Automotive Training News LIVE 11-27-19 with Enrico Gllover

What’s going on everybody welcome back to automotive training news with your host mr.
Ritchie Bello, I’m your co-host Eric Nichols! Don’t pick up that drumstick yet because we have a show today, that is one of our favorite subjects: digital marketing.
Today’s guest is Enrico Glover.

Who is unstoppable, with the ever-growing number of digital marketing initiative companies he’s developed? Let’s welcome Rico good good good.
We appreciate you coming on the show today and we hope you’re you’re, getting ready for Thanksgiving and ready to have a good day with your family.

Rico says yeah.

I just want to tell you this for quite some time.
I’ve been following you.
I remember you at the beginning stages, how you blew up.

Productivity in digital marketing has been you’ve taken to the next level, consistency level after level after level after level, and I want to talk about because you have a very creative mind.
Two and a half years ago, when I did the cigar thing, I invited you remember and all that – and you were so good at the time and you kept growing and growing and what I do with social media really is.
I look for the new talent.

That’s out there in the automotive sector and then I inspect and I keep inspecting when I bring you to the show that I know you’re good I’ve been following you for the last three or four years now, maybe longer than that and trust me, you are doing A great job: how did you learn how to be so effective, develop such a great skill dumb, because I want my other followers.
I got a lot of salespeople on there.
You know I always communicate first with the salesperson, I’m not a guy who likes going to the gym, because the salesperson was gon na bring me in a dealership and that sales first and today I got seven salespeople that I’ve been with me for over twelve years.

They all are in manager’s position today, so you start as a salesman.
You bro and grow the matter of fact.
I have one general manager, that’s gon na be at Hongdae one of the senior guys at Hongdae.

Now he’s gon na be his own manager.
So that’s what I like doing.
I like following the stalks right and with you, that’s what I did, but I want you to tell me your process on it, so my other people learn – and I use you as an example to some guys that I want to get into the marketing aspect.

So why don’t you share that with us? Well, I actually backed into it.
I was a Internet Sales Manager, Ford dealership and what I found was, I actually was trying this was almost a decade ago, so I’ve been doing this for a little bit of time.
So about ten years ago I was the internet manager for a subaru dealership got to give a shout out to Sam Johnson Subaru, and what I found out is that I was in a smaller market and I had to try to get my word out there to Compete against the big boys and what I started doing was.

I first was with HubSpot there’s a company called HubSpot calm and I was one of their went through their full training program.
It was one of their first certified partners with up spot, and at that time I was doing blogs.
I should tell you how long ago it was so I would put blogs on, and I was just putting the information out, putting the information out loud and never forget the day that I realized this was gon na be powerful.

I had a client call me up and say: hey Rico and that’s all she actually contacted me.
She said: hey, we got a question in the bottom vehicle, it’s not one that you had, but I just want to ask you your opinion and after we converse ated a little bit, I asked her well how’d, you find me and she said I found you online.
This is almost 10 years ago and from there I really found out that digital marketing was not a thing of the future, but it was a way to connect with many.

So I was really excited.
So that’s how I got started, oh honey.
You know it’s funny.

So you worked at a Honda store for a number of years.
I remember seeing you years back for those of you watching.
Let me just give you a brief introduction.

You know he’s the co-founder automotive, digital marketing association.
The big one is you’re one of the first people who was in a store a Google certified professional, your Bing certified HubSpot trainer, you’ve done it all, and I mean you’re really.

I remember having a talk with my GM, probably seven eight years ago, and you came up and they’re saying they look this guy’s Google to certify.
Why aren’t you, google certified? You really, and you see more people getting out there now and following what you started in footsteps, and you know I’m right with that.
You know there was no one out there in a dealership that was Google certified you, the first one funny you say it something.

It’s for the you systems about that, because when I first started doing the Google side, a lot of folks were like no.
Why are you doing that? Why are you doing that? But I found out a long time ago that Facebook and basically YouTube could draw me up a bunch of businesses.
So if you’re doing those things you might as well learn as much as you can.

