy and it is the question of.

Can I help you? It’s like you just said.
You said when people showed up to the dealership they’re not coming to my clothes they’re not coming to buy ice cream as a matter of fact, put them to wake up, get dressed, make rights make left’s and pull into that lot.
A lot of things had to happen for them to show up and with the internet now and everybody having mini computers in their pocket man.

They do all the research and are looking to see who’s got work with the price up before they leave their house.
So when they show up on that ladder and they’re showing they’re no longer in shopping, mall, they’re no longer in thinking mode, they are in action mode, they’re in action mode and what happens the sales rep walks up and there’s.
One question which is: can I help you now? Here’s the kicker and some people listen.

I watch you may say: well Brian, that’s a standard greeting and it is one of the worst greetings in retail, not just automotive industry but period but in the automotive industry, where the slowest to adapt to change.
So this thing about it when a sales rep walks up and says, can I help you immediately? They just asked this customer close in question and we know what most people say under those type of situations.
No, I’m just looking.

No, I’m good so now anything that sales rep does after that is infringing on this person’s privacy.
You ask them: can you help? They told you? No, but now you want to follow behind them like a stalker or you want to just you know, bothering their privacy and ask them questions and you’re pissing them off when in reality, it’s all about how we go up when we greet somebody in the front of People’s doors of their houses, there’s a man and on that mat it says, welcome why the individual feel as comfortable as possible as quickly as we can now.
These folks, coming into the dealership, their defenses, are on high their parents, their grandparents or maybe their own personal situation.

They are expecting to be bombarded, org either ignore, and so, when we approach say, can I help you could say? No, I’m just looking you’re done outside of that until they are ready to talk to you or they’re jumping in their car.

Now the kicker is this.
We know most managers say don’t let the person leaves a lot until we at least shake your hand.

I meet them so short of jumping on this person’s back and holding the mirror.

There’s nothing you can do when in reality, how we approach and introduce ourselves is to me one of the most important parts of the entire process.
There’s only get one chance to make a first impression.

Can I help you? Are you doing what happens in all ways, just welcoming somebody to our village, respecting them, I’m terrible with names.
You know you see anybody in particular maybe see Billy here.
Oh, it’s your first time.

Thank you so much for coming out and congratulations see.
You made an awesome choice now which one of our vehicles would you like some information off and then from that awesome? Well, as you can see, we got several options.
Let’s do this.

Follow me inside I’m ask you a few quick questions and I’ll get you all the information on what you feel works best.
Let’s go so in most situations, it started off on the wrong foot and the sales rep spends the next hours or 2 hours backpedaling from the horrible way that we introduced or approach this person.
And so again it comes from not putting the car in front doors.

Keeping the main thing the main thing number one getting the right people in the store is that we can get a thousand people to come into a dealership.
It’s a Toyota store and we get a thousand people in there that, like Ford, no matter how skilled we are, you know we’re, probably not gon na do that.
Well, but if we get a hundred people who have a life to a high interest in the same Nissan, and even though it’s only a hundred person, a thousand the odds of us being able to capitalize to make money, it’s stronger in that hundred than in a Thousand, so it’s the quality rather than the quantity.

It’s all weird ups trying to save money, but not dealing with a gentleman like Richie or yourself or myself.
They actually end up costing themselves more money in the long run and in many times costing themselves a job.
I spoke to a GM two days ago: we’ve been unemployed for four months and when you go from making thirty forty fifty thousand dollars a month to be an employee or unemployed for three or four a month, because your lifestyle goes up, you start retweet, rethinking things And you start realizing my man, maybe I should be more open to a Richie Belo as far as with their marketing program without smart.

I should be more open to O’brien max for coming in step up my team in training, so it all goes back to fundamentals in marketing and in sales and just utilizing what you got making the best for which here’s, what I’ve noticed Brian, when, when you go Through basic trading – and you have a Salesman that sticks with the basics, I’ve seen those guys do 20 25 cars consistent when when they get out of that basics, when you forget the basics, okay, you go the other way, that’s when you’re under spiral down.
So mr.

dealer and mr.
sales manager today there’s a solution for that.
You hire yourself a guy like Brian, that’s unbelievable, of the best trainers that I’ve seen out there in a very long time, because I’ve seen him in action already: okay! Watch what happens? You have an online training platform which brand Brian does right now, that’s consistent training, you monitor your salespersons training and also bonnet or your trainers, training and now you’re able to take both things come up with data and say alright.

