Automotive Training News LIVE 1-15-20 with Noel Walsh

Are you watching it?
You, you amazing training! Could ever meet he’s been on the show before with us? We always love.
We have them on so uh, let’s say hello to Richie and know.

What’s going on guys, hey guys, how are you today good Richie, how’s Florida going? Oh, it’s going great, I’m over here at the world shop with France.
It’s amazing this workshop there’s! So many guys hit a 3040 cars.
So many guys that he’s helped out.

I had to come here and see it myself to see the value of it.
You can’t believe the knowledge that’s around this room from Fran to the other speakers, Terry and etc, and Dave it’s unbelievable.
What a great of that awesome! Any other have plan.

I’m gon na have friend say a little bit to talk a little bit about this event.
Awesome yeah I this this is Fran IRRI.
What’s cool about this event? Is everybody that I have speaking in our group? They all sold cars and they’re.

All I mean most of them, their own 15.
24 month.
I mean they jump up and sell 40-plus cars a month.

They ended up.
Taking the money invested real estate, we got a young guy to flip down from Canada, he’s only 24 years old he’s been in our private training for eight months.
He said.

Look I’m second.
On the board, I will be number one by the end of the year and last year he travelled to Europe three different times and he told everybody that you know he’s going to Israel this year.
He bought his first property for 300 grand it’s worth a half a million dollars, so it’s not selling cars.

I have the speakers up.
There talk about what they do to make more money, selling cars and the other things they do to invest their money and, what’s really cool, it’s all true, you can talk to any speaker, you want that are doing it in today’s hole.

So here’s Richey again.

Thank you anyway.
Sorry, this is really really good.
It’s really really amazing.

I know no Walsh is there and he’s gon na talking about the walk around and it’s very, very important between the walk around or plant kalos.
Does it’s great, and I got some breaking news to say: Fran Tila wants to be part of the veterans nonprofit and we’re gon na have a meeting with him today and that’s really great to use those tight.
That’s unbelievable! That’s awesome! So let’s do this.

So just so every knows being here.

Today’s topic is gon na, be the walk around and the demo presentation, which is why mr.
Noor Walsh is here with us with it, but before we get into Knoll, I know Richie has a special video from the Jim Ellis group.

That rich is part of helping out with what can it walk around.

So let’s take a look at the video, quick, good morning, everyone and welcome DJ.
We have .

I welcome to Jamila’s mass in Atlanta here gemellus.
I understand your time is very valuable.
I want to respect that in an effort to provide outstanding customer service top sales advisers from EADS gemellus dealership compete to see who can deliver the best client experience.

Contestants are judged on their ability to effectively communicate with customers interested in purchasing the nubium.
This competition is one of the many ways Jim Ellis held his client specialists, hold their skills and deliver a better customer experience.


I want you to hold your Nicki , [, Music ].
That’s what it’s about at Jim Alice is being the best awesome video.
So, as you guys see, the Jim Alex group really goes all out when they do walk around campus.

Let me go: let’s go over this product that Brandon had esand has delivered for quite some time, and I’ve been working with him on it.
This is a walk around with judges liked cars, direct automotive views, etc.
So we have an auto group that we’re going to be doing this in March.

We go online with cameras, okay and after that, lively it custom audience, alright, our consumers in the market using IHS this product.
So this is very lucrative just walk around because it’s training, its judges and it’s also sell cars on Facebook.
It’s a very, very interesting product that we have developed like sort of no.

What do you thoughts on that? You know I thought it was up.
It was a great video, it was very professional.
I think more dealers should do that and have that contest I think, there’s uh, especially in today’s age.

I think it’s more important now than ever for salespeople to have the product knowledge to be able to give a effective dynamite presentation and to work the process of the walk around in a way that keeps that blowing keeps the imagine the customers imagination going and I Think that we we beat off our peers, we grow from our peers more than anything.
So when you see people that work at the same dealership or the same dealer group giving dynamite presentations like that on film that you can learn from, then it gives the rest of the staff the opportunity for something to to try and try and achieve and try And get better at so, I think, that’s, I think, that’s incredible 90 % Ricky.
What what’s your biggest thing with the with the walk around competition? Why do you think it really helps improve the overall dealership? It’s very simple: you have the judges, but you have the sales people do it.

So the sales people are like on stage they go out and study about it.
You increase their enthusiasm and you get people involved.
It’s like a works.