So that was the reason why I really went into the Google certification, and you know I’m glad you brought that up because there’s a lot of guys, we go.
That’s a Google certified right and that’s great, but I don’t look at that: okay, because Google certified you go on it.
If you spend the time and researching you’re gon na get Google SAS certified, but here’s the trick.

I wan na see results.
Okay, it’s not about that great! That just adds more to your brand, but what you did is you’re mastered and you talked about blogging right.
You’ve mastered that and this guy’s that out there, you know showing the website showing the bed.

Well, that’s great! You want to know something that made that to me doesn’t mean anything, show me a testimonial taking a business that was a real order on the water and turned it around on digital marketing.

That’s what I want to say right.
I don’t want to sell nothing else than that, so you know that’s what the point is and that’s where you come in, you did a be testing.

You went after the audience.
You learned from that right.
Vacation just added you board certification is basically how to use how to know.

How do you don’t want your answer? Optimizer, but you know if your clicks off conversion, that’s all you know.
That’s all you could teach that, but here’s the thing yep go after what you did and something you mentioned.
Blogging blogging was very big and then but blogging now is very big.

As a matter of fact, with SEO content, you can drive a lot of traffic to a website instead well backlinks and I know a lot of companies, although this that they don’t even use content.
Well, you wan na know something image and blogs and video blogs.

What’s going on right now, do you agree with that? Exactly exactly that stated that if potential prospect we don’t tell YouTube the watch, the video and then they went to your website or look at your service, like fifty five percent chance that they actually go to visit.
Your dealership or actually purchase your service or product so, like you say that content is the king really grab that content right? You know what’s good about that.
Now they got this.

You thing and I’m pretty sure you know about video blogs, so they do do video blogs all over and they create more traffic and using hashtags and geo hashtags right with a landing page and a big video on the landing page.
Because now that same hashtag and that everything the same could go right down to Google and it’s a really good process, but how to do that and don’t forget your Facebook? That’s your brand! So it’s perfectly legal about link on there.
So that’s the only way.

You’re doing it now that video blog I’ve seen some ahead.

The results on this hashed inclusion in hashtags on Twitter here and there, and then the shares taken to affect the trust flow.
That link.

I have something to show.
I don’t have it now, but I want to show something Monday record.
I want you to see the show.

I have a trust link of a Facebook using this process.
Automotive trust flow is 42 %.

Here’s Troy here’s my question for you, so you have a bunch of salespeople that are out there now managers or factional.
So when you do a video bottom, a Salesman.
What tips do you have for you know? Is there a certain amount of time? It should be a minimum amount of maximum amount.

What type of message? What do you think is really the best practice? It really depends on the platform, for example, something that our one person I was speaking with those with a pretty huge, great dealership, room, they’re, trying to go more into using tik-tok okay.
So that’s a shorter there’s, a short, much shorter time period.
Video so take talk.

You can look at 30 seconds minute.
I think it’s up to a minute Facebook, if you really want to maximize Facebook algorithm when you do a video, which is at least 3 minutes that actually they’ll push it a little bit more than shorter videos and then, of course, YouTube is basically whatever you want And you can do a 30 second to a 5 minute, because when people go on there they’re going on there to watch a video yeah so but for Facebook, 3 minutes we’ll push it out more.
But it really just depends on the platform.

The message and everything else: okay: now: what do you take that? What platform do you prefer you? What do you think in your own opinion, do you think works the best for you and what you do.
What I really concentrated on is been Facebook for years.
So I first of all got to give a shout out Tim Lusail down at Brian Honda.

Gm there.
He actually got me started in a dealership as a social media marketing years ago, got to give him a shout outs, but we’ve maximized Facebook for years in which we were generating three to four to 500 leads, sometimes for a week’s time period, doing sales three days.
Sales 80 cars in in three days so Facebook.

What I’m doing now is I’m branching out more with more, like I mentioned, getting into take taught Instagram, which is owned by Facebook and LinkedIn, which is one that’s missed out on a lot of dealerships.

Yeah I’ve seen LinkedIn out there lately a lot of people using LinkedIn to get out there, of course, and Instagram and stuff like that, but tick-tocks a new one.
For me, I’ve never even thought about going that route.

