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Richard Bello, I’m your co-host Eric Nichols.
Today we have mr.
Brian Maxwell national sales training for sales professionals of America recruiting with us Brian.

We want to say hello to you.
First listen.
We appreciate you coming on the show.

I know Ricky before we get into the nitty-gritty with you Brian.
We just want to take a look at a video quick from one of our sponsors and we’ll be right.
Back real estate investor developer and startup expert turned book publisher and best-selling author Mike is personally mentored and worked with some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in the world.

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Please welcome Mike Lewis, the book guy [, Music ], real estate investor, okay.

So that’s my partner, my business partner and anybody that needs a book should reach out to him right away because he really makes the one of the deals with him.
Is he writes the book but makes it number one and Amazon within the next 10 days of technology we have as far as marketing is concerned, so Brian talk to us a little bit.
I know that.

I call you mister objective.
I mean you know how to really deal with any situation in a showroom and that’s what I like about you and I’ve been following you for a very long time.
On LinkedIn I started we went to Facebook, so I’ve been learning a lot of stuff from you.

Also, how you deal with it, what stay data like? What’s your state, that you’re in right now, you have? You have a pretty impressive, 20 plus year career in automotive industry.
I mean you’re, well-known for sales and especially training.
You know I was talking to somebody the other day.

They were telling me that they were going through your process and in real you’re known for their cutting-edge ability to really give sales reps the tools that they need to convert more sales.
Realistically, that’s why we brought you on today, which is it to help, show us what you do differently from other trainers to really get those results, the difference what separates! I believe the training that I bring in versus a lot of other people is it’s not just coming in and reading from a pamphlet or standing up in front of a group of people just droning on it is actually being hands-on and taking a sales associate, especially A Greenpeace and actually sitting them down and walking them through the process with actual role plan, actual world tracks and remembering how, when I started, I was probably one of worse salespeople and headaches a general manager could have, and so I really understand and identify with a Lot of people that are getting in it, you know some of them just looking for work to have no idea what they getting into.
So it is a making sure that the training is adapted to a point where it lays out a foundation for people to build on and then identifying what they hope to gain out of the career and cuz everybody’s, not motivated by money.

Some people just want recognition from family members.
Some people want the opportunity for advancement.
Some people just want the internal self-confidence, and I realize that if you just try to train from a 30,000 foot elevated view – which is it’s all about money all about money all about money, you know it can be a disconnect with some people.

So when I come in and these people trust me with their children and that’s what I call it sales associates to that dealership was like their children when they trust me with their babies, I’ll make sure that I want their babies all the way.
Who was like one from kindergarten to the high school graduation, but we do it in a matter of days.

I’m really glad you brought that up, because you don’t Brian, I go in and out of dealerships all the time and I’ve been in the business.

I’m 19 years old and I’m 55 and still going strong right.
So I’ve been a long time in the business and one of the things that I learned had a very young that when I started the business and I was promoted to a manager right, one of the things that the dealership used to tell me Richard.
A closing ratio has dropped so then I look, let me see previously what where we were at and what we are right now and if you look the more traffic you haven’t so what’s funny about the dealer side, viewership spent more money on getting traffic instead of Investing which it is an investment on training, your sales upon me, because the more traffic you get to lower your closing ratio is it doesn’t mean that your ROI is up actually always lower.

So when you invest because, let’s face it, training is not an expense.
It’s an investment, that’s why fortune of two hundreds are spending ten to twelve percent of their bottom line in training.
Okay and the real estate industry spends a lot of money on training.

These franchises there’s part of the franchise agreement.
You have to spend so much money in training.
The automotive sector doesn’t do that.

What they do is we’re not selling enough cars.

You know what I got: ta get Google AdWords go and I got ta get Facebook go and let me spend 50 grand okay, but only their closing ratio drops.
So one of the things that I brought you in is because you’re very good and you’re very talented.

It’s it’s talent, the skill of this talent, your talent, you’ve developed a tremendous amount of skill at the same time how to deal with the price customer right, and I want to talk about that a little bit.
It used to be agree and overcome right and what happens in the business now is people go into a showroom with information, so the salesman is also in the information business, so he shares information, something called knowledge, selling and mentoring.
When you mentor you’re gon na earn business a lot share, what your process, what we get into that quicker is you want to say something? You know you brought up a good point.

When dealerships are looking for more sales, what do they do? They do.
One of two things: they either throw more money at marketing and try to bring more traffic and, of course, you’re right.
That does go down or you have the one of the biggest misconceptions that dealers have and I don’t care who you are banning just a deal.

The principal’s ever they flood the floor, they bring in more people and they try to they think.

Having more sales reps on the floor is gon na sell you more cars train who you have, I repeat, train who you have sorry to cut you off my tangent.
I intend to do that sometimes in the dealerships.