Updating sales people involved 40 days.
Do all the walk around it’s just everybody involved, that’s in sales to really polish shelters and want to win it’s a contest right or its judges.
You know so that’s the beautiful thing about it and if you look at this video how the video was done and everything was really down, I had to get you know approval to share this on my life, but you know branding was part of it.

We all help them out doing this, and now we got a painter order, fruit, all right out on the west coast that it’s going to be doing this in March and pretty soon you guys are gon na start, seeing who it is out there, people, let’s start Promoting it, the biggest thing is the sales people’s enthusiasm arose, Oh watch, and they go out of their way to learn more more because it is a competition and there is an award at the end, and there is no stuff that we do and gifts that one Do and it’s a great way to create enthusiasm and a learning curve and seeing what he’s very other sales person doesn’t walk around, especially on the CP.
Oh walk around.
You know.

A lot of customers come in a circle and the average sales who doesn’t do a walk around well.
Jim Ellis takes a new car or a Cpl the same way and that’s what’s different about it.
You know and it creates enthusiasm, and we all know where enthusiasm festival, sales department it just creates for sales hundred percent.

I mean, if you look at the video.
Almost everyone who’s in the video doing a walk-around had had exactly said.
They had energy excitement, enthusiasm.

They had a smile on their face, so they were shelling and that always transposed over to the customer.

You agree.
No, absolutely! Yes, you know.

Enthusiasm breeds energy and its really the energy in the showroom that that that really gets customers to want to take that next step to want to take the vehicle home.
If there’s a stale energy in the showroom.
That’s when it’s harder to get customers to stay at your desk or to go through the process or to commit to taking the vehicle home that day to when there is energy and enthusiasm, and someone gets a dynamite presentation, they really feed off.

Of that.
In fact, I was just doing walk-around presentations last week in Detroit a couple dealerships, and it was just it was great.
Seeing people come up from service, the service writers, service, techs, the BDC managers, finance managers and customers alike, and I have some customers that would just watch my my presentation as they were looking at that vehicle and it really just sparked that interest so yeah when you Can have that enthusiasm that breeze that energy that then for transfers throughout the showroom throughout the other salespeople throughout the other staff and through the customers? That’s really where you get that customer in that buying that buying mode and excited about the product awesome.

I agree on you percent the Rikki.
We know that you’re gon na be going aren’t staged in a couple minutes.
We want to wish you the best with DAC.

So what? What do you want to go over the walk-around? What advice do you have for sales people that you think would really benefit them the most well? The biggest thing is with the walk around Nashville, you make the customer aware of what they’re getting awareness is tea.
You know in every field making the consumer aware is when they make the right decision, and in today’s world and dealership they spend a lot of time.
Training on products apart from sales process.

And why? Because this really has increased sales has increased their CSI and has increased repeat business retention.
Value is so much higher when a dealership does a walk around.
Maybe every six months or seven months.

That dealership now has become like a five-star restaurant, a five-star hotel that dealership has become a five-star once you have a five-star and what you’ve built this brand.
The way Jim Ellis group has built that they’ve hit every every every goal that the fact is ever put out for that: okay in the bowl stores at UH GMC stores, there are amazing what they’re doing and it started with these walk arounds about two years ago.

I agree, I you know it’s, you have to get the person to like you first and I think the walk-around is the easiest way to get that experience is to really break the ice and get them you know, get the customer engaged laughing with you.

Joking around the walk around Eric works like this.
Why did we? Why are we using life today we’re using life today because of the engagement right where people engage on life more than when you write content, and it was right, that’s why we’re using it to walk around creating gauge being with the customer, yeah, okay and that’s the Same way, that’s why more and more stores of doing walk around I mean the first one of the first walk around was a Asbury group all right that Brandon did the walk around there.

We got the video on there all right that happens five six years ago and it started with that.

That was the first store that actually did this walk around and that in this magnitude, so you know it’s really a positive thing: that’s walk around.
It creates great energy for the showroom, it creates great energy for the consumer and it really shows the consumer, the product, they’re buying great words Richie, I know like I said you can be going on your show.
What, where do you want to leave off with? We want to with you yeah.

I want to leave off with thanking know for coming back to the show he is such a team player with us he’s always there for us, and I thank him so much.
I don’t consider him a good good friend and he is amazing trainer and that’s the guy that you guys got a listen to.
I did one YouTube on his service thing.