I mean everyone watches that with the you know, funny videos and whatnot, but it’s also a great way to put content out there.
Put your name out there thanks, that’s really good! I like knocking.
You got to get a younger generation with that.

Exactly and speaking of that Millennials for years, especially the trainers in the industry have been talking about Millennials Millennials, they don’t buy cars, they don’t buy cars, which has been true for years.
But I read a statistic that said: the Millennials by 2020 will be 40 % of the automotive consumers and they don’t use traditional revenue.
They use Instagram, they use instant-on tik-tok Facebook YouTube.

So if you’re, not using those platforms, you’re gon na miss out on 40 % of your business, and I’m glad you brought that up because we want my partner has shop smart Odo’s.
Would it ask, and that is a hosting order board of search engine which guarantees? It’s per deal, I mean it’s per lead right so, where those leads coming from one place in one place, only social media.
That’s it because of what you just said.

We have that case study and, as a matter of fact, IHS just developed, it’s gon na be a case.
Study they’re gon na have our publicly by 2020 talking about this, where your customers are today, they’re, not where that were three years ago.
Four years ago, Google not on Google, no more so when you have a company, that’s marketing right their product on social media like we are and what is it going there? Because Facebook took the market place and now it’s driving or abode of traffic? Nobody out there understand something you can sit before the manager and ask him: do you know how many how much traffic is going to the marketplace? Nobody can answer a story at all.

You got to do is look up Facebook and look up this keyword when you hang up with us, Facebook marketplace or a mogul and look analytics, and it shows you a case movie.

Ok, you guys don’t understand, that’s where it’s headed, that’s where the audience is.

Why Facebook gave that for free and it’s gon na keep going for free until the behavior of the customer gets so used to go into the marketplace? Then there’s gon na develop an ad network yeah! That’s! What’s going on and they’re talking about it with their next four years, I was on a webinar through Facebook and I heard about it as a Facebook partner.

What’s going on with the marketplace, let me tell you something: it’s crazy, crazy numbers traffic.
Is it Facebook already? So guess what would they lock into their feed and they see a car? That’s an ED they’re gon na click on it yeah.

So as far as conversion is greater than everything.

So that’s what’s going on yeah and it’s you know British mice inside I’m sorry go ahead! No! It’s funny! You say that because I was going through I’m actually working on my facebook certification and some of the training is stated that if you actually, if a business uses Facebook and when they say Facebook they’re talking about those Facebook, advertising Instagram and then also their audience network.
If you place an ad just not play some content, but if you place an ad and the customer sees that there eight and a half times more likely to buy or purchase your service as they’ve seen it through those social networks and a half times more service.

Well, I agree with that.
A hundred I mean Rickey myself had this conversation about a week or two ago we we said that you know exactly what he was saying: how Google everybody’s to search, Google, all we got put everything to Google with Google Google Google.
Now it’s unless you’re spending the same amount that you’re spending on Google Adwords in social media you’re doing something wrong yeah.

Of course you know I mean organically.
I got a kid who works for me now who the kid Tim organically he’s putting into all different groups of kids.
Doing two three deals himself organically.

Imagine if you’re putting money before now and you’re, actually putting a exactly effort.
Well: here’s what the thing is right from Google to drive somebody to your social medias, much harder, here’s the ticket Teddy your social media and driving them to your website.
It’s much easier! Exactly! Okay! So that’s where Google’s missing the boat right now, Google’s ad revenue in the automotive sector for the first time since they’ve been on, it has dropped they keep.

Dropping years ago, Google had the real estate property that are the right side.
You had ads right now.
They’ve dropped a lot.

The only thing that’s working for Google is vid specification, but it’s only.
Let me tell you it’s only working when they see an ad on social media and go to your page click on your page.
Don’t see anything they click somewhere else and they start shopping Honda Accord 2016 blah blah.

Now you go up, that’s the only way it’s working, but it’s starting in social media.
This guy David Villa okay, he’s amazing.
You got ta, look him up.

