Automotive Training News LIVE 11-6-19 with David Castillo

What’s going on everybody welcome to another episode of automotive training news with your host mr.
Ritchie Bello, I’m your co-host Eric Nichols.
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Today we have Veterans Day coming up soon, so today we want to talk about programs in support of our dealers.

We have mr.
David Costello back with us.
David is the director of Veterans Affairs through the Ritchie Bell Institute of leadership and management, and he is joining us today from Skype Dave what’s going on buddy? How are you doing today, I’m doing fantastic glad to be on the show.

Thank you for having me always buddy.
How is it pleasure so we got some of our trainers that are flying out on the 17 to do content for the vets you know Monday had three dealerships from this local market area.
I’m involved with ask me about: when is this going to be ready for the vets and, and our Patrol is really helping out too? He wants to know what its gon na get going and all that.

So we have the dealerships and I believe, to get them started.
It’s gon na be a real, simple process.
They’re gon na go online training once I place them in a dealership.

I’m gon na do live training with these corporate trainers.
I mean like Brandon, John Fairchild.
You know all this goes on, there’s some guys.

I can’t mention yet, but as of right now I have two trainers that are really top-notch.
I mean, I don’t know if you guys see that on my facebook, brandon has been posting a lot of stuff.

On my face, we did you see that yeah Brandon’s got a ton of content out there nowaday, so Brandon’s really really good.

I know Brandon for a long time and who doesn’t who doesn’t know Brandon, that’s in the car business really doesn’t know nobody, because the guy is amazing.
I’ve learned from this guy so much throughout the years, and I love talking to him because he’s a forward thinker and he’s always getting to the next level and Trey and he’s unbelievable.

You know so.
I’ve learned a lot from him.
He’s been a mentor to me for over 18 years, something like that right with my old company and he’s really really good and John Fitch house, another mentor.

He knows, there’s nobody.
I think, there’s nobody out there.
That knows the fix ops like he does this big companies out there and fix ups.

You know that deal is higher.
You know, they’re really expensive was beautiful about John Fairchild, he’s in your dealership, showing you how it’s done and doing it like this tool.
There’s a lot of different things in training where I believe a trainer has value is what he actually does not by having the content.

There’s something called owning the content and there’s something is: when you buy the content, you can go a copywriter.
Somebody go online and buy any courses, and now it’s not your conference, it doesn’t come out of your head right.
So once you know whether it’s because you didn’t right and that’s what I’m about I’m not about somebody with a nice course and all that I mean some guys have confidence – is so nice, you like it twice.

You know yeah! So hey it’s not about that! It’s about what really works, somebody can write beautiful stuff, but when you put it to work, you find out it does of the work right and that’s we’re about trial and error, trial and error and consistently a be testing consistently right.
So that’s what we’re about and with having you adding you to the whole thing to the mix.
I know you’re a trainer, a process trainer and other and another industry.

So the beautiful thing about you is you’re a fact.
There are a great guy you’re, an amazing human being right.
Second of all, the other thing is, I mean everybody out.

There knows that I’m Latino right Cuban American, so I really love helping out my own.
You know, and I really like to bring in somebody.
That’s a vet.

That’s Latino! Well fast! Well, known process training I mean it’d, be a great great automotive car training because we have the people to do that.

But the biggest thing I want to talk about is the vets.
You know the vets are coming in from their services coming in here.

There’s a lot of data on veterans that that we have you know they go into this marketplace and come back, you know and they can’t find a job and then the job they don’t find.
The job they find usually doesn’t work for them because they go from one to the other, to the other, so there’s a whole process that a vet needs to get.
You know the debrief process, it’s very important, to sit down a vet before he goes on our platform and debrief from apart from doing an assessment on them is great to do an assessment, but you got ta get a debrief session.

You know because they can fill out a form to how they think that they can work it out right and once they do breed you and that debrief process, you really get to know them one-on-one, yeah or on the phone.
What are your thoughts on that process? Sure so, whenever we have a veteran that does get out of the service recently, I’ve shared before that we go through a period of time that we’re adjusting back to the civilian world in the military.
We are in a very fast-paced environment, whether it’s a wartime effort or a peacetime effort.