Our deal with across the country are something to speak with olympos a half million dollar two million dollars a year on all of these fancy online and offline marketing campaigns, and we do ask them what their training, but it is it’s either nil or they use the 30 minutes in their hour-long sales meeting that it may have once a week and believe it that’s so, and so, let’s just talk about price.
I think we all know that price is always gon na be on the table for every customer that comes in regardless of whether they have more than enough resources, or they don’t have enough.
It’s always gon na be on the table, and the number one issue is this: I believe that dealerships focus are too much on just product knowledge, product knowledge product, not because every dealership in Richie Eric y’all know this every dealership has a male or a female.

That knows everything about the vehicle from the front end to the rear end, but they can’t help somebody Bob want to save their life, because what they’re talking about the turn ratio and the torque the customer is sitting over there saying I don’t even know what the Hill torque is I’m getting out here to go deal with somebody else.
So one of the reasons why price is such a huge objection or hurdle for a lot of folks is because we’ve lost sight on the value building, on the experience the customer had and on the value and the credibility and the trust that we build with them.
For them to having ourselves I’ll, give you an example, if everybody believes customers coming in just want to get in and get out and with automotive purchase being second largest purchase next to buying a home.

The last thing: some money – that’s gon na – invest 30.

60 thousand dollars wants to do is have a really short and quick conversation with somebody that doesn’t seem like they appreciate or really care about, what’s going on with them, so what I’ll start from the beginning, you know if anybody is at their dealership still running out And greeting a customer, we start walking them over to vehicles without bringing them in sitting them down and asking questions, and I’m not talking about.
We call it qualifying is more like intelligence guy, because when we sit down – and you know, people treat it like an interrogation.
What color? Well, you know how soon and the person feel pressured as opposed to just sitting back putting that paper in that pin down and actually engaging in the conversation, that’s number one to show them hey, regardless of what you dealt with or you may deal with.

I genuinely care about helping you make a smart, save, buying decision, that’s number one, because, as y’all heard, people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
And so, when you take a customer through the process and let’s just say they happen, some place up and both sales consultant, they bill with kept it all about that piece of plastic or metal never got into any personal conversation, and so both of the experiences were Poor the only way, but him the justifier who the bathroom is based at all price and when price is the only uh, the only uh thing that they’re basing offer the customer losses they lose out on that.
Okay, so I believe in the process.

But when I work with sales associates the first things: first, price is gon na, be there okay, and so it’s all about our ability to be able to build value by focusing on the benefits of ownership, not just specifically the features itself and what those benefits are.
But the benefits are dealing with you.
The benefits are dealing with that store the benefits of whatever time of year.

It is and showing them how to make them feel.
How do they Hansen improve their quality of living, but how do we know what it is that they’re looking for will help them is through asking lay your question, so my thing is: I provide sales associates, not just what me speaking it, but with actually uh training Manuals and were trained to teach them how to ask a later question and, as y’all know, a layered question is one where I asked the question and regardless of their response, it opens up the door for me to ask another question and more person shares with us About themselves, the more comfortable they’ll feel with them.
I didn’t say the more we share with them about us, the more we can get them to share with us about themselves, the more comfortable they feel me.

Why is your best friend your best friend, because you can share your deep darkest secrets and they hold it in wise, our significant other in a relationship with us, because they know our deepest feelings and our inner thoughts.
So it’s asking the right questions.
Listening with the intent to understand and then being a solution provider rather than a car sales engine percent, you hit it right on the head.

You know everyone runs into you know.
Let me see your trade.
Let me get into price right away, find out why they’re there first, you know build that rapport build that releases the moment Lex Gold, it is car salesmen, do not have the best reputation and I had someone one time in the water when distri tell me they’re, Like you have to think of it, this way going to buy a car there’s only one word for it brain damage with it.

You know, customers already have their guard up.

You need to find out exactly what’s going on with that before you can get into everything and here’s with the boots.
Well, you saw you touched on a point right, product knowledge, salespeople right.

I was ourselves person.
I was never product knowledge at all.

They didn’t know anything about the product, but I knew how to tell a customer a story, because the story is what sells when they ask me about safety.

The car didn’t have a longer wheelbase, AC and longer wheelbase, it’s very good for safety, blah blah blah.
You know I used to have salespeople on the floor that would spend.
I was in the conference room because the owner told him to learn the product first and what they did was talk themselves out of a deal yep.

Let me just tell you that so the product guys I used to have a guy named Lou.
He was Korean right he’s not even on earth anymore, but he knew the product really good.
So when I had a question about something I went to him, he sold seven because versus as many scars as I sold right because it’s about the story, it’s get that do the presentation and a walk, a walk around on the car, with a story it or To it, that’s gon na sell right – and you know these guys go on a demo right today and they come right back and work the numbers without the one to try a close mr.

jones based upon what we share.
Would this be the vehicle you would like to own bad? You know they.
Don’t even do the assumption closure anymore.

They don’t take them on they.
Don’t you know they don’t even do the assumption cause when a customer, I give them a number, I don’t speak and they don’t speak.
What I do is I take out the buyers order who you registering the vehicle.

They don’t even do that anymore.

It’s about this.
It’s about the cusp and these dealers wonder why they’re getting traffic and they’re not selling enough cars and why their ROI is so bad.

