Automotive Training News LIVE 11-20-2019 with El Patronn

You come back to another edition of automotive training news with your host Richie Bell.
I’m Eric Nichols your co-host, but ignore today is full full-blown invitation to join mr.
Rudy l patrones game changer conference.

We’re gon na go over his lineup.
He has it’s down in December, the 13th, 14th or 15th and Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.

You know it’s hard to believe that this event was pulled off with such a group of influences in the automotive and marketing industry.

Today, we’re gon na hit and touch base on who’s gon na be down there.
The importance of the conference and what you’re gon na learn from it I’ll turn it over to Richie Richie, and you know what Rudy just texted me that he’s in a conference call and he’s having a hard time making the call he’s with his team over there.
Putting the event together, so let me just share something.

This event is amazing.
You should really sign up, I think it starts at 295 or something – and you know what I mean it’s like come on into our workshop – actually should be a seven hundred dollars to eight.
Ninety five, starting because with the talent, that’s there, it’s gon na, be amazing, there’s so much talent.

You guys are gon na, be able to engage and take and learn something because the talent that Rudy has put together.
It’s so unbelievable! I mean you got mr.

There you got Cory, you got a bunch of trainers, well cool! I mean you got tremendous amount of trainers there.
I know you got Jonathan he’s really a good trainer.
Also really online training in life he’s unbelievable.

These guys are really really talented and in the car business they’re really top-notch cuz every place.
I everybody hears about them.
They’re really good, so guys sign up today that it’s a time is ticking.

We got enough seats left, maybe sign up today.
Sign up now go to game-changer, con-com and sign up.
This is tremendous event.

Forget about all the other events.
There’s a ton of automotive events and by the way, don’t forget to go to the fix roundtable by Ted eggs.
He has tremendous event.

Water lineup he’s got some bolita, that’s the throttle, my god, John Fairchild is gon na, be there and there’s a bunch of people.
That’s gon na, be there Paul Maj is gon na, be there I mean Damon Egan.
You got a really good event kudos to mr.

Ted ings amazing, with these round tables the knowledge that he’s getting and the videos that are going on.
I mean he’s just amazing this guy, you know, I don’t him a little bit.
I met him through my friend, Ralph Peggy and Ralph talks wonders about him, and I know that years ago he was in a out there in Jersey, in the store which is Hackensack Ford and he’s amazing, the talent.

This guy has kid.
He could really take any fix, tops and turn it around.
I mean he just could and this event without patron just think about this social selling, but knowledge you’re, gon na get and just also think, and just also think, about social selling Cory.

With that book.
He’s got entrepreneur, there’s so many entrepreneurs, car business.
Let me let me just say this: what’s really an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur is, I think, a guy that started his own business.

That has failed at least 10 times.
That really makes an entrepreneur, not somebody.
That’s a contractor for a company, and now he says, he’s an entrepreneur: that’s not really the truth, but really really you want to learn entrepreneurship.

Go to this event.
Learn from this event, because this event is gon na be amazing, what’s going on there, and not only that you know: Corey’s really really got for emotional he’s gon na be there.
So I consider age of three-day weekend to Friday, Saturday, Sunday December 13, 14 to 15.

Completely packed with speakers – oh my god, the talent of speakers and influences in the automotive industry is unbelievable.
There’s a $ 25,000 giveaway Rudi has his mind, set yacht cruise.
That’s going to be going on max a VIP party for anyone who goes, but you know let’s, let’s really take a moment.

Let’s take a look at the game-changer conference video then hopefully we’ll get Rudy on the line with uh.
Oh, he just texted me that he can’t make it no cos he’s in a conference call, but I also want to talk to you Erika’s, your any dealership.
I want to talk to you about the marketplace by the Facebook marketplace.

Now, there’s a lot of data out there right now with this marketplace.
We all know what is the marketplace? Let’s, first of all, let’s address the market.
Hey the marketplace is price, correct, correct, okay, so a lot of these dealers are not even responding to the market.

Did you know that okay and we have a solution, a training solution and we’re going to bring Eric into it? I’m not speak.
I think you’re on you’re good to go okay, so this marketplace is unbelievable.

What’s going on with it now we have a process bringing in Eric Nichols with this marketplace and by the way, here’s what the problem is with the marketplace.

People are not following it up, and let me just share this with you by the way why ain’t they following it up for the real simple reason is that its price and price and a lot of people don’t know how to overcome a price on the lead.
Well, we have a solution: how to do that, so make sure you call us as soon as possible, all right Eric.
What are your thoughts on that? You know right now: it’s social media.

That was the whole point of this.
I mean we just had Jason black from Carter Chevrolet up on board on the chat.

