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What’s going on everybody, welcome back to automotive training news of your host mr.
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Today we have mr.

Sean Kelly, CEO of car motivators with us John works with dozens of dealer groups, automotive tech companies and hundreds of coaching clients from coast to coast.

We also have mr.
David Castillo with us director of veteran affairs for the Ricky Bell Institute of leadership management back we’ll have him on with us later on skype.

What’s going on Sean, how are you hey? What’s going on air can read Qi? How are you guys doing today, good bye, free? We want to first.
Thank you for coming on the show.
You know we’ve been watching you for a while you’ve.

You know.
You’ve definitely come up with a number of different strategies for dealerships to go to the next level where it will phone today.

Oh wish, I could be in the studio with you in New York, of course, yeah like we said next time you go you always more than welcome.

Stop on down we’ll have a great session Ritchie.
So you know what I won’t go to talk to you.
I mean the training business went from live training all these different associations trained.

Then the online training came in and oh, the online training thing came in for was one reason only that was to help our training that was life half-credit bitterly so there’s an inspection process.
Cuz the deal would say: okay, guys great I’ll hire you fax, why money? But what’s gon na happen when you leave here? Oh, we have this, so the trainer’s that had the online stuff was very successful today.
I believe that it’s just that training and it’s just not online today is coaching right.

So what you’ve taken is you’ve taken that executive business coaching into the level of the salesperson? Is that correct, correct? Not just the salesperson every employee at the dealership doesn’t matter who you are.
You can see a massive benefit from coaching, but yeah.
That’s one! That’s one hundred correct! It’s a lot of present correct! Okay.

So let me let me understand your product first.
So if a dealership hires you right you’ll be their coach of the entire motor group, whether it’s service sales parts, sales person, general manager, sales manager.
Is that correct? That’s right! So we have a team of coaches and we have come to the specialize in each department.

Although once you master the language of coaching, you can add value to anyone, regardless of their their job, but but that’s correct.
We will work what we work with everyone at the dealership from the dealer principle, all the way down to the frontline staff.
We even have dealerships where we coach the office staff and we coach the the detail.

People back to awesome.
You know I actually, I said earlier: listen he’s no-strings that automotive industry, you were walking sold the year in 2018 for dealership news and rank number ten ambition.
Calm top a hundred sales coaches you’ve had presentations in almost every major automotive conference out there.

We know that your vision has really positively impacted leadership, landscaping, alter of the automotive industry bringing coaching to the car business.

What I want to do now is before we continue.
Our conversation, I just want to go to a quick clip of you and show everybody exactly what car motivated us sure hi, I’m Sean Kelly with car motivators.

After returning from Iraq and leaving Special Operations, the auto industry has been extremely rewarding.

In fact, the car business has been a fun and exciting place to build a career, a brand provide for my family and help others achieve their ideal vision of success.
I believe our industry provides these great opportunities for millions of people, and I want to ensure that those lucky enough to be a part of it understand both the opportunity and the threats that could take it all away that way, others can enjoy the same career, fulfillment And these possibilities continue for generations.

I do this by helping automotive leadership achieve great results through their people and technology, with a unique approach to coaching in people development I partner with leaders who believe in both personal and team growth leaders that understand for growth to occur.
Change must be made.
We must upgrade the way we lead our people, just as we upgrade a computer or our dealerships.

Technology car motivators takes industry best practices and makes them real and relevant to your dealership.
My team has a vast array of knowledge experience and each creates immediate coaching wins for you by coaching excellence into each member of your team.
Enough wins over time, forge unstoppable champions at every layer.

In your organization.
Together we can create a winning culture, winning cultures.
Take ownership and succeed despite market conditions and regardless of other external factors.

I look forward to learning more about you, your dealership, your unique challenges and determine if we can work together to improve your results by focusing on the four pillars that make a dealership extremely healthy.
We can make that determination together now showing first and foremost, I always want to thank you for your services of that.
As you know, we have discussion before I have about vex and how I’m a former Navy vet your army.