The Google accounts are paid 40, 30, 50 thousand dollars, and they wonder why.
Well, it’s real simple we’re not doing what we used to do we’re just in the information area.
I have a course that says: take the information from the customer and convert into a deal that’ll, you Cipolla, then you give me the information right away, I’m listening to it and I spin it into a deal right.

A customer tells them no.
Today they don’t even know how to handle or know there’s only one way to handle.
A note is why how’d you arrive at and what makes you feel that they don’t even customer tells them no and they look like they just hit.

That, first of all, I used to spell every deal with an O, because when you start a deal with a yes, the other thing, that’s gon na happen.
Tis you’re gon na get a cancellation okay, so I work with a know.

I would hit him on crazy numbers where they tell me.

No, he goes that’s what I wanted.
I will put a trade real low.

I would hit him at high numbers, ooh crazy, and they want to start that the hills as a yes and that’s why the cancellation ratio is so high.

I don’t want lay downs because the lay down does it doesn’t do anything jelly right.
Some sales people look for the lay down factor, I’m not interested with everything I want in my life.

I’ve had a work harder than anybody.
I want to start it with her know.
One of the things I saw you working the numbers with a customer.

It appeared to be a customer.
It was under video that we got from you and how you you handle that step by step by step, which is by agreeing and overcoming and asking for the business and backing off and no one to ask.
And what not to ask you know and that’s what I want to touch base, because I believe that you’re, a really good, professional, automotive and really professional trainer, because dealing would objection here for these guys have content and just talk that it’s really fancy.

You see these lives and all that, but you know what, if you put them in a showroom, it probably can’t sell cars be roads all the time, and one of my partner’s has a used car dude and I hang out there on a weekend sometime just to Take customers, I don’t want to forget where I came from you know, and that’s what you promote and that’s what you do and I’ve been following you for quite some time and I know you’re really good at what you do.
So how do you deal with today’s shoppers that come in with the information? Not only the price they come in with the information and the salesperson is communicating information back? How do you deal with that? First thing you know, since it is watching it that is at a dealership.
You know years ago, let’s say 20 years ago a person really could come on a lot and say I’m just shopping around or you know I’m just I’m just looking at whatnot, but with the today’s internet.

No one leaves their house typically without looking online.
First, some people search for days, weeks or months right, and so when they come into the showroom regardless, if they say I’m just looking, you have to realize they’re, not in thinking mode they’re, not a shopping mall they’re in action mode.
They got up, got dressed made rights left’s got on the freeway, whatever had to do to come into your store, so they’re fully informed, and the first thing I like to do is acknowledge someone’s information that they have.

The fact that they’re somewhat knowledgeable is such a pleasure to deal with somebody like you who knows exactly what it is that that they’re looking for.
Thank you so much for being prepared.
Now, let’s fast forward it to where you talked about the numbers which you were touching on, so we got somebody that’s informed so knowing that they have the information on a particular vehicle, it is my responsibility or the responsibility of that Sales Associate.

So once we identify what the objective, what the goals are, because everyone by that’s coming in to buy a vehicle, they have a goal behind it.
They don’t want more space, less face better gas mileage or whatever it is, but we have to identify that then being skilled.
It, like you, said Richie being able to tie in a story to how this particular feature and the benefits of it will change their life.

I’ll make it even simpler when describing a feature when you’re talking about the benefit you want to talk about what the feature is, what life is like without it and how having it will benefit them specifically to what it is that they told you they’re.
Looking for.
That’s why it is so important if someone has a spouse, significant other or children, what are their names? You know what are their ages because of too many sales reps when they’re going through talking feature, they say you and your wife or you and your husband.

Are you and your partner or your kids, know you and Richie or you and Simone? Are you little Eric Richie, jr.
and Samantha that way, when we paint that help them paint that mental image? It’s a lot clearer, the image of ownership.
The perception is distorted by the sales associates, lack of personalization when it comes to presentation.

So, let’s get down to the numbers.
Sales associates are ill-equipped, I’d like to say with what’s on that sheet, so they sit down and we still believe that customers are ignorant and not paying attention to all of those line.
Items on the right hand, side see you that’s fine, come on, say, okay, tanks back in situ a skip straight through little.

Do they know the reason why that customer didn’t buy because they was wondering what that dot fee was didn’t.
Wan na ask you a question and act like they had no idea, but they left because you skipped over it.
It made them feel like you were trying to be shaved.

So, even if it’s not necessary to break each one down, you at least need to be knowledgeable of what it is and how you can articulate it in a way that they realize hey, listen, it is just what it takes for you to be able to enjoy This as as quickly as possible objective is to make it easy for them to make a smart save buying decision.
So when you’re going through the numbers, you know again, it’s learning how to present them.
You know people still send twenty seven thousand three hundred thirty-five dollars on the price, as opposed to twenty seven, thirty thirty-five, as far as on what they have to pay.