He’s amazing he’s very well very well, it knows about Facebook knows about all this, but the most important is.
He really is a really good trainer sales process knows every aspect of the business and my hat goes off to him and I think – and I just don’t say that about a lot of people, but one of the guys that I say that about all the time Is all washed and no thanks a lot, enjoy the show quit airing and have an awesome day Ritchie before you? Let you go, we want to say it that we want to wish you good luck.
We know you’re going on stage soon.

You don’t need it.
Everyone knows that you’re a master when it comes to training and without you none of that sort of impossible, and we also want to thank mr.
Fran tail for putting together such a great seminar.

That’s teaching people how to sell 30 or more cars.
Oh mister friends, uh vants, i know you’ve been to a couple of them right, yeah.
Yes, I spoke at five or six events and you know there’s always great speakers.

There’s always great content shared.
It is it’s nice how he does have sales people up there who are doing it.
In fact, the first couple I spoke at for Fran – I was selling at the time, or I was doing my training and selling both at the same time, and so there’s a lot to be taken away from there and one of the greatest things about going to Any event is the relationships that you build.

You know.
Sometimes we have these.
I just had the opportunity to meet Ali read up and him, and I have probably talked on the phone 40 times and I’ve had him on five or six of my lives, but we had never met in person.

So, even though, sometimes we’re friends with these people online we’ve talked to them numerous times we engage.

We have a relationship with them, sometimes actually going there looking in their eyes and shaking their hands.

But anytime, you have the opportunity to go see one of Fran’s events.

There’s always fresh content added, there’s, always a lot of the basics that we should all be following at it, and there’s always a lot of good talent to give you different aspects of our business and retail selling industry.

Only the percent well Ricky.
We wish you luck if you still on the line and let’s take a look at mr.

Knoll Wallace’s video on why qualifying customer is gon na pay off in the end videos, I’m going to talk about how the high quality experience creates the high-paying ending customers want An experience, okay, they aren’t coming to see you like an amusement park or a zoo or a museum they’re coming to see you for an expensive product that they did.

Preliminary research on online that they read some facts.

Read some articles on got some feedback from friends, family neighbors, social media.

They know a little bit about the vehicle that they’re interested in now.

What they want is they want a salesperson to be that Sales Professional to create a high quality experience.
We want to make an experience that they are comfortable going through, that they enjoy that answers their questions that gives them the facts and the value that they need to make the right decision, which therefore makes it a high-paying ending for you, the salesperson, when you’ve done Everything right money no longer becomes as much of a factor, but you want to make sure that you did everything right.

Creating that experience showing that you’re, the professional that you know what you’re talking about and therefore you will be able to ask for all the money.
You’ll be able to ask for the asking price negotiation and closing are a lot more smooth.
When you create a high-quality experience, you will have a high, paying ending know, walsh confer you know, tell me how that plays into creating an excellent walk around and demo.

Tell me the reason why that that it all ties in you know absolutely.
It does all tie in great choice of video, it’s hard to believe that videos, almost four years old now, but as many videos as i’ve shot.
There’s i’ve got them all over the place, but it is an experience because you know when I was doing my presentations in walk arounds.

I did twelve walk rounds at two dealerships in three days.
It was the same for vehicles, it was what me and the dealer principal talked about.
He really wanted his staff to know, but you know if we just sit there and in data drop, we don’t investigate and identify really what the customers looking for.

You know what I talked about often is, you know, ask the customer what they like best about their current vehicle.
Ask them what they wish.
Their current vehicle had asked them.

What features technology benefits they would be willing to invest in in their new vehicles.
So understand this, I believe, start at the front of the vehicle talk about talk about the exterior.
That’s the first thing that people see is the exterior looks now.

Obviously, they spend 95 % of the time in their vehicle and seeing the vehicle from the inside out, but starting off in the front.
Knowing what they’re interested in, because you were investigating and identified what they were willing to invest in talking about some of the attractive features, the new-look model upgrades and then keeping a flow to it? Where you’re sharing the right information and you’re not giving a lecture see on a walk around on a presentation, we want to keep that moving, because when it’s moving their imaginations movie, where I did also, I did four hours of classroom training at each store both days And it’s harder, sometimes sitting up there and in a small conference room just sitting there, because it’s it’s more of a lecture.
Even if I’m keeping the audience engaged and and I’m you know – and I’m stating good facts – I’m sharing great content, I’m reminding them things that they should be doing that they.