We, this show is very big into veterans for the purpose of Richie hyzers Institute, that’s helping veterans when they get out now, training them to really go into the automotive industry, and we just launched that on the sixth.
So that’s a lie, but really again we want to thank you for your service and really helping those out there now get into another great industry.
Rick you a gun.

Well, you know sure the good thing about you is that this is something that’s needed in the car business right and here’s what’s, even because the productivity increases with a coach right, because it’s a coaches really making people aware awareness is key because once you’re aware and You’re able to make your decision and the coach helps them with that process, which awareness is key.
If you don’t see something you don’t know, but you make them aware now it’s up to them and then you have a follow up process.
Is that correct to execute it? Yeah, that’s right, and for – and I also like to thank you for what you’re doing for veterans.

As you know, I, as a veteran who come out of the military and was kind of struggling as a civilian, the automotive industry.
You know really helps so.
I love the fact that you’re trying to help veterans and help the auto industry it’s a great fit so keep that up man.

And yes, as far as the coaching right, it’s one I always say: training is like getting a shiny car right.
You get the shiny car, it’s exciting! It’s like the foundation to get you.
You need the car, it’s the vehicle to get you where you want to go.

You need the right skills to get you where you want to go but training the car.
So what is coaching coaching is like putting oil in the engine fuel in the tank making sure the car continues to run long-term and ultimately we all know that you can’t run a car very far without oil right and a lot of times.
People learn a new skill or they receive training, and what happens is? Is they go to try to implement the training and for whatever reason it doesn’t work? Maybe they didn’t execute it properly or or maybe that they just have bad luck with a customer and then they might throw it out the window and stop using it right.

So, where the coaching comes in the maintenance, so to speak, we’re following up and checking in with them, whatever, whatever increment they want and need, and we’re asking hey did that plan work? Did that training leave when they say it? Didn’t we coach them on it and we help we figure out the reason it didn’t work and we help them improve, try their strategy again and and we’ll continue that cycle until it works, or we find a better way for them if the results they want.
What do you think really differentiates that from say traditional training, gotcha yeah, so the training is again it’s the foundation for it’s the foundation of knowledge that you need in order to get results, but training only helps so that there’s four really four things that need to Be answered before someone will execute or take action right.
They have to, they have to know how to do it right.

Can I do it, they have to want to do it, they have to need to do it and then they have to decide to do it right.
So training really is just that.
Can I do it, but, but you know, will I do I want to do it? Do I need to do it and will I do it? That’s where the coaching comes in that’s simple and that can be for around anything man now sometimes coaching will identify that.

There’s a training, there’s training needed and then it’ll turn into some sort of hey.
Well, let’s provide you training on that other times.
For the most part, though, it’s mindset coaching fixes the mindset right.

We all have limiting beliefs and things that hold us back and what coaching does training doesn’t tackle those for the most part training.
You know coaching uncovers missing, puzzle pieces and it finds out what they don’t know and it also finds out.
They do know that’s holding them back, and then you solve those challenges.

You give them the missing puzzle pieces, you coach them around they’re their stories, cons, assumptions and mindsets that are holding them back awesome.
I definitely agree with you made a lot of good valid points on that, so what you’re, in a ton of dealerships you’re, always on the moves? You see every different aspect.
What do you think really? The biggest struggle is that most dealerships have nowadays when you first go into.

I would just chalk it up to two leadership and I’m not saying anything bad about sales managers or the managers or the owners.
When I say leadership, we’re all leading the same way that we were taught to lead from the time we got into the car business, which is very militant you, and I can speak to this right, leading through black medians, hey, I’m a manager, I’m gon na tell You what to do and I’m good at my job, so you should say what I told you to say and it should work for you right.
Yet, managers everyday are frustrated because they tell they little bit salespersons lips, they tell them what to go, say and they’re.