Is this working or is this not working today? It’s not that easy to fire a trainer, because we have the data right in front of us.
We got Lightspeed, we got whatever we got any system we’re using that’s today, okay, dealer, The Cure is: keep your guy basic.
When you go into a store, they qualify you and that doesn’t mean credit qualifying qualify them on the right car and the right choice, land them on the car demo them do the trial clothes based upon what we shared today.

Jones, would this be the vehicle you would like to own? That customer tells you yes great.
Do the service walk or you do the service walk you introduce hi.

This is Brian he’s gon na be your service advisor.
When you come in first service boom, you planted a seed.
You go to the showroom.

Now you introduce them to the receptionist.
Every time you call to make an appointment.

customer this is Joanne she’s gon na be making the appointment for you boom.
That’s planting planting planting when you bring them to the to the desk to your desk, to try to put a deal together back right.
You got a better shot of closing them.

Is it gon na work, 100 %? Of course not, but you got a better shot that, if you say, can I help you put them in the car, give them just the numbers and let them walk.
I’ve noticed at negotiations right.

They give them a number.
The customer goes down $ 50.
I’ve seen it in my face 10 times a day.

The salesman gets up and goes to the desk instead of saying mr.
Jones, how, with your finger, how close can you come to this number? Exactly? How close can you come to this number as you’re, leaving that desk and launching to the desk in ten minutes? The only thing that’s going on is this: this guy or this lady is taking advantage of us and they don’t know how to come up with nothing else.
You know, mr.

Jones, I agree with you that this is your budget, but let me ask you a question: how close can you get to this number mm or up to and no more than the best one and forget about the up to the best one that I use all the time is, and you put the point the finger: how close can you get to that number because if they’re looking at that and they’re looking at your finger you’re in control – and you know what they want – the vehicle we’re far away, can we Split that payment, what are you doing, you’re crossing yourself, thousands, I feel like my head and blowing it.
I feel like one day going to show them and getting an item in my head right in front of everybody.

Instead of just the process, how close can you get to this number because in actuality, they’re, just asking you, okay, that’s all it dude so put that it back in your head and work the deal with how close you get to that number and once they say You know I got ta be at this number.

Well how’d you arrive at that.
You want to find out if it’s a budget, if it’s a car or if it’s down payment, no, I to be my budget.
Now you spit it back, you say: well, oh you got ta do is come up with another $ 3,500 down.

That’s work to the custom here! Oh you got ta do mr.
Joe just come up with $ 3,500 now and that’s it well.
I don’t have that right now they move themselves back up to that.

It’s working the deal, the worst thing you do as a salesperson is get up from that desk when the death sends you a number in five minutes.
When that I think you have an offer forget about that, there ain’t no offer, because when you come back they’re thinking and when you come back and bump them a little bit $ 10 they’ll walk it away, because now they say if he could have done that.
Why did he do it from the get-go you see, so it doesn’t matter you’re spilling set up by the customer to lose and lose only you’re, not gon na win with that process by going to the desk you’re, not gon na work.

Now, if you turn every stone at that desk and you wear down that customer the wear down effect, you wear them down yeah when you get up and you come back, you have a deal, but not when you do with it five minutes and let me make Everybody aware it’s not getting up it’s how long you took and getting up, and then you turn every stone.
Did you plant that receipt for them to take the card now? Not today, now that’s key and that’s what the problem is.
The more deals are dying at the salesman’s desk.

They don’t have to take a customer into a car.
They know how to put the car, they know the start, but when it comes to wrapping the deal up and executed earning for you and earning for the dealership and earning for a customer, that’s when they lose it.
That’s where the problem is.

The problem is they’re.
Getting up right away – and I see it on and on I see I have a store, I go to see.
Eight deals out on the table and I watch within five ten minutes a sales person gets up, they need training on working, a customer, turning every stone and knowing when they can ask for the business.

For you to ask for anything, you have to earn it.
You know I come from the earning school, I’m just not gon na, say Brian distant.
No, I earned to ask you that.

Well, it’s about earning it and when people try to close the deal in five minutes by getting up and selling price and selling price, not interested because when you sell price, you’re gon na have to go, get another job.
Cuz you’re not making money the beauty, ships gon na close down, so you guys got ta, understand, stop stop selling that price and start adding value and working their customer and pointing it’s so easy.