Maybe they forgot about doing I’m sharing things that people are doing across the country having good good results with.
So I think more than anything is is make it fun, like you said, if you’ve got a great sense of humor, make them laugh if you’re a joke.
Teller tell jokes if you’re good at building relationships or you like that, you follow the same college football team write it take that time to build that rapport still share information, but make it more of an event, an experience rather than it has this engine.

This much horsepower this big transmission, this much gas mileage in five powertrain options.
Do you want to take it for a drive right and so create an experience? You know most people like to be told what to do so once you’ve done this and you’ve been able to share your personality.
That’s when you could say hey sit inside here, put your hands on the steering wheel.

Don’t you like us to three o’clock and 9 o’clock position for the steering controls? How do you like the tufted seats? You know this has a 10-way power driver’s seat with manual lumbar.
It gives you the ability to go into all those things and really take control.
The process but doing it and in a way that you’re creating an experience for the customer that they feel that it’s it’s really that ritz-carlton experience that that they have their own concierge.

You know giving them the professional walk around and that’s what they expect from us, because we work here.
We we sell this product, they are expecting a professional presentation, I’m saying so.
I I watched the video with you a while ago.

I was gon na put it on today’s episode, but I’ll do is I’ll tag, the video and afterwards it was.
What are the five points that you cover on a walk-around yeah? So you know, and it would somewhat be a little bit different for every customer once again and what I investigated and identified, but on every customer I’m going to talk about safety points.
I am gon na touch base on on styling, I’m going to touch base on good customer feedback that I’ve had on certain features or mass-media.

You know certain features that the vehicles got a lot of accolades a lot of popularity.

I remember when Ford came out with the foot-activated liftgate, everybody wanted to see that they were excited about it new to touch base on those things definitely touch base on cargo convenience.
You know find out what they’re, without what they do if they’re weekend do-it-yourselfers show them how that they can put the bags of mulch or the blocks or this or that in there, if they’re, if they’re recreational show them how they can fit their kayak on the Top or fit it in the back if they carpool, let them see how to get into the third row seat, but I’m gon na touch base on definitely safety.

Definitely performance, definitely styling things that a lot of my customers have shown interest in yeah new technologies.
You know vehicles don’t have CD players anymore and then really those three questions.
I asked: what did you like best about your current vehicle? What did you wish your current vehicle had and what would you be willing to invest in in your next vehicle, so each customer somewhat gets their own experience, but I know I’m going in for five and once you do this consistently, you don’t have to think.

Okay, I’m at number three I’m at this, I’m at bad.
It’s just you just go through your presentation, exactly yeah.
It’s just bought points to hit, so I had a one of my sales reps that I was arguing.

Yes, I guess everyone else, I’m still in a dealership.
I am a BDC director of a dealership and I was arguing one of my newest sales.
Reps him was saying he was saying.

Well, I don’t have to really take everyone on a test-drive.
I disagree.
I think everyone needs to go on a test-drive.

What are your feelings on the demo ride, and does everyone really need a demo ride and good day or shouldn’t they that’s a great question.
I came from a market and I was just training in the Detroit market, which is a very unique market.
It’s a lot of the stores are about 80 percent leasing, so oftentimes you’re selling these people who work for the manufacturer and they’re on their third or fourth, you Explorer escape or edge.

Or what have you so? Their big thing is when there’s a you know, new body style that comes out a redesign a lot of times the incentives aren’t as high.
Maybe the the starting price went up, the programs aren’t as strong as they were on the last model, because the last model they’re trying to clear those out the new model, it’s based on supply and demand.
They still don’t have enough supply for the demand of that vehicle, so it’s more important than ever, especially if you’re going from a vehicle with similar options to really touch base on what they’re getting because if they just looked at the $ 80, it’s the $ 80 There’s two lines: there’s a line that I always grew up on.

You know when I was in the prep Department working for my dad at a dealership.
My dad was the sales manager and I was working in the prep, but I would hear him say it all.
The time before I was even selling you know, cars are the stars right.

The cars sell themselves.
Most customers come in now more educated than a lot of the salespeople they’ve done their twenty to forty hours of research and they’re only going to visit one point three to one point: six dealerships.
So when you have them there, you have a captive audience.