But what it is that they’re gon na be saving should always be blown up and again it is taking the time that when you get an opportunity and you’re going through those numbers everything you spoke about on that lot, when you did that walk around, they forgot 75 % to 80 % of it when they sat down to go through these numbers with you want to make sure you flip that sheet over up, you go through those, but there’s numbers and remind them of that basic limited warranty and what’s coming with it, and How it’ll benefit them breaking down that powertrain warranty engine transmission contract and what child that will benefit them and going through each one of those and then flipping that paper back over getting there? Okay? So it’s really just not putting the card in front of the horse and slowing down and being a solution provider, a professional, nice and then again another quick tip and I’ll turn it back over.
You guys, when I see sales rep sitting directly across from their customer boxers stand across from each other help the Republicans the Democrats sit across the aisle.
It’s learning how, as opposed to sitting right across letting that table, be a barrier scoot a little bit more on your side and angle.

It making sure that everything you’re showing them they can see it so they’re not reading it upside down and you’re, allowing them to come up with what it is on their own, because we leave it up to them to decide what we’re doing is to help them Hurdle, they don’t think it’s to hurt them, and I really believe that when a person comes into a dealership, you’ve got to be who they want, and it’s in the budget range where they can actually and afford to invest and they choose not to buy it.
Simply because they didn’t understand, so that’s really what I believe I agree, hi dad I mean we, we have a video clip of you.
I want to get to a 1 second, but before we hit a good point with sitting across the desk from someone you know, that’s the first thing, another thing that people don’t realize the new sales reps.

When you have a tio, your manager comes over your managers, desk manager, who’s ever coming over to say, hello, financial, whatever don’t sit next to who’s ever coming over sit next to the color sit next to them, sit we’ll go over it with them, as if you’re Sitting in their seat with them, you know bro.
Thank you.
It’s basic sales stuff that a lot of times they don’t teach or people forget so Lexi Lexi, all right, video, clip, quick and then we’ll be back with, and now more than ever it is extremely critical.

The dealerships in Villa groups across the country to make sure that they have the best people in the right seat on the bus, but that can be extremely challenging and very time-consuming.
I mean let’s face it, I’m sure you’re, like most other successful dealerships, you’d much.
Rather, your management takes time being spin at the dead, helping other team efforts, close deals and providing that high level of customer service to your existing value customer base, as opposed to them spending hours upon hours, meeting with different people who may be coming into this.

Looking for a job which then suggest over rope as opposed to meeting those who are jumping into it too late first looking at heads career, but this is where sales professionals of America will provide value for you like we do so many other dealerships all across North America, you see it’s very simple.
All you do.
Is you tell us exactly what you’re looking for and then what we do? Is we utilize one of our mini optimized and tailored job boards that attract talented sales professionals anywhere throughout eternity? Once we identify that ideal candidate they’re invited to interview on-site at your direction? Now, during our interviews when we find those people that seem like they’ll be the right thing, we invite them to a three-day sales training classes also healed and stole.

Now here are the advantages of us being able to interview and train candidates enter story.
Before you start your hiring process number one.
We get the opportunity.

You also get the opportunity to observe when watch them engaging and interacting with other team members and other new hire candidates get a chance to what how their attitude it’s, how their mannerisms are, and, most importantly, is this.
The type of person that I would like to sell help my mother by people all right did.
After the three days you have the opportunity to select from the best of the best, don’t stare leftover throughout the transition of the training class.

Now during the training class.
What we cover is, we teach them on throw to the setup.
We also educate them and train them on everything from greeting the custom building, trust by establishing rapport the walk around the demo drive and wondering highly requested program that all of our dealer, clients really like, is where we educate and train them on how to leverage the Power of social media, to increase brand awareness, dealership awareness and also to generate new business but observe because light traffic is great, but it should be icing on the cake.

Every sales professionals should be a walking talking, billboard letting everyone know what they do is where they do it and copy, but most don’t because they were never taught.
This is where we step in, and we do that for you.
We educate and train yourself people.

So when that turned over to your management staff, they have a foundation, they can understand terminology, they know what’s expected of them and everything is it’s all for it actually is the learning curve.
It makes the way if you get some professionals out the gate, that whistle with some shaping and some molding to get out there and execute for you.

Okay, now it’s extremely simple for us all you have to do is fill out the form your own page or give us a call, and one of our team members were told you as quickly as you give us the opportunity simply tell us exactly what it is.

You mean, and we got to work for you right away.
Let us do that heavy lifting for your store and let you all do what you do best, which is providing high levels of customer service to your guests until you’re, already good customer and you let us, go out there and find gold star players to add to Your team, I’m Brian max wood and I look forward to seeing you at the time, flexing phenomenal message.
It really is great video, so amazing, we’re talking Darney during the video Ritchie has a couple questions.

He got boy a trickster, you know Brian water.
Look, I walk into a dealership and I right away, though I mean today you got BBC right, so this many trainers would be TC and these BBC trainers are really good.
I got to tell you something you got lets guy Anthony.

What’s his last thing, Anthony uh? Well, gon na yeah he’s very good.
Okay, he’s very good BBC.
Here’s the problem we’re spending the time on BBC a lot there.