The other thing I see when they start talking about a deal and they talk themselves out of the deal there’s only one way.
I tell you a number 85 there’s silence about 30 seconds, for what I’m doing is I’m taking out the buyers order, Brian, what we registering the vehicle under substitute clothes assume the sale right that in there the last one that speech you know what I’m taking the Buyers order putting it there who’s, we registering the vehicle and start writing.
Some people need to be pushed, and you know what those salespeople that say.

I don’t like to be pushy, really well guess what they got ta bump into a guy like me down the street.
I’m gon na be pushy and you know when you follow them up the next time they’re in the market for a car.
Well, I mean, let me guess, bottom line sanctuary you know Brian, when you think you have around 20 days left till the end of the year.

Well, this year is completely over and go 2020.
You know what would you tell a Salesman to right now to better prepare themselves, for you know the most important sales time of the year.
It’s the last week between Christmas and New Year’s to really make an impact and close out their years, throwing what advice, what tips, what work tracks do you have process, would be everything and, like we say, for the most part, you know when a person comes in, If they’re at a fairly professional store, they can they get it down as far as on how to greet put them in the seat, find out what’s going on, take them out and even show the vehicle, but where the bottom falls out is after that demonstration drive When the customer comes back, we all know all the conversation and the laughing and the key can all that stuff changes after that demo drive when it’s time to sit down, because now they’re gon na get what they came for if they could have avoided all that, A demo drive and all those questions and just got the numbers.

The customer would have done that so now they get what they come for and they all brace because they’re waiting for this big bonus and what the first thing I recommend is that every salesperson become familiar with the turn pattern.
Interrupt a sales pattern, interrupt! That’s where you change something that everybody’s used to doing, and you deviate from that a reason why that’s important, because it kind of you know it kind of discombobulates, the other person where they say I don’t really know, what’s going on what’s happening.

Let me give you an example: knowing that, after a demonstration drive, if you held the door open for your customer, they would be lying right back to that desk, where y’all were sitting at talking before you left off and that’s where their defensive wall shoots up ten Feet high three foot wide, because this is where they do battle and negotiate well, as opposed to going right back to that seat.

Man don’t wait until after the deal is done to give them a tour of the service department want to do that in advance, and this is where you can really utilize.
The assumption close is there.
So I suppose the old, the doorman and Walker say: hey.

Listen! John su follow me this way.
I want to give you all the tour, the service department, so that way, when it’s time for you to bring your vehicle and get it serviced, do you know exactly where you want to bring it to? You know we have 24 hours key drop, we have shuttle services, we do have free Wi-Fi.
We have our condiments here we had our left, you want to introduce them to a service advisor here.

This is Jan.
This is Bill.
These are two of our awesome.

Service advisors will help you.
When you bring your vehicle in introduce them, you know give them a brief tour of the dealership.
If you haven’t done that already, then sit them down.

The reason being is, is you’ve never been upset with somebody before and they’ve come in and they’ve apologized to you or they thanked you for something or they made you laugh.
You may still be upset, but you’re not as upset as you were, and so, when you take a guess was bracing himself.
But it’s battle back and forth for these numbers and as opposed to it, you were still treating him or her like a king or a queen, you’re, giving amateur your introducing them to people showing them how important they are to you that you’re willing to do the Little things in a big way, so when they’re shaking hands – and you know being welcomed and being thanks for coming in now when they go to sit down, will that wall still be there? Yes, but as opposed to 10v, I might only be eight foot high, as opposed to three foot.

Wide, might only be putting half one.
The objective is to get them to lower the defensive wall low enough to peek over into their backyard and see.
What’s going on and now when we sit them down, people just want to go straight to the lowest number they can’t buy because they believe, because they believe, that’s what everybody wants to hear a seat and it may be true, but in sales you have to set The stage if I show personal price at 36 months for $ 1,200, don’t you believe when I show them that number at 60 months, and it may be a 45 that that’s gon na seem a whole lot better than the 1,200.

Of course it is, and if you are really customer focused, you want to make sure that you leveraged the shorter terms and explained those first, because the shorter term, they save more money as fees they get a chance to pay the vehicle off quicker.
They build equity and a much sooner, and they can get that title free and clear, which is cash in the form of a piece of paper.
You can sell it trade against that.

Take a loan out against it.

We’re reps are coming out going with the lowest.
The lowest number with the highest term first, and then, where do you go from there? Now you just made it that much harder on the banks.