You know, Jason’s a prime example, his friend of mine, who you know really took social media and moved it to a whole nother marketplace for himself.

You know Facebook is now the new marketplace out there.
You have more leads coming in more content and more customer interaction by going through social media and really have to hop on board with it.
If you don’t, it’s you’re missing the boat you’re going to it’s like when Google first came out, and dealers didn’t want to get on board with it now this is the next stage.

This is the next evolution of a bar business.
Getting on it so 80 of those you who aren’t those you who are just dipping, you know your toes in the water, don’t it’s! You have to die, falling and and hit it running.
Well, here’s the other thing and let me tell you this is a used-car store out in a Nashville County right and he’s selling anywhere between 22 to 30 cars.

I had a conversation with him yesterday in the marketplace and he’s doing this.
It’s organic and he says it’s a great platform.
He has cut back on ads.

He says Ritchie, here’s, the problem with that.
The main problem with the marketplace is yes, my gross is a little low because we’re getting appointments all the time.
So it’s the price customer and credit challenge, but it works perfect for my store just understand something that same lead could be giving you a lead on your website under a different name whatever.

But it’s still a lead.
Okay and it’s working the lead and a lot of stores, don’t know what to do with it.
They just don’t know.

That’s like amazing.
You know it’s like and that’s one thing that you can learn on this game change your conference right because Rudy’s really good with social media.
That’s, oh! No doubt about that.

He is like the best out there.
So this social media, you can learn so much.
You know alex is gon na, be there from cars.

com Wow, it’s better see here.
You know what let me tell you.
This he’s gon na have a whole speaking a whole thing going on about the trends right now.

You know what’s going on and listen guys, it’s all about getting the right information and going back to your dealership and putting that in place, there’s a lot of internet conferences and all that you know what they’re old school they’re not into what’s going on today.

You know so don’t be wasting your time, go to the event where the talents gon na be there.
Obviously, if you have people at this magnitude that are gon na be at this event, that’s telling you something not only that cause guru’s gon na, be there yeah.

What dealer doesn’t want to go where cars gurus I mean, are you kidding me? I mean you got cars guru being there, you guys should go there right now.
This invention be sold out within the next week.
I think a 7 to 10 days.

He should be sold out guys go right on it.
I mean the vendors that you have it’s amazing.
You know I mean you have to two of the top-notch.

Trainers are out there right now, hangs down and you’ll.
Definitely groove me a Felco to chef who’s.
A friend of the show falco is absolutely amazing.

When it comes to repeat referral business I mean that’s what he set up his whole career.
As you know, anyone who hasn’t seen him, I suggest you go on to his website, Falco Academy or even YouTube.
It there’s a ton of videos out there with how to get referrals and everything else.

So that is really the one that I got turned onto recently.

Jonathan Dawson Donathan, I saw her a couple videos of Hayes that I shared in sales meetings about getting referrals, different techniques and stuff to bring people in and really the way that he has set up.
His referral process is almost flawless with how he asked for it.

He has the customers laughing has been joking around.
This is all the type of stuff you’re gon na learn.
While going to the convention, you have a ton of other people there.

Who else is gon na be that we have Cory Mosley? We said close like we have give me a secretary right now.
We have Devin rough who’s, gon na, be there from digisphere.

We have and here’s the thing with Devin rough okay, the multi-culture.

He had a great live with Rudy, it’s very good at the multi-culture they’re, a really good company SEO, and all that you know guys.
It’s a tremendous event.
You know you got from the digital side.

You got from the social media side.
Speaking as far as speaking Cory is it he’s like, I would say, Cory.
Bosley is like the Rolls Royce of a of a speaker, he’s amazing.

He knows the content, but not only that he knows how to deliver.
So, if anything, you can learn how the delivery process is how this guy’s brain is amazing.
He came out here one time we went out to dinner and all and the guy was really amazing.

I learned in probably an hour and a half from Cory more than I have in the last 10 years.
He’s really really an intense, unbelievable guy and he really has the knowledge and he’s not scared to share the knowledge either.
A lot of guys don’t want to share the knowledge, he’s, not timid, he’ll share you the knowledge and do the awareness for you and that’s what I respect about him.

So much.
Oh yeah, I mean this.
These are people will prefer these, or these aren’t the trainers that have come out and never worked a deal.

These aren’t the trainers who have never been behind it.
These aren’t the trainings.
We have never it’s on a trade evaluation.

These are the trainers who have done it, who have been with soul.
Cars who have been finance managers been sales managers.
Desk Ramage was BTC managers, social media icons – whatever you want to hit.

These are the guys who have been the dealerships day-in day-out.
We want to give a shout out to Doug Citroen he just signed on.