Ain’t really sales trainers.
Okay, and this is what I know this – the desk sends out a number okay.

The salesman comes back with a bona fide offer in about 10 10 seconds.

That knows, he can’t do the deal.
Why? Because he’s scared to work the customer? Okay, there’s no setup, alright, here’s what a setup should be.
The service walk mr.

Jones when you come into service your car.
This is Joe he’s gon na be your advisor.
Follow me, then you go to the receptionist.

This is Joanne.
He’s gon na be making the appointment every time you come in for service.

Now we’re planting the seed right.

Okay, these guys nothing, no more right, there’s nothing! None of that! No more there’s like forget it! They get up now watch this process.
They get up at a number that they know they can deliver and they go to the manager.
You’re not setting up for a tea, oh you’re, setting up for a failure, because the customers perception, if you hit a customer at a number and you go down $ 2,000.

I see this all the time you go down two grand now the customer feels like you know what.
Why did he give me the right number, the first time, all right, so there’s nobody working the customer now when you go back right and somebody just say: okay I’ll take the deal, they say yeah.
Well, I don’t want to do the deal because money on the table.

Nobody is working, a customer they used to be.
We used to work a customer and turned it over to the tea.

Oh, it was like really a deal now.

You turn it over and you say: well the managers not good, really.
What does he got to work with right? So back in my younger years, I actually was in Florida Delray Beach, Toyota.
You know the store.

Okay, that store was, if you walk from the lot into the showroom.
You tell the customer right off the bat you’re buying a car.
He just has no thinking about it right because it was tof, but it was set up right.

It was working the customer showing the benefit the feature and when they would compare you to a Honda, you do the comparison.
What to sell of your product and and tell them and point out awareness was really sell.
Is making the customer aware you look at their facial expressions and now you know whether you have a deal well, it’s none of that going on right now.

These stores that I visit now, I have a question: why do salespeople get up at a two thousand dollar spread with an offering go to the desk terrified, like you just touched on this, let’s really break it down.
One thing folks have to realize that sales is psychological.
It really is a lot of dealerships.

You know, especially when they deal with trainers and you all handle staffing and stuff.
Everybody wants you to bring in the 20 carmine producers, but let’s just be real 20 carmine producers aren’t on Indy looking for a job as a matter fact they have to reject more jobs, and you know we can probably even imagine and so – sales performers, big producers, Sales superstars are not born, they’re made okay, and so, when you take a person in or you flood the floor, you throw them all against the wall.
He’ll a stick.

No one has ever taught this person.
Hey, listen.
The game really doesn’t even begin until you get that first objection and that person objecting is a really an objection.

There’s nothing more than a smoke screen, okay and really to hide what the real issue is going on and at the end of the day, nine times out of ten with real issue.
Is I just don’t trust you or I don’t like you? Okay, but we’ll say I need to think about it.
I talk to my spouse, so you have this sales rep, who is presenting this information to this customer trying to avoid, but no not realizing that hey listen once we actually get the no or the objection now we’re getting somewhere, because most people are so for life.

They’re not gon na tell you that I don’t like you, I don’t trust your store, they’re, not gon na, say any, don’t think about it and they know most salespeople are weak and that’ll help them get on top.
So now the sales rep past, when he believes, may be a potential deal and is running in there with the customer.
Why? Because they’ve become so much of a customer advocate that they really get sold, but I guess because they’re too sales going on it’s the sales associate trying to help them give them a good reason to buy from the store and this the customers selling them on.

Why? I should be able to walk out with as much as I can coming out of as little as I can.
That is the name of the game.
So, as management, the sales associate should be prepared, saying: hey, listen man as a customer, we all walk in Sami.

What can I get for as little? What can I hold back, but I miss anything and they still gon na take care of, and so they have to be prepared for how to deal with that cuz, we’re not you say, working them, so people buy based on 90 %, emotion and back it up With 10 % logic now, with that being the case, most sales associate totally ignore the emotional side and they posted focus on logic.
But if most customer they’re, not automotive, technically inclined, they don’t give a damn about whether that washer are that part of that engine was made in America or wherever it is, but they do care about is.
If I get an accident, will that airbag deploy and protect? My baby, and so we have to make sure we keep the main thing, the main thing now, knowing people buy based on 90 % emotion and backing over 10 % logic, with 90 percent being the boat, if that 10 % doesn’t make sense, if it doesn’t make Somewhat logical sense, it’ll, obliterate and destroy the other 90 and so getting down to it.

It is instilling the confidence in your people.

How do they get there so being prepared? How do they get prepared by giving them the word tracks, but most people don’t like scripts.
They say I don’t like scripts, there’s robotic but always say: listen, your favorite movie, that’s what they you receive before production, a script.

Why is it your favorite movie because it stimulated you emotionally make you laugh made you get angry made.
You get scared, but they all had a script.
It’s like riding the car listening to a song doesn’t hurt since high school.