We are always on the go war, of course, we’re prepping the deploy to make sure that we are taking care of our our allies with care of epic veterans needed of them.
During peacetime, we’re training to make sure that we are always prepared, so in that transition theory, it’s key to make sure that we find out exactly what’s going to work for these, the veterans have Pickler needs particular wants in their paces, and it into so.
By doing this process of pre-screen making sure that they follow, I’m making sure that this is something that they’re actually going to want to the long room.

It’s going to give us much better result in the and as far as the training goes, the training is spot-on.
Like I said, we have a fantastic feed, the support of this program that feel for the veterans and they’re all growth ice, so it also adds up to it is going to be successful.

It’s going to be fantastic, all-around know you know and listen as a veteran myself.

I really appreciate the fact that you were appointed director of Veterans Affairs with Institute.
You know we’ve talked about before in the past, but what tell me a little bit about your background and how you started even getting into helping out veterans, of course, so I am the marine veteran.
I served nine years in the Marine Corps.

I’ve traveled all over the world in both wartime and peacetime efforts, and I know exactly what these guys have gone through in the Marine Corps.

My primary mas was to be an aviation mechanic.
However, I did do other duties as well, including security duties.

I was on a martial arts instructor and eventually got into the whole process and process improvement realm I trained over 2,000 people in Lean Six Sigma and proper use of maintenance equipment in leadership, development in and the transition as well.
You know making sure that you’re prepped financially making sure that you’re prepping your resume, making sure that you’re lining up your ducts.
So once you do get out, the transition is easier.

Once I’d left the Marine Corps, I moved into the technology sector and I worked for a semiconductor company and in there I was a trainer as well.

I trained personnel and safety, OSHA requirements, the leadership development as well and started doing a lot of Human Resources work.

Once I finished there moved into the financial industry as a trainer, still training hasn’t been my whole life since I was 18 years old, so I know the importance of getting that message delivered appropriately and making sure that the training is actually effective.

Like your sang Richie that we want training that is spot-on, making sure that these guys do take a lesson of it.

My goal is to make sure that they walk out knowing at least a few more things than they did when they came in.
That’s just going to make them a better person in the financial industry.

I trained salespeople, I trained operations, personnel and compliance personnel, and now I’m here working with Ritchie to help veterans, because that really is a passion of mine.
I mean I’ve been there.
I know what these guys are going through and I really want to help in any way.

I can – and I think this this fantastic way to do it now.
I agree on senso, you know today’s automotive industry is always looking for recruitment and also retaining good candidates with veterans already resenting one in five employees.
You know it’s really amazing how large the workforce is out there that that’s made up of veterans right and the veterans you’re gon na get a very great quality employee first, in the long run, if you hire enough veterans – and you do start getting other benefits from The government as well, you could get veterans, preference to hire more veterans and it’s gon na make the the company itself or wherever they’re, hired a much better organization as a whole.

I agree, and you know your ultimate gon na – retain these people longer and, and with that being said, that’s one of the the key things that plagues the automotive industry is such high turnover it’s something like what is it 70 % riki that all employees turnover in A dealership, well yeah, you know what’s happening today, is even though there’s a lot of trainers today, what’s happening today, a lot of dealerships, it’s very expensive for them to train anybody right, so they look at.
Let me spend more money in marketing right yeah.
Let me just play the numbers game where we’ve come up with a solution, our team has come up with a solution, the last three and a half years.

We got a whole infrastructure involved in it, we’ll train them and we’ll put them in your workforce.
That’s why we developed a non-profit.
You know our team that that – and you know what what’s really interesting about that is having that now we’ve become a recruiting platform fully trained.

Now I can indeed or these other job sites – okay, great.
So these people looking for a car, so what are the chances of them staying in a dealership when you have a trained professional? Well, your ratio goes really really high yeah.
That’s what we want.

That’s the product that we that we bring into our industry right our industry, this industry for a long time and I’ve been seeing it the difference right from 10 years ago, 15 years ago, 20 years ago till today – and why is that? Consumers are still the same.
But the information out there and the knowledge out there is different yeah.
So it’s the same objections.

It’s just converting the information the consumer has and spinning out a deal.
So now, if you are in the store, you’ve got all this information coming in.
You know how did the order objective? So that’s what’s happening in the carbons were years ago.