What’s going on Doug, we would walk you a lot on social media you’re, always one posting stuff, as well as a salesman on you, know different areas of the dealership.

This is what I want to do, quick, let’s take a look at the clip for the event and we’ll be right back what are guys petronia, what’s going on new decades around the corner, man.

So I want to invite you to the game-changing conference in December December 13, 14 and 15 at 400.
Today, ok, you want to come to this conference.
Ok, I’m gon na have the number one motivational speaker in the world Eric Thomas.

You know who he is.
Ok, I also gon na have Alex Vetter key, no mic conference guys this guy’s were his company’s worth over 80 billion dollars.

So these are the people that helped me.

Ok, I’ll, take my business to the next level.
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You know, I’m saying so.

You got to come.
Get this money! Man, let’s go sign up for free, I’m giving it away at the conference.
So let’s go , [, Music ]! Welcome back guys, so I just saw the convection is gon na be phenomenal.

You know, Rudy got tied up with something.
Today we supposed to be guest speaker today.
We’re gon na go over different social media top it stuff, we’ll save that for another week.

What I want to do quick, is you know this is just throwing it out there.

I did a sales training class just to have a couple, my salesmen on really the fundamentals of a phone call and what the ultimate purpose of a phone call is.

I want it.

I wanted you guys to take something away from today’s thing.
So, let’s go through we’re gon na just throw it out there.

Let’s do fundamentally some a phone call.

Okay, so above all the only purpose of a phone call.

One purpose only purpose main purpose is the sudden employment get that customer back into the dealership or get them into the dealership for the first time now, there’s a reason why BDCs were developed a beauty season of developer salespeople a lot of times give too much information.
They try to sell the car over the phone, and at that point you don’t get anything back from it.

You’re this it, the costumers gon na go somewhere else.
So, for example, my dealership, I work at a Honda dealership on the east end of Long Island, New York.
We are the only Honda point for 30 miles, going east 30 miles going west.

Once you go west and you hit a certain mileage.
There are five other dealerships from the 15 minute radius, so I always tell my guys: listen when you’re on the phone with someone, how close is the next dealership to them a phone call way.
So if you give them every price, you give them everything right away.

They’re not gon na get anything.
You know they’re very rarely where they come in, so I want to give you guys a quick outbound call layout we’re gon na use.
I use the acronym great.

I came up this a while ago, so the great key is your greeting.
Our is gon na.
Be your reason for the call.

Your is the event or experience you’re calling about the a is the appointment.
That T is.
Thank you.

So let me explain it so.
G, your greeting hi is Ricky available.
No he’s not hi Ricky available, hey Ricky! This is Eric from Apple Honda.

Back to your greeting.
It should always be the same who you are, who you’re calling where you’re calling from are the reason for my call? It’s very simple: you just said it Richie.
The reason for my call is that’s.

It are the e the event or experience.
This is what you’re calling about this is your calling to get the customer back in the door you’re calling about the internet leave you’re, calling about the mailing event you’re calling about whatever the topic is.
So, let’s do a internet lead hi, I’m Rick ch Eric over at Apple Honda! Listen, the reason why cause! I see you in quiet about a 2019 Honda, Civic.

You went right into it, then they of course they said it’s the appointment.
I want to see what time work best you to come down today, always give them two options: okay, ever 12:15 at 2:30.
What works best for you do not on o’clock p.

perfect, I have an open availability, whatever they say, you’re, just deleting them down the rabbit hole you want to find out.
What’s going on so positive side, you get the time for an employment.
You get a date.

Great no problem, you say thank you.
I will see you tomorrow, whatever that actually easy phone call.
We know that never really goes that way ever so we’re gon na snip the beginning steps go back to asking for the appointment.

I want to see this time.
Ricky’s gon na sit there and say I can’t come in right now.
I don’t know what my schedule is, so I asked him Richie what works back to you today it tomorrow.

I don’t know right now.
I got away from my wife to come home, so this is where most people will wind up stumbling and not knowing what’s going on so the best way that I I look at this is great no problem.
Richie, I understand you’re busy.

You know you schedule per than anybody.
If you did have a day.
What day do you think would work best for you and your wife to come in? I don’t know.

I got ta talk to her, maybe Saturday, Saturday, okay, usually morning or afternoon morning, better okay.
So what I do this, let me put you in for an open appointment for Saturday morning, you not held any time restraints this way, I at least have something in the back of my head, and you have something where I can call you Friday to confirm its That work well for you yep, okay, great, so I got you scheduling for an open appointment Saturday.
Now what you said morning like 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, perfect, I got you separate 10 o’clock Saturday morning.