You know the the feel of the wheel seals the deal yeah right because you’re, just comparing you know all like I’ve had I had an escape okay.

Well, your escapes five years old! That’s why I want you to sit and drive this new 2012.
You know 2020 escape all-new powertrain, you better gas mileage.

You know different powertrain options, plug-in options, hybrid options get them behind the wheel because something five years six years newer.
I don’t care.
If you only have twenty thousand miles on it is a lot better.

It’s a lot tighter, it’s a lot smoother! So really it’s.
How often does somebody buy a pair of shoes without trying them on under Sun? You know my brother is the one who got me into the sales business and one of the things that he used to go through was, and it was funny you know people would come and say no, I don’t care about the tax drive.
I just want to go through price and whatever else, and he would have a saying that be well.

You know whether I sold you the car for a dollar or a million dollars.
If you don’t like the way the car drives.
There’s no point: you know right if you aren’t comfortable in it if it doesn’t fit you, you know a lot of these vehicles now they’re made sleek with the lumbar support yep.

So for a thin guy.
Like me, it’s good, but if you’re a heavier person, sometimes that might that, might you know break the deal right there.
You might have to go from an escape to like an edge.

It’s a little bit wider, a little bit more substantial and different things like that.
So yeah we definitely want to get them in the vehicle.
That’s that’s where you get, the the buyer’s remorse correct right is, is usually either somebody spent too much or they get it home and they’re.

Like oh, my gosh.
I got the wrong thing here right now.
I don’t like the way it drives.

I didn’t realize it has these blind spots, I mean there’s all these different factors that we’re gon na sit here and we’re gon na negotiate a six seven year contract to three year lease right exchange of money, and you know high payments $ 500 plus or what-have-you Payments, the average vehicle now is thirty, five thousand eight hundred dollars last year from what I saw before they even try it.
Try it for a test drive, it’s gon na become all about price, and so that’s why it needs to be part of our process.
Hey folks, I understand you, you know we’re all we all have have limited timeframes now and – and I understand but hey we’re here – about to negotiate a $ 35,000 vehicle.

Do me a favor sit in the vehicle get comfortable.
Let me take a copy of your test.
Drive get a copy of your insurance grab, my dealer plate and we’ll take it for a short drive, and then that gives you the ability to sell hey on your commute to work.

Do you drive in the city or do you drive on the expressway, mostly the expressway, okay, excellent.
Do me a favor, get off on this exit right here, right, assume and take control and get them to drive it, because you know the cars are the stars in the feel of the wheel seals the deal.
Let them use their imagination, touch points on things that they said they wanted, or their steering wheels.

Really nice isn’t it for a 1.
5 liter 3-cylinder engine.
You can still see that that hundred and eighty horsepower is fully capable to get you on the expressway right for merging traffic, so touch a base on these sayings that they’re really gon na do on their on a daily basis, and so understand that we understand that When we investigate and identify in it’s our job to control the process, you know I sold 3,000 vehicles.

I was in 10,000 negotiations.
You know whether you just started and you’ve only sold 10 or 15 vehicles or you’ve sold 100 vehicles, there’s a good chance that you’ve done this more you’ve, had more training and most definitely you’re surrounded by people that have done this enough, that it’s sales professionals.
We should be controlling the process.

I think that every customer should go on a demo Drive regardless, even if it’s just around the just around a lot.
If that’s the least, you can do, and you know sometimes, we have to use a little tact when we’re when we’re going around things, but you know bring up things like hey about when you, when you got those shoes there did you try them on before you Got them – and I would use this back years ago – selling cars and it’s it’s not being rude, it’s not being arrogant, but it’s being tactful making them think that yeah ok, I should get in you know.
I mean the cars aware about aerodynamic.

Now there’s bigger head restraints and cars, you don’t have visibility like you used to, and so you got to get the customer comfortable in there and and let them know this stuff and then let them know why they made those changes right.
The bigger head restraints make you safer in the event of an accident, you don’t know more aerodynamic as how they could take an SUV that used to get 16 and 20 miles to the gallon to 25 and 30 right, and so you know, let them know what These are so it’s not just about the payments, not just about the figure.
Ok, we’ll call you tomorrow now they’re gon na call you you know: they’re gon na go shop, your competition who sells the same product across the street and then sell to other make competitors, and it’s going to come down to hey you.