There was no information out there, so it was really a numbers game.
You know.
Okay, I saw ten people on my cell three cars today, I’m in stores in and out – and I just listened sometimes oh, my god today is all about the information.

The salesperson sharing it share it back before.
You know it nobody’s even asking for the business cuz everybody’s so concerned about that not dealing with the objection.
You know simple agree and overcome, listen to the works and needs and now put a deal together.

That’s it it’s that simple! It’s not something that difficult to do so.

Having this platform with this team we’ve created now we’re gon na Train professionals right and mr.
deal, here’s the other value that people don’t see.

You have a sales for the beautiful thing about this business.
It’s a lot like the military.
Why is it a lot like the military? You got to follow direction.

You got to follow a process, but not only that your ranking goes higher, you start as a salesman and you can move up as a manager.
You could move up as a finance manager.
You can move up as a general manager, a general sales manager.

Not only that, oh you can become, you can work for the factory yeah.
You can go to harm that you can.
You can go anywhere so the industry has rankings.

So now you have part of our processes.
Now you have a salesperson that we’ve trained.
That salesperson is successful before you decide.

Oh, he sells thirty five cars.
What every dealer does right.
He sells thirty five cars.

Let me make him a manager, no give us back that Metron and let us train him to become a manager.
If you want him to become a trainer.
Brandon has a course that’s train-the-trainer right, so we have trainers in our platform that are top-notch that are the best.

You know that’s what they know, how to do so that you want to make somebody a sales manager.
Let’s do an assessment together mr.
dealer, and let’s figure out how that person, how what let’s find out, if he’s Madison in Mattoon, he might not be management.

Mattoon, I got ta say something about me: I sold a lot of cause.
They made me a manager.
I wasn’t really management, but I was a sales person.

That’s why I am a sales person, I’m not a guy that sits back behind the desk and write.
I don’t like it.
You know I was a manager generalizer, but I didn’t really like it.

That’s not I’m not a detail.
Guy, I’m nothing! I just go, beat the customer and just do what I do.
A lot of people like that.

I always rather sell cars and become a manager because I made more money than the manager.
So, who cares about being a manager yeah? You know, I’m not really interested guys that want to be a manager they can’t sell.
Any dealers pick the guys that sell less cars right because they sell less customers.

They have leadership in them.
They always worry about the other salespeople.
They always try to help to look for leadership.

First, that’s what makes a good manager.
So we have people in our team that are very, very talented.
Just because you’re a good salesperson does it mean you’re gon na, be a good manager and doesn’t mean you’re a good leader, because we all care about.

What’s in it, for us, that’s what a Salesman does wifm so with the Vegas, it ain’t just about placing them.
It’s also about placing them and seeing them grow into another department, into a management department and to growing or baby, even though their own used car dealer or their own dealership.
That’s what the Institute’s about it ain’t, just about training them, putting them there, and then that said, no, it’s about coaching them consistently.

Coaching that dealership consistently and moving them up to where they’re gon na be successful right and what does that bring? That adds enthusiasm that adds a learning curve.

All these things that we’re doing creates more productivity, because now that sales from goes that he sees he’s, got the opportunity and now you’re, building a team mr.
dealer, let this Institute with this wonderful team.

I call it the dream team, I’m a very lucky person with this dream team to bake this, get to the next level to make your employees get to the next level.
Having somebody that’s a coach and having somebody that’s a mentor, it keeps moving the needle and keep down your productivity is going to go off the walls.
So that’s something to think about dealers say I’m gon na promote him with no rhyme or reason.

No assessment, and let me talk about branded the beautiful thing about Brandon is Brandon.
Is an HR he’s an HR trainer he’s a sales trainer HR trainer CPO.
This guy’s has so much knowledge and his facet in every division in the car business.

The guy worked for Ford as a professional trainer.
You know the guy has turned so many dealerships around and that’s the beautiful thing, because first you got ta have an HR to find out if that candidate is even qualified qualified to be what he wants to be.
You know, so we have psychologists on the team.

Also, you know that really analyze stuff and really know their capacity, so we have all these resources and all these tools for us not to fail.

You can’t help failure.
Okay, you’re gon na fail with certain people, but at least we’re minimizing our failure.