You now just took person who didn’t know what they were doing and psychologically.
They now have something in the back of their head, where okay, I have something set.
The funny thing is: is I always joke around with myself sighs my Beaty see this the guys who were like we’ll just a Richie who are? I don’t know what I’m coming in, maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday, I don’t know okay, maybe the afternoon.

Those are ones to always show up.
Those are the guys who come in and then on our you know.
Oh I’m here for my appointment.

It’s the guys who you talked to you and they’re, like I’m in the parking lot, I’m waving to you.
Don’t you see me that you call me an hour later and now I bought a car elsewhere, but it’s just the basics of a phone call.

I’m gon na actually write a post about this and a little bit have a guideline.

You know, I don’t believe in strips, I don’t believe in being robotic, I believe in having a guideline of what to say.
I think that really works best you’ve been a trainer for what 30 years now a little bit.

What would you say with a phone call? What what are your key points, and what do you are? Okay, so it when, when the sales people used to do the phone calls we’re right, brain people right, so it got taken away because you need a left brain person to sell the appointment and why? What’s the difference between left and right, we’re very you know we move around a lot, the right brain people.

The problem is, you know you can’t see anybody’s face on the phone or anything like that unless you FaceTime them or something like right.
So you don’t really know the reaction of it right.
You don’t know when you’re telling a customer what they’re really for processes mm-hmm if you’re a good reading of people right that you’re able to put it together now it went to left frame because they’re, more detailed, they’re, more structured, they’re more like that.

Right salespeople are not like that, so it really works pretty good.
What’s going on, but I’ve never trained on BBC, because that’s not what I do.
I train on sales customers in front of me.

That’s what I know how to do.
You got great BBC trainers there.

I went through the Sucher program back when I was a Salesman, hey and all that, but I got ta tell you something I’ve.

I was really good at follow-up and I was really good at prospecting.
I prospected my own thing, which service customers.

What I did was, I called the service customers that had out three cars and what I did was make an appointment not to sell them a car to give them the perception that their car is a great traded for me, because no one in the auction for A lot of money – and I got five customers, so that’s how I work the phones.
I didn’t really work the phones on the incoming really not good at it.
You know so I used to have a salesperson buddy of Mines.

His name was William.
He was really good on the folds of ways to split everything right, so I worked with him as a team.
That’s that’s about the size of it, but I’m really good with the front of the customer.

You know so I like what you went through with the service and we always talk about our service – is really the untapped aspect to the dealership.
So a couple years back, my my owner would look at me and be like we don’t have enough appointments for tomorrow.
The leads aren’t coming in, we had a figural we’re doing so.

We actually used the service, but we changed the ran a little bit.
We started having the PDC start, calling and confirming appointments for the next day, service, appointments and we’d be like okay.

Bello were calling about you or appoint your service for tomorrow at 7:30 for you or whatever car your 2013 Honda Civic.
Will you be there, and that was that you know just confirm for service.

Okay, yes I’ll, be there.

So we threw the extra line on quick.
You know we started throwing around, we have a trade-in program.
We would like to buy your car back and you would get some people.

They would say.
Yes, so what we found was with those people.
You really want to do a soft, a soft close, so we figured out a way where it was hey.

Jones, we know you’re coming in tomorrow by the way, while you’re here.
Would you like us to appraise your car? It only takes about five minutes just to learn the value of it once you get them and start saying.

Yes, you now have an opening for the sales person such as Ricky to be able to go up to them and say hi yeah.
I have the appraisal for your car relax it down.
Now you have talking point we’re doing that.

We wound up finding about another eight to ten appointment today coming in, and these are customers that normally wouldn’t let the salesman talk to him.
But now there was a reason and their guard was down and when we actually do probably, I want to say about thirty five deals: a month written out of service, so just changing your verbiage around on the phone and finding exactly what works best for the customer.
Not for you, you have to find the hot buttons for the customer is really gon na change.

Your appointment count around and ultimately your your process and how much money you’re gon na make right and the thing with the phones is great.
But the thing that that I know how to do is when the customer walks in – and I just let everybody know that you guys are in sales, start your deal with an out, because when you start with a deal with a know, first of all, your cancellation Factor drops, second of all, you got more of a shot of a deal when you hit everything with a yes, you can plant a challenge and the customers had the other day i was listening to somebody salesman says this.

Is my rock-bottom number? Really it’s your rock bottom number.

Okay, now you just put a challenge in their head: okay, instead of using this technique, this is our.
This is the best competitive figure that we have here: competitive: okay, not rock bottom’s.
You know what the customer asked that salesman for.

Could you write down on the business cards? You know what that means.
That means he’s got a license to shop, never seen that in a long time I haven’t seen that process.
I don’t even know that dealer, which is an okay dealer, would think.