That was your jam and what are you just singing the word? You’re singing it better than the actual artist, but guess what that’s a strip or somebody’s pulled apart from their favorite movie.
That’s the script and the reason why / sounds scripted or robotic it’s because they don’t know it.
But when you know it and you memorize it you internalize and when you’re projected it’s personalized now you can be more focused on watching their body language listening to their tonality, really listening and hearing, what’s actually going on because you’re not spending so much time worried about What you’re supposed to say, cuz you’re better, and so when sales reps get up and they run it’s just because, that’s all they know, and then they expended wasting their managers time trying to turn sugar out of you know what and it will never have so managers It is taking that time giving you people to work tracks and incentivizing them for knowing them incentivizing them for being able to handle one of the five objections which is think about it: shop around talk to spouse price to hire more per trade.

Those are the five that we typically don’t get and if we’re not prepared for those shame on the management and shame on that sales associate, so I really believe what causes lack of preparation, but as managers we have to give that to them and they trusted are Their livelihood, they put their lives in our hands by giving us the time at that dealership.
We owe it to them to at least give them the armor and the shields that they need if they don’t go out and they’re gon na be, you know, interacted with people, so I think it’s lack of preparation, lack of education and a heightened of fear, and You know that causes people to do that.
You know what Brian there’s a there’s: a difference between an excuse and an objection right right, so they visit the customer comes in it’s a human reaction, I’m not buying today.

Well, you tell a customer stay, listen, I’m just shopping so that when they tell that to a salesman, his head is done.
This is nothing this place.
I went to you know what I just say: the first place you went to every customer that comes to Mike to meet me first, my I usually sell them about 90 %.

You know why, because I have so much other things than just being your sales consultant.
Let me share with you what it is.
They don’t take that and that’s what I mean about getting the information and converting it now, the quarterly you put them.

I check, but I wasn’t born like that.
Okay, I was trained like that Jackie B Cooper trying to be okay, that’s how I was trained.
I wasn’t you know I just said and wake up one day and said: oh wait a minute.

Let me tell that to a customer.
I was born that way.
I might her raw skill of selling and coming up with a story part of my character, but I wasn’t wanting that and that’s the problem with these dealers that they don’t build.

I remember back in the day I used to really go to a lot of workshops.
You know the perfect workshop was Bob Cole, Jackie B Cooper they’re, not around no more.
But that’s where that’s where I learned you know, so they don’t even know how to identify, and I blame the automotive dealership, they’re costing themselves so much money and here’s why this show exists.

Let me tell you why the show exists and why I’m always on and I’m always sharing information.

Let me tell you why, because when a marketplace loses a dealership, it ain’t about that dealership.
It’s about a all.

Those customers at that dealership was serving be.
The average dealership has 80 employees, there’s a tease out of a local economy.
Today you got Amazon, that’s taking out all these local businesses.

The only thing we have is dealerships.
So, that’s why I’m so big on really sharing this knowledge with my audience because, listen to me what your dealership goes down, you’re heard about your customers, but you hurt more employees in your local economy and mr.

You know what you live in this local economy.
So here’s here’s the thing, the the training.
When you have a fully trained or a board of dealership you can tell I can tell I walk in and I know when that customer is getting hit with a number.

What happens? Okay, ninety-five percent of the dealerships in Long Island or clueless – they don’t know they don’t know, take a customer.
This is my first shop.
You know what happens with that.

They card them.
Okay, they take it on site for a lot walk and they tell a customer you’re just too upside down on your car.
They use that terminology.

You know what I look at the bathroom heads.
If I would have a dealership, I will probably kill half the salespeople.

If they were, if I would Sales Manager today, I would a would it even be funny where I would do something cuz, nobody, trains, nobody, invest, listen, guys.

Training is not an expense.
You might think it is it’s an investment there’s, no identifying.
What’s an excuse and what’s an objection? Okay, that I I’m just looking right now, everybody starts with that: it’s a hero reaction.

So what you bring to the table is you funnel today? They use funnels right.
You funnel out and excuse into an objection into a deal, and I haven’t seen a trainer.
Yet, okay, I’ve been out there quite a little bit and I’ve been in the training and watching people.

I’ve been out there quite a lot and I haven’t seen a guy like you in a very long time.
So that’s why I reached out to you and I’m impressed by it, and I want to know your whole process, because you share that.
You know a little bit of it and you know what that can help automotive dealers and the biggest thing it can help them.

They could call you, you know, and it’s so important what you bring to the table, because you can help so many dealerships and now I’ll share with us.
Here’s an example.
We were talking price.

We know, I think the environment is a big thing.
You know whatever price the customer you’re on here’s an example of what I mean you dealing with a guest and they come in and, let’s just say, they’re looking at a specific vehicle 20 of new vehicles on a lot a man say: hey, listen, John! You know what most of my customer that came in that ended up driving home in the same vehicle like you’re.
Looking at.

They told me that they initially had a specific budget range in mind that they were hoping to stay around, but when they drove home they were comfortable invested a little bit extra because the vehicle bought on far more value than they ever expected.
So, what type of monthly budget are you hoping stay around now we throw that out there.