The one thing about business is the one thing about training: all you can do is minimize your failure.
You’re always gon na fail, because if you don’t fail, you’re not gon na win, you’re always gon na fail.
But when you have a process like the one we’ve developed with David, a process Jean Fontana with the process Brandon with the process, you know and all these people that have processed John Fairchild.

This whole team has a whole process involved.
So now we’re gon na when we hit something we’re gon na hit, something straight up like we’re, not gon na miss.
You know, I say it like this: it’s like me sending a scud missile to this building.

It’s gon na blow up the whole building, be sending a scud missile and Intel the missile to this building.

It’s gon na miss the whole building hate me and blow me out and that’s what we’re going to do it marketing the same way.

You know everything you want to be precise right and once you promote to be precise and you have the right team and you have the right process, you’re only gon na succeed, much more you’re, always gon na fail.

Those people that think you’re not gon na fail.
You’re wrong you’re, always gon na fail failure is something great, because if you don’t fail, you don’t learn.
Okay, so and we have not only that we do training and we put them in the in the dealerships.

But now we build a relationship with that salesperson.
You know it’s just like when you sell a car you’re, not selling a car today to sell a car to your lady.
You got to build a relationship with that customer because that customer is gon na be with you three is these veterans are gon na be with us forever until they leave the automotive industry or hit the lotto yeah? So that’s what we’re committed to so mr.

You have the upper hand on this whole process.
The upper hand, for you is you have a professional company, that’s a training company that has tremendous amount of talent in it, but not only that we’re gon na help get move that Vette and we’re always gon na.

Be looking at productivity, so when you bring it when we bring in a vet to your store, trust me, there’s gon na be a hundred reason.
Why he’s gon na succeed and ten reasons why he’s gon na fail? Okay, so just keep and my David, I want to talk to you a little bit about something.
How do you see the program working for these vets with what you know about it, and how do you see that whole thing working out in the long run? I think it’s going to help a ton of veterans get from you know that void or that empty space that you have after you leave the Marine Corps and really shorten down that time.

It’s going to help people put their priorities straight.
It’s going to help them get acclimated to the civilian world much faster, and it’s going to help them out.
All around.

I mean they’re gon na be making good money as long as they’re, applying all the techniques that we’re teaching them they’re going to be able to look to, like you said, get promoted just like they would in the military they’re going to be able to experience different Things and if they want to eventually open up their own business, open up a dealer, a body shop, you know for different services, it’s going to make them much more successful once they do leave the military.
So if this program is fantastic, I can’t wait to get it started and they really get these people involved and into the dealership themselves.
It’s exciting.

I agree.
I mean it’s pretty obvious to everyone out there that this is why veterans really are a perfect fit to support the automotive industry.
So, let’s go with a couple, other things, so you know we always talk a lot about veterans and why they are there with the discipline how they appreciate the jobs.

Everything else, I think really the biggest thing for any veteran out.
There is knowing that you have the structure in place that you just got done like yourself.
You did nine years.

I did over five, it’s you’re coming out of something that’s been drilled into you day in and day out, where it’s going to be a set process, and that really goes into the training thing is well.
Training is one of the largest things out there for the automotive industry.
Me Rick.

You talk about all time that attacks lacking is proper training.
The reason why veterans do so well in any career path they do is because they’re trained, they know a process.
They keep going forward, so we just spoke a little bit about management.

You know sometimes the best sales guy always isn’t the best manager.
So I want to tell fourth, but it really goes to ultimately one thing with any dealership.
You know right now the auto industry across the nation is experiencing a slight downturn.

We’ve been hearing it from a ton of different dealers that League you’re off Trafford.

So off services are off, everything is off, so what does that mean for you? It means that you have to be disciplined enough to be able to go in know what the processes are and close more be able to retain that service custom, while they’re in there and follow the set process without the process.
That’s just the only word use this havoc.

There’s gon na be chaos donor and that process starts you.