Well, if this goes back to the same thing dead, because you know what they’re thinking right, they’re not doing any training for the salespeople okay, their competitors not doing that, okay salesperson was probably right around his forties.
Okay, their competitors are not doing that.
So you know.

What’s happening, you’re losing market share and you want to know something.
I have the reports that I that I get and I get them all the time from IHS and I see markets and if I want to really really analyze it.
I go to to another report, which is a cross sell report that they have it something like Dominion has it.

They only have it for deals, but I have access to see this report.
You know what, before I go to that dealership, what I look at is their market share.
Let me tell you something, and you see it like a sore thumb.

What’s going on there right and that’s what the problem you might have just remember something: yeah average consumer shops, three dealerships on the phone, whoever sells the appointment, the best yep, that’s what they’re going to show, but here’s the other thing when they show up.

If you don’t have the right presentation – and you don’t have the right skill and the right training – guess all you’re doing wasting your time mr.
dealer they got with it.

The BBC Trading is really good.
I mean you got a lot of guys like Anthony.
You got guys like mark.

You got guys that I mean that guy’s a top notch.

Okay, here’s the problem: do you lose them? They know how to do what they do.
What happens when that customer comes into showroom and that customer gives you a price objection and that salesperson when the customer tells them? This is the first place I come in.

You got to see the salesperson face.
You know what I used to say when they tell me is the first place, I’m so glad you said that to me, because every customer that comes in here first buys a car yep and then they send their friends and families.
You got ta be like that because now, when they tell you you’re the first place, you know what happens to you right, you lose that’s it you’re done, they just blew you.

They shot you with a shotgun and you couldn’t come back them.

I’m so glad you said that mr.
Jones, you know, and things like that, I’m not buying today, right away the salesman’s mind set my mind said somebody tells me they’re not buying today.

I know it’s a fact that they’re gon na buy a car yep.
Okay, because everybody says no at the beginning, and it’s all about how you engage with them problem is when you shop the phones, I see a lot of talent on the phone, but it’s when they go in there.
It’s where it is.

I have my own team.
I’ve done mystery shopping with people that I have in my team to these stores and I’m coming up with a process where I’m going to do mystery, shopping and write everything down and all this and show the dealer what’s going on in his store.
We got enough people on our team that we could do that yep twice the three times a week, because you want to know something you’re doing a great job with the phones.

The other day, I called a Chrysler store.
Okay in this marketplace great job on the phone, unbelievable guess what, when somebody went there, that appointment went there, they told them two objections that had to do with price and they did know how to deal with it.

So the phone is only 50 % of it.

When you set an appointment great get in customer in the door, you know it’s great for the BDC they get paid great.
We brought it in any other, but you really have to have that ecosystem.
We were setting the salesperson and the manager up for success, not failure.

So the one thing I recommend is any appointment that you BTC set, so whatever your BDC should be greeting these customers, when they walk in and grabbing your salesman or whoever is gon na, be handling the customer and before they go and shake that customer’s hand.
Do you go up there? You should be downloading them, quick.
So, for example, the way it would go is mr.

Jones is coming in and Ritchie’s the next salesman that I’m giving the appointment to where he’s up on the board, whatever it is Ritchie’s up.
Next, I would find Ritchie before I go up to this cocksman say: hey, listen! Mr.
Jones is here he has a 2008 element, its value XY he’s looking at a 20-19 pilot here today, and he already has numbers already and he’s a USA buying.

Member now I just downloaded Richey for Barry he’s loaded for bear at this point.
He knows what to walk into.
He knows why the customers there, because that’s the great thing about the internet and BT she’s.

Now you know exactly why the customers there, if it’s a trading, meet there, they have, of course, their trade.
They want to know how much the trade is worth or how much they’re gon na go on it, whether they can have equity or or they got ta bury it.
If it’s a credit right away, you know what it is.

It’s you gon na go right into the credit you’re, not gon na, take a credit lead and put them on a fifty thousand dollar truck right away.
Then, if you hey, it’s a price point and you already went over pricing, you better make sure that salesman knows the price you went over with them, because, if not once Richie goes back with another number that stacks tube shanks over what I gave him you’re done.
You there wall just went up and you’re you you’ve washed half the battle already they’re gon na seize up.

So I recommend any appointment.
That’s there and if you can’t, if you’re BTC is not on-premise, go over, the sales manager should be going over your appointment, listing seeing with the BTC someone that morning on the phone in person whatever and saying great who’s.
This customer, where they coming in for great.

We discussed this this this.
We did this this this, so at least someone in the dealership who’s working a deal knows what’s going on with that customer and I got something to say: I sell a lot of different products b2b.
So when I sell you a product – and you tell me well, I got ta wait.