They give us a number, you know, and we may say up to or up to what now the reason why we do that is because, later on, knowing that the price objection may come up, it makes it easier for us to notice a list and write our Price to us, listen, I hear what you’re saying you remember earlier when I share with you how most of my other customers that were driving the same exact vehicle and that you’re looking at now, you know had a specific budget in mind but end up investing a Little bit extra as a bottom farm, or if you can see how you can get as much, if not more and real value from this vehicle, are you at least willing to? Let me share it with you and it’s learning how to not only set the stage, so we can reflect the flag back to it, but also learning how to word it in a way that when we get there permission to share with them how they may be Able to get as much if not more value out this vehicle, another people when they say yes, not only did they say yes to me, but they said yes to themselves, so they’re a lot more receptive to what I bring so the bottom line.

Is this sales training program is an A to Z, straight line process.
You got sales right spending 30 minutes talking about duck, hunting or whatever it is that they’re talking about and they believe that’s building rapport rapport is not a step in the process report, something that we do from the moment.
We lock eyes until that person no longer exists on this planet or they decided to tell us that no longer crawler, that’s what per for is, and it’s not even report, it’s a relationship, and so that’s why you know focusing in on that and so from the Moment that we greet this person instead of asking the silly questions which is, can I help you, which is insane because you’re asking a stranger, I guess a visitor to your life? Can I do for you what my dealership hired me and its parameter to and then when they say? No guess what that’s why people say: sales reps car salespeople are pushing.

We set it up.
We’re asking them give me permission to do what I know you don’t want me to do, but the company has hired me to do that’s insane, but they’ve never been shown or should I say, educated on why man you want to welcome that person to your life With a handshake giving them your name getting their name and then the next objective is a confirm repair of an appointment.
It’s the first time here and taking the time.

Is this the first time to thank them for coming and congratulating them for making a good choice? Not enough Scelzi over to listen reach a draw stopping in.
I want to congratulate you guys for making an awesome choice stop in there today so which one of our vehicles can I get you some information on and the keyword is information.

I see sales reps when I go into a store and they bring me in the train because they’ve been having some problems and I’ll ask a friend to show me a process.

You know Richie and Eric how many times people are being asked about their credit and how much money they got in the first minute.
They don’t even know that versus name.
It’s like no that’s private, and so it is taking them by the hand teaching them how, when you greet that person and get them information and if they say hey, I’m just looking at you know great.

Let’s make it information day because this way to make an educated decision, you need information first and it’s not you know most people say: oh I’m just looking sells and says: okay well I’ll, be able to hear come, find me when you’re ready, oh so, we’re making The person who already took the time to come to us making them work even more to bring us their business.
That is insane, but it’s gon na how to welcome and greet them got him get them inside, sit them down, offering them a coffee, water or whatever.
It is you offer, and you know something else – that’s real critical, most people that worry Dilys a lot of people were to do.

This was not a horrible time and everybody is in such a rush to get to that CRM.
To put that information in and here’s what’s crazy, the customer already doesn’t trust us someone.
So we got to work our way through this, but we get them inside.

We sit him down and now they’re looking at the back of a computer screen wondering what the hell to represent, and I said what are they doing doing a credit out is getting that information in there important yes, but it’s the difference between if somebody typed up A letter or microsoft word and sentence e or they hand, wrote you a letter and sent you.
You would feel the handwritten letter was far more important and more personable, it’s the same as when we sit them down doing the theatrics of moving that screen over to the side a little bit and say: hey, listen, y’all, mind if I take some notes, everything that You share with me is extremely important and I just want to make sure I get it right and in talking with this person, asking question writing things down and then, after that, once you’ve identified that I see associates when I’m doing my little regardless they’ll sense, then That the front of a car texting with all the doors in the trunk open letting the customer give themself walk around and then they say hey do you want to go for a demo drop, it’s not an option.
It’s like when you go to the doctor’s office.

That’s one of the rudest places in the world: it’s a hey max, go to the back step on the scale.
Stick out your arm for your blood pressure testing and we’re gon na check your thermometer.
They say follow me this way and they sit you in the room and say that doctor being in a minute now imagine if they said hey, would you like to step on the scale, see how much weight you gain, and I said no, I’m.

Okay with that.
Don’t take my blood pressure either, you know what happened.
The doctor will be getting sued because he prescribed me or the doctor come in.

Don’t ask me any question say: got screwed up just give me the strongest are sleeping pills.
You got and let me be on my way and the person guys malpractice lawsuit.
Why do they not ask because they know what they have to do to properly diagnose and that’s what this is we’re transportation, doctors and in order to properly diagnose? What’s going on? I have to take them through a sequence of questions, a process.

I say it’s like somebody coming into your house, natural mode control, going.
It’s your refrigerator, kicking your kids off the couch you’re, making a sandwich asking y’all to be quiet.
Why they watch TV? That would never happen, and your dealership is the same.