Let me repeat this time and time and time again, if the managers do not follow the process themselves, if the managers are not trained properly or if they don’t, you know they don’t inspect what they expect from the salespeople.
If they do, it doesn’t matter if they trained at one screen of a million times, if they’re not going anything, okay great, why you’re not doing it this way and they just don’t go by the wayside? It’s a problem, so the managers should be the first people to be trained and in the first person that you should inspect as a GM as GSM as an owner dealer Prince, but whatever to make sure that they’re following the proper process – and you know that’s, what’s Great about this team that we’ve developed it’s about process and David is really good at process.

You know very days up he’s a process.
Trainer he’s very good for his industry.
You know and he’s been doing, that for how long you been doing that David.

I started doing process training in 2008, so a little over 10 years now, hey you so he’s very good with process, and that tells me something he’s a vet.
Ok now.
What does that tell you they’re process-driven? Ok, what do you want in the automotive space? I need process-driven Eric’s out in a Honda, he’s really good at what he does.

One of the things that Eric has his process yeah.
He drives his driven by process right.
That’s how he’s turned that department around that’s? How he’s turned that company around there’s about process? You know, let’s face it, there’s follow direction and follow your process.

Once you follow those two things.
Are you gon na fail? Absolutely? Are you gon na succeed more than you fail? Absolutely so, if you don’t do that, that’s what happens, those guys that don’t follow a process right.
However, they can follow.

They follow in their head great.
If they follow our paper greater, they follow on video great, doesn’t matter.
If you don’t have a process to do anything, you’re, not gon na succeed, you know and that’s what bottom line is and the more people that I need that are vets like Eric.

Like yourself.
There are a lot of them are all 90 % process driven? Why? Because that’s what the military is about? Why? Because when you enlist somewhere for four years, you’re getting trained alright, if the automotive space dealers would train 50 percent of what the government trains, we would have a rockin industry.
I just had a meeting here in the studio with a company that they saw product right.

Well, have no training program in place; they don’t have anything like that.
I mean and they’re saying is the price right.
Is it wrong it? What about research? You got ta research.

First, then you go to market, I mean for years.
Okay, I want everybody to listen out to me.
This and food has been in the works for four years.

There was a lot of research that we did before we went to market.
We have the data, would each sales person course a dealership know right and how much training top organizations do and what is the product and what is the information about? So it took four years before we hit the market now we’ll go to the market, just understand something.
If you don’t have that kind of infrastructure in your company.

Now I call that the 90-day to a year wanderer, because in 90 days or a year you wonder where they went and there’s so many vendors that come into this space is all the core business is so big.
I’m gon na sell no you’re right.
You are gon na sell.

Are you gon na be effective? That’s the big.
Are you really gon na be effective in selling or you’re, just gon na hit a Miss and go to a hundred dealerships and sell one, and that’s not what you want.
You want to maximize your opportunities in our company.

What we do is we don’t chase the dollars.
We chase the opportunity.
The opportunity was helping our vets, okay, bringing them into the automotive space.

That’s the opportunity, it doesn’t matter what you make or you don’t make.
What bad is is, there’s an opportunity let’s go after and if you do the process, that’s a process.
If you do that process, you’re, always gon na be on top of your game.

I have game, face right game faces being on your game.
Put your game face on.
If you don’t have a game face, you ain’t gon na win, because you know what your competitors do and the beautiful about the vets is everyone.

I’ve met has been like that in Arizona.
I had an opportunity to me the best artist.
I ever saw right stains Jose.

Okay, he has a process that is like a machine when he sees a customer.
He takes a full intake of they’re.
Looking for he writes everything down, he sits down in the office.

Does a whole process whole thing, another ones that I saw.
I met another vet that he does a landscape as landscaper.
He also has a big process.

He knows that he would go what he gives you a number.
No first, he got analyzed first, he has a process how he does things the other guy installs a.
What do you call that that they’re using down solar energy? He has a process very successful.

So the few vets that I’ve met a process Riven Locker because that’s what the military trains on so this is perfect for the automotive industry.
That’s what we saw right.

We saw wait a minute, there’s two things in the automotive business process and direction, and we got guys and, ladies that follow this down to the T down to the T so they’re their failure ratio is very, very low because what you’ve started the automotive visit.

If you don’t follow a processor by right now, yeah hundred percent, you don’t follow the process.
You’ve got problems and if you don’t follow the right suit, if a baggage it sells, you put them on this car, you start arguing with them.
You got problems.