Like why won’t they say it right? They follow to the desk.
They they listen to the sales person and the sales person doesn’t say it, and that’s because they’re, leading through blind obedience, we’re telling selling yelling it’s a fast-paced.
It’s the showroom floor, sell fast pace and give you guys line of sight.

I you know I was a gsm of the top Hyundai store in st.
Louis we’re, the only Hyundai store up in a down market for two consecutive years after I implemented coaching, and we went we set first-time regional records and the one thing that I changed by The way – and there were other changes like we got rid of our advertising, but not no other positive changes, helped us grow our business other than stocking a few more cars.
The main thing we change was the way I led my team, so I stopped telling selling and yelling, and I started asking and – and I I transformed from the problem manager to a Sales Leader, because I met the language of coaching and when I realized the impact It had on my team, I said I’ve got to bring coaching in the car business, there’s other people that need this and and it will change their lives.

So that’s why I kind of walked away from that success of my store to do what I do now, which is awesome and rewarding and successful and fulfilling I didn’t plan on doing it.
But to your point, the one thing that could be proved is the way we lead our people because every time managers every time you give them the answer solve the problem, form jump on the grenade, save the deal and I’m not saying don’t.
Tio2 big deals, I’m just telling you every time you solve those problems, you’re robbing your people of their ability to solve problems themselves and you’re becoming a crud.

That’s yeah! It’s almost like, like a you, have to equate almost like a child with where you’re gon na keep doing it for it.
They’re never gon na learn on their own.
How that nigga know helped you to do it and won’t be able to do it.

Can I just add something that I’m glad you brought up something sales managers at the desk low tulips? The problem is sales managers today don’t sell the salespeople.
If you’re on a sales floor, you got ta sell.
If you are a credit, if you work for a credit company and you’re doing your writing loans, when they go to the credit manager, the manager is selling them on the deal, how to take it to the dealer, so it makes sense for them if you’re selling, On a sales floor right, you got ta sell as a sales manager.

You are the top salesman.
You got.
Ta sell your people, I go to stores with their sales managers that really know how to sell and load people’s lips and they go from here to there.

Don’t get up again and come and lay people out and I’m also in store where the sales managers a robot yeah.
So when that salesman tells you well, why what’s the difference between? If I do this and do that? If I understand today, people are very very smart more than a decade ago, okay, one a new decade right now, this full decade people got a lot of knowledge, hey and that’s what’s happening today.
That’s why, with the vet program, we have the vets.

I have a veteran very connected with the VA I’m gon na get in any state.
I can get any vet because I’m totally complementary right.
Okay, I’m gon na train them Brandon holy strainers.

I have a top-notch John Fairchild top-notch traders, but what happens with that process? What happens with that process is when they go into the workforce.

That’s the other recipe.
What is the other recipe? It’s you or a company like yourself.

That’s why we’re looking into your company right? My team is because the reason for that is because that’s what you need, the the coaching to that person you trained one-on-one make them aware because they’re going into the real real life.
Ok, I got them.
I put them on my life.

Sweet i’ll baby.
Do a workshop I told workshop for 30 or 40 of them boom self-funded.
I do workshop ok, but then, after that workshop they are graduating from an internship into real real live work.

There’s a big difference between that and abdillah sending you 10 salespeople right.
Ok! So if I don’t have all the right structure and infrastructure, I will fail without it happen.
I respect your looking to do it and do it right the first time right, Sean, it’s been four years actually 2017.

I got the institute in Arizona with my partner’s.
It’s been four years, I didn’t just do it.
I paid a lot of money in consulting.

I fired a consultant company, that’s for nonprofits! That’s for this.
I didn’t hit platinum level right as a dad profits on my website in 2019, because there was no work and no effort.
I just didn’t.

Do a non-profit and only have a non-profit, I have a profitable company that is covered for the nonprofit.
You know it’s four years working on something with really really intelligent people, not me my teas, much more intelligent.
They really know what they’re doing.

Okay, let me just tell you this.
I got see all those that are really sharp like see see a face like my cologne, my right, so that’s just to mention a few of them table.
Kaleo bar Pellegrino and the list goes on very successful people because you’re very easy to fail.