I liked your product better, but I never drove it right, but you were at 349 a months and with 1200 customer investment, and they were only at 338 with 800 customer investment.

So here’s here’s another point.
This is, this is more of a just in pinyin from you.

How long do you think a proper demo should take minimum? You know after you’ve investigated and identified you’re on the right vehicle.
I think with the initial walk-around presentation should be 5 to 15 minutes and I think a test-drive should be 10 to 20 minutes.
So I think between your walk around showing capabilities, butter flying hooding and trunk in the vehicle and then getting them on a test drive.

We should be at 30 minutes should be our benchmark.
Okay, perfect! Now, in that 30 minutes now you, like, I said you’re, you want the top trainers out there you’ve been there you’ve seen that all you’ve done at all.
What do you find to some of the most common things that people forget on the demo or the test drive like common things that sales men forget to do? You know just just touch base on the things that they’re going to be using.

Most of the time like I had a customer of the like diet, a trainee the other day, and actually they lost a vehicle last month because they didn’t have it in stock.
But the competitor did and the programs were going away so they rushed in and got the vehicle from their competitor and the person worked in the same city as them, so they drove by and this salesperson who sold some of her family or friends.
Or what have you and she came in and she said hey, I don’t even know how to work the temperature right, and so sometimes we just assume that hey four tab, the temperature controls this way for eight years or GM or Honda or whatever we’re selling that We just assumed the customer knows so a lot of times touch base on that.

You know explain what side curtain airbags do what safety canopy airbags do knee airbags, do multi steerage airbags, do the convenience of a tilt, telescopic steering wheel? I just put that video on Facebook live walk around at a dealership, one of my 12 presentations that I did and it was about ten minutes, and I’ve also got some professional walk arounds that I did that are going to go to my online platform.
But you know touch base on some of those things and remember to not to talk too much when we’re on that, because when they’re, when they’ve got their hands on the wheel and they feel that heated or cooled seat and they feel that temperature on them and They’re, seeing the blind spot in the mirrors light indicate that there’s somebody in there blind spots, they start to take mental ownership and when we keep distracting them with questions or trying to really drive in what we like about the vehicle, we’re not really letting them get.
The experience it’s about setting it up and almost kind of letting the customer find their experience yeah.

I agree with that, a hundred percent you know it’s.
I saw something today and I played it’s my salespeople in the last Saturday’s meeting and it was but you’ll sell more, no matter what industry you’re in could be.
Cars could be optical.

It could be doesn’t matter how real-estate you’ll sell more when you spend more time on the qualifying stage and more time with letting the customer tell you what they’re looking for then showing them just to listen guys find out what brought them into the dealership find out.
What they’re looking for find out what their hot button is and then let them keep going with it.
I mean you brought up a ton of great points with that.

No, absolutely – and you know the average customer eighty percent of the time they get a vehicle different than the one they came in to get yep I mean I you know so four out of five times I had a guy coming on on a Honda Ridgeline and Leave with a Honda Fit massive difference were going for a pickup truck to us all car.
You know I got once had a UPS on the family, 10 or 12 vehicles, because I hit him at that good stride when the boys started to become teenagers and go off to college, and I got him on leasing so they’ve been and the wife would both Get a vehicle every two or three years, so I mean when you’re doing that that stacks up, but he came in furro furro focus.
He was uh.

He was a pastor in a church, and so I started doing a little bit more investigating and found out.
He only drove like five miles a day.
They had just bought a new house that they needed to do landscaping that on they had two boys that were going off to college, where they’re gon na have to haul their stuff, and he didn’t drive that much.

So gas wasn’t as big of a factor, but he came in for a for a focus.
They had a really aggressive deal on the f-150, so for $ 20 more a month, he ended up going from an $ 18,000 focus to a $ 35,000 f-150 that he fell in love with felt like a tough guy, and was you know, and it was it Helped him in his life, with with doing some stuff around the house a weekend warrior projects with getting the kids.
You know gear up to college for the for this.

You know for the school year and then bringing it back in the summer, and so sometimes it’s investigating more because once again we control the process.
Right you go to McDonald’s.
The person at the register is controlling the process.

You go to a restaurant.
The host or hostess is controlling the process, so it’s our job to control the process and really investigate and spend more time exactly investigating where it doesn’t seem like you’re backing them into a corner, but really letting them because when they explain to you what they want, They start to get more of a visual too, because think they might have looked at 12.
Different makes and 2 different.