The Penske group out in Arizona the death tells the vets do this, they change them and they do what anything they tell them to do.
They follow direction with happy to follow it.
And yes, sir, in the car business, you don’t have somebody with that kind of discipline.

You got problems and another thing is the vets have the best CSI customer satisfaction.
You know why? Because it’s wouldn’t respect.
Yes, sir.

Yes, ma’am, you know to be to put up the lutely, simplify with everything we were just talking about.
The Institute offers training and recruitment programs for our veterans, which should give the dealer what is needed to get good personnel while saving you and a ton of money.
A ton of turnover and ultimately to make you more profitable.

You know the Institute runs eggs for veterans to enroll in the program at no cost.
How do they find these eggs? How do they get on the website? Where do we go to send veterans to find out more information? Well, we’re setting up.
We have pages right, you go to Richie Belo West backslash University, but that page is getting developed in the next few days.

I believe by Monday will be all said and done.
We already worked on the landing page.
We already did the design work and everything I mean synergy did that tremendous company.

Let me tell you guys: if you guys are doing marketing, you know, call synergy.
You got problems now you get a scalpel thrown what it’s about synergy right, it’s unbelievable, how they write stuff, how they make everything.
Look perfect great team over there.

It’s really really amazing.
Right right, my show here I mean Jim Fantana – writes the show with her team.

You just got to research.

The part I mean who’s ever doing a live show if you don’t have that kind of layout like everybody knows that I don’t follow direction, but I have comes of co-host.
That puts me in check because I have a hard time reading.
I’m just like thinking.

You know what can I do, but I try my best to follow, but if you’re really good, you know yep lot good, you can have a show perfectly just reach out to synergy.
You know it’s.
It’s all over Facebook and whatever, but reach out to me.

Everybody knows my number 6.
I make sure you have my number everywhere.

Well because might give you they lost his phone and he says I couldn’t find nobody’s number and I googled you.

Your phone was there, you know we talked about the veterans going here.
They stuff like a page that they can go to find research.

Now what kind of assessments are required when it when a vet reaches out to you? Do we do assessments with that? How does that work David so with the veterans that are interested in applying for this, we are going to have a them fill out a form.

That’s going to ask information about their service, you know how long did you serve? What’s branch for you and what was your rank was the type of discharge, then a few other questions that will get submitted and that will be like our pre-qualification stage.
Once I received that, I will personally reach out to that person that individual and have that conversation to dig more into the history, see what it is that they’re trying to get into and see.
We can place them in the correct program to get them going in the industry.

The process will be very quick.
I mean as soon as I get it.
I will be reaching out and they’ll be going through that their website that Richie was talking about fight it.

Not only that, let me just say about the enrollment on the website right now you can go on and there’s an enrollment form there we’re just making a new feel and a new design, because you know you got ta update websites, the websites about three years old.
Four years since we started so we just make it a new design, but let me share something with you in an enroll right: there there’s an assessment, and that goes dependent.
That’s gon na go right to David and he’s gon na.

Take a look at it.
That he’s gon na dispatch it the right way.
That’s what he does it’s it’s there already it’s not like.

We got a baby that we already it’s there already.
We already did it.
We did it three and a half years ago we set everything up in this Institute three and a half years ago, ready to roll.

You know we, the investment was made a long time ago, and now it’s just about okay, now we’re ready for the market.
Yep! No, so we we do things like, let’s see, let’s get it ready for the market and now, let’s, let’s see what’s going on, because we know that this is a weld.
He looks tough.

We want to do the right thing for the vets, if it wouldn’t have been a non-profit, that it would have been up.
Who were the first in research, but we knew already when we got into it, and this was gon na, be something that was gon na.
Have a really big impact in the automotive industry, so it’s really important and it’s really important to have a veteran like David.

You know there because he knows I’m he’s a vet, he really knows what’s going on and he was nine years in the military.

That’s that’s a lifetime, you know that’s a long time, so he understands Dov that he likes helping out full of that’s, which is really important, and you know, and now we can put.
We have an industry that needs a product and we have the product.

So hopefully we can make a difference in this industry.
You know we got sir just so.
You guys understand we’re not just training for sales, you’re, training to sale, service, F & I management, basically any aparts any department that a dealership needs candidate for will help you find one, but, more importantly, dealers, you’re gon na get a guarantee that if the candidate does Not make it through the first three months performance review will send you another replacement, we’ll find the right candidate for you.