You know and with something like this of this magnitude, if I don’t have the trainer’s, if I don’t have the vet, if I don’t have that assessment, that’s look.
It looks into by a psychologist.

If I don’t have that, it’s not gon na work, because so many others have tried it where, where the the product might fall down is and that’s what you bring to the table.

You’re a great coach.
I’ve been searching, you and I’ve been doing research and so has gene and chose a few members of my team, because that’s really, when I walk into a dealership and tell them this is what we have.
Okay, it’s basically bulletproof right because we have a coach after the Train he’s gon na coach him.

We have this.
We have that I’ve been depressed, I’m in the market, for a coach.
That’s what my next level is, because I know that without a coach, I’m not going to succeed.

You know I have three coaches around me all the time from the age that I’m 26 years old, okay, because that’s the only way you’re going to see because you know what I’m a great visionary.
But sometimes my operator says that’s a great vision, but there’s no money in it being a visionary and executing and making profits and putting profits in your account and getting subscribers to subscribe for your product or to different things.

Oh, you know, that’s that’s what happens with a lot of guys.

They have a great vision, unbelievable vision, but that vision when you share it with a CEO.
Oh that really knows, puts the number and puts the pencil tooth and says listen.
This is not working.

You got ta see what motivated that person to get that vision.
What was it? Was it to help out to make himself look good or to just make money? People do it for three reasons: either their ego money motivates them or to help out right so which what motivated them in their head to try it.

You know that’s what I don’t want and my company that’s why it’s very important to me the most important thing to me in the last four years.
The most important thing to me is vets, because when I do something – and I start something, let me tell you first of all, I wanted to do the vets, because my son was going to the military he chooses not to so now.
I already did all the investment and I did everything so now, I’m on it and I’ve learned that the vets really really are amazing.

At the car business I mean you came out of the military.
You developed a process for your company, which I you know.
I really want to hear a little bit more about, which is: it’s Drive c3, that c3 yep.

He brought me a little bit about that and how you help deal with increase by what forty percent, I think, we’re more you doing sales yeah! Well, we have some.
We have a few dealers that have gone up significantly more than that, even but what it boils down to is that you know I read a bunch of coaching books that when I was at my dealership and then I started trying to coach people – and it was Like reading a manual, oh right and then you know and then trying to fly one alright, you need, you know.
Coaching is like anything else, it’s a skill that needs to be trained on and matched mastered and then coached on coached on to master, and so when I started, I was coaching my sales team.

However, you know beat my head against the wall.
My veterans were frustrated by it.
They were like Sean.

What are we doing the green piece, I noticed my coaching would just turn into me: training them right and so, and I realized something that I had never been coached before.
So I reached out to the author of the one of the books.
I read and I asked him to be my coach.

I hired him he he coached me.
So I could experience effective coaching and then and then I started coaching.
My team and I was using kind of his coaching process, which was great for corporate America a little bit different in the car business because of the pace of business and the levels of the different generational gaps in their success.

That in coaching works.
That’s the beauty of coaching right: it will work for your seasoned, veteran salespeople or your brand-new salespeople or the owner of the company, or it doesn’t matter right.
Coaching improves anyone, no matter, but to going back rushon about the the process I created so drive c3 trademarked.

Coaching is my coaching framework that I created and and after I had mastered coaching and it was making the impact at my dealership, I was like I guess I was wondering I was coaching only working for my team because they’re my employees and they already worked for Me right so I had to coach someone outside of my showroom floor.
So all of a sudden like out of nowhere, you know like, like they’ll bolt out of the blue of the CEO of my CRM software company, stopped by my dealership, and he was stressed out about some and I coached him through it.

Now his company was called drive centric.