He celkon! So many dealers, facebook ads and all that stuff and the Iraqi and one of the things with job smart, that’s what we’re doing we got city twist on social media and how do we have them with custom audience Rico? This is a custom audience people with IHS in the market for a vehicle based on registration and title data.
Listen to me title data, so the heading direct yeah title data, somebody that has a Honda, is registered in the last three years and they’re up there.

That’s how we have that, so what we hit you, which the right a strong restaurant? What are your best practices when you’re in a dealership? What do you like to go inbound marketing? What do you? What do you think is working? What do you think’s? Not working? The key thing cuz, I’m actually I’ve, been on sales management and then in between and what I tell most dealerships.

Is you got to market your voice? What you don’t want to do is you don’t want to have a marketing message and you don’t want to have your dealership for your sales team, my management and what you market is completely different than what when the customer comes in.
So whatever I talk to a dealership or a business, I feel let me see your voice first, because if I can see your voice, I can actually amplify that to get more customers that, like your voice, because the viewer a and I’m using a Duke in a There was a basketball game yesterday, where Duke got beat, which is the number one seed where there was a gentleman there that actually be Duke and he was from the Bahamas.

His family lost everything.
Well, people hate Duke so much that they created a GoFundMe and right now, before I got on here, I actually went on to his GoFundMe.
He had over fifty six thousand dollars in donations for his family back in the Bob they always I have to do with the car business, because people with with social you can actually create your own branding to attract more of the people that, like you or hate, Someone so a branding side is the first thing that I thought when I go into someone I tell them.

Actually, let’s create your voice and let’s amplify your voice, and I call it I didn’t create the word, but I actually now use the word a lot.
I’ll call it instead of search engine, optimization his social engine, optimization and being able to really grab more of your folks.
I I agree how you say you know it’s exactly.

You said I watched the video I want to say about a week or two ago with Gary Vee what he did, the same exact thing.
He was talking to people he’s okay, Lexi, social selling, Lexi the message Lexi everything where he reached the home.
He showed everyone.

Okay, here’s my book online and he just went right to him said I want you to buy this because I want you to buy it.

I want you to come in and you’re right if they like you, if they like them, actually could ever house and it’s a good voice.
They’ll go through and start going that route, but it’s all depends on.

They exactly have to they have to like you.
First, they have to you, have to have the same exact route.
I mean that that sales that exact it doesn’t matter whether it’s social, it’s old-school, traditional television and male radio, whatever you have to have the same, consistent message across otherwise, when the customer comes in, you go shooting self in the foot, no matter what that’s right! That’s right so tell us what you’re doing right now you’re in a dealership.

Now where you work him.
Yes, I’m a Mehta dealership, I’m actually about a year ago I had a contract work with the coop and I actually moved to Charlotte North Carolina and messed around and liked it here.
So I got not at the sales side for about five years and things have changed in the last five years.

So I said to myself: let me see what my folks that I’m always pitching deals to what they go through on a daily basis, so I actually started with no foundation whatsoever, no leads in a different city selling Mitsubishi’s and within fourth or fifth month.
I was number one at the dealership.
I got number one twice, I think and stay consecutively since I’ve been there almost a year, so I stay within the top three top two top three every since I’ve been here within the last five months.

So I did that so that once again, when I hear other folks saying well yeah you do digital marketing, but you don’t know how to sail.
I was on the pavement, but I was doing my videos doing my solar doing my Google doing my Facebook doing my marketplace myself for my own videos and everything of that nature.

Doing my father.
I love Craigslist, but once again not just talking about it, but I did it in actually work.
So the reason I asked you that question one simple thing, though you watching out there now this is the real deal.

This is it.
This is someone who, what he, what he’s telling you to do, he dies himself day in day out to make a living.
He knows just works in the dealership, he’s telling you how to do it and if you want to see more go to his Facebook page, he always says videos up on what he’s doing you, sir, are one of the trainers out in the industry that I have To applaud that actually is in a dealership and knows what they’re doing can do it on a daily basis? What to say great go! Do this whatever you know, I applaud you because, just like myself, I’m in a dealership what’d, I tell you if I wouldn’t do it myself, I wouldn’t have you do it so that you are one of the legit ones out there and we appreciate you on the Show today, Ricki Lake do not appreciate you guys giving opportunity.