You know this program is launching January 6th of 2020.
Can you believe it’s 2020 already.
You know my god.

I can’t believe how quick the one we already have, dealers that are putting in requests for candidates they’re, currently a couple going through being trained right now.
I believe Richie’s been going through that and David as well.
You guys doing a phenomenal job.

You know David.
What are your thoughts on the importance of why this program is gon na succeed and ultimately help dealerships? Well, like I said before, the veterans are very great great people.

They are processed trained.

They are used to that fast-paced environment and all that just some setup to be successful in whatever it is they do.
We want them to get them into the automotive industry, because it is a fantastic field to be in there’s many opportunities available, and these guys can take advantage as long as they follow that process that we’re training them in which so far has been fantastic.
The people that are going through are picking up what we’re putting down very quickly they’re, immediately trying to put the things to practice and that’s: what’s gon na get us the most result, actual application of those.

Unless ins, it’s going to be valuable, valuable, valuable to the viewers, listen as always, we have David Steele, director of Veterans Affairs, Rickey, Bell Institute.
We want to thank you for coming on today, happy Veterans Day, my friend, I know a couple days away, but we appreciate your service and thank you so listen right now, Rick.
You want to spend a couple minutes thanking our sponsor mr.

Rudy T mr.
el patron themselves for making this episode possible.
Kids’take Rudy has gotten tremendous of that.

L Patrol has a tremendous event.
Let me tell you something about this event.
This event is top-notch.

There’s no reason why benders are not sponsors and dealers, I would just go and sign where would be to side now.
Let me tell you another thing: okay, dealers, cold Rudy, get on and go online game game changer.
Con comm is a tremendous I mean I’m so impressed with what he’s doing he’s like unbelievable and here’s the thing right.

There’s a lot of these.
Let me just say this all right, there’s a lot of conferences going around everything.
The difference is that he does what he does every day, that six days a week.

Okay, so am I gon na get more value going to his event versus another event.
That’s got all these vendors with great speaking and all that and that’s great.
What’s the difference, I always look for something that the same product what’s different, okay, so the difference is that he does it every day you go to an executive coaching thing and all this that’s great! You know that what kind of business are they always doing it? All the time, a lot of these guys have 30 cos.

They have this.
They have that they’re, not real.
They just a face: okay, Rudy’s, just not the face Rudy.

Does it every days you you have an opportunity to follow his footsteps and go with head call, but citizen.
I want to spend a day you dealership.
I want to know what you do.

Why are you so successful? So let me just tell you and the numbers don’t lie the numbers.
Are there Mitsubishi store top guy, I mean come on and where was that Mitsubishi store before him? That’s what that’s what you need to see? So that’s what makes him different me as a business owner.
That’s what I’m going to send my people yeah you’re gon na go to the conference like we always say.

If you go and you learn one thing and take it back deep dealership, that’s gon na make the difference.
You know it.
That’s ultimately the whole point of the show.

We always say that take one thing back you’re going to learn more than one thing.
I can guarantee that so listen.
We always you know, I’m gon na have to put it out.

We have the Christmas party December 4th Ricky bells Christmas party right all invited to ten.
It is free to deal with free to everyone going guys come on down.
It can be a great networking event.

You’re gon na you know kick back.
Relax meet some people you haven’t met before you know, go through different industry standards that we’re going to go through when you got on a crisper.
It’s you got a lot of stuff going on.

You know there’s a lot of vendors that are gon na, be there like sure, sale, who’s, gon na be there from that appraisal.
Couple your apples guy, I mean it’s gon na be a lot of factors there that are gon na, be there.
So you know, if anything you can meet these vendors, you can talk to them, see what see what they’re doing in other parts of the country you know talking to a vendor is great, because you know what your competitors are doing and why are they doing this? You’re, not you know, that’s what it’s about.

It’s like a really really tiny conference.
You know.
Well you forgot about our other sponsor venue.

Smart, orders, calm right! Oh wait! Here’s the other thing guys I want to.
I want to say this shop, smart, autos.