It’s not in my budget you’re dealing with a guy like me, I will tell you I’ll finance it for you how’s that, and I see what you tell me.
I deal with every objection and I don’t care what I’m telling you I could be selling you marketing right, it’s not in the budget.
I guess what I’ll finance it for you.

I have the means to finance it for you, you interested when a customer says no.
I still got ta wait just know something know that it’s an excuse.
It’s not toady.

I don’t even follow people up after that happens.
You know what I do.
I don’t even follow it up.

If they call me great and chances are they’re never going to call me, because when I throw out a solution out there, financing available okay, when you throw that out – and they tell you no, I can’t now.
I know that there’s an issue yeah because it’s it’s you overcome it: okay, the same thing with a customer.
You know when you have a customer that says you know what I can’t do this, that what about a deferred down payment? I don’t have the money down.

What about the fur down payment, mr.
Jones, okay, how’s, that how does it the fur down payment work? I see on your credit bureau.
You got three credit cards.

Why don’t you do this? Put it this one that one and that one and now you can do terms and use them, you know you give solutions.
A salesperson gives you solutions, it’s about giving them the solution and then watching what they do with it will identify to you.
If it’s an excuse or an objection, okay objections can get handle excuses can’t so you got to bring stuff.

The other thing I got to tell you is this: the assumption clothes? Okay, one of the things with the assumption clothes I have it put in different catering halls how they do it.
You give a customer a number on the wedding back and I just brought that from the car business.
The carpets don’t do that.

Okay! Thank you.
Jones play and you start writing the contract up.

Okay, now you don’t do it to do a deal.
That’s not what you do it.
The assumption closes to bring out the objection yeah, okay, so then you can agree and overcome all.

You know what Richie right now, I’m not ready.
Oh okay, why is that? I got ta, sell my car.
They don’t even tell you they have it traded.

Now the real store was coming out.
I got ta sell my car first, oh, why don’t we do this? Why don’t we take it in on trade? What about I’m gon na tell you, you know what Richie I’m thinking, I’m just shopping and I’m gon na get married in the next two weeks and I just wanted to go over my options.
Okay, what are you driving now, mr.

Jones? You know, I’m they don’t.
Even when a customer comes into the showroom, they don’t say, welcome to ABC motors.
My name is Richie and you are how’d you hear about us.

They don’t even say that they just like it’s unbelievable.
What goes on today, there’s no does go.
Follow me.

There’s Nutter that customer walks them to the line.
Nobody ever has that kind of control.
No more.

I never seen anything like it and I go to dealerships all the time and I just observe I actually go in there to sell my products and I really observe a lot because learning is learning whether you learn the wrong things or you learn the right things.
Learning is learning okay, so when you see enough of the wrong things, you’re still learning how to put a training module together and what the problems are.
It has to do all with observation, okay, and that’s what that’s how I feel that that’s what the issue is, and you know the other day I saw a customer, make an offer to a salesperson.

The salesperson said we’re far away instead of saying: how close can you get to this number now? Listen to this.
How close can you get to this number and guys use all the tools out there? The Inflation Calculator customer comes in five years ago.
The price of money versus today the inflation is so high, it’s not even funny so customers paying for fifty five years ago.

So what 450 is little comparison? You use the tools to close people.
People are very big when you show them right here here here.

Jones, just the price of money forget about how much the cars have increased on technology.
So that’s that’s another issue, yeah great Lex.
We had a couple different topics: little tidbits here and there let’s get the mr.

Damon steel.
Now, in Skype David you with us, I’m with you guys how you doing what’s your own body, not much not much, I could we missed you.
Last week we had some technical difficulties with you we’re glad we got you on today.

So why don’t you tell us? What’s going on with the Rickey Bell Institute, all right so right now with the Richie Belo Institue, what we’re doing is getting a hold of the associations that partnership with as many associations that cater to Batteries is extremely important, because that’s going to be one of our Ways to reach out to all these people and get them on board.
Okay, now what associations you’re reaching out to right? Now we got several.
We got the Vav, the veterans, Foreign Wars, the American Legion, among several others, but the list is growing if we will be reaching out to many more coming up, Matt, perfect, well, Ricky, why don’t you tell us what you got with what we were working on with Gene for the veterans affair right now we’re going through this okay, so anyway, Brandon came last week.

Did tremendous content in studio.
John Fairchild is coming this weekend and he’s doing content in studio, so we’re developing all our content.
You know Eric.

I wanted to talk to you about content, because I want Eric to develop content because Eric’s got real on-the-job training and I think throughout the years I’ve helped you a little bit.
I don’t know yeah but uh.
You got real content and you got real content of what you were doing and that’s what I want.

I don’t wan na you know.
I don’t want to get a train of that.
You know.