That is your sandbox, that is your domain, and when you allow someone else to come in and dictate policy to you, you lose, but the only way you know how to maintain control is, if somebody gives you the tools to learn how to do it, and so Folks say: here’s what I think is supposed to happen and the camera is like you said you didn’t come up with these awesome things.
I hear you saying the things that you teach your people use their story.

They didn’t just pop up in in your head and I’m gon na say this natural salespeople, like I said, aren’t born but rich you touched on it.

We may have certain characteristics or personality traits that make it easier what’s to adapt and to be successful in it.
But each of us had a general manager, a manager or just somebody who cared enough to grab us sit us down and say: hey, listen! If you want to make money or be successful at this, here’s what you got to do, and now with the Twitter era people say man listen.
If it’s not a two-minute video, a hundred and forty characters, that’s too much and it’s information overload.

So again is learning how to tie in what their personal objective is and how, following this process will bring it to them.
I guess to make it even simpler as a dealer owner or its self professional.

How can we ever expect people to invest in us, but we’re not willing to invest in ourselves? How can a dealership expect customers to invest in their store? They don’t even invest in their store and think about it if they invest in their people, the more profitable they’ll be.

It’s always like a quid pro quo.
In order to want people to invest in us, we have to be willing to invest in ourselves first, and you want more in our business.
That’s great, because when I started the car measures, my father was a great entrepreneur right.

So I said oh wow, I looked at being in car sales as one thing you know what the one thing was.
It’s my own business, I paid all right.

I made 25 percent and I have no expense and I have a fool.

Do you know where I said to myself cool what hold on a minute? I said to myself now this is a business I’m making 25 %, okay plus a salary with no expense.

So I said, and you touch on a very important point, you know what that point is: when people ask you for your credit, here’s the problem, you have to earn the right to ask, I can’t ask you for your business, invited earn it.
I can’t ask you about your credit.

I have to earn that.
How do you earn that by the customer, giving respect to the customer and asking them the right questions and building that report? A relationship with that customer, because it’s much easier to sell to your friends? Okay than anybody, so you that being said, you better make a friend out of the prospect, well very easy to sell a friend right.
So and that’s what really you show and that’s what I’ve seen, how you’ve done your whole landscape now Eric’s got something to bring up.

You know.
First up, we want to go with Frank’s.
We appreciate you now you’re a new friend to the show.

We definitely want to have you back on you touch base on so much content.
Here I mean we’ve been going a little about it about an hour already.
We we could do ten more shows you just keep going.

We didn’t.
We want to have you back on the show: what’s the information that people can get ahold of you out? Where can’t? Where can they call your work and the email yeah we’ve been reaching out to meet? My telephone number is nine zero.
Four, two one zero.

Eight five, eight eight, if you’re interested in sales, training or staffing up your store and as far as online I’m on YouTube, you type in Brian Maxwell, go to the channel subscribe on LinkedIn Brian Maxwell.
One is the handle or Brian Maxwell, a pop-up Facebook, Facebook.
You can go there and check me out and the name of the company of sales professionals of America recruiting, and I assure you we turn sales people in the sales profession.

And so, if you look and I want to say something and if your general manager you want walking it watch this, whether it’s myself, whether utilize, Richie or anyone, make the decision forth too late, because I see too many times you GM has an opportunity to fix It and he doesn’t realize how they should have made a decision until they’ve already got that feet: slipping they’re, walking papers as a matter of fact, I’m speaking to a guy right now that I reached out to we were supposed to do suddenly decide.
He didn’t want to do it didn’t want to spend the money and now he’s unemployed during the holidays, so reach out.
Let’s have a conversation and let’s see what I can do to help guys reach out to Brian.

He knows.
Thank You, Brian, so much I so much appreciate you know.
Like goes, I’ve been following you for quite some time and we’ve chat back and forth thanks a lot, so I want to do such now that that we we’ve really haven’t done before on air.

I want to invite you back to have another conversation, this conversation about a week or two of if you’re free, because this there are so much content that we can learn from you and we can a Pete more importantly, the people watch and can learn from you.
We appreciate you coming on today.
Listen, it was a great Franklin.

Thank you report, the next time.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you Brian.

We want to welcome about weekly guest mr.
David Castillo from the Richie’s Bello Institute of Veterans Affairs, Rick David somebody yeah me save it.
I could hear you guys: go there, you go, they licked it before I start.

I know it’s.
Two days later, I said Tilak cigar safety this week, happy Veterans Day.
Thank you for your service.

It’s always a pleasure time to use foreign.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Always a pleasure to be here so we’ve got some exciting stuff going on we just celebrated Veterans Day and the Marine Corps Birthday.
Of course, we had some great guests, another veteran who shared his experiences and really drove the value of what a veteran can do for you guys out there in the world.

In the dealer world, we got dedicated people working on this program, we’re looking to get some dedicated people onboard, get them trained up and sent out to everybody before we get into the update of everything, getting really the nitty-gritty of what we do every week with you About where the the, where we’re headed, what we’re doing and everything else, I want to throw it this statistic out there.

You know I looked it up the other day, I’m a veteran myself David you’re, a veteran their veterans watching.
So let’s put it this way.

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