So after that coaching conversation, he was able to make a big improvement for his company, that that, just it changed the game for them, and he asked me if, if I would be willing to have more conversations like that, and then I explained to him what coaching Was – and he was no different than me a couple of years ago – he didn’t really know so anyways, so I started coaching software company, that was my person off the showroom floor and and then in coaching them.
I built a coaching framework for their company and for the car business that it active, but here’s what it boils down to it’s every leaders, job to know what their are each of their employees wants most and to help them and to help them get it.
So what my coaching framework does is it clarifies each person’s vision for success? It gets the buy-in.

It recruits them to the to the coaching effort, you’re, not giving them value.
They don’t need you guys, no sales veterans.
What I’ve been selling cars for 20 years.

They always say the same thing about training.
Well, I got like one takeaway right and and they’re they don’t see the margin of return right.
So coaching is a guaranteed value.

Add because you’re gon na find out what they do, know what they don’t know and you’ve got the buy-in and you’ve earned to do it and then there’s the the education side and then there’s the follow-up support bottom lines.
This guy’s, you know every single comforting conversation produces action plans and those action plans to to actually get implemented, require checking accountability and support and and everyone needs that accountability buddy.

You know you know from the military right we have a battle buddy, but so that’s kind of what coaching gives each person on the team and and one of my biggest struggles.

What is that you know for coaches? We trade time for money, so it’s not scalable right, so it’s really hard, but I’ve been able man the last year.
I’ve had so many conversations with sales people who wanted coaching but couldn’t afford our rights, so I had to find a way to make it scalable.
So we could follow up with everyone.

We can give any person at any level of the dealership.
The ability receive coping and bigger now.
So that’s why I think you and I can help each other grow Richie.

Oh, you know.
I see that that’s one of the biggest things I struggle with myself.

Jackie said military mindset.

I mean I’ve been out of the military well over 10 years now, and it’s still the the dominant factors still up here, where I’m still trying to learn to be.
You know get the influence a little higher up.
So with that being said, how do you take a traditional manager and really turn them into a coach? That’s a great question and I’m happy, I’m and – and I hope, will help trainers and and and deal with principals across the country turn more matters into coaches, because here’s what it boils down to right, first off they’ve, got to see the value in it.

Okay, so like just walk into a store and be like okay, Richie, okay or a sales manager, now you’re gon na be a coach they’ll.
Just look like aunt.
No thanks now yeah, so my spread is to give them effective coaching and and when they experience that and and again these coaching condos create action plans which creates and then we’re following up we’re checking in when we’re checking in, and we hear that the action plan Worked and we’re celebrating that success with them all those little wins.

I call them coaching wins you’re measuring those you’re tracking those those are direct results that equate to direct results, and things like that.
So you, you stack those winds up and you’re asking these people.
These questions, and they start they start learning them.

This is a better way of communicating.
This is changing their life and and they see those winds and feel those winds, and then they start coaching their team.

Sometimes it takes two months other times.

You know a year end, but but I if I can share one story, I’ll, never forget till the dealer on the East Coast right in your neck of the woods, the dealer principal and had that sales training forever and the his sons worked for him and one Of the sons love the sales trainer they’re like brothers, like they have a good relationship and he felt like I was encroaching on the trainer’s territory.
By the way we coach dealers that have Grant Cardone Joe Verde, you know cell ecology.
We coach do training again coaching controlling everything, yeah, it’s right, so we can work it done matter, but but the son, the dealer’s son, said I mean coach.

I want Jonathan to coach me, you know the sales trainer and, and so anyway, fast for a year later, after dozens, if not well, hundreds of coaching wins at his store, he started.
You know we’re coaching.
Every single week he’s sending me recording con recorded Kondos of his coaching campus, asking me to give him.

You know you’re, like ISO, and they had a last year that a record year, several first-time regional, finishes and an almost zero employee turnover.
So you know that again you go back to the whole oil in the engine thing right.
How long will your car last without a little coaching, puts the oil and free employees it keeps our employees on coaching eliminates turnover? Training doesn’t necessarily do that.

It also helps improve morale and stuff.
Now I know you, there are different types of coaching.
I believe you guys go by just what four different types of coaching you guys go through.

