Good morning, 5 o clock Eastern Standard Time branded Hardison president of champion strategies here for another partisans tips at 5:00 a.

You had a great 4th of July holiday celebration and everybody was safe and healthy.
So let’s get right to it of unpacking.

Our tip of the day is dealing with service.

How can our automotive service departments be successful during this coronavirus now keep in mind that most automotive dealers and service stations are keeping their doors open or in this Fedeli saying that they should be not too forced to close, because they provide an essential service, which is True dealers, who have been hit hard by the crisis, already say that businesses are essential to many Americans who I fix cars get to their jobs.
They need these because they’re in those critical positions like hospitals, but to make people comfortable dealers, we need to be practicing social distancing and the showroom offering when we delivered the vehicles.

Allowing solo test drives, eliminating certain in-person activities to make a purchase.

Also, there’s good something going on about some discounts and incentives from manufacturers, and many of you already know that your manufacturers are doing everything they can to sell the vehicles on the front end.
So we’re scrambling as we can with that in some states, dealerships have been forced to close the showroom because of local stay-at-home orders, but they can keep their service departments open.

In other words, they can keep both operating according to an ad.
A details of each state need to check out and see because of the way we’ve been sick, Latorre on local officials and governors and mayors of sheltering in place not in place so just check out your local and see what’s out now, most of all, large automotive Groups are still open and they’ve received all types of equipment to make you the consumer, feel good.
When you come into the dealership like the sanitizer is like the temperature checks like the extra mass safe and informed, is what we’re trying to do with our guests that come into a dealership service area.

People don’t have to worry about coming into contact with any one staff, the Dean infecting the cars disinfecting of the cars board before and after the test drive same thing with the service disinfecting, all of the areas of the service and the sales somebody wants to come In to their home and have a home delivery, I know dealerships are doing that.
We can also come and pick them up.
If we need to, we are doing everything we can to make.

You feel comfortable dealing with an automotive dealership, why it’s vital for service departments to remain open to help customers who still need to get to their jobs, but it’s also important for showrooms to remain open, so customers who need to replace their vehicles can do so.
Instead of spending thousand dollars on car that shouldn’t be repaired now many dealerships are practicing OH contact sales and serve and they’re encouraging their customers to fill out most of the paperwork online.

So if you’re dealing with one of those dealerships where you can do a hundred percent of the transaction online or shorten it down or as you want to do some of it, but you still want to come to the dealership for the test-drive trade appraisal.

F & I, it will shorten down your time being in the dealerships now for our brothers and sisters that are independent.
They just sell used cars.
I know that some have been temporary closed.

You have to check your location, many others they’re, offering customers options to test-drive vehicles along.
If you feel uncomfortable running with someone, one of our brothers and sisters in the industry will advertise itself as a car vending machine.
Some of their locations are closed, but they can arrange some type of Cutlass delivery, no contact if they live nearby, but customers can take delivery of vehicles without interacting with a person or a vehicle hauler.

Now we’re doing all these things, because at the beginning of the year for class call for this year and then, while automotive industry, that we would have a year of sales between mid 16 range.
But now it looks like we’re going to be scaled down to above 14 range automakers with that said, have offered a slew of incentives for customers.
You name the manufacturer.

You’ve probably already seen what they have out there, not only from the manufacturers side, but also for the finance and insurance side.
So when people say when’s a good time to purchase the vehicle Al’s a good time to purchase a vehicle, automakers are doing everything to work with you, the consumer, to make sure we can get that out now, while the virus is a significant crisis for the industry, Is also presenting an opportunity of sorts for certain services.
For example, some service departments are selling some type of Clorox sanitation service, a 30-minute service where they say they can kill 99.

9 % of the bacteria that are on hard and soft services.
Many dealerships are offering sanitized services for free to first respond in certain markets, so you need to check to see what it is in your area.
I guess what I’m saying to you is that we at the dealerships are doing everything that we can to make sure that your experience during this virus is going to be pleasant.

Now, one thing that I can tell you this Wednesday’s guest happens to be John Fairchild.
President of Fairchild automotive consultants – and he does a great job one of the best in the nation and we’re going to talk about some of the current things that we’re doing to make our guests feel comfortable sales or service when they come into a dealership.
So Brandon Hardison speaking to you glad to be back on a Monday morning and as always, imparting going out and making a champion .

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