That’s got the content of Tom’s to occur thirty years ago.
Tom’s food is great he’s always in dealerships training, but I don’t want to get an imitator okay.
I want to get the guy that really has the real-life experience.

Like my good friend Brian Maxwell, he has the real situation.
He takes a deal from A to Z.
Right in front of the rookie salesman and shows him how to sell yeah, and that’s really what it’s about it: ain’t about these guys with other people’s confidence.

I’m not interested I’m interested in today yesterday was great because if you walked into a showroom 20 years ago, you were selling a car a different way today, there’s all kinds of information.
What I know how to do is take that information and convert it and spin.
It into a deal well take the now is that they give you is like being a trial lawyer, okay, ask a question: you know the answer like Abraham Lincoln used to do right, understand and close out.

That’s what you got.
Ta know how to do.
Take the information and ask that you know the answer and take that boom, but it’s good.

They don’t do that.
What happens today’s show room is this: the salesman comes in gives you all the information they give you a face.
Oh, I didn’t even call a manager right, the manager comes in.

He doesn’t he doesn’t do it.
He doesn’t know how to close either.
What he does is gives information, so we’ve become an information Highway in car sales.

You know, and I can see why these dealerships closing was because the new generation doesn’t ask for the business.
Well, I mean let me go through this too.
I mean with the the great thing about the Institute.

Is it’s not just sales? What other positions are? What errors are we are we looking to fill David? We got finance, we have service parts, I mean all facets of the dealership.
We would cover.
We want to be able to fit the right people with the right skills and the right job.

So we’re very very so it’s good, you know so, for example, if someone was in the motor pool or something like that, we can get them into.
You know working in fixed ops, someone who may have done logistics, whatever might be good in an office or parks department.
You know, there’s there’s so many different areas of expertise that these veterans have that can really fit in any area of the automotive industries workforce.

I’m glad that you guys have working so diligently, I’m putting this program together and it’s really going to help those who need it and, more importantly, those people gon na help the automotive industry and help your dealership become profitable.
Tell me about real quick.

What happens when a dealership contacts you and we get them a trained veteran? What goes on from that point out, so the veteran will continue to have the training and support from us.
The dealer will be able to get, of course, a good worker one.
That’s committed to making that company profitable and if, for whatever reason, thinks the match up, we can get them that placement to fill the position perfect.

You know, I love the fact that you guys really find that area where it’s you know, even though someone may be trained, they may not be the right fit for that location or that location might not be the right fit for that person.
So we really try to pair up the best of the best with who’s gon na fit them and really who’s going to do the best job for them.
I think it’s great listen as always.

We appreciate you coming on really anything.
No, I think, David’s doing a great job and we come up what month was it at the beginning of the year? We’re gon na launch this right January or something like that.
Yeah January 6 inside launch date, it’s set in stone, we’re ready to go when you’re rock and roll.

Thank you so much David you’re doing a great job out there, David called me after the show.
I have a family member in Florida that I would like you to connect with them.
We’ll talk to you next week.

Buddy enjoy the rest of the week.
So another thing: another thing that we hit on so we hit on the game changed.
The convention we hit on Ted ings picks tops roundtable this Friday, that’s coming up, which is gon na, be really good, but we always seem to forget that the the big man, the red chips coming, we got the Ricky Bella Christmas party coming up.

Oh so Santa Claus Santa Claus is coming.

What are you expecting from Santa Claus? Well, first, I got to make sure Amazon ships me the suit.
First, I’m gon na try to get Ricky in a Santa Claus suit and if I can I’m making a go viral wall all right? Well, here’s the thing I may.

I usually expect good stuff lately good stuff at Christmas, because I’m really a good boy nowadays totally different than what I used to have the horns be a real devil.

So anyway, that’s good.
But Christmas is Christmas.

I still got to do.
Business deals got to do business everybody’s got to do business, I know about the whole holiday season, but just remember something maximize the holiday season guys are on the sales floor.

Don’t forget something: there’s big rebates in the holidays.

The faculty puts tremendous rebates, it’s nice ones.
Nice another’s rebates, you know the Chrysler.
Has tremendous rebates and use use your sales merchandising a bit early by saying the best time to buy a vehicle is in the holidays.

Okay, it’s the best thing, because it’s ready to appreciate you’re gon na get the benefit for next year.
Jones, and also mr.

Jones you’re gon na save a lot of money because you have a benefit by buying at the end of the year.

Come up with any story, I don’t care.
What story it is.

You can tell that’s the end of clauses in the glove box.
Who cares? Let me tell you something: the story sells guys.
Okay, remember something you could be a great salesman.