You really just made it that much more difficult for your customer, because they’re gon na have it longer build less equity.
In it and pay it off much later than they would have, if you to introduce one of these shorter terms which may seem uncomfortable.
But if you are truly a professional, you owe it to this person to provide them with all the information and let them make the best educated decision for them and if you’ve done a good job of intelligence.

Gathering and report building.
You’ll have an idea of where do you want to be, and so my biggest thing is: don’t be afraid of the numbers.
It is what it is, but if you do a good job of education, I believe that it minimizes the need for negotiation.

The reason why people want to negotiate heavily unless they’re from a specific culture like in India.
Well, that’s just the way business is done many times the person doesn’t want to sit there and haggle and go back and forth.
They just don’t feel that the product is worth what it is you’re asking and what creates that is.

The experience is the individual.
It’s where they educated did.
They feel important did they feel welcome? Do they feel like this person was genuinely trying to help them, make a smart, safe buying decision or just trying to sell them something and get them out of there as quickly as possible? So at the end of the year I would say slow down.

It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint, and this misconception that everybody just wants to get in and get out.
Quick is bull.
You know what, because it’s the second largest purchase next to buying a home.

So, if I’m investing 30 40, 50, 60, 70 thousand or more in some of these different dealerships, you better believe I’d like to I’d appreciate this person treating me as if they appreciate me being there giving them the opportunity to earn my business.

You better believe these people want to be educated.
You got ta, believe it wan na be wowed.

Yes, it’s a dealership and a lot of people believe that going to buy a vehicle is painful, but it doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be.
This should be paying less, it should be enjoyable, but that is all up to us.
If you’re expecting a guest to walk in and say, hey guys, I got 7000 in my pocket, one of the $ 800 a month and I’m ready to do a credit out.

It’ll never have, but if you realize it is our responsibility to return so take this person from here and take them higher, we have to know that a person always match or be lower than ours.
A customer’s energy level and enthusiasm will never supersede your.
So you have to realize that where you are they’re gon na be with you or a little bit lower, and so if your typical person starts off on Team, you better get it to 20 and you got ta, be energetic, enthusiastic, not over-the-top, not fake, but genuinely Excited because this person could have been anywhere else in the world, but there’s your story giving you the opportunity to earn their business, and I hope we all realize it.

Yes, if he comes another car deal for us inside those walls, but for them man, it could be the first vehicle to buy enough to get married after a divorce having a new baby getting out of the military.
It could be a number of things they could’ve been banned, Fried Chicken finance for the past four years.
I buy your pain, your life.

Now they built their credit up to the point where they can walk into a really nice dealership and do business and take advantage of some of the better options so slow down, keep the main thing.
The main thing, which is that consumer? It is our responsibility to help them make a smart, safe, buying decision.
It’s not us against them.

It’s a partnership.
So even simple things like when you sit at your desk, you don’t have to sit directly across from them, letting that table be the barrier angle that chair Rock a little bit more slightly towards their side.
Then you are against them, because sales are psychological and people buy.

Ninety percent based off emotion and we back it up with deference and logic, and most of our communication is nonverbal, so moving that chair over slightly towards their side.
Having that smile learning, how to lie the boys and using that zone, ality and utilizing pattern interrupts that supposed to rush into that death to do those numbers.
Man take that person on the tour introduce them to the advice, and this would be an excellent time to stop by the business managers office on the way back to your desk, to introduce them to introduce them to a manager.

If you have a girl already now, it seems like you’re just really giving them the A+ treatment which you are, but you also allowing them to meet different people that they may have to engage with later and if they’ve had the opportunity to meet a be introduced To them earlier, it makes it that much easier for them to communicate and help.
You move your customer to the next step later so just slow down and just keep that that consumer.
You know what I’m glad you said that about the a1 treatment, because here’s the thing right, Disney: okay, when you go to Disney, they treat you like a cake.

This D has the highest retention of anything in the world.
What in the world? Okay, no joke! Though retention, they got you don’t why? Because they treat you with red carpet mr.
dealer, if you treat your customers with red carpet, the only thing that’s gon na happen is they’re.

Gon na come back like in a boomerang and then when they leave they’re gon na promote the experience.
What I mean about promoting the experience, whether it’s a good experience or a bad experience, but dealers here’s the problem you have, you might have a Rolls – Royce showroom.
Okay, you got a guy like iris Nichols you got guys like L put, you got guys that know how to do it.