Well Rico, you know.
What’s good about you is.
I know you went to a couple events.

You spoke in a couple of edge, which was that a couple of years ago, okay, a digital marketer event.
I spoke at their digital agency event, which I’m a certified trainer sort of our partner with them.
Did a Google event before the automotive industry on messenger marketing and then some other events from other trainers.

I think you spoke with the internet battle plans or something no correct correct.
I did that one twice yeah yeah, which was good right.

So that’s you know, I see you, I know you know a lot and you have a lot of knowledge you’re, one of the guys out there that I’ve been following.
That’s very, very successful, really knows that really knows digital marketing.
That’s really got an idea.

You know.
I deal with these company all the time and you know a lot of these guys that are in or bored of digital marketing.
I say guys, they don’t know.

There’s companies out there have been 20 years in the automotive just because they have experience does not mean they have knowledge.
So what somebody tells you how much experience they have? That really doesn’t mean anything you get hired based on your experience, but you keep your job your title, what you do based on the knowledge based on your accomplishments, because if you don’t have that as a track record, you know what we really go.

Nowhere good guys have great ideas right or but it’s not about the idea.
What it’s really really about is about executing to body, because we all have good ideas.
Everybody is a genius out to everybody is sharp.

You know it’s over your financial statement that you can take to the bank with ideas.
You really can’t.
The only thing you can take to the bank is your financial statement.

That’s it and that’s what the promote here and that’s what you’re on the show cuz I’ve been following you for quite some time and you’re not out there with an idea you’re out there doing it every day and giving results that Honda store.
I saw you turn that place into numbers.
You know I get a lot of stats from IHS right because that’s what I like businesses a lot, a lot about that, and I can really go into a cross-sell report to Dominion and get a lot of information based on the zip code.

So you know when they tell me you know I got this.

I did this I’m selling, so I can really see.
I could really see Mason the registration that you’re penetrating or not.

You know.
Well I got it, I got it.
I got to give you that once again is based upon the leadership and Tim Lusail who came into that geliarship like a month before.

I did put me in the position that no other dealership had so he saw the vision and he put me he said.
Oh, you just give me a budget and my budget.
We keep going up and keep going up, so I got to give the bad shoutouts to Tamara cell because he actually was the one that innovated and would tell me every go.

Just tell me what you want to do and roll with it, and we were able to do a lot of great things, so I got ta give once again it’s the speed of the leadership is the speed of the group, and he actually gave me a free Rein to do what I want to do it, which he’s still rocking and rolling, I think no one’s you cause just over 150 cars 200 tops.
I watch that store, grow and grow and grow.
Like I told you, I follow everything through and that’s what I do for years.

That’s why I have these.
She sits with guys like you and that’s the reason, because I try to follow.

But you know what Rico glad you said that, because that I didn’t know, but a lot of guys I go to stores they get opportunities like that.
Guy gave you an opportunity.
Do you want to know something those guys don’t follow through they don’t do anything.

I’ve get an opportunity in my business to a lot of people.
You want to know what the truth of the matter is.
They can’t follow through.

They can’t execute.
Everybody can talk a good game, but not execute I’ve, given people in my company its tremendous opportunity, but you know when it comes down to it, they can’t even sell it.
They can’t even put it together.

Everybody is full of air, ok and oh yeah yeah.
I got this I’ll, get that you know what really here you go.

I wait four or five words and they can’t execute nothing.

Ok! Well, that’s what I start making changes, because I start making changes based on that information that I see because as a businessman, if I have somebody that’s that gets an opportunity and doesn’t generate revenue, I got a cat eyes a kid.
I can’t carry them.
It’s all about money, that’s what brought a blind, it’s all about cash and money and if there’s no rhyme or reason I just got ta go you know, and but you guys like the opportunity and you took that store to the next level and everything.

The other thing you did is I see something that you got a Facebook page about ninja messenger yeah, which is actually a message of marketing.