You know three different trim lines and in all this, so they can get information overload.
They can get confuse and kind of forget where they were at.
So that’s why we want to really just just take everything and minimize it and minimize it and minimize it till we find out what that.

What that core is that they’re willing to invest in and and feel like that, they’re getting a value so final question before I let you go and you know I love calling you this.

What is some of the gunslingers advice for people out there watching now? If you had one piece of advice that you can give sales reps right now, what would it be? You know, so one piece of advice is educate yourself, first and foremost watch what the top producers at your dealership are doing.
Understand your your manufacturer, your dealership, your your managers, your finance department, understand the process that you are going to be playing by and implement what you learn along the way, because when I started growing continuously in sales, I started investing in myself and I was humble enough To know I didn’t know any everything I was not afraid to watch other top producers.

I was always loved getting feedback from my customers and I put the actions in order because you know I’m competitive by nature, but the person I compete with the most every day is myself, so I’m always pushing myself to the next limit.
Don’t ever don’t ever take away from from friendly competition? Oh yeah, and you know know that that when you get better every day your confidence raises and, and you you, you feel better awesome advice, null, listen, buddy, always a pleasure having you on and look forward to having you on again next time and we’ll talk to You soon always a pleasure thanks for having me as a guest good, to see you again Ritchie once again, everybody thanks for having me as a guest.
Hopefully I shared some nuggets with you that can help you go to where you want to grow.

Noll Walsh, always forever conquer you conquer delay, conquer what you chase awesome.
Now, let’s go to one of my favorite people in the whole world.

Dave Costello here again with the Rick’s and Bela links due to Veteran affair.

What’s going on buddy, hello, hello, how are you guys doing my friend good, yet Rick sir Richie’s over in in in Florida right now, he’s here on stage as we speak, giving out whatever knowledge he has to to help people increase their sales? So what do you have going on for us now? So you guys know: we’ve been getting ahold of several veterans associations most recently.
What we’ve done is reach out to the Veterans Affairs in several states, getting a lot of positive feedback and we’re starting the process to create partnerships with you know the different states so VA offices to help push us out to everybody that goes to their facilities, and You know that’s a huge impact.

That’s going to have it’s gon na happen for us a lot of movement, a lot of moving parts.
We got like we already launched the program January 6 and we’re ready to start getting.
People involved awesome.

So let’s go through this.
For those who just tuning in for the first time, all those you already know this, what happens, walk me through what happens when a dealership gets a vet from us? What are the benefits of why they? Why did you go to to the veterans program? So what we offered to the dealers is a veteran who obviously simply is gone through the a very extensive training in a particular industry and the military industry, no matter what their job was.
We take those previous skills that discipline that go to attitude and we train them to be specifically for the automotive industry.

Now we train them in different Arius.
It could be parts, it can be service operations, sales, you name it where you going to be able to fill any of those physicians.
The veteran will be fully trained in that particular field, and you will have them to.

You know, of course, help grow.
Your business, a big benefit is, is for whatever reason.
Let’s say you know something happens with their family or they just didn’t work out.

They are to give them.
Give you and the dealer a replacement veteran to make sure that we can support the continuity of the program.

Awesome! Listen! We look forward to hearing again next week what goes on what new advances you’ve made with it and guys reach out.

If you guys are looking for employees, you guys are looking for people that are going to do right by your industry and right by your dealership and more important they’re trained properly reach out today to reach out to Richie.
The veterans program is definitely probably one of the best things you guys can invest in right now, David always replies to my friend that I’ll see you next week.
Yes, sir I’ll be here.

Thank you go guys.
We had another great show today.
I want to thank all you guys for tuning in we had some new guests tune in we had some.

You know people who always on the show come in and start putting comments and that’s the whole point of this show was created to help you guys.
Even if we give you one piece of advice take back to the dealership, it will make a world of difference for you.
So again, I want to thank our sponsor today.

Shop, smart, autos, we’re dealers get engagement, driven conquest marketing.
We want to thank mr.
Fran tail for coming on before on the phone and we hope the rest of his workshop goes great and mr.

Ritchie is giving everybody the information they need to succeed.
Rick you a bit richer, we’ll be back next Wednesday with me, and we want to thank mr.
nor Wolf’s, guys always a pleasure thanks for tuning in we’ll see you next Wednesday.

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