If you don’t have a story, you got real problems, so the story does sell and you got to remember everybody around this time of year is who buys in a car wants to take that car that SUV, that truck and show it off to their family? Members of Thanksgiving show it off at Christmas, show it off at new years, so you really have to like Richie said put on the show put on that.
This is the best time to buy.
Here are the reasons why you should buy now it here: when’s your best sale.

What’s the best price today, today, you’re gon na get the best deal.
Why are you gon na get the best is sitting in front of me.
Now we have to make room for the 2020 models coming in.

We have to this whatever it is just be consistent, but guys you know it is really you know, dealerships and managers and sales going to always say it’s the holiday time.
Oh it’s December.
I write something the other day that a dealer, a pretty big deal of group.

Six there and says hello December – is gon na be lost.
I just write it off.
Why why you have buyers coming in the busiest shopping time? Is that week after Christmas and if you guys anyone who’s a salesman, who’s trying to take vacation the 26 through the 31st you’re out of your mind, that is the number one shopping time for the whole year.

I actually tell sales and bdc whatever you’re, not taking off that whole week.
Why? Because that’s where you’re gon na make your money and here’s the thing with all buyers not present and the holidays? It’s a great opportunity for you to spend a deal watch what I used to do a female came in without a husband I said.
Oh, I can’t you gon na give him the Christmas gift.

I got it.
I don’t care if they say no for me.
If a guy came in all, I understand why you came in without your wife, it’s you’re gon na give her the gift in the garage I’ll put a nice bow and everything.

Even if that’s that the reason is it but you’re planted the seed.
It’s all about planting the seed, so if you don’t maximize, there’s so many ways to maximize it and that’s a really good way of maximizing it.
That’s not a positive note.

Not all buyers on our present you know buy is not present.
Oh, you better make your buyers present yeah make sure that the Holy Ghost is there, because you got to make them present because you got to earn it’s the holidays, and the last thing you want is go a week like the holidays, with nothing so take anything And that’s what I mean about the information: okay, take the information and spin it into at least plant the seed and into an opportunity chase the opportunity first and the money will come when you start chasing the money.

What happens? Is you miss the opportunity? One of my partner’s is very good at that and taught me that case the opportunity had a previous partner that he chased the money he’s doing a great job, though okay, so let me tell you, you chased the opportunity and then the money becomes tenfold okay, because You take one opportunity and blow it up and don’t ever forget that in today’s show, I’d never say anything.

This last week a good friend of Mines passed away 52 years old.

Okay, I mean I’ve lost a lot of good friends in the car business.
In the last two and a half years, you know, and let me tell you something: life coaches.

If you’re listening to me, prospect the car business because there’s so many people in my age group that have gone okay because of what distressed level of what we eat.
We’re always on the go: we’re always running around no work: 14, 16 hours a day.
You know, there’s no health, really really I’ve lost in the last five years.

I’ve lost seven guys.
Okay got a really good friend of Mines because of what goes on so I mean this, I was I’m not gon na mention.
His name is a friend of mine.

I knew for over 25 years, I remember when he started.
He was working in a used-car lot.
Buying and selling cars it was a great buyer, moved to cities way up sales manager.

You know used-car manager, Jesus I mean the guy was really talented.

It was very close to me and I communicate with a lot of guys out there all the time you know, and I had another guy that was close to me last year passed.
You know Raymond Chris, a very good friend of mine, and you want to know something guys take care of yourself.

You know take time to take care of yourself.

I don’t take care of myself either.
Don’t get me wrong.

I spoke see.
I don’t care, you know what I’ve managed, my diet better and I’m looking out more in the last year, but you want to know something you can be gone.
God see you later part of the Historical Society.

Let me tell you something: the car biz is rough business rough and it’s the life.
Your life is rough in the car business because of all the stuff.
You do just keep an eye on it and don’t don’t go on and on and on, and you know and his soul rest in peace.

He was an unbelievable human being, he was an unbelievable guy and he would consider him a really good friend of mine.
You know, and I know he’s in a well place and that’s what I got to say: listen guys, guys Rick, she said, take care of yourselves out.
There remember you’re there, everyone, the car business there are editing a long time ago.

There’s no nine-to-five! It’s 24/7! You guys know, there’s no such thing as holidays or days off, but you know what you guys do it, because you love it and, more importantly, you make money and you’re good at it.

So keep grindin.
We want you guys to have a happy, happy and safe holiday this year and, as always, we will be back next week.

We have a really big guesstimate on next week that we’re excited for we hope to see you guys at the game.
Change your conference in December, which that conference, as we said, is going to prepare you for 2020 and, more importantly, guys think we’re this way we’re running into the next decade.

Don’t forget to go to game-changer, calm and register and we’ll see you all guys.

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