I had opportunity about a year ago to at that time meet with the gentleman at Iran messenger for Facebook at an event, and also the founder of mini chat, which is a huge messenger platform and we’re glad you mentioned that, because social selling is using multiple channels And even though marketplace like you mentioned, when you go in the marketplace and you’re posting your your your vehicles and things that nature, the bot will actually respond back to you within a certain time period.
If you haven’t, if you haven’t marketed, sold and everything so messenger is just a mr.

marketing or what we call conversational marketing right, which is very big right now.
I searched that when you got on that page, because I was following that up and I see that so that’s another thing, while I was cuz messenger right now, if you start building an audience and messenger actually a Facebook.
Yes, it’s much cheaper.

You know there’s no secret.
I get a lot of users know a lot of users.
I spent fifteen hundred dollars on on booth.

So it’s not really a secret about that right about how much it is spending.

Okay, if you do you’re, not spending you’re, not really wasting.
You taught me that branding yourself right.

Yes, that’s what I do Sarina secret, but I’m trying to develop the chat audience or what I’m doing it shares I’m sharing the live.

Video right now with my people in there messenger.
Why? Because it’s coming from by now my inner messenger on live will be much cheaper right, because if I build that audience according to Facebook, my are wise, gon na get better because the ads are going to be cheaper you’d.

You know that exactly exactly – and I don’t know – and you probably know this but messenger or Facebook is actually trying to become the WeChat and that’s w e CH, eighty of America and if you know anything about WeChat, that’s where they’re going Facebook just released up, aiming Where, instead of stripe or PayPal they’re creating their own payment plan, which is going to be huge when you drive, listen, Facebook’s job is like any ad network.
I know because I’m I’m part of look smart right, it’s all about driving on audience and it don’t matter what audience it is once they drive that audience.
It starts spinning, and now you have an ad network right.

It’s all about the audience.
Once you have the audience now, you can run ads because now it’s gon na click, that’s what it’s all about right.

So his old media media exactly and will you develop anything even by richie, bella blogs right now i just signed up with google adsense.

I get so much traffic there.
Now it’s I get traffic enough there, where I can make a little bit, not a lot, but you know what it offsets the cost of running a website.

You know I have a blog network.

It costs money to write content that people think it don’t cost anything.
You know, but it really does you know people think it doesn’t cost.
You know, like you know, cost your money, so it offsets when you run ads through Adsense what it happens that offsets.

Of course, I’m not gon na make no money on it.
Obviously, but you know what I am gon na offset my expense.
You know, but that that you mentioned about the chat and now you can.

You know you can always send money on Facebook on chat with that fate.
If you have the Facebook account, I have one page right, so I could always send money to anybody.
I used to like I used that, but I know they’re getting very big on this.

I I go to webinars about Facebook, all the time I’m sign up and that’s how you learn.
You know and you’re right.
They want to drive traffic to that chat and then they’re gon na start running it.

You know, I don’t know if you’ve noticed the is that they were running on messenger, have depleted a little bit.
Have you noticed that? Do you know why it’s depleted because they were getting much more expensive because the audience got a shift from where their network today, but now we’re giving people all this new opportunity? With the Google I mean with the posture, the chat box, or all that no you’re.
Creating audience so now it’s cheaper to do, but at one time everybody went on it because the audience was there, but it was costing to my collector.

So that’s great exactly so.
We have a tradition here that you know we, the shell, for one, simple reason that was to give people one thing take back their deals.
You know my philosophy he’s always been find one thing that you can take back and it will make a world of difference.

So we always end without guests with that question, so for those out there watching, if you, if you were to meet someone now and they would say what piece of advice do you have me? What’s the one thing that you think that you can offer someone or to or teach someone right now that they can use to go back to the dealership? What were they? I would say once again that social engine optimization learning how to use your LinkedIn, your Twitter, your Facebook, your your social platforms, the kree, appear and create your voice and then push it to here.
If you have a website or right now, with these platforms, you can actually get sales and services directly inside this platform, so learning more about social engine, optimization and I’ll make sure you don’t do this.
I’ve never done this before.