Okay, what is the difference of that website versus all these? On the website? I tell you what the difference is.
You got an app, they absolutely install within seven days.

They believe it’s gon na have the inventory on an app okay.
Then it got a comparison tool for your consumers right, okay, but what’s really what’s really the value.
The value is that this is going to be promoted on social media through one of the best companies out there, which is City twist right, and it’s gon na hit custom audience buyers in the market through IHS filters, Conquest sales.

You guys want to sell more cars conquest.

This is where to sign up and what’s important, it’s gon na be on social media and guess where the audience is today on social media.
Now, instead of going to Google and spending all this money on Google, it’s gon na be through social media, and now we can transfer what we’re gon na we’re gon na do a little a little bit about Google more about VIN specification is what we’re gon na.

Do right, but it’s about hitting direct consumers in the market using that technology with the VIN Google AdWords is great because those customers are also custom audience.
So now we’re going to be using that plus your custom audience on social media, guys, that’s what the audience is.
Yep, you know and we’re giving you a tremendous value on this.

So there’s a lot of ways that we can put on a dealership here, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Try it you’ll you’ll, really see the results, and then you can really go to the next level.

All right call us at what’s the number of shop smart.

You can call six three one: nine four, six one, four one, eight I’ll have the 800 number up on the bottom of this comment in a couple minutes right.
So, that’s that’s what you reach out, you call you can also go online advertise with us yep and the other thing with this is because we’re in the veteran world, or so we’re gon na, be promoting this website to vets that are in the market.
Okay, so there’s all kinds of data out there, so we’re going to be promoting it to our veterans.

The other thing is, we want the dealership to participate as a certified dealership for vets and give them a good deal.
You know because the vets are really important to us, so that’s the other thing way, so we’re gon na have a discount for veterans.
So listen this sites gon na, really really take out your dealership to the next level and now we’re gon na throw something in for your website.

Everybody knows: Rudy he’s really really good, well, Rudy’s willing to do a trial assessment.
You know on your store, and so is Eric who’s gon na do a full assessment about Legion, in your store, how many Legion getting and what your closing ratio is and how are you responding to those leads? So PDC process is gon na, be a big thing.
We’re gon na look at you, know I’ll, give you an initial view, 10,000 feet above ground and say: hey here’s! What’s going on, here’s how the lead was handled – and you know, give you some critiques that might be able to help you bring some more people in and also we make more money.

You know, that’s really what we’re here for there’s, not any other company.
That’s out there, that’s willing to give you an assessment like that and help train you on how to properly handle those who eats that are coming in more portly I’ll handle the weeks that you’re getting in general.
You know we want to wrap it up today.

Today’s show we had a great show with mr.
Dave Steele, who they’re getting direct their veterans favorite seat belt Institute.
We also want to thank together to thank everybody for putting together the game changer conference.

We have sucks insighting lineup of speakers and vendors that are going to be going there, and it’s really gon na help set us up for 2020 and the next decade.
Again, richie appreciate everything you do with the veterans.
This is Eric Nichols and your host Ricky Bello, saying see you next Wednesday live what our guys Catania, what’s going on new decades around the corner, man 2020.

So I want to invite you to the game-changing conference in December December 13, 14 and 15 at 400.
Today, okay, you want to come to this conference.
Okay, I’m gon na have the number one motivational speaker in the world every time, as you know who he is.

I also gon na have Alex Vetter keno Mike conference, guys this guy’s worth its company’s worth over.
Eighty billion dollars, so these are the people that helped me.

Okay, take my business to the next level.
I turn around six dealerships already over 500 million dollars in sales, I’m gon na give away a hundred thousand dollars and one lucky winner.
It’s gon na get 25 grand, so all you got to do is pretty much sign up for free and let’s get 2020, so BTC sales service parts we’re gon na disrupt the industry in 2020.

It’s 20/20 vision, guys now the time to make it the best investment you’re gon na make okay, one cell will pay for it.
So it’s no big deal so sign up all right, and let’s do this all right, see you guys in Miami.
Please guys I got the cash right here.

Man, we got a little change from the house left over.
You don’t say so you got to come.
Get this money! Man! Let’s go sign up for free, I’m giving it away at the conference.

So let’s go [ Music! ] [, Music ], you you .

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