What happens when that customer goes to service? I Got News for You.
I know a dealership that has the worst reviews great sales process.
I will refer customers there, all the time, but in service are always complaining, guess what service customers buy cars yep.

You know what this groups out on Facebook that you can search them.

Customers are making groups about these relationships.
I reduce, if you think, hahaha all the giggles go on and search the names of your own dealership and search where you’re at, because you want to know something.

If you don’t make it a Rolls Royce experience, your marketing dollars are gon na drop.
You invest in training.
What happens? Is you make it a rules, Royce treatment and you treat people like red carpet.

Guess what they’re gon na come right back to you? Not only that, oh, I have such a great experience.
They say that when you sell a car, you’re gon na get three referrals.
Let me tell you why they say that I always won Brian by the facts.

Oh they say that well, why? What’s the? Why I’m very big with the Y’s? You know why? Because I pull up to my driveway and my neighbor says Richie what a nice car would you get that car? Oh, I got it at my plate frames on it now he knows so that’s why they say that my pocket in the in the town store or the town restaurant, where I always go – and I know people right now – the people that see me hey, Richie.
That’s a nice car blah blah blah, that’s what they meet about three referrals.
What happens when you’re promoting you driving you cuz? They.

I got this car, but let me tell you: when I got this car, it was really a nightmare.
I wish I didn’t get it now.
What happens to you? You think you’re gon na get a referral, so dealers get your experience next to none get your experience to the customer like red carpet.

But when that customer comes in service, you better make sure that it’s integrated with your sales department should be.
What problem is the problem is services in a different world old and sales is a different world.

Some service managers, not together with the sales manager, internal bullshit, whatever the politics of a dealership.

Let me tell you now today: you can’t do that because you know what’s gon na happen to you today you will lose your customer base and, yes, don’t worry.
I’m gon na sell cars.
Let me tell you what there’s 1.

2 million consumers in the market every month, plus new car buyers, people that have never bought a car in their life, so you’re always gon na have a high volume.
But? Are you effective raise your ROI good enough or you spending, like you, said 80,000 in that dealership? Why? Because he did have a good process with his previous customers and, with the experience, promote your experience instead of spending 60 70 grand our marketing and not doing anything anyway, because your reputation is so bad.

These stores I mean they’re, so bad the service, the profit.

I can’t even tell you how many people are out there complaining about these stores.

Well, like that’s always, then we can get it.
That’s a whole nother topic.

We can spend another third episode with you on nobody, there’s a training solution for that topic.
Here’s the problem right that what we’re saying there’s a solution for it.
You hire a guy Brian for the front yep and you hire a guy Fairchild, it’s not about saying it it’s about.

Actually, we have a solution and our business model about it where we migrate.
Both of them well together, so you know what I hate that this is a this is happening.
You know, but we have the solution.

We have Brian Fairchild, don’t Brandon, which Brandon is the best, the best human resource? Oh yeah, okay, he knows a lot higher people.
It’s about hiring, what’s your hiring process in the dealership, they got none.
No, what’s your hiring process, I don’t have any hiring process.

They go to indeed blah blah blah, whoever comes in and if they’re, having a sale on a Friday and that guy comes in a Friday guess what the guy starting right now.
Well, that’s correct! That’s weekend, all the top, but this is my feelings on that.
We have a we in the auto industry.

We stress, we stress this dress upon qualifying the customer, so why are you not doing the same with the people that are talking to customers? Why are you not buying these people better? Instead of just saying, we need a body, training class starts next week, great you’re in it again, gentlemen, that’s a whole nother episode.
We have about five or six more episodes with you.
No, no! It’s really really.

We have a solution, it’s not about an episode or nagging on the dealership, if we’re only saying that mr.
dealer, because we have a so shit up for you – we’re not saying that to rag on you, we’re making you aware of what it is and please contact Myself at six three one, five, seven, eight nine, oh one – eight will do a free assessment on human resource and whatever you guys need you know, we have a solution.

You know because what’s gon na happen is your other competitors are gon na? Put you right out of business and you don’t have to call me, but I know which deal is you are and what I’ll do is when your competitor hires me I’ll make sure you eat up all your market share.

You don’t have to hire me, but when somebody in your market calls me, I am gon na make sure and it’s gon na cost me money, but I’m gon na just to show you something what I can do.
I want to make sure I eat your entire market share because I mean it’s so dumb Brian.
It was great.