That’s correct, yeah.
So what are those types of coaching and really? How do you feel that they improve at dealerships ROI? Well, that’s a great question and thank you for asking that.

There’s a okay, so the most they’re all important okay, but but again I go back to the whole.

What does a leaders job to do? Right? Add value their people make them better help them get what they want on their life in their career, so aspiration coaching, that’s my brief or or so we are helping the employee with it’s their agenda.
It’s their topic right, we’re again leadership in the auto industry.
We’re always going to our employees and telling them what they need to do, what they should to aspirational.

Coaching flips that on its head and and the leader is going to the employee and asking them.
How can I serve you? What can I help you achieve? You know coach them on whatever it, so that’s that’s number one! So when you use aspirational coaching, it meets all the employee motivation arm, there’s ten of them right.
There is a care purpose, recognition mastery autonomy, growth.

I can go on for the ten, but it doesn’t matter code.
Coaching aspirational coaching meets all those employee motivators which gets the employee becomes extremely loyal to their leader yeah, the second.
It is metric coaching, so we will dive into the CRM metrics for BDC you for sales, but we actually will analyze the metrics and give people real and relevant targeted coaching to what they want and need most just society.

My favorite example: we had a sales person, double her sales she’s, a master certified Mercedes sales person has been doing this for about twenty years and one coaching convo doubled, met one metric, coaching combo by identifying one KPI and her CRM doubled her sales.
It was pretty awesome, big big coaching win there and then there is observation.
I mean it’s just like literally, if you want to help the little league baseball player improve their swing.

What do you have to do? Got ta watch them swing the bat.

So we teach managers to give effective, observational coaching right now, the only real for the most part, observational coaching happens around desking deals, but what about the meat and grease right? What about the phone calls? What about the inbound calls outbound calls what about the walk-around? The demo drive what about the write-up who’s, observing and coaching on those areas.
Yeah and there’s an artist there’s an art, all those and then last and certainly not least, is is turnaround.

Have a king.
I think I mean most are one or two sides: either let people go way too quick or they hold on from way too long.
I was more on that side of it before coaching and what turnaround coaching does is I imagine this guy’s.

Imagine if every single underperformer at your dealership, let’s say within with it it’s over, 60 % of them was performing and exceeding expectations, and then the other 38 % were were gone because it wasn’t a good fit and and and that ended on great terms, so that That’s what turn around coaching does helps you keep the right people on the team, get the wrong people off the team and make sure that everyone’s performing at the level they need to.
So those are the four types of coaching that we conduct and we teach our dealers to leverage.
So you know you, you hate almost every different type and, like I said, I’m learning myself now I still can’t you know.

I still find myself going into oh you’re, going to do this type thing and I’m learning and coaching does get you further.
So the one thing I did like he said is: I’m very analytical metric based and everything else.
So, even something you know as simple as we were coaching our sales staff in my dealership on new car closing percentages.

So what we did was we just started writing how many ups they’ve had along with, however, made the OS they wrote.
You know figure but even delivered just wrote and we started posting on a board and just not saying anything about it.
We just write it and it was funny because you know the psychological standpoint.

Anyone who is above 40 % we’d write everything in green.
Anyone who was below 40 %, we write in red and we never said anything to these people to laugh until they would come to us.
So it’s funny so out of 15 sales reps we had.

I think it was like five or six every day for like a two-week span, we would do in a two-week chart that were always in red.

I did it yesterday.
I think there’s only one person who was on to 40 %, that was a new sales rep at 38 %, closing which isn’t bad at all, and it’s funny we use, we started having the snails reps, come to us and say: how do i improve my numbers? What can I do differently? Where do you see me or what can I say differently, so I think the metric training and stuff like that.

I think that’s phenomenal, how you guys dive into everything you know what else earlier, like hey I’d like to kind of retouch on that question to how do you turn managers in the coaches so number one give and that’s for any one man, if you all learn To coach hire yourself an awesome coach now you’ve learned those skills, but also I will share that car motor is.
We have a met.
We have a 12 week master class program.