But since you guys gave me the opportunity, I actually have a book and I’m gon na give it to your listeners for free, it’s actually called social engine, optimization Facebook groups and for anyone that wants it you can go to, and this is a messenger platform.
But if they go to automotive, digital marketing, Association, calm, it had taken directly to a messenger or on page, and I will send them for free.
This is a book ebook that created up out of here two ago, I’ll, send it to him for free and give them ideas on engine optimization, so learning that social engine optimization guys anyone out there.

If you don’t go to that website, I go get the book.
Read it we’re very big here with books, we’re very big with learning continuing education guys this gentleman actually said to you before is not blowing smoke out there he’s in a dealership.
He does this to create a living for himself and he will help you do the same thing.

There you go.
It’s been a pleasure.
Have your arm buddy.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll definitely have you on it’s a pleasure.
We’ll talk to you later on.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Wow, listen, you know.

There’s we get guests that come on that sometimes just blow us away with the amount of knowledge they have.
This gentleman is one of them social media.

Like I said again, I always love the trainers with people that have come on to the show.

You know, they’re not trainers that work in the dealership and do it day in day out.
So thank you again Rico.
We enjoyed your visit on the show.

Actually so, let’s get to the last order of business for today to make sure dealers managers top producers we’re about the Ricky Bella Christmas morning.

Yes, we’re having a Christmas party, I open, throw me the video guys follow the old patrol show YouTube.
So you take a look beyond the other YouTube channels very soon.

Please check it out.
It’s really a good video el patrol is gon na, be there he’s already got 30 40 people coming down.
Gamechanger he’s on.

Let me tell you special reach out to the Ed Morris group.
I thank them for always going to whatever you know, they’re great and also AutoNation Ford store in Sanford Florida.
It’s very, very big, and I’m glad that they’re going to it and that’s very big guys.

We got a big automotive groups.
Vendors are gon na, be there I think at Morse’s, alright group right.
What do you think, yeah and also auto nation? I think all donations great.

You know, I think all donation is really a top group I reached out and they reached out, and you know and I’ve got ta be honest.
You I’ve never known them before, but somebody turns me on to them and said here here you go reaching.
You know you want them on the game.

You want them shop, smart here you go.
You know.

I got a lot of friends out there that do believe in me.
I thank you, my supporters, that do believe in me the ones that don’t believe in me and just watch me and just follow me.
Do yourself a favor eliminate me from your social media, because I know as a fact who you are.

I just keep you there, but I eliminate me away.
You know, because you don’t believe in me those that believe in me.
I thank you like the Ed Morris or donation.

A few companies like that, but really really appreciate me, Charlie general manager at the Ed Morris Group.

Thank you so much charlie.
So you know.

I really like it guys December 4th next Wednesday, 7 o’clock, the beach club in Ronkonkoma New York, we’re gon na have a Christmas party should be a great time.
Good social networking event to go to you’re gon na have vendors there.
You have dealers there, you’re gon na have industry influence more port.

Like we said we have Mr Al patron.
It’s gon na be there.
Let’s not forget about the game.

Change your convention down in Miami annex December 13th, 14th and 15th.
So go online to game.
Changer! Con-Com reserve your seats.

Now it is a three-day powerhouse event again, three-day powerhouse event, the amount of speakers and knowledge that you will learn there.
You cannot put a dollar on, go, buy the ticket, go, get your flight, get your hotel and get down there guys.
This is our host Rickey.

Fellow me, your co-host, Eric Nicholas wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, pretty key.
I got something those guys.
Let me tell you something guys, I’m the best at falling down, but I’m better at getting up.

So those guys that take taking that doesn’t work doesn’t work.
You’re, not taking me out.
It doesn’t work, that’s what I do for a living.

All right is.
I chase turkeys, like I said in old, patron Z, and all you guys be the people that think that it’s funny, you know what you guys are turkeys.
I’ve been putting you together for quite some time, so I have a good day.

Take care and brush your hair, see you later see you guys.
Next week, I’ve had a great Thanksgiving, we’ll talk to you guys soon: , you .

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