Seeing you see you real soon, Oh Brian, I wanted to ask you a question that new book you got is amazing.
What do you figure out? The title yet of the book you were telling me about, I see Mike Lewis, actually gave me some awesome ideas that totally shifted the way I was going about.
I actually was speaking.

I was messing with Mike the other day, awesome that you introduced him and I I’m looking at so I’m looking forward to becoming that number one bestseller, I’m gon na be setting up some interviews with Mike to get the book done after the first, but we pretty Much have the skeleton outline, but I had to redo the whole thing, because it’s coming out for general managers co-principals, as opposed for the sales rep, is here totally towards managers how to hire how to train how to just implement certain practices better.
So I’m looking forward to working with us see Mike Lewis and if anybody has the opportunity to literally put a book out, please reach out to Ritchie bellow.
Let them connect you with see Mike Lewis, because this man has worked with Tom Hopkins.

Some of the big hitters el patron he’s doing his book.

Now his information was just mind-blowing, so we putting it together that will be out by spring or summer of 2020, be at the conference.
Yeah, all right all right brother take care thanks a lot for joining us Brian.

You gave us a lot of great thing.
You gave us a lot of great content and key points think about when it comes to training.
You know, as always, we appreciate your time today and coming on to the show and from Rickey and myself.

We always want to say it’s a pleasure and thank you for coming on.
Now we go to one of my favorite people in the world, my favorite person, to talk to you every week, mr.
David Costello, director of rhetoric, director of Veterans Affairs, the Richie Pell inks dude.

What’s going on buddy, not much! Thank you for that to be back.
Yes, till Davey, just let me tell you where we got the video set.
We had Brandon and John Fairchild, so that’s gon na be the start of something going on.

I plan on doing some videos with uh my friend over here Eric all right, which is very good and also Bryan Maxwell, and I also have Fran Taylor joining us, so we’re gon na have a lot of contents, but for the most part we already started building Our landing pages we’re already starting building certain things for social media and we plan on heading the marketing aspect for veterans not for dealers, yet for veterans as of next week.
Correct right.
So that’s what we’re good and we’re so pleased that this is happening and looking forward to this product and all that and it’s great.

What are you thoughts? What have you done out there and tell me a little bit? Well, I’m very excited about it.
All this hard work that we’ve all been putting into it, it’s you know.
Finally, getting to that point where we can start training.

These veterans start getting them out to the dealerships.
So you guys know: we’ve looked at numbers right now, there’s over three hundred thousand veterans actively looking for work and a few million more that don’t have work right now, so that opens up a huge opportunity for us to get them into the dealership that are fully Trained at that, what we’ve been doing is we’ve been again working with the associations and working with closed groups that I’ve known in the past to get you know the ideas started and start pushing out the word to veterans to get them started as soon as possible.

Back to me, you know it’s always amazing, to do something constantly progressed further and further and further along the way.

I know what are we looking for for a long date, for this is what January 6th right January 6 is the official launch date.
We’re decided, there’s a few more resets.
Oh, no, we’re ready to wrap the room awesome.

I know I know Ricky was telling before you guys are starting to get dealers putting their requests in for training.
As Ricky did say, we have a number of top trainers in the industry that are coming on board.
They’re gon na be doing the live, training.

We’re gon na, be helping these veterans out and, as you said a couple of seconds ago, the numbers really staggering of how many veterans out there who are so.
This there’s something like 20 million active workforce veterans.
Like you just said there there’s 300 to 500 thousand, I believe going into the workforce.

That means they’re coming off of deployment they’re coming off of there.
You know they’re retiring.
These are people that have given so much that it’s really a nod towards Ricky that he donates his time and efforts towards going in and helping.

You know the veterans, the men and women of our country and expect to yourself as well you’re a veteran I’m.
A veteran and it’s you know it’s always good to see our brothers and sisters and arms being helped out absolutely yeah, I’m very happy that we can lend a hand.

You know at least make that transition a bit easier for this 90s.

We could yeah listen again.
Buddy want to thank you for coming on today and giving us our weekly update, guys it’s time to wrap up the show.
We want to thank mr.

Brian Maxwell, as always for coming on today.
We also like to thank Dave Castillo for joining us, and thank you all for sharing time today.

This is Eric Nichols with your host.

Ricky Bello saying see you next Wednesday live guys: .

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