Everyone that enters in will learn train.
You know the difference between training and coaching the barriers to effective coaching without knowing that you can’t coach with it.
You know I’m just not effectively.

Anyways you’ll learn how to conduct the four types of coaching and then, by the end of the twelve weeks, you’ll be a drive.
C3 you’re gon na be drive c3 trained.
It’s not drive c3 certified because you have to put in hundreds of coaching hours documented, measured to get that, but, but just so you know, we have a 12 week master class and group small groups and its really effective people are loving that I definitely I think That let me take a look at that, so be just asking questions.

So, when you’re dealing with computers right, you always want to hire yourself a computer science guy right.
So when you’re dealing with people, because let’s talk about a lot of things that click people egos, they got habits, they got this, especially in our in our business.
Do you have in your team a psychologist, great question? No, we don’t have a psycho here’s the principle that we are my coaches operate on right, yeah, that’s a great question! You find out what people want to accomplish and then we try to help them, get it alright and and then what they want most.

Is it aligned to what the dealership wants most? If not, we try to figure out a way to make that happen.
So it’s this, it’s the universal principle of with them right.

You have.

You have got to understand, what’s in it for me, because I’m not going to buy em right and then, if I see that you’re trying to help me get what I want and that’s your only agenda, I’m gon na buy into that, and I’m going to be A part of that journey versus going into a deal you need to be doing this.
You should be selling more car.
It’s a different approach.

If that’s that’s all it is.
Does that answer that question yeah? I’m brought that up because you, you know what you’re right, but here’s what I do right.
I do an assessment with you right.

You tell me what you want and all this and then I watch your behavior, but not only do I watch it.
I have a team.
I got a few guys that are psychologists, our team, so we do an assessment.

We watch the behavior because somebody can tell you what their agenda is right.
They just might be telling you that, because they would like that right.
So now you watch behavior right how they’re behaving what they told you and then you make an assessment with them and that’s why I say psychologist because you’re dealing with left brain right, brain people, some people know how to use both okay and and you’re dealing with Salespeople, okay you’re dealing with people that what they do for a living is sell you right so and that’s what you’re dealing with.

So it’s a very gray area.
When you deal with that, because you got to watch behavior because behavior really says like it’s not about the question, it’s about the answer right and it’s how they came up with that answer.
Did they perceive that you said something? And now the real answer comes out or an answer.

That is not all there that it’s not black and white.
It’s great and the problem with sales in sales is is really great.
When you go to fix, operation is gray, it’s I mean it’s black and white.

So now you know right, that’s it, but when it comes to sales you don’t know.
So that’s why I I reference that just a little bit about me.
I work for a book and one of my mentors was dr.

John Menard check, which is a tremendous psychologist in the car business.

Okay, and we had a whole team of that.
And it’s really really about that.

A lot because that’s how you really follow out a lot of things in our o Pope.
It was a brand name.
Today, it’s IHS.

We had professional services there and what we had was consulted and training right.
So but we looked at a lot of bee because we were the Intel business, so the behavior is key.
It’s just like when you go to the military and they they put you in the classroom and they see their 30 days with you bonding with you and watching your behavior on what they’re doing and now there’s there’s a data is coming back as far as an Assessment is coming back and knowing where to put them.

The last thing you want is you want to put a hot head where there’s actually a problem with a war, because he’s gon na be dead right, so you got a so that’s what I’m trying to say.
That’s all I agree, you have a very good process.
You know we.

When you mentioned psychology Richie, I’m glad you brother.
We said I was actually in the army.
I was in the psychological operation, so my job was to persuade a target audience to help meet national.

Yes or supported unit objectives, create information campaigns at all and communicate with the the target audience right and and in in my company leverages, will purchase personality styles or gallops strengths assessments right for leadership stuff.
So we do, we leverage you know, and then we have our own created survey, employees, motivation survey.
We call it, I inspire so so yeah, but we don’t want to be a psychologist, but the interesting part about you know.

I want to throw out there when it comes to.
You know, I guess a salesperson trying to sell the trainer or the coach.
You know with coaching, it’s never our agenda.

So when I ask a salesperson hey, what do you want to focus on today or ask a sales manager? What gold can we help you achieve tonight for coaching it’s their topic, and then I say: okay, what are your challenges? We’re gon na start digging in right and asking them the questions, but they know that we don’t have an agenda, we’re not trying to force them to do we’re, never going to tell someone to do something I do so.
At the end of the day, now we’ll report on whatever the plans are so the leadership knows if it’s, if you know the action is aligned to the dealerships objectives, but you know there’s no need to sell a coach because we’re not we don’t have an agenda.
We’re here to help you we’re you, but the beautiful thing about a coach.

There is an agenda with a coach T.
The agenda with the coach, I think, is make that person as successful as you possibly claim now as successful as they let you bake them right.
That’s really the only agenda that a coach should have is about making you successful right.

That’s it! That’s the only agenda.
You know stay behind the scene and make somebody as successful as they want to be you’re only as good as the data that’s being provided to you right.
But if you had a product that you knew coming in where you were, I believe I believe that you’re able to coach that person a lot better if you had the data right.

No, no doubt that’s why the metric data, the metric data is so important and and what I liked what Eric was saying earlier, because you know there are a lot of people look at CRM metric.
So that’s not accurate right and then that’s thing.
Throw the baby out with the bathwater, so it’s so important that a coach helps them see value in the data and learn to leverage the data.

That’s there because bottom line is, is you know, what’s the benchmark? Well, whatever that person wants to be at right, so coaching on the metrics creates the action plan and the metric grows.
So what if it’s off by 20 % when you started, if it’s 20 % better later than what you started right, you still Ameria.
You got very 100 percent.

You know.
We’ve had a lot of good conversations today about coaching how to really what the difference between a manager is a coach.

I definitely want to continue this conversation on another episode, because I had one last question for you, but I actually want to.

I think it would turn into a whole nother episode if we go into it now, which is state chuggers.
We’ll have you back on in another couple weeks on what creates a winning culture in a dealership, so think about that one for the next time we have you on.
I do want to thank you for coming on today.

I know I know you got a run and whip we’re tight for time.
At the end, I’m guys know take a little you outside.
What’s your website that they can reach you attics what carpools not gon na WWE are motivators calm.

I’d love to have you guys check it out and if I can help you, if you’re interested in mastering the language of coaching feel free to reach out, I’m always here to support you guys, married.
What’s on we’re very interested in you, that’s why I brought you to the show: let’s have a follow-up call I’m going to a land up to this dirty car.

Frane tail is ready Tyler, so here I’m gon na bounce it any student that buys one ticket is gon na, get one ticket I’d be but sure let’s have a follow up after I come back from Florida because we’re very interested jeez, very interested and our Team is very interested.
Thank you so much well.
Can we appreciate, on the show, guys like to take a look at the clip for mr.

Fran tail was upcoming event.
Alright, what’s up max we’re checking in and I wan na point out, I was introduced to this individual by Richie Bello, a good friend of mine by the name of Fran Taylor, who does world-class automotive sales training workshop, and I have to tell you friends, also world-class Training techniques helps dealers and managers, say million, make millions of dollars by not being a slave to advertising teaching their salespeople.
How to prospect like pros teaching green peas all live to experienced veteran sales people.

I sell 30 units a month as a matter of fact.
Fran has an awesome event coming up in Orlando Florida on January to 15.
So, if you’re looking to get your sales people up to 7:30 in this month, if you’re looking to take your dealership to another level or view yourself and the sales rep want to increase your production, I highly encourage you to check out Fred Taylor’s world-class training and Get back on Orlando Florida on January 15, I’m Bryan Maxwell, and hopefully I look forward to seeing you at the